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Thanks so much for having me! I'm extremely excited for this, it was a fun concept and a great time even just thinking on how to present Batman on Golarion. Can't wait to see how it is to actually play it out!

In response to the PM, that sounds like a very solid list! I haven't read all of those but I'm at least familiar with most. Year One in particular is one of my all-time favorites, since it focuses so much on the development of Batman and the psyche of the man under the cowl--not to mention an appropriately badass rendition of Gordon and his own development.

Another arc I love is Hush, which is a great sort of anthology of Batman in general, featuring tons of allies and enemies from over the years, all wrapped up in an excellent story with good twists. And after Death in the Family, reading the Death of the Family arc from the New 52 run is excellent--honestly the whole New 52 run was fantastic in my opinion, especially the Court of Owls arc.

On a total aside in the non-canon camp, the Elseworlds Batman stuff is fun, if sometimes a bit hit-or-miss. Gotham by Gaslight in particular is a lot of fun. All in all I haven't read nearly as much Batman as I'd like... Maybe this game will be a good excuse to pick up some more!

The Harrow Card is interesting, and would definitely raise suspicion abd excitement. Since this is so early in Bruce's career at this point, I see him as being still more of the driven, overly ambitious crusader at the moment... So he's probably going straight for the location on the card. I'm at work right now, but I should have an alias ready to go later today!

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I think your Gameplay post got cut off or something along those lines. I'll wait to respond since I'm guessing there was more to it than just letting me know the tapestries aren't Varisian.

Oh, thank you. I was cut off and didn't have time to finish, guess I didn't remember to finish it.

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No problem, just wanted to check in and make sure! I've been there and dine the same thing, so no worries.

My apologies, it's finals and I've been really busy. I'll try to get up a post tonight hopefully.

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Oh, no problem, I totally understand! I remember those days very well. Take your time and best of luck!

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I understand how it is, it's all good. Definitely happy to wait for this game.

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Just posting this in all my campaigns to let everybody know I'm visiting family today through the next week, so posting might get a bit spotty. I'll do my best to keep in touch and check in once a day or more if at all possible.

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