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Dunno why, but to me, snowhawks ulfen skald is now
THIS to me.

How odd. When i typed those in searches, there were no results. XD

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The Ancient GM wrote:
-Caps/Baroot, all set crunch wise. Can you expand on the background a little more I understand you want to do a shared story but that can be settled after players are selected.

No problem. I will try to flesh him out for you some more before I head to GenCon; batching it with the kids this weekend so time available is interesting.

@caps sounds good you have time no worries. Also, WOW, that sounds fun. I’ve very jealous, that sounds like a great time, try to enjoy it as much as possible. I am not draconian with the close date.

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caps wrote:

Here is my application. I'm happy to flesh any part of him out further at your request.



Baroot is about as simple as they come. Fiercely loyal to his friends and merciless to his enemies. He has had several lives already, but he can't tell you much about them; whether because he can't remember them, can't put them into words, can't understand that you're asking about them, or is slyer than he looks and is just playing dumb, you just can't tell. Regardless, he's here now, ready to help. It's possible that some of his friends are (former?) bandits, which may give you a hint of what he has been up to most recently.

Baroot was heavily inspired by Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, although he has a larger vocabulary. If selected I would discuss a potential shared (recent) history for him to have with one of them, a la Rocket Raccoon and Groot.

** spoiler omitted **...

Thanks for pushing me to go this; it was fun. Let me know if it is enough or not.


Wandered off when released from servitude.
Has since lived a life of aimless wandering and occasional adventure.
Has had one friend that treated him really well; but he couldn't protect that friend and lost him to murder.
Has been abused or taken advantage of multiple times; each time, though he lacked the intelligence to understand his situation, something told him to plant his seed in a hidden place. Within a week or two his body died, leaving his manipulators bewildered. Meanwhile his new body sprouted from the earth and wandered off to the next adventure.
Most recently he fell in with a band of bandits. His great strength and fortitude were an asset to the bandits, but he left them after a disagreement.

Goals and Metagoals
To make friends that won't take advantage of and mistreat him; to serve his friends out of love and loyalty
A metagoal for me is to experience playing a less intelligent character and see how he grows over time. Baroot is different from my usual fare.

Baroot doesn't know or understand it, but he's a wanted criminal in several nations for various crimes from minor to more significant; though gentle with the small and young and kind to his friends, he has no compunctions about killing people that attempt to obstruct or even annoy him

Known NPCs
Jeyhro - a bandit leader. Hates Baroot for embarrassing him in front of the gang: Baroot tossed him into a tree when he tried to slaughter a captured child and Baroot would not allow it
(Insert a PC here possibly?)

Memories, Mannerisms, and Quirks
Spends a lot of his time, spare or otherwise, staring at pretty things
... sometimes has unusual ideas about what is pretty
Doesn't talk much
Will stop evil when it's right in front of him, but isn't typically motivated to hunt evil down proactively
Is highly motivated by friendship and companionship

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The Ancient GM wrote:
@caps sounds good you have time no worries. Also, WOW, that sounds fun. I’ve very jealous, that sounds like a great time, try to enjoy it as much as possible. I am not draconian with the close date.

It will be fun. My fourth time, I think. I highly recommend it. If you live in the States it really is pretty affordable; cheaper than a lot of other 5-day trips you could take.

@caps that’ll work thanks! Your all set. And I’ve been wanting to go but finding others to go with is the trouble of getting friends and family able or wanting to go. For now it sits on the shelf as a nice idea.

Garroth Seren wrote:

Dunno why, but to me, snowhawks ulfen skald is now

THIS to me.

LoL! Actually those are traits I found by pure accident while browsing a while back. I saved them for a rainy day. And since I'd wanted to play an Ulfen anyway, this was as good a time as any to crack them out of storage.

FYI Lingering Performance stacks. So if you ever want to play a Bard who can quadruple their perform rounds per day: There you go. Just in case you have a long work day and want to keep buffs going. long as you don't mind being from Rahadoum.

Small price to pay, right?

Just a reminder that August 1 is the last day to apply, if you haven’t applied or still need to adjust something!

I GM 99% of the time, so when faced with the prospect of creating character I suffer from WHAT DO I PLAY SYNDROME!

I will have a character for consideration shortly.

We seem to have a lack of arcane...

And now for something completly different, Fluff:
Anakasta stands a staggering...normal height height of five eight, has strikingly...bland blue eyes and horrifyingly bad white hair that falls to her ankles. Seriously, her hair is a mess, the tips drag on the ground if she forgets to braid them, small twigs constantly catch it and, by Desnas starry eyes THE SPLIT ENDS!!! A nose broken more times than she cares to remember, a mouth missing half her teeth, about two dozen knife scars on her face and a body covered with burn marks from being burned at the stake last year, Anakasta looks like a terrifying monster. The kind children run from and parents shield the eyes of babies from.

It was no small wonder she was driven form her home as a vile monster, but, she was alive and that was not a bad thing nor a small thing. A short time later, she had taken in with others like her,driven from their homes. With so very little, her small group turned to banditry and with her leadership, they became surprisingly good at it. Their brief period of good fortune only lasted a summer and fall, the cold winter brought a roundness to her belly and hunger.

The following spring Anakasta and only her son set out to the River Kingdoms for a new life, the prospect of wealth and a new babysitter. The rest of her gang, well, they could not accompany her...on account of death and all. :)

Anakasta is ruthless, brutal and savage when necessary. She presents a facade of the caring, loving mommy and truly is to her son. Her world is very much a me and mine are the only one that matter and has no qualms about ending anything that threatens that.

Her love and loyalty are hard won and once gained, you may wish you never had them.


Human (Jadwiga) witch (winter witch) 1 (Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Magic, Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player's Guide 65)
LE Medium humanoid (human)
Init +2; Senses Perception -1 (-2 when adjacent to open flames or on fire)
AC 12, touch 12, flat-footed 10 (+2 Dex)
hp 9 (1d6+3)
Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +1; -1 vs. fire effects, -1 when adjacent to open flames or on fire
Speed 30 ft. (20 ft. in armor)
Melee dagger -1 (1d4-1/19-20) or
. . hair +4 (1d3+6)
Ranged sling +2 (1d4-1)
Special Attacks hexes (evil eye[APG], healing[APG], prehensile hair[UM])
Witch Spell-Like Abilities (CL 1st; concentration +5)
. . Constant—endure elements (cold only)
Witch (Winter Witch) Spells Prepared (CL 1st; concentration +5)
. . 1st—ill omen[APG], ray of enfeeblement (DC 15)
. . 0 (at will)—detect magic, guidance, ray of frost
. . Patron Winter
Str 9, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 19, Wis 8, Cha 10
Base Atk +0; CMB -1; CMD 11
Feats Extra Hex[APG], Extra Hex[APG]
Traits brigand, bruising intellect, hard to kill
Skills Acrobatics -1 (-2 when adjacent to open flames or on fire, -5 to jump), Appraise +4 (+3 when adjacent to open flames or on fire), Bluff +0 (-1 when adjacent to open flames or on fire), Climb -4 (-5 when adjacent to open flames or on fire), Diplomacy +0 (-1 when adjacent to open flames or on fire), Disguise +0 (-1 when adjacent to open flames or on fire), Escape Artist -1 (-2 when adjacent to open flames or on fire), Fly -1 (-2 when adjacent to open flames or on fire), Heal -1 (-2 when adjacent to open flames or on fire), Intimidate +8 (+7 when adjacent to open flames or on fire), Knowledge (arcana) +8 (+7 when adjacent to open flames or on fire), Knowledge (history) +8 (+7 when adjacent to open flames or on fire), Knowledge (nature) +8 (+7 when adjacent to open flames or on fire), Knowledge (planes) +8 (+7 when adjacent to open flames or on fire), Perception -1 (-2 when adjacent to open flames or on fire), Ride -1 (-2 when adjacent to open flames or on fire), Sense Motive -1 (-2 when adjacent to open flames or on fire), Spellcraft +8 (+7 when adjacent to open flames or on fire), Stealth -1 (-2 when adjacent to open flames or on fire), Survival -1 (-2 when adjacent to open flames or on fire), Swim -4 (-5 when adjacent to open flames or on fire), Use Magic Device +4 (+3 when adjacent to open flames or on fire); Racial Modifiers brigand
Languages Aklo, Common, Giant, Infernal, Sylvan
SQ burned, cold flesh, witch's familiar (weasel named Arcane Familiar)
Other Gear dagger, sling, backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, candle (10), chalk (10), flint and steel, ink, inkpen, mess kit[UE], pot, soap, spell component pouch, torch (10), trail rations (5), waterskin, 157 gp
Special Abilities
Burned -1 to save vs. fire, -1 attacks, saves, skill checks if you are adjacent to or on fire.
Empathic Link with Familiar (Su) You have an empathic link with your Arcane Familiar.
Endure Elements (Cold only) (Ex) Exist comfortably in cold regions.
Evil Eye -2 (7 rounds, DC 14) (Su) Foe in 30 ft takes penalty to your choice of AC, attacks, saves, ability or skill checks (Will part).
Familiar Bonus: +2 to Reflex saves You gain the Alertness feat while your familiar is within arm's reach.
Healing (1d8+1) (Su) Heal touched creature, but each target can only benefit once per 24 hrs.
Prehensile Hair (1/day) (Su) The witch can instantly cause her hair (or even her eyebrows) to grow up to 10 feet long or to shrink to its normal length, and can manipulate her hair as if it were a limb with a Strength score equal to her Intelligence score. Her hair has reach 10
Share Spells with Familiar Can cast spells with a target of "You" on the familiar with a range of touch.
Witch's Familiar (Ex) Gain the services of a special familiar that stores spells.

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Little bit risky, but i like the character idea.

If I am fortuitous enough to be picked, I will create an online character.

GM Scotty/ Anakasta, all set and risky characters can be worth it allowing other characters a chance to interact with characters they might not usually.

Hargock Sharpfist


LN Male Dwarf Adaptive Shifter
Worships Irori
Init+2; Senses Darkvision 60 ft; Low-light Vision: Perception +7
+2 Perception to notice unusual stonework (auto check within 10’)
AC 17, touch 12, Flat-footed 15; (Armor +5, Dex +2)
HP 17 (10[Class]+3[Con]+1[Favored Class]+3[Feat])
Fort+6 Ref+4 Will+3
+1 against spells, spell-like abilities, and poison
Speed 20 ft
Melee: Claws(x2) +3 (1d4+1, x2)
Range: Splash +3 (x2)
Str 13 Dex 15 Con 16 Int 10 Wis 17 Cha 6
Base Atk+1; CMB 3; CMD 15
Feats: Combat Reflexes, Toughness
Traits: Nature’s Mimic, Glory of Old
Dwarf Racial Traits: Defensive Training, Stability, Hatred, Stone Cunning, Lore Keeper, Unstoppable
Reactive Form (7 uses/day): Stretching Form, Aquatic Form
Adventure Skills: Acrobatics -1, Nature +1, Perception +7, Survival +7, Swim -1
Background skills: History +1(+2 Dwarven enemies), Linguistics +1
Languages Common, Dwarven, Tian
Wild Empathy: -1
Combat gear Lamellar (Horn) armor, Acid flask x2, Holy Water
Other Gear: Wooden Holy Symbol of Irori x4, Bedroll, 50’ silk rope x2, Dwarven trail rations x5, Backpack, Spell Components Pouch, Bandolier x2, Water Skin, Belt Pouch
Wealth: 9 sp


Hargock’s clan, the Sharpfists, is a small more wild group of dwarves that initially settled in the lands north of the Five Kings Mountains. The founders of the clan were outcast from normal dwarven society because they had contracted various forms of lycanthropy. These founders may not have fully fit in with normal dwarven society, but their beastial nature’s gave them a greater understanding and connection to the natural world; a connection that has persisted in the clan for generations. As time went on, the clan took in more outcasts from the Sky Citadels and the curse was bled down in their blood. In the Rending, the clan fled to further from the more traditional dwarves and their diaspora all the way across the Crown of the World and into Tian Xia. They fled further than other dwarves many of the other clans still saw their blood as tainted. They eventually settled in the wilderness with their only contact with the wider world, a small Irorian shine, where the monks welcomed them to share knowledge of far off realms. As the centuries passed they the two groups developed a symbiosis where the monks would guarantee good relations with the native peoples and the dwarves would provide food and crafts for the monks. In time the clan would build a more impressive shrine for the monks that would draw Irorians from far and wide. The two communities developed a philosophy that emphasized balance in both self and nature.

At an early, the clan elders noticed that he had a stronger connection to the older, more primal founders of the Sharpfist clan when he could manifest claws seemingly at will. The elders took this as a sign and directed his studies. Initially one of the elders and a druid, Agna Sharpfist, endeavoured to teach the child to control and harness his gifts. She taught him to manifest his abilities in more varied and adaptable ways by shaping herself in the local beast of the area. She also taught him to observe the world around him and mimic what he observes.

As he came of age he decided to study at the Irorian shrine to further his knowledge of the natural world. While there, he found actual histories of his people and not the legendary stories that he grew up with. The histories created an almost instinctive desire to see the greatest works and monuments of the dwarves and venture back into Golarion. His masters’ within the shrine supported this path towards the Five Kings Mountains because he sought more knowledge and self discovery. They did suggest that the mountain range may be his goal, but not to be afraid of wandering and seeing where life takes him.

In his fourth decade, he made preparations for his journey and set forth following the path is clan took to Tian Xia, but in reverse. The journey was fraught with danger and peril, but his pilgrimage went fairly smoothly until he ended up lost and nearly broke in the River Kingdoms. He is now looking for work to continue his journey, but is also welcoming the new experiences.

Hargock is an average height, stocky dwarf with a shaved head and a long, braided, brown beard. He has various tattoos of animals favored by Irori along with his clans symbol on his right shoulder and Irori’s holy symbol on his left. He is a studious and stubborn, but still adaptable to most situations. He hopes to find a fighting style that merges his dwarven hardiness with natural ferocity.

Snapzilla/Hargock Sharpfist, you’re all set.

I will be closing recruitment at noon EST today I will start processing the applications. I should have a decision made by August 5 at the latest. Thank you to everyone who applied!

Good luck everyone.

*crosses fingers*

Indeed, good luck to all! =)

May fortune ever... Eh, good luck.

Oh, btw, as for why Garroth is in the stolen land? Gold, curiosity, adventure? Take your pick. He is a bodyguarding mercenary after All.

Thank you for the note, Garroth Seren I did take it into consideration.

I enjoyed reading through everyone’s submissions; it was hard to make a decision as there were a lot of quality submissions. Thank you to everyone who made a submission, those of you who submitted consider yourselves on a short list if I need to find replacements.

Will Bob, Trakas, Atar, Brightberry, and Immana please report to the discussion thread.

Oh well. Have fun everybody! And good luck!

Too bad.

May it be a good one to the winners.

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Enjoy the game, everyone

Congrats everyone, have a great game

Bah humbug!!

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