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Full Name

Livia Taviskin




Cleric of Shelyn






Special Abilities

Channel Energy


Chaotic Good





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Character Sheet

Strength 14
Dexterity 12
Constitution 13
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 15
Charisma 14

About Livia Taviskin

Livia Taviskin
Female Chaotic Good Human (Varisian & Chelish ancestry) Cleric
Level 1, Init 1, HP 10/10, Speed 30
AC 15, Touch 11, Flat-footed 14, CMD 12, Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +5, CMB +2, Base Attack Bonus 0
Glaive +2 (1d10+3, x3, Reach)
Chain Shirt (+4 Armor, +1 Dex)
Abilities Str 14, Dex 12, Con 13, Int 12, Wis 15, Cha 14
Feats Extra Channeling, Selective Channeling
Skills Diplomacy +6, Heal +9, Perform (Singing) +7, Spellcraft +4

Livia is slightly taller than the average Varisian woman. She possesses shoulder length raven black hair, deep blue eyes and fairly pale skin, a sign of her Chelish ancestry. She is quite lovely, and carries herself with a quiet dignity and grace that is common among many of Shelyn's followers.

Livia typically wears light and airy clothing, the kind found commonly among Varisians. Most often she favors a bright sky blue blouse, simple form fitting leather pants and an elaborate scarf. In colder weather, she has a warm fur fringed cloak.

Physical Traits
Height: 5'8
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair: Raven
Eyes: Blue


Livia is an extroverted personality, and a person who speaks freely and easily with all manner of folks. She loves to entertain and singing, and seems to draw great energy from the praise and cheer of the crowds. While singing is her passion, it is also her calling in the worship of Shelyn.

Like many Varisians, Livia is passionate and more than a little hot blooded. She sometimes loses her temper, though she possesses more wisdom than most folks her age, and knows when to step back from an argument or a bad situation.

While outwardly Livia appears very confident in herself, inwardly she does harbor some self doubt and insecurity.

Livia was originally born in the city of Magnimar, and grew up in the city living something of a double life. Her father was a well known opera singer by the name of Gaius Alba, a man of chelish decent and someone of some means. Her mother was a varisian gypsy of some beauty and fame, known also for her rare talent in singing. Her parents were something of star-crossed lovers, from two different worlds and social classes, but sharing a love of music that brought them together in the unlikeliest of ways. The union was something of scandal, but one that was generally forgiven given the great talent both her parents possessed.

Livia grew up as their only child, and quickly adopted her parents love of singing. From an early age, she sang with various children’s choirs, and began to make a name for herself. It was during one such concert that tragic accident nearly taking her life, as an overhead beam came down on top of Livia as she auditioned for a role. Strangely, the beam came crashing down all around her, but miraculously left Livia unscathed. Soon thereafter, Livia a beautiful dove with a rainbow colored tail visited Livia in her sleep, and told her that she had been spared, and to turn her gift towards the faith of Shelyn.

From that point on, Livia dedicated her life to the worship of Shelyn, though it brought some sadness to her parents to see their daughter take on a more monastic way of life. Livia trained at the temple of Shelyn in Magnimar, but kept her vocal training in respect of both of Shelyn and her parents. For the past several years, Livia has spent some time travelling, and brining her talent to outside the borders of Magnimar. Such travels have brought her to Sandpoint, where she eagerly awaits to see the unveiling of the new temple there, and sing at the dedication ceremony.