The River Kingdom's Shadow

Game Master Mythicman19

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The kingdom of Atropas has conquered the stolen lands. King Gertrad has beaten back enemies time and time again, from the depths of earth, to the neighbors around him, and even to the first world. Yet as his conquests mount and his legend grows, his lust for greater glories and conquests burns hotter. Even now as an air of peace begins to settle in for the first time in ages, rumors of war work their way through the kingdom. The territory know as the stolen land may be conquered but it is not tamed. There are only three real cities, and a handful of small towns. Large swaths of land from the nearly coined Blood Marches, to the hills nest the Cursed town of Varnhold are untamed and unexplored. Rich nobleman and merchants send expeditions to explore and tame these lands hoping to gain fame, fortune, and power. Those looking for coin welcome the hard work these soft men and women offer. Our story starts out in the search of those that will take on these daring tasks, in a place where everyone goes to start these expeditions, The Wench’s Final Rest.

The Rest as it’s often called is a tavern in a old barrow just outside of the copilot of Atropas. The main room is a long 100 foot by 30 foot room with smooth stone walls and floors with a tall arched ceiling. Tables are scattered haphazardly in the room, with two bar counters sitting in the middle of the room opposite of each other guarding the entrance to two storage rooms They are made of the sarcophagi that sat on the elevated pedestal of the room. It is here that several well dressed men and women sit with armed guards next to them. They will say their plans and then from those that volunteer they will choose who will work for them. The room is noisy and crowded with people as it is late and the best jobs are always saved for last.

Where are you and what are you doing as you wait for these expeditions to be announced?