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Would of enjoyed the standard of the boards, 20-point buy since it is more flexible and helpful for the MAD classes....
I'll try my best on making a 15 point-buy character, as I only have 1 possible array to use given my stat preferences and play style.

For the rogue class are you willing to allow the unchained rogue or not?

Nah, no unchained. Trying to keep to just RotR and the other listed sources.

Also guessing no Blood of series companion books for alternate racial heritages for; aasimar, dhampir, tiefling, and changeling?

And No Background skills as well?

Cause Background skills would help build the backstory and RolePlay skills of the characters, and with the 15 point-buy, it would help folks out from being squeezed too much on making the character.

Quick note that Thassilonian Specialist is featured in the anniversary edition itself, so I'll allow it.

Any chance you can say where this is mentioned as being featured? I was curious if anything else was featured such as tattooed sorcerer as both archetypes were originally mentioned in the same place and both apply to Varissia.

I'll post a background in the next few days, but the bones is here with this character.

Please accect my paladin admission, thank you for the consideration.


Shalemoro "Shale"

Nagaji female paladin vow of vengeance

Str 18
Con 10
Dex 10
Int 08
Wis 10
Cha 16
Lawful good

Power attack

Perception 1 0 6 7

Outlander exile +2 init
Seeker perception always a skill +1

Armored coat (+4 ac) natural armor +1
Handle animal +2, perception +2

Lucerne Hammer
Dagger, wrist sheath
Water flask x2
Rope 50 ft
Small tent
2 eight ft poles
6 pitons hammer
Two 8 ft cords
Hooded cloak

Appearance: 5'6 and 130 lbs she is slight but muscular and her scales are lightly blue and green.

Personality: longing for freedom she is kind hearted yet steel eyed and quick with her sword. Years of slavery has left her without education but she enjoys art and beauty and seeks it in what little personal time she gets.

Background: she grew up in a normal childhood in quiet worship and service to the nagas of the deep underground, however this did not last long as drow raids killed her village and sold the survivors into slavery. Eventually forgetting her home and native tongue she was taught common and sold to the surface as an exotic slave. Despising slavery but being lawful she followed it's edicts as it was lawful in Cheliax where she found herself. Yet her inherent goodness also thrived deep within her and being so honest and trustworthy as well as exotically beautiful brought her to be a bodyguard eventually carrying weapons and armor in the name of wealthy families. Then she was sold once more to a caravan merchant where she finds herself being brought to Sandpoint.

It will take me a bit to spool up a character for this.

@Slayde77: Having trouble finding an online source for Thassilonian specialist being in the book, but I have a physical copy in front of me that definitely has it in there. Nothing else in that book are really intended as player character options, but here and here are the two player's guides old and new.

@RHMG Animator: Yes, 15 point-buy with no background skills or variant heritages. Adventure paths are built around a 15 point-buy (source), so I think that it'll be alright.

So I've decided to go with a Changeling Witch with some healing and debuff utility. I'm almost done with her stats and backstory, but I wanted to know whether carry capacity was strictly adhered to or would be given some leeway within reason.

I'm narrowing things down as this is a challenge.
Might randomise my choices if I get stuck on deciding something....

Wow, Almost entered into the List of ideas, ideas that were invalid due to the ACG missing.....from allowed sources.....


Looking at a Paladin (Sacred Shield/Warrior of the Holy Light) as a wall for the party with some buff and support abilities long-term.

Trying to decide between Aasimar and Human, honestly.

Looking at a local farm-boy who gets sucked into "doing the right thing", because he has spontaneously become a Paladin of Erastil (No, I'm not planning on building a ranged wall, that would be silly.) , not that he sees himself as such! No spells make it easier to role-play all his abilities as inherent based on his good heart and desire to help, nothing more.

Not QUITE as far away as I could get from the previous character, but he will certainly NOT be the group's big damage dealer! Part of the way through manual character creation after a weekend backpacking with the Scouts.

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@Delightful: I have neither the time nor patience to be hawkish over encumbrance enforcement, so please just keep it within reason. If someone has a character in full-plate and 10 strength I will ask some questions, but in most cases I don't much mind.

This doesn't matter for your round-up list but (just in case it wasn't clear in his background) Bill has no idea he's an aasimar. Both of his parents (and his sister) were humans and as far as he knows he's just a human who grows slower, and learns slower. Also, "Simple Bill" is more a title or nickname that others might use for him, not how he'd introduce himself; just "Bill" wasn't available as an alias and I don't envision him as the type to use a last name (though it's a new alias so I could switch it to 'Bill Something' if others find "Simple Bill" off-putting)

Having a Fun time on deciding between;
Vishkanya Rogue(Deadly Courtesan)
Aasimar Monk(??)....

Hunh. Lots of talk about aasimars suddenly. Guess I'll go with human.

Updated and reusing an existing alias.

Perri Purrun

LG human (Varisian) Paladin (Sacred Shield/Warrior of the Holy Light)


Thinking a cleric of Shelyn ...maybe a separatist. Smallish female with a Big Glaive and a delicate eye for painting...or pain.

This is Digger's submission. Gotta type up the backstory when I'm not just on my phone, but it's there.

Delightful here.

This is the Changeling Witch I've been working on. Her backstory and sheet is on on her alias page. As for why I'm joining, well, I've always wanted to play Rise of the Runelords, having heard a lot of good things on it, and this seems like a great opportunity to do just that. So, I hope you invite Verona over here to play.

Hey all, I am interested. Seems like a great way to say goodbye to PF1. I have played this AP before on the boards but never got out of the first book. Will mull over some ideas...

Since we have a good number of assaults on the list and no skilled, I'll make the Vishkanya Rogue(Deadly Courtesan)

Hey all! I've got a couple outstanding backstories on some submissions, I'll note those in the roundup tomorrow. Please either make an update here or private message me when those backgrounds are done. Additionally, if you dotted with interest but decide that you aren't going to make a submission please let me know as well so that I can gauge the field.

Sonas's Background expanded:

Sonas is good-natured, merry and trusting, quite alike the stereotype people have of halflings. Though Sonas might have it maybe even more exaggerated. He does not fight for the glory or the kill, more he fights to protect and to free. He doesn't boast of his kills or assistance, he knows it always is a group's effort.

Having never been a servant to others, but grew up in freedom among the Varisian traders, who actually were given him in Korvosa by his mother when he was just born. The group acepted him as one of their own, especially because having a halfling more along would be considered lucky. They were heading a caravan down the Dawn Shadow Path towards Kaer Maga. During this time Sonas grew up, listening to the joy and hardship that befell the caravan, music and song, teamwork and struggle. Eventually he was given his name at the age of two as his adoptive parents wanted a fitting name for him. He began to hum and softly sing as the music seemed to start at nights when the violins came out and the dancing began. Laughter and joy seemed to radiate within the little halfling boy as well as among the caravan travellers. They called him Sonas, referencing to the Varisian word for sound, indeed a fitting name.

Eventually the caravan made their way to the Cinder Road, travelling up and down the road from Wartle to Riddleport. There were dangers there as well, more giants, more goblins, but even so, through comradery the caravan survived. Sonas learned to contribute at an early age, helping others first before seeking shelter himself when the caravan was under attack or when storms were blowing overhead. It was no wonder that Sonas became a paladin in service to Shelyn, protecting the wonder of song and music. Halflings were considered a good luck charm, but none more so as Sonas himself. When he was around, accidents along the way tended to have less disastrous consequences. Someone was able to barely jump aside from a sudden mudslide before he got carried away. A sick person miraculously didn't get worse from a serious disease.

Though he has loved the years of travel and belonging to a group and family, something tugs at him now they were getting close to Wartle again. Perhaps the news coming from Sandpoint about the cathedral being completed, the option of hearing other people perform or the need for protection for travellers there. To Sonas, it seemed like perhaps it was now time to leave the caravan, to help others. Truth be told, the caravan did grow since he grew up, so they might not miss him that much.

As you see I've come back on my original build a bit. Sonas is no longer a paladin of Sarenrae, but of Shelyn. Depending on what is needed, he will probably change his 1 rank of Ride into 1 rank of Perform (Violin). His Campaign trait will probably change into either Eager Performer or Student of Faith as it's more fitting for his story.

Given his uh... stature(?) I think that Sonas could get some pretty decent use out of mounted combat, especially considering paladin mounts are rather hardy.

Yeah, but the archetype I've taken bonds with his weapon instead of taking a mount. I'm a ranged Paladin archetype, Divine Hunter.

Still, if we've got another face of the party, I can see Sonas dropping his 1 rank in Diplomacy instead to take Perform.

I finally tweaked Syeira's build to where I think I like her. I may make minor changes before submission deadline (like switching the con and dex) but she is finished. The first level build is in the profile as well as backstory. I have reprinted it here for convenience sake. Why I want to play is also found here.


Syeira was raised in the small town of Nybor. As for where she was born she doesn’t know. Her parents tell her one day when she was very young, perhaps no more than three, she wandered into their town covered in dirt, grime, and obviously malnourished. When they tried to question her as to where her family was, what happened to her, or even what her name was, Syeira responded with nothing but silence. Not sure what else to do, Syeira’s parents took her in and raised her as their own.

This is the story Syeira believes and she has no reason to doubt it. Her first memories are of living in Nybor. She has no memory of being found or what drove her from where ever it was before. Syeira loved her childhood. She was always running and rough housing with the other children, even besting some of the larger boys who thought she couldn’t keep up with them because she was a girl.

As Syeira began to mature, she began to develop affinities for magic. At first, it was small things like being able to move small objects with her mind. Syeira took delight in this ability and would use it constantly to prank her friends and parents. When her parents realized that Syeira had latent magical ability, they sent her to train with the town wizard, Vesk.

While Syeira enjoyed learning about magic and how to use it, she hated the rigidness and structure of the instruction. At the same time her magical aptitude began to develop, a strong wanderlust began to also develop within her. Constantly during her instruction from Vesk, she would be caught staring out at the wilderness daydreaming. As soon as she was dismissed for the day, Syeira would go running through the nearby woods. She always felt as if she was searching for something but could never figure out for what she was looking.

This wanderlust feeling continued to grow with age. Finally at the approximate age of seventeen Syeira decided to leave her small town. She packed a small bag; said tearful goodbyes to her parents, friends, and even Vesk; and set off down the road. Syeira didn’t really have a destination in mind when she left but her travels led her to a different small town (though bigger than her home) of Sandpoint.

Upon arriving at Sandpoint, Syeira had grown bored of the loneliness of the open road and decided to stay for awhile. Wanting to be at the center of the town’s gossip and going ons, Syeira found herself seeking employment at the Rusty Dragon. Upon entering the establishment, Syeira immediately went searching for the owner, Ameiko. When asking for employment, Ameiko gave Syeira a once over. Believing Syeira to be too frail for the job, Ameiko asked, ”Why should I hire you?”

Before Syeira could answer, a fight broke out between two adventurers at the bar. Ameiko sighed in contempt and started to turn to deal with it when Syeira just smiled and put her hand up to stop her. Syeira then began to utter a few words and wave her hands. A swirl of colors washed over the two combatants before they fell to the floor unconscious. A third inebriated man, seeing what Syeira did to his compatriots, rushed at Syeira. Syeira quickly side stepped out of his way before smacking him on the back of the head, causing him to fall into a drunken unconcious heap with his friends. Syeira turned back to Ameiko with a grin while shaking out her hand. ”That’s why you should hire me.” Ameiko did nothing but smirk and toss her an apron.

That was five years ago and Syeira has flourished in Sandpoint. She is loved at the Rusty Dragon for her outgoing and friendly nature, often inserting herself in the middle of conversation with many a customer. She has a standing challenge at the Inn to anyone that wants to attempt beat her at a game of darts. (So far she has a twenty-two and three record). Her favorite time of year is approaching with the Swallowtail Festival. Though things always get busier at the Rusty Dragon at this time, all the new people in town and stories to hear excite her.

Why I want to join:
I am looking to join as I have always wanted to play through Rise of the Runelords. I have been accepted into 3 other PbP for Rise but none of them have worked out. Two of these fell apart right after the initial goblin attack and the other I joined in as a replacement at the end of book 1 and the group just wasn't a fit for me. I also made it part way through book two with an in person game, but that group was more roll playing than role playing and I never really got the story. The games that never really got off the ground I loved this character and the way she fit. I feel like I know her and would love the opportunity to bring her back to sandpoint and see where the game goes. I usually play a Syeira as a Tattooed Sage Sorcerer. If selected, I plan on playing her as close to that as possible without taking the archetype.

I'm in the process of make what could very well be the face character....
And she'll be quite the enchanting distraction of a rogue....

I'll likely be done Ivy on Saturday, as I'll be a bit busy for a while.

This is Robert Henry’s applicant. Taicho is a tengu rogue, using natural attacks.

Why I’m interested:
My interest in the module is three fold.

First, RotRL is an iconic adventure path that I have wanted to play for the last five years. I got close once with a couple of friends here on line, but that game fell through..

The second reason is the schedule you have requested, Posting four times a week and daily during combat fits my present schedule well.

The third reason involves the amount of time I have to play and the characters I’m interested in playing. Let me explain. For several years (when I was working on third shift) I was able to post regularly and repeatedly while I was at work at night. I had been playing in up to sixteen games at one time. When I left that employer due to other responsibilities I wasn’t able to keep up with the dozen games I was playing in at the time and shortly thereafter stopped playing. After my schedule settled down I found that I missed certain characters and wanted to start playing again. I asked a friend if I could jump back in a couple of games I had been in previously using characters that I enjoyed playing.

When I originally thought about applying for this game I was thinking of an Aasimar or Vishkanyas; but I realized the character I missed the most was a Tengu named Ting Tang. Ting is a PFS slayer, which wouldn’t be able to be placed in this game. But I have altered another character Taicho to be a rogue. His personality will be very similar read that as identical to Tings. I realize that Taicho’s background is fairly shallow, but using Ting as a template he will be a fully developed and interesting addition to your game.

Taicho Maous was born in the Warren district of the cliff-side city Kaer Maga. As a hatchling he was raised by His mother, Kankai Maous, Who ran her "curiosity shop" there in the Warren; where she sold the goods Taicho’s father would deliver. His absentee father Ting Ting "I know a guy" Maous was usually out of the city buying and smuggling illegal and stolen goods. When father was home he regaled Taicho with stories of the road and the Sczarni families that he worked with.

The juvenile Taicho’s life took an unforeseen turn when he ran afoul of a local constable in the Highside Stacks. Fortunately Taicho’s mother, Kankai, was able to smuggle him out Kaer Maga with a Varisian caravan from the Zeldani clan. Taking on the surname ‘blackfeather’ to hide his identity he headed south towards the interior searching for his father Ting Ting. Taicho enjoyed his time with the Sczarni family and worked well with them. After several months of traveling with the Zeldani’s caravan Taicho finally found his father. After spending several days camping together Taicho talked his father into letting him stay with the Varisians and continued traveling with them.

After years of traveling with the Sczarni caravan they were run out of a camp near Sandpoint, hearing that there would be a festival celebrating the opening of a new temple, they send Taicho to the small town to look up an old family friend, Jubrayl Vhiski.

Taicho is now Twenty three years old, at 4' 8" and 90 Lbs He’s slightly above average in height and weight with so-black-they-look-blue feathers common to his race. He has lived with the Zeldani clan ten years now and his wardrobe reflects that relationship. He wears bright blue trousers, a green striped shirt, a red vest with gold trim and several scarves. the vest and scarves are arranged to cover his studded leather armor . On his black beak is an engraved ‘tattoo’ of the Zeldani clans rune. the outfit is topped off with the conical Sedge-grass hat that his mother gave him when he was smuggled out of Kaer Maga. He carries a well made pack to evenly distribute his gear and surprisingly no visible weapons.

Taicho is an unapologetic sort. He is Tengu through and through. He is not offended by the names: raven, rook, crow, starling, vulture, scavenger, smuggler, criminal con man or even thief.

He enjoys traveling (with or without his clan the Zeldani) and doing multiple types of jobs (with or without the Sczarni): whether smuggling, pickpocketing, second story work or con jobs. He believes a competent thief rogue should be able to accomplish whatever the job requires without harming others.He is not fond of violence for violence sake and will not work as an assassin or thug. However he is quick to defend himself, his friends and his family when needed using beak and claw..

Molly was born to a mother who painted and suffered from depression and a father who had served in the militia (not the "godsdammed town guard" for whom he has only disdain). They were a home that worshipped Shelyn, though, to be fair, William (the father) mostly did so out of devotion to this wife. She has two older male siblings with musical talent and an aptitude for study. Her father, worrying over her since-birth small nature, spent more time teaching her how to fight than either boy, both naturally brawny. The glaive did not come naturally to her, like it oddly does for so many devoted to Shelyn, but she worked at it purposefully. The loose structure of the Church of Shelyn is less worried about her divergent abilities than some would be, as she shows proper respect and skill at art-making. But she was never meant to live and die in a studio; her strength and dedication have led her to go out in the world to protect all that is beautiful, and tend to those who would do likewise. This new megachurch opening should be a great way to find either the like-minded, or those that could use protecting, wherever it take her.

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Friday October 18th Roundup

Completed Submissions (14):

Anthorg—Filona Fiorde—Gnome—Sorcerer—Merchant Family
Daniel Stewart—Jabilo—Human—Evoker—Scholar of the Ancients
Daxter—Rohan Drake—Human—Summoner—Monster Hunter
Delightful—Verona of the Wilds—Changeling—Witch—Outlander [exile]
Edelsmirge—Shalemoro—Nagaji—Paladin of (Shelyn?)—Outlander [exile]
Giant Halfling—Simple Bill—Human (Aasimar)—Druid—Favored Son
hustonj—Perri Perrun—Human—Paladin of Erastil—Sandpoint Faithful
joerice—Molly Hagstrom—Human—Cleric of Shelyn—Student of Faith
Robert Henry—Taicho Blackfeather—Tengu—Rogue—Family Ties
Rocan—Sonas Adhello—Halfling—Paladin of Shelyn—Student of Faith
SamuraiNitta—Kanontienentha—Human—Barbarian—Giant Slayer
Slayde77—Syeira Cretu—Human—Sorcerer—Scholar of the Ancients
Spazmodeus—Kokam Kawlo—Human—Monk—Monster Hunter
The.Squirrel.Ninja—Fillip Tarnell—Human—Ranger—Friends and Enemies

Incomplete Submissions (12):

rutaskadis—Vivian Morana—Human—Cleric of Urgathoa—Student of Faith
The Emerald Duke————
The KGB—Livia Taviskin—Human—Cleric of Shelyn—Student of Faith
The Lobster——Dwarf—Bard—

Thank you all very much for the submissions thus far. Just as a reminder I will do a final roundup next week before closing submissions. I will be posting who is chosen one week from today.

Lots of Shelyn here ...could be interesting both in allyhood and conflict! Art theory is often contentious!

Think I'm going to withdraw; haven't been able to muster up a decent background story. Have fun folks!

Holy cow, that is a ton of submissions. I do not envy the job you have ahead of you.

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@Molly Hagstrom: She is a popular pick, for sure! Whats not to love about love and art!

@The KGB: Thanks for the notice, comrade!

@The.Squirrel.Ninja: It's not so bad, this is about how many I got for my 2nd edition Hell's Rebels game. I'll do my best!

Wow. 3 Paladins?

Only 1 Rogue?

The colorfully dressed bird lulls his tongue in a tengu smile, "Oi, 'at's just fines by's me. We's only needs one bloody crimina... eerrr, skillsy bloke."

Here's RHMG's Sub

Got busy during weekend, still need to work on backstory.

Hey all, just as a heads up we've only got about two and a half days left and I've got eleven incomplete submissions or dots for interest. Please get those in to me if you can!

There’s 2 other RotRL recruitments going right now... some of them may have decided to just apply to one or both of those instead?

That could very well be the case, yes. Still figured it would be nice to remind folks of the deadline since we're coming up on it.

Hey guys, me again.

Sorry for the super late update, life has been hella busy. But I will be playing a ninja. More information to come after my work day. It's been very fun to see all of your guys' submissions, and I'm excited to play through the AP!

Oh we can have a roguishly fun time, with a rogue and a ninja.

Updated character to include a background, not my best since I didn't have much time to work on it.

This is my ninja! I'm working on getting all the character info put in, but he'll be focusing on two-weapon fighting with wakizashis in combat, augmented with shuriken if necessary.

Dawn of the Final Day Roundup

Completed Submissions (15):

Anthorg—Filona Fiorde—Gnome—Sorcerer—Merchant Family
Azure_Zero—Ingrid Vita Yuri—Vishkanya—Rogue—Family Ties
Daniel Stewart—Jabilo—Human—Evoker—Scholar of the Ancients
Daxter—Rohan Drake—Human—Summoner—Monster Hunter
Delightful—Verona of the Wilds—Changeling—Witch—Outlander [exile]
Edelsmirge—Shalemoro—Nagaji—Paladin of (Shelyn?)—Outlander [exile]
Giant Halfling—Simple Bill—Human (Aasimar)—Druid—Favored Son
hustonj—Perri Perrun—Human—Paladin of Erastil—Sandpoint Faithful
joerice—Molly Hagstrom—Human—Cleric of Shelyn—Student of Faith
Robert Henry—Taicho Blackfeather—Tengu—Rogue—Family Ties
Rocan—Sonas Adhello—Halfling—Paladin of Shelyn—Student of Faith
SamuraiNitta—Kanontienentha—Human—Barbarian—Giant Slayer
Slayde77—Syeira Cretu—Human—Sorcerer—Scholar of the Ancients
Spazmodeus—Kokam Kawlo—Human—Monk—Monster Hunter
The.Squirrel.Ninja—Fillip Tarnell—Human—Ranger—Friends and Enemies

Incomplete Submissions (10):

rutaskadis—Vivian Morana—Human—Cleric of Urgathoa—Student of Faith
The Emerald Duke————
The Lobster——Dwarf—Bard—

If any of this information does not appear correct, please notify me as soon as possible. Submissions close at 23:59 EDT. I will be hopefully posting my selections for the party tomorrow morning.

Life got very busy very quickly and unfortunately I haven't had time or energy to finish my submission, so I'll be withdrawing from consideration. Good luck y'all!

Similar boat to rutaskadis, unfortunately. That said, looks like you have a lot of good choices already so best of luck!

Shale will be informally worshipping Shelyn but has never been taught and sometimes sees a beautiful lady or some such vision helping to lead her to peace and beauty in a world of turmoil

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Hello everyone! Thank you again for all of the wonderful submissions, they have been a delight to read through during the past few weeks.

After much deliberation and the performance of some much needed sacred geometry, I have come to my decision. Without further ado, the selected players are:

Delightful—Verona of the Wilds—Changeling—Witch—Outlander [exile]
Anthorg—Filona Fiorde—Gnome—Sorcerer—Merchant Family
SamuraiNitta—Kanontienentha—Human—Barbarian—Giant Slayer
Rocan—Sonas Adhello—Halfling—Paladin of Shelyn—Student of Faith
hustonj—Perri Perrun—Human—Paladin of Erastil—Sandpoint Faithful

If I did not select you that in no way means that I didn't think your submission was excellent, but unfortunately I only have room for five of you. If at any point a slot opens up I will be keeping the list of submissions as a well to draw on later.

Thanks again, everyone. For those of you who were selected, please go ahead and make your way over to the discussion thread!

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