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Male Human Hunter (Colluding Scoundrel, Urban Hunter) 3 | HP 26/26 | AC:19 T:19 FF:15 CMD:18 | F+5 R+7 W+3 | Init+6 | Perc+10
HP 25/25 | AC:20 T:14 FF:18 CMD:18 | F+5 R+5 W+2 | Perc+7

Thanks for the clarification.

As the half-elf insists everything will be "sorted out" in town, Higgins peers at him intently, thinking the fellow was far too confident for someone who'd just been captured. "You got somethin' up yer sleeve?"

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (12) + 10 = 22

The scoundrel's sleeves ripple as something moves beneath them, and two iridescent wrens emerge from them at his wrists, flying away into the forest.

"There is more up my sleeves than is dreamt of in your philosopy, Deputy. But it will take no tricks to free me. My work with the Order is far too important to be interrupted. Lady Rostrade will take care of everything."

Releasing the prisoners arm, Roja, whishing she had a coach-gun instead, quickly brings the winchester to her shoulder and fires at one of the iridescent wrens. Cocking the rifle, she asks. "If the order can get him out that easily, why not just leave him tied up here? I'm sure Mama would be happy to keep an eye on him."

didn't the order kill a few of Mama's boys? So standard: attack MW winchester, is it a move action to lever the rifle?
attack wren: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (19) + 8 = 27 for damage: 1d10 ⇒ 3

The order did kill some of Mama's boys (6 I think) but you guys only know that because of a witness. I don't think Mama knows.

Levering the rifle is a free action, I think. You get full rate of fire.

Aquatic Elf Female |HP: 12/15 | AC: 16 (T: 13, FF: 13) +2dodge vs Chaotic | Perc: +9 | Init: +5 | Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +3 | CMB: +12, CMD: 20 | Spd: 30ft |

"He'll just ride with us. The Sheriff needs to verify he's a marshall without spellcasting influences. We'll ride two on a horse. I'm light, he can ride with me."

Once they get mounted up, she will ride off toward town.

The trip back to town passes without incident. The ferry takes you across and you arrive back in town as twilight takes over the sky. The smell of town strikes you, woodsmoke and manure after the freshness and damp pine and cedar smells of the forest and river land.

Dr. Solomane, the dwarf you rescued, breathes deeply and tugs at his beard. He takes in the town and then all of you. "Thank you, thank you. I would never have seen this place again, certain, without your intervention. Should you ever need a tonic or curative, know that Dr. Solomane owes you a debt. I believe I shall make my way to the Rampant Reefclaw and attempt to open a line of credit."

I suspect you will take your captive to the jail, but I don't want to make any assumptions.

having remounted her pie-bald mare, Roja follows the others back to town. Though she'd never been there before, it's sights and sounds were familiar, not all that different from the small towns that had popped up across Varisia. She nods to the dwarf as he departs, "Good luck Dr. Solomane."

Turning back to the others she, trots her mare up beside Nempura. Wanting to voicing a concern that had been gnawing at her, she asks. "Hey Nepura, do you think the sheriff will let me stay on as a deputy?"

Aquatic Elf Female |HP: 12/15 | AC: 16 (T: 13, FF: 13) +2dodge vs Chaotic | Perc: +9 | Init: +5 | Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +3 | CMB: +12, CMD: 20 | Spd: 30ft |

"Before you do that, Dr. Solomane, please give your witness account to the Sheriff. It is important."

If he relents, she will look to Isabella with a nod.

"At least for a while. Things are pretty crazy right now. She will need our help. In the long run, she might let you stay on; particularly if some of us are moving on."

She will seem somewhat disappointed at the prospect of some of their group leaving them, but she understands that risk sometimes is not worth the reward.

"Let's discuss all of this with the sheriff before it gets too late."

They would have to give an account of all they saw to the sheriff. How dangerous the road was, what the Nightthrushes were up to, what the Order was doing and how this man in their custody was snagging up artifacts (tomb raiding) without permission and seeking to give the artifacts to the Order. Not only that, but that he tried to convince them of him being a marshal. Under the sight of detect magic, she will make sure he doesn't use similar cunning magics to weave a web of falsehood to the sheriff.

I'm guessing we don't want to play out a conversation with the Sheriff note for not, but if I'm wrong please let me know. The interaction with your prisoner we can play out.

Word of your approach spreads through the town faster than you are moving, and by the time you make your way to the jail the Sheriff is on the porch awaiting you. You hitch your mounts to a rail, pull their bits so they can drink at the rain filled trough.

Sheriff Freson puffs on a fat cigar, adding to the cacophony of scents and the general miasma. "Welcome back, looks like you have been through it. Bring this fellow in and I'll have some food sent over from Creekside while you tell me what you've been up to."

Your prisoner balks, "Sheriff, as I'm sure you know, I'm a well known and upstanding member of the community. If you seek to imprison me, I'm sure that you will regret it."

Freson replies, "With the current atmospheric conditions, I'm not entirely sure if the sun has set or not, but it is too late to be conducting legal business, so if my deputies say you should spend the night in a cell, that is where you will spend the night. I'll get you some dinner if you don't complain too much, and if you do, I'll give you a lousy blanket and a firm beating to encourage you to go to sleep..."

My brain is still mush, but I wanted to get something posted. If we get into a conversation I will try and add something later.

Trying to hide her smile Roja was pleased that the sheriff quickly shut down the prisoners whining. As they entered the Jail, Roja took a seat with the others. Letting the original deputies answer most of the questions, Waiting for an opportunity to add anything she noted important.

The sheriff turns to all of you. "If we are going to have a prisoner, someone will have to stay here for the night. And as you all look to be tired and dirty, how about get you some dinner and reconvene in the morning for a report."

Baths and food can be obtained at the Creekside Inn and Tavern. Food of high quality can be found at the Rampant Reefclaw. Food can also be found at Kelstrop Meats. Baths can also be had at the Henrick's, a barber shop run by a gnome barber, dentist, and general healer.

F LN Gnome Tiefling Legendary Alchemist 4 | HP 31/31| AC 24 T 23 FF 21 | CMB 0 CMD 22 | F +6 R +7* W +3* | Init +11 Per +9 SM +2 darkvision | HH 4/4 Q 10/10 SR 3/3 | extracts 1st-5/5 2nd-2/2 | effects none

Myrandya appears a bit tongue-tied in the presence of the sheriff, but she nods violently at the suggestion they get something to eat and clean up. "I vould ffolunteer to vatch zhe prisoner after ve eat, boss!" she chirps nervously. "His magic sheems not to vork as vell on me. But I vould gladly not guard him alone-- perhaps ve could take turns?"

Nodding her head in agreement with the sheriff, Roja mentally takes an inventory of the money in her pocket. Turning to the others, "Dinner, bath and a bed sound good to me." She nods towards the Creekside Inn and Taverns sign, "That place any good?"

When Myranda volunteered to come back she tried not to frown, it had been a while since she slept in a bed uninterrupted. Looking towards the others she added, "I guess I could take a watch as well, if it's really needed."

As they walked she moved nearer to Nepura, asking softly, "So is this a paying gig or do we work for bounties?"

"I'm afraid you misunderstand. I meant that I would keep an eye on this fellow while you lot get some dinner and some rest. Then we will meet in the morning. Gods know that as soon as word gets to the Peacocks one of them will be here crowing about the arrest, and I'd need to be here to deal with that anyway."

Aquatic Elf Female |HP: 12/15 | AC: 16 (T: 13, FF: 13) +2dodge vs Chaotic | Perc: +9 | Init: +5 | Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +3 | CMB: +12, CMD: 20 | Spd: 30ft |

"Alright, Sheriff. But treat him like you treat any other magical spellcaster. He's already tried to use magic on us once. No doubt he'd try again."

As they walked over, she would mention back to Roja, "It's a paying gig to be a deputy, which we will talk about in the morning with the sheriff, as your involvement was quite clear. I'm sure she'd offer you back wages. And if there is a bounty on him, it's possible. I think the sheriff's office gets the bounty if they capture bandits."

She would happily head to the Rampant Reefclaw to relax. Her rump and thighs hurt from riding a horse so hard throughout the day and running about caves, forests, and tombs. She watches out her window toward the sheriff's office until her bath and meal are ready, then relaxes and goes to bed. If Myrdanya felt safer, she would have the smaller tiefling sleep in her room to help guard the gauntlets.

I don't think I need to intervene in the RP right now, but I do have some business to add.

Higgins, I don't know if you still plan to ride into the sunset, but this would be a good time. Love to have you around.

Everyone, we will level up to 4th. Also, you will each get 1000 gp.

Level 4! Sweet!

Relieved to hear the deputy's job was a paying gig, Roja nodded to Nempura, as she turned towards the Creekside Inn and Taverns. "I'll see you all in the morning."

Leading her pie-bald mare towards the establishment, she tied the horse up on the rail out front and headed in. Stopping at the front desk she asked for a room with a bath and if they provided a livery. Once the arrangement were made, she asked if a dinner could be sent to the room or if she needed to come down to the dinning area.

Just a little fluff, unless something happens in the night, next post will be meeting with the sheriff in the morning.

Male Human Hunter (Colluding Scoundrel, Urban Hunter) 3 | HP 26/26 | AC:19 T:19 FF:15 CMD:18 | F+5 R+7 W+3 | Init+6 | Perc+10
HP 25/25 | AC:20 T:14 FF:18 CMD:18 | F+5 R+5 W+2 | Perc+7

As the posse returns to the sheriff with the prisoner in tow, Higgins takes his pay, then looks to the others. "Seems ta me we solved this 'ere mystery well 'nough. Found the bracers that Roderic's ghost was after. Nabbed the Order of the Peacock guy--same kind o' folk that we know murdered six of Mama Nightthrush's gang with some invisible sword." At least Nempura and Myrandya would understand what was meant by this.

"I know we ain't found the murder weapon, but can't always have that. And now that Roja's joinin' up, might be time fer me ta move on." He looks to Roja, Myrandya, and finally Nempura, where his gaze lingers, as he wonders for a moment if he really ought to stay a bit longer. But that felt complicated. Messy.

"Nempura, don't you dare go back to bein' Bella Blue. Town needs ya as a deputy. Look out for that boy, Kynae. As for me, I guess I ain't quite ready ta be a law man again. Bounty huntin's easier. And the wild's callin'. Time for me and Midnight to ride." He drops his share of the bounty into his saddlebags, hops onto his black stallion, and the two begin their journey off into the sunset.

Aquatic Elf Female |HP: 12/15 | AC: 16 (T: 13, FF: 13) +2dodge vs Chaotic | Perc: +9 | Init: +5 | Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +3 | CMB: +12, CMD: 20 | Spd: 30ft |

As ever, Nempura was interested in providing for her family and getting them capable to return to town and have a place to live. She understood Wes's hesitation to continue. Bounty hunting, you could sort of know what you were walking into. That wasn't the case for what she was doing. It was risky, but it was a paying job. If she felt as skilled as Wes, and could be apt to roam about the countryside and never see her family, she probably could make a lot more doing that herself, but this was more important to stay local. His words were a balm to her and she grinned.

"Your bounties will always pay as far as I'm concerned. And no matter what they say about ya darlin', I'll always call ya a gentleman."

With a little wink, she would flirtingly blow him a kiss on the cheek and press a hand to his thigh as he sat upon his horse. He was ready to leave, and so she let him, but Nempura stayed there watching him ride off for some time before she headed inside.

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