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This is the recruitment. Ends Sunday.

Rigel Kentaurus wrote:

Just to confirm then, there isn't going to be a 'team' anything, there's a ship that's a PC and other people get to ride in it if they need to?

Gotta be honest, I would rather go the JLA route in that case; all the humanoid/bio characters can have apartments on the 'JLA' satellite, except the ship, who can have a docking bay. Each character could then still make a signature contribution to the satellite configuration so that it actually felt like their base of operations.

I probably wouldn't object to the Green Lantern: The Animated Series option either, where the ship's nav AI basically emancipated itself by creating a body. The ship is still a ship, the steering wheel still turns it, but Aya the AI is directly patched in to the ship because it houses her sentience for the most part.

I'm not committing to anything yet. Depends on what the final team looks like. I wasn't thinking of a team that was as put together as having a big ship and a space station base. That feels more Guardians of the Galaxy 3/Return of the Jedi. Was hoping to start more at ragtag band of heroes and scoundrels and build.

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Submissions so far:

Doctor Night

This road we are on and this town we are close to doesn't actually exist. It is a Hollywood confection. That said, the closest hospital is going to be about 35 miles to the west (slightly north) by road across the California border. This would take you back through town. Another is about the same distance back the way you just came to the south and slightly east. Obviously that would take you back to the agents you just avoided. There aren't a lot of options for roads out here. You are already on back roads. Off road is an option, but not great for any of your current vehicles.

The goblin has his feet wedged into a fine pair of cowboy boots (of elvenkind) and a gold ring (of featherfalling) lacquered with a peacock eye pattern.

Sancuris wrote:
So I wanted to lean on some space magic and landed on a necromatic herald for a deified heavenly body called Xibalba, a super massive black hole that will eventually consume the galaxy…in like thirty-ish million years. This is a play on Silver Surfer with Mayanfuturistic Aesthetics and a of Loki trickster demigod vibe. Needless to say they are bored out of their mind and usually falls into practicing cosmic mischief to shirk their fated duty. The alien turned avatar often prefers bringing back dead curmudgeonly alien folk, coveting gold, and toying with gravity rather than traversing world to world, feeding its god to hasten a galactic apocalypse. Is this a viable idea for this type of game?

That is a cool idea. There is a villain in the setting named Collapsar who is a black hole and sort of a Galactus expy. That will probably come up in the campaign, so we might want to weave some of those stories together eventually.

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Praetorian Roy Cobb wrote:

Tess, I think Roy may be in love :)

GM SuperTumbler, with 'Tess' as part of the crew, do we contribute the 5 points to improve her? Or can we use the five points for for 'team related' things, like communication gear. Apparently, it's really expensive to communicate. Or something else? I just realized Roy's 'senses' are still strictly human. Not that I don't have other points to spend still

Also, I know some things are limited by the PL, is the 'offense' one of those things? Presently I have his weapons array at + 10 (+ 5 dex, + 5 combat skill) can he spend more points on combat skill making it: + 15 (+5 dex, + 10 combat skill)?

I'm going to have to ponder how the ship works. What if someone is on the ship but Tess isn't? Since it is an alternate form, it would (narratively) cease to exist. That probably isn't exactly what we want.

What are you seeing that makes communication expensive (I'm not discounting the possibility I'm missing something)? For 5 points you can communicate at pretty much any range. A comm-link is a 1 point feature.

For offensive things, your attack and damage are limited to twice your power level. So at power level 10, the combination of those things can't exceed 20. You can build things with any combination that adds up to 20.

I usually let equipment break those limits. If you suddenly gain access to the Death Star Laser, you can use that weapon at full power.

Interestingly, you have not seen any digging equipment, nor any of the dynamite that has clearly been used in a few areas.

That said, you can clear this rubble by hand and Nempura can keep things safe with her engineering check.

Sorry for missing this earlier.

There is a twisted small humanoid body, flat head, large ears. Probably a goblin.

I'm going to let this simmer for a bit. Important things going on here, no reason to slam you with more adrenaline yet...

That is a crazy build. Well done.

Does she go by Quin? or Tess?

Nempura Babblebrook wrote:

"That rockfall is recent, and there are two magical signatures underneath it. Roughly there and there..." she would focus on them to gain more information but would let the trap experts deal with the particular hazard. What she can do is observe the rockfall and give some insight into how to make sure not to cause more.

[dice=Knowledge Engineering]1d20+8

There are two transmutation auras, both faint.

GM_Panic wrote:
I took her/it to a starting point, I hope, I think once it/she shows up Earth gets into the, "we are part of a bigger Galaxy!" kind of thing, and the event acts as one of many catalysts for humans to head out and "SAVE THE GALAXY" with Captain Proton thing.

Cool. I just like to overcommunicate at this stage so no one ends up disappointed.

Ernest leans out of his vehicle and shoots the agent clinging to the outside of the RV. The dark clad man drops onto the road, rolling and bouncing to a stop.

The damaged car slows down on its three tires, coming to a halt.

For now, you have escaped the pursuit...

Still no cell service.

I made a new map with the three vehicles and no characters, but I'm not too worried about exactness as long as we know the order of the vehicles.

Rex leans out the window and lines up a shot, diagrams and equations reflected in his eyes.

The sheriff's car veers side to side, the bits of tire flying off, before the driver gets it back under control.

Aiming at the Tires:
When attacking a vehicle, a character can choose to target the tires. The attack roll is made with disadvantage, but automatically targets the tires rather than having the attacker roll for a
damage location. If the attack hits and the attack’s Penetration Value is higher than the Armor Value of the tires (1 by default), the vehicle gains the Blown Tires condition and risks a crash

Risking a Crash DC 20: 1d20 + 4 + 3 ⇒ (8) + 4 + 3 = 15
Risking a Crash DC 20 Disadvantage: 1d20 + 4 + 3 ⇒ (14) + 4 + 3 = 21

Crash damage to vehicle: 8d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 2, 5, 1, 4, 6, 1) = 29
Crash damage to passengers: 2d6 ⇒ (4, 2) = 6

Vehicle Con save: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (17) + 3 = 20

Vehicle damage: 1d6 ⇒ 1

Just to clarify, this campaign will mostly not have anything to do with Earth. Earthborn heroes and Earth influenced heroes are fine, but we will be roaming around in space. On strange planets and such.

You don't see any more traps or hazards here, but you can tell that the rockfall is recent.

Detect Magic:
Reveals two magic auras buried under the collapsed wall.

It seems that we find ourselves in a Chase. Rules for this are on page 248 in the Core Book or here.

During the chase, you can take a regular action, a bonus action, and free actions. If you are moving around one of the vehicles, you can use a move action (this assumes you aren't driving).

Hmmm. Chases description lacks much detail. We will do our best.

The road here is full of switchbacks as it descends. The gorge drops precipitously to your left (driving backwards) or right (for those who are driving in the usual orientation).

Drivers make a DC 15 vehicles check to make a tight turn. Passengers either move to buckle up or make a DC 15 Skill check (your narrative choice) to avoid a fall (and 1d4 damage)

Spiderman agent will make an Athletics check.

If you want to do something more creative than just driving, go for it.

I think we have a slight miscommunication where I was trying to figure out if I was missing something in the way the rules work and you guys were talking specifically about this situation.

The NPCs can be helpful. Having them help will make it easier for me to not murder you.

The other two remaining agents are currently still in the Sherriff's car.

Rex Slater wrote:
So what about access to the internet? With the SUV blowed up, can we show the world?

You still have no connection to a network on your cell phones.

Pan Pan Tsang wrote:


Pan Pan brushes aside the needle trap and the extremely minor poke. She nods to Wes and then turns to Isabella with a look of confusion, a look that says, Are you serious?

"Thank you for your concern. I am not badly hurt."

Then she ventures inside the room.


Needle trap aside, Pan Pan took damage earlier and could use healing if we have it.

The floor in front of Pan Pan looks off somehow. It looks like the same tile as the rest of the floor, but not quite right. Reaching out, she finds that it is actually a sheet of stiff canvas painted to resemble the floor. Below it is a deep pit, at least 60 feet deep in the floor.

Isabella Roja wrote:
GM SuperTumbler wrote:
Southwest roomA marble table rises from the floor, and a small crate sits in the southeastern corner of this rectangular chamber. Cobwebs stretch across parts of the room, and debris and dust litters the floor.

Sorry, should have posted this yesterday.

Entering the southwest room, Roja uses her winchester to clear the cobwebs from in front of her. Pausing she looks to make sure whatever wove the cobwebs was not a threat to her, she continued towards the crate in the corner. Taking a moment to inspect the crate, she eventually tries to open it.

Taking 10(18) on perception for any threats in the room, and taking 10(18) on perception on the crate, will take 10 (23) on disable device if need for any traps on the box

In the cobweb filled room, Roja finds that the crate is protected by a blade that drops down from the ceiling. While the trap is mechanical in nature, it doesn't really make sense that it is there.

Roja easily triggers the trip wire, letting the blade fall harmlessly. The crate is full of straw and may have contained something valuable or useful, but now it is otherwise empty.

Bringing this over from Gameplay.

Why can't NPCs use help action? Page 223.

It says a character can take that action. Does that not mean an NPC as well as a PC?

All true, DQ.

I'll repeat that if you buy things as equipment I will take advantage of making them not work. That, to me, is the point of equipment. Equipment is not a key element of the character.

I Michael Keaton's Batman, the Bat wing is equipment because it is easily destroyed by the Joker. Batman without his utility belt is still Batman.

Star Lord's guns are devices. He is always going to have them. If he loses them, he will get them back pretty soon. Same with Green Arrow's bow and arrows.

In the DC Heroes build, they make Green Arrow's bow equipment. I would differ with that design.

But in this campaign we do have a Jetson level of tech. So you can have a flight platform or belt as equipment, but expect it to get busted pretty frequently.


The north wall of this room seems to have suffered a recent collapse, leaving open bedrock where a northern wall once was. Four thick columns stretch up to support the ceiling fifteen feet above, likely preventing the collapse from being even larger.

As Pan Pan opens the door, some thing sharp shoots into her hand.

Needle: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (8) + 10 = 18

Needle damage: 1d3 ⇒ 2 and a DC 13 Fort save vs poison

Thanks for copying in the rules. Very helpful.

I wrote up a long post with several rolls and it was gobbled up. So I'm just going to write it up.

The clinic lurches into the cruiser, smashing up its front and pushing it sideways. The driver slams the cruiser into reverse and backs up enough to prevent the worst of the damage.

The passenger leans out of his window and fires into the front of the clinic, but with all of the movement his shots sail harmlessly out over the gorge.

9mm: 1d2 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5
9mm: 1d2 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6

The agent who is currently without a vehicle Dark red runs forward and climbs on.

RVThis is from the original post with the RV. It looks like there is a little cut out ladder and handle that he could grab onto at the front door.

Round 6

Robert Henry wrote:
I love the idea of the weapons array having three or four different attacks, and Roy only having one 'weapon.' I'm hoping to spend any remaining points on a 'power shield' that looks similar to the weapons array but is for defense. (working on that once I figure out how many points he has left) I found where 'shields' cost two points for one defense. The largest physical shield is + 3 active defense, can a power shield have a higher active defense? Any recommendations on making this idea more effective?
GM_Panic wrote:
Rethink time.
Dude, do the sentient spaceship with an avatar!

If you are building a Shield as a device, the Shield part is just the name of the device and a descriptor for the power or powers or array that the shield gives you.

You could have a shield that grants Enhanced Dodge and Parry, or that grants Toughness and Impervious Toughness. Probably those would come with the Sustained limitation because if you are unable to take actions you can't use your shield.

But I've seen Captain America builds that quite reasonably do crazy things with his shield. Like this:

Ultimate Defense: Immunity 80 (Dodge and Parry based attacks; Flaws: Concentration, Limited [not against surprise attacks or sufficiently large area effects]); 20 pts

Sustained requires a free action to maintain. Concentration requires a standard action.

That's good for now, CucumberTree. Who is this dude? What's he like? What's his story?

GM_Panic wrote:

I just love the idea of the Juxtaposition of a 1950s American housewife Ship AI and a massive utilitarian lump of an Alien spaceship

"O no this is not me, not really, no that big lump of metal in orbit that's me. I just like to dress like this when I go out to parties. Would you like more Salmon Puffs and cream chese?"

I don't think you have to take on all of the points expenditure of being the ship.

Starting with the holographic version of the character off the ship, you would have intangible (possibly permanent or innate). For attacks you could make indirect attacks with the ship, so phasers/lasers from elsewhere, torpedoes. Maybe lots of senses (ship sensors).

Or you could build the character as a ship and the hologram as a sidekick?

Love the concept. Just want to find the build that is functional and fun.

I've built a few intangible AI characters who live in the internet or whatever.

Doctor Night wrote:
I think the better way to go in creating a time based character is to pick specific time based effects (established powers, traits, skills and feats) that reflect your abilities rather than choosing a grab-all, "I win" made up power which is well beyond the abilities of a PL 10 character.

To clarify, it isn't a made up power. It is in the Power Profiles for time powers. I just think it is very difficult to adjudicate.

CucumberTree, I think you could achieve all of those effects with an array of Luck based powers with exactly the same flavor and descriptors you have described.

We can also save you some points by putting those powers in an array. Time Stop and Temporal Ambush and the Luck powers you wouldn't need to use all at once, so they could be in an array and cost a lot less.

Sorry for the confusion.

Roy "The Praetorian" Cobb wrote:

There isn't really a way to do a "charge for three rounds" limitation. I have seen people house rule that as the Unreliable flaw, which I would buy. For that you could increase the range by 2 for the same cost. That would give you Perception range, I think. You could also take Unreliable (limited shots) so you could only do this 5 times before depleting that power cell.

You can't really boost damage above power levels, but you could keep it at the same range and use the points you get from the flaw to buy a linked power. Weaken Toughness combined with big damage would be pretty devastating. With a Linked power both powers have to be used at the same time. So the target would make a save vs the damage and a save vs the Weaken.

drbuzzard wrote:

Working on a background. Have to think about it a bit more. He's certainly from Zwem (Stone Boy's homeworld). He's there for maintaining communications during combat, or can be used as a shield, he can even probe minds. I did avoid any attacks since he's really supposed to be pretty inert.

Two notes so far:

If you buy immunity to Fortitude, you lose the ability to trade off with Will saves, so your Will save is limited to 10 by Power Level.

One unfortunate effect of dropping Strength to 0 is that you become easy to move. You can buy Growth limited to density increase to make yourself heavy if you are looking to be immoveable.

My intention with Fabian was that he was shot by the agents earlier. That way I could leave him for dead. If he came back later that would have given us a way to get him back.

I think at this point it would be fair to think that he isn't coming back for whatever reason.

Which is a bummer because I had tied several ideas about this first episode to having someone intimately connected to this town and in law enforcement. That will change how things are likely to play out.

drbuzzard wrote:

Ok, going by the SRD you need to be down to -5 on stats to be disabled. I'll buy str, dex, agility and fighting down to -5 when in stone form.

That sounds right.

Southwest room

A marble table rises from the floor, and a small crate sits in the southeastern corner of this rectangular chamber. Cobwebs stretch across parts of the room, and debris and dust litters the floor.

There is a door/room in the Northeast, but I think you are right that no one has actually seen that door or gone into that farthest east room and searched it. Obviously you could see part of it from where you were earlier.

I would think the best way to help in this situation would be to help spot and give directions. Driving this thing backwards would be hard to navigate.

That make sense?

CucumberTree wrote:


Here is the prelim build. Please let me know if it's ok.

** spoiler omitted **...

I don't totally understand the character, so you will need to fill me in on some of the descriptors. I get the time manipulation stuff going together. I don't understand why he has the toughness or impervious or immunity to suffocation. That isn't a no, just a question about what those mean from a flavor perspective.

Precognition is a hard power to run. We would need to work together to make sure we are on the same page about how it works/how time works.

I'm not loving the Replay power. It seems really hard to narrate and adjudicate in PbP and also kind of vague about what it can accomplish. It also seems kind of cheap if it is an auto reset button on anything that gives you trouble. I get the vibe of the power and I'm not opposed to that. seems like you could get the same thing with use of the Luck power.

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Setting wise, I'm thinking interstellar travel will use something along the lines of star lanes, hyperspace corridors, or something like that. Not just warping through space.

Buy your strength and Dex down to 0.

Monkeygod wrote:

Is the 75 point pool for the ship per player, or the total amount? Just curious.

I have a few ideas in mind, will need to look over options, books, etc.

75 total, which might change once we get into it. There is a Federation Starship type ship in Cosmic Handbook for 140 points. I'm thinking you could build something like the Falcon or Milano with 75 points. If I'm wrong, we can adjust. Ships are pretty cheap until you want to start using them in battle. So a star fighter is 56 points or something, but making it big enough to live on and adding some comfort components are cheap.

Note that characters could have their own smaller ship or pod or fighter as well, or even an array of vehicles.

DeathQuaker wrote:

I know I said I probably wasn't going to apply, but iiiiiif I did... I happen to have a character who was built for a DC/Marvel Amalgam game and is basically (very, very roughly) Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel)-meets-Ronny Raymond (Firestorm). An Earth-based astronaut who has merged with a cosmic energy being and now manipulates molecules. Certainly like Captain Marvel she could end up being a galactic adventurer. I didn't work hard on making the character too comic accurate, which would actually make the character work better in the Freedomverse.

Would this sort of character work?

Sounds good to me.

GM_Panic wrote:
Q: Can we be a no-human race, thinking of an Alien-Psion

Yes. Aliens abound. If I were playing in this campaign I think I'd play an psionic octopus who moves around in water filled power armor.

In case y'all miss it, the recruitment thread is up.

Let me know who is doing what with the portal. It matters. Also, there is one more doorway next to the lab room.

Wes Higgins wrote:

Wes picks up the letter and reads it aloud for the group to hear.

"Professor Rostrata and the the Order of Resplendence again. The Order that took Captain Roderic's magic "bladeless" sword. Guess they beat us here after all. Good thing they didn't have a vault expert with them." He gives a private wink to Roja.

He considers whether he knew a thing or two about the name Tillaresk.
[dice=K. Local]1d20+6

Alden Tillaresk is the headmaster of the initiates of the Order of Resplendence. While the Order is headed by Rostrata, the day to day operations and the instruction of the initiates are primarily directed by Tillaresk. He is a half-elf and supposedly some sort of magician. Wizard, Oracle, Sorcerer, you aren't sure.

Round 5

Town is to the right of the map, which is not the way Ernie's car or the clinic are facing. Make a DC 10 check to turn around and head back to town. The Clinic has disadvantage. Alternately, you can just drive in reverse, but any vehicles checks will be made at Disadvantage. If you want to drive forward, you will be driving through the area "controlled" by the agents.

Rex, you can drive that car with the blow tires. You are at disadvantage for most rolls and speed is reduced.

Agent Red continues to pour fire into Rex's car.

9mm: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8

9mm: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (11) + 4 = 15

Vehicle save: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 4 = 21

Vehicle damage: 1d6 ⇒ 1Cargo, no effect.

The bullets tear through the rear driver's side door and sink into the seats.

Agent Green and Magenta, one still carrying the ape, turn to look for other transportation. Green tosses the ape into the back seat and climbs into the passenger side, Magenta slides into the driver's seat of the sheriff's car.

This is a little nuts, but let's go big. It is the pilot after all, we need to impress the audience...

Rosa and Angelyna in Clinic. Ernie in his car. Rex in Sheriff car with flat tire.

Round 4 Summary:

Angelyna grabs gun and taser, then pulls wallet from agent's inside pocket. She then runs into RV.

Ernie waits until A is finished, hands her cat, runs to his car.

Rosa runs into clinic and closes door.

Rex floors the Sheriff's department cruiser. Tires (and rim) squeal (and grind) against the asphalt. Metal screams as the shiny black SUV pushes against the guard rail. Then the rail tears apart and the SUV tips slowly over the edge, rolling down flipping-flipping-flipping before exploding in the dry river bed below.

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