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Round 1: Cavalier and Oracle

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As per the rulebook:

"Deafened: A deafened character cannot hear. He takes a –4 penalty on initiative checks, automatically fails Perception checks based on sound, takes a –4 penalty on opposed Perception checks, and has a 20% chance of spell failure when casting spells with verbal components.
Characters who remain deafened for a long time grow accustomed to these drawbacks and can overcome some of them."

For an Oracle that takes the Deaf curse, I am assuming that th 20% chance spell failure is not in play due to the spells having the Silent Spell Feat applied to them. But I was wondering if/when/how the last sentence may come into play for an Oracle. If a suggestion is warranted, I would suggest that every even level the player can remove a -1 from either the initiate check or the opposed Perception check however they have to be removed equally during character advancement. For example, if at level 2 I reduce the penalty of my initiative check to a -3, at level 4 I have to reduce the penalty of my opposed Perception check by 1. The differences in penalties between the two cannot be greater than 1.

The deaf Oracle will always fail Perception checks based on sound.

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I had a post on this subject before. While I agree that the -1 at each "step" could potentially work, it ignores the fact that the normal deafness rules allows a person to become more accustomed to the deafness over time. In the suggestion you give the negative would take 16 levels to decrease: although by level 10 and definitely by 15 those penalties should be 100% negated (by scent partially and tremorsense complete negation).

I would simply suggest a better ruling on what being "accustomed" to the detriment means mechanically, while possibly decreasing the penalties over time based on the already established level 5, 10, and 15 marks.

P.S. When making my character, I felt that the 5th level ability was almost a non-ability considering that it doesn't even negate the penalty to opposed checks.

I think making a rule out off it is unnecesary, a higher level character could very well simulate this by putting feats towards it.

you get a significant benefit, I dont think it should be downplayed by level, which in many campaigns actually dont take much time at all.

take improved initiative and skill focus and you even get some benfit after lvl 10

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