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Sorry for the delay on the update. Unfortunately I’ve been working much more the last week and haven’t had much time. I don’t know if I’ll have time to get a post up this week until Friday. As always appreciate the patience, and hope everyone is exited for the holidays!

Sorry for the lack of update. After a pretty horrible week after a stressful last couple months and some evaluation I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to have to shutter the game. I’m just feeling very overwhelmed with life, and the added responsibility of guiding the game just is not something I can handle at the moment. I’m sorry for the lack of notice but wanted to let you know where I’m at. It’s been fun with all of you.

Sorry, drill has kept me busy the last two weeks! I’ll give an update currently to help move things along. But I don’t have my notes with me at the moment so it won’t be as filled out as I’d like.

You look and see near the keep in town a old tower easily once proud and sturdy now lies rather worn and with signs of weather’s effects marring the stone. It seems to be just away from the keep to be separate but still atop the hill in the center of town. You all make your way there and see a large wooden reinforced door at the bottom of the tower. A few windows in are above you by maybe 10 feet.

“Well of course it’s magical ya walking bush. It’ll heal yer wounds when ya use it. And call me Brother Andrast, as all of us are brothers in arms!” he gives you the wand and looks to the other patrons for agreement and only one acknowledges him to his annoyance.

He takes the chainmail on his shoulder and returns to drinking tossing a few coins to the bartender and starts talking about the glories of battle, and how he once wrestled a wyvern drunk on elven absinthe. You walk out and a few eyes follow but that’s it. You’re in the street eagerly planning your next move.

I’ll be doing my annual training this Friday till the 31st. I should have some time since it’s not to crazy but just a heads up in case I lag behind in posting.

The old dwarf nods looking at it. “It looks good, maybe I’ll have that lass start practicing in it. She need to feel the weight of our lord in iron to really call her self one of the faithful. Gimme a minute to lad I’m sure I have one.

He fishes in his clothes and armor before pulling out from a compartment in the armor a thin rod of metal etched with runes and on the end of it a small split in the to 3 with in between them a marble that’s swirls with a red color. He hands it over, while now you can see the others in the tavern are crowding around one of the fighters on the ground, while coin is passed between the group over bets soon he’s picked up from the floor his face marred with cuts and bruises, the half orc that won goes to the bar and is treated to a free drink from the older female half orc.

Trakas you look and see a couple people eyeing you but the temperament in the room is one of barely contained chaos. Most people seem content to drink and bluster, others look to fight. A few look like the type to try something as you leave but it’s hard to telling anyone is planning anything at the moment due to the bustle of the tavern.

“Aye now that’s funny. I have some gear if you want it. What have you got for trade?”

He turns to you missing the knockout blow of the fight which causes him to turn away for a moment and grumble before looking back.

Her raspy voice responds, “Ah o’ course my fiendish friend. Give ma a second. I’m not as sort as used to be.” and she hobbles about behind the bar, filling up a set of glasses for you all except Brightberry.

You watch the fight and it’s a rather brutal affair with A half Orc and a human beating the snot out of each other. The dwarf smiles and responds da in kind to your comments though obviously invested in the fight. “Haven’t seen a good bloody brawl like this in ages! I love it!” at your question he grabs his large tankers and smiles a few teeth missing. “Oh whatcha heard? That I’m the one of Gorum’s chosen? That I once cleaved the heads off three bandits with one swing. Or that I wrestled an ogre into submission?” the bluster is obvious from anyone listening as a few patrons snicker at his boasts but he pays them no mind.

She shrugs and looks back at the carving of his name before back to you. “You’re best chance is there, he spends most nights there pretty late.”

Assuming you all head to the Thirsty Ogre you make your way across town seeing the more organized and slightly newer buildings to older buildings that seem more run down and chaotically built. You see a block over between the buildings a large bramble with homes rising up. You come upon the Thirsty Ogre to a two story building with several broken windows, the ones that are left are clouded with dirt and grime. The paint is faded and cracked. You can hear a fiddle playing a quick exciting tune from inside and a shouting and singing. As you open the door you see the place is filled much more than the Greenforest Inn. The Clinetelle seems much more grizzled. A fight is happening with a circle around it at a far corner, a old looking dwarf on a table shouting. The bar has several people at it and a large female half Orc with a missing eye. She looks on at the fight but continues to work.

The young women looks up, tired and sweaty from chiseling a name into the rock. “oh, I didn’t make this, it’s been here before I was born, Master Stonefort it was carved probably a few hundred years ago. I’m simply adding his name to it. But if you need healing I can help you. Though I umm don’t have anything to give you. Master Stonefort might though, he says he’s seen enough battle that he can smell it off from a mile away.”

He takes the coin with a smile. “Thank you very much. And it is.”

You all get your things together and head to the Shrine of Battle. As you approach the name is a bit of a overstatement. A small hut stands next to a large sword carved to look like its put into a boulder. A young woman stands near the front chiseling away at the bottom.

He leans over the bar and offers an idea. “If you want a wand or some other magic item, you may want to try the House of the River Lord, or the Shrine or Battle. The temples sometimes they sell magicky things. You could try someone from the Goldenfire Order too, the local mages guild. A few of the mages live in their tower. Just a heads up to you guys.

if you know how to nest spoilers please let me know, had trouble with it and would love to condense all the spoilers under the campaign info.

You have, you went to the local general store, Thornkeep Mercanitle. They're one of a few different merchants in town.

The bartender nods and get's it for you. "Well you can go to the Thirsty Ogre, it's a lot rougher in there than it is here. People looking for dangerous work go there a lot. You can also try talking to the merchants about town, we got a few and i'm sure at least one of them has work. Or if your feeling plucky go see the baron or even the blue basilisks to find work.'

Will have an update with some town info into the top bar tonight. This weekend has been busy with work and some celebrations for my first Father’s Day.

He takes a look at the gem, for a moment before muttering a word under his breath. He looks confused for a second then says. “Unfortunately it seems to be just a plain gem. I’m not to sure of what it is exactly, my geology is a quite rough. Though it does worth a few coin. Might I suggest the bartender downstairs for a lay of the land, as for Where best to find a job I’m not entirely sure. Though I’m sure you can find it easily enough in this small town.” he hands the gem back with a smile.

You could sip alchemist and have Bob start juicing, that’ll show them scary goblins!

He nods, thinking. ”Well I can imagine the dangers are ever present but that is why I hired you all. Hmm look around town maybe you’ll be able to find someone who’s willing to trade a wand for your new found armor. Feel free to divert yourselves to a side job, I have enough money for us to stay here for a week or two, depending on how much you all eat and drink haha.”

Off the top of my head I can’t really think of any but I’ll do some reasearxh and look into it. Worst case scenario maybe we figure something out to help with it, since you guys are lacking in the magic department.

He shakes his head, stroking the wisp of a goatee he has. [b] “No not particularly, the rabble seems to go to another tavern within the town. So have you combed the substrata under the keep?”

“Ah, a simple enchantment, it seems to be rather plain only working to keep blades from piercing the chain.”

He thinks for a second before shaking his head no. “Can’t say the statue seems familiar, but the magic you found is a good sign. Azlanti were master of the arcane, so we have a lead I say!”

You open the door after to find the man simply reading over a book, sitting at a small table in the room, he looks up at you as if he was about to speak. “Oh, I see you have returned, and you look like you’ve been through the ringer no doubt.”

he stands stretching his back and a look of deep thought creeps across his face. “Zog? Hmm well I do know of a kingdom of Zog. It was goblinoid kingdom That existed here in the stolen lands several hundred years ago, though was dismantled by a coalition of small River nations after a plague. The name interestingly enough is rather a catch-all for The empire as the leaders were all referred to as Zog.”

he licks his lips looking at the window realizing the time. “Ao do tell your exploits then?”

You and Immana very carefully taking pains to slowly get back. You pack up and head back to the tavern it’s close to noon and you see the place is relatively quiet the bartender simply cleaning up glasses and fixing the place for another night of drinking. A few people sit in a corner talking to each other.

When asked about Cornelius you’re a directed to his room, “Old geezer has been up there all day. Probably tired from the wine yesterday.”

I’m fine with him being force fed it. No need to make such a niche thing even more niche.

Immana’s monk trading pays off and her footing is as smooth as the water she bends. She makes it to Bob without trouble.

my bad, forgot the confirm.
1d20 + 8 ⇒ (1) + 8 = 9
No crit fortunately, 8 damage and unconscious.

You try to make it across after grabbing the chainmail.
1d100 ⇒ 61d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 273d6 ⇒ (1, 2, 5) = 8
The several rocks fall from the ceiling and hit you over the head. You take 16 bludgeoning damage.

It would be The corridor A10. I adjusted The token placement to fit with the map better.

If you’d like to move across make a acrobatics check. Or would like to try to do something to stop the rocks from falling feel free to explain.

You detect magic and after focusing its coming from the chainmail.

. It’s in the original central room that was two stories and had the 6 or so goblins in it that you killed. Might have gotten lost in the description with the goblins trying to kill you.

You all turn around and head back to the main room seeing the strange door like slab of stone with the seven pointed star on it with small holes at the points. You head down the stairs into the passageway. You see before you a goblin crushed under a slew of rocks with a suit of chain mail in its hands.

DC 20 perception check +4 if trained on knowledge engineering or Craft stonemasonry:

You notice the ceiling is cracks and weakened and may collapse from walking through without taking precautions to move slow.

If you want to try to continue to pry at the statue you may. If you want to search the bottom areas through the main area you may. Or you can check out a tunnel that is in the unfinished room.

they left, taking off out of the complex seemingly after whoever the leader thought was that stole the treasure.

You look around and some leaves off cloth a short sword are left, and some rotten food is left.

You head back and cast the spell, it seemingly doesn’t detect anything on the stataue. But the metal door remains shut.

The goblins loaded down with gear go running out screeching. And the sound of their little footsteps can be heard echoing as they run out.

The goblins pack up grabbing gear and other items. It takes awhile, though there scrambling is amusing as some get easily distracted. Ata with Brightberry’s help you find a central set of runes on the floor. You are able to eventually scratch the runes out but you will trigger the trap first.

Will save 11 cold damage plus shaken.: 2d6 ⇒ (3, 4) = 7

As you come back they seem to be finishing up and the female goblin is waiting for you.

all good, it’s hard to roleplay mental stats sometimes. Just to exit since I didn’t catch it till now. The goblin should have said “...in the purple mists and scary magic.”

Your queries are met with wide eyes and confused looks. As you scamper away back to the group you can see them rapidly start gathering their bedrolls and other items.

“It’s that way! Past the purple mists, and scary magics.”
She points behind you the way you came.

“North? Hmmm who would have it. How do we get out? Trap and bugs are there! And she points behind you.”

That’s the greatest post I’ve ever seen btw. And no worries I guess squirrels happen.

Knowledge history 20:

You have heard that Zog is a supposed goblin god that was actually a dynasty of Barghasts that rules in the river kingdoms for some 200 years. They were destroyed by a series of plagues and a coalition some 500 years ago.

The three goal line wide eyed shake their head yes obviously Hanging on every word.
The female goblin gives you a skeptical look. “What did Zog say?”

The four goblins stop talking and their ears turn at the sound of Immana creeping forward but as Atar walks forward they turn two female goblins and a two males look confused for a second.

Goblin thoughts:

1d20 - 1 ⇒ (7) - 1 = 6
1d20 + 8 ⇒ (15) + 8 = 23

Three of them go wide eyed and smile shouting “Zog!” , the one that answered the questions glares at you.

“Message from Zog? Zog doesn’t talk to devil children. Zog only talks to me.”

You sneak forward and see thick, square columns support the low ceiling of this natural cavern, but the walls remain uneven hewn stone and the floor is only partially paved. Rough tunnels and unfinished walls extend for some distance. Tattered first, foul-looking bedrolls, Sachs of food, and battered old crates and casks are scattered around in an improvised campsite. You see what appears to be 4 goblins standing and chattering.

“We leave soon?” “No.” “But others dead now.” “No, Zog will guide us. Show us ancient treasure, to statue. Past trap past bugs.”

That’s all you can hear for the moment.

You look and find no signs of a trap ahead in the corridor.

Due to your training you the mist starts to form a shape but a calming breathing steels you’re nerves and it never seems to take shape your will far to strong for the magic to take hold. You all make it to the other side, more or less ok.

The image of a river figure begins to form but you steel you’re self, keeping your emotions in control. You slash at it and it dissipates into mist.

map was update with your positions when you would have encountered the trap. Your studies it and received the presence, then the number and power of the magic. You may make a knowledge arcana check to identify it, but you unfortunately aren’t trained in arcana. You did learn that there was the presence of 1 faint magic source but that’s it.

You start to run across the room and make it about the same place as Atar and Bob before what appears to you to be an angry human wielding a torch materializes waving it at you.

Will Save11:

cold damage: 2d6 ⇒ (6, 2) = 8
Shaken for 1 hour.

You look around to find the source of the trap but it eludes you for the moment the mist obscuring the room.

Atar has the trap finder trait, which helps a fill the gap a little.