I'm always impressed by the Paizo community

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These boards are really great. So active and supportive. Fully of great, creative people who come together for gaming. There is a lot of talent here. But what I am always knocked out by is the civility.

Here is what I mean: we are about to announce the top 32 and alts. Now that is great news. It will be really exciting and fun. But it also means a bunch of people who thought they might have made it will find out for sure that they didn't make it. That could make for a real disaster of bad feelings and bad behavior. But that just never really happens here (ok, maybe one or two, but you can't avoid that). And that is a testament to the community here--that you guys can participate, encourage the participants, applaud those who advance, console and discuss with those who didn't, and do so in the proper spirit of competition and support. That says a lot about these boards. And I expect no less this year.

You guys should really be proud of yourselves. It says a lot about a group that can do all these things with such maturity and sense of community. Impressive. :)

So if you make the top 32, congrats! If you didn't, offer your support for those who did and then come join the discussion in the annual "Clark give me feedback" thread.

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Thanks Clark! As I've stated before, Paizo.com's friendly atmosphere is one of the major factors which encouraged me to enter the RPG Superstar contest this year. Here's hoping I'm one of the lucky 32, but if not, life goes on and the contest will still be a blast to follow. Congrats to those who did/do make it!

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That's right, you heard the man. He said 'mature'. That means you behave or I'll come around and sue you for your granny...


That's the plan!

Well said!

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Hear hear!

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