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Thank you for selecting me and the other three rabid crafters as alternates! Having finally bought Pathfinder at Gencon this past summer, I was not on the forums or participted in the previous incarnations of RPG Superstar. Right now I am busily crafting and refining my monter concept just in case I get called up to the big leagues, but I have one question..

Should I 'submit' the concept before the deadline Friday? I do have the option to submit according to the RPG Superstar frontpage, but I wanted to make sure so as not to raise the ire of the judges.

"Cor, the cheek on this fellow! Submitting a monster and not one of the Top 32! Let's insult his hygiene and parentage!"


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Congrats on making the Alternate list!!!

Yes you do need to submit your round 2 entry just as if you were in the Top 32 so that the judges have it to review in case one of the others drops out or fails to make the deadline.


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Yes. Following the deadline also assure the judges you are working under the same conditions (timeline) as the other 32. If they waited until after the deadline alternates would get extra time over the top 32.

The cool thing is even if all of them make the deadline you will still get feedback from the judges (I got Ed Greenwood's comments last year!)

Good luck.

Edit: ninjaed by the mythril.

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Excellent. Thank you for your quick answers!

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