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| CMB +7, CMD 22 | F: +9, R: +8, W: +10; +2 vs. negative energy, death effects, spells/Su of undead and sahkils, immune to all effects that would turn his body or soul into undead | Init: +4


| Perc: +3[+6sc], SM: +11; darkvision 60ft. | Speed 30ft | Ghost Hunter (Su) 2/day | Active conditions: false life, see invisibility


TYRANT MAPS Male N duskwalker spiritualist 5 | HP 51/38 | AC 23 T 15 FF 19

About Akku

This character earned another 9,000gp, to be added to gear before the beginning of Book 2...

Once, long ago...

...story time!:
In his previous very distant and long ago human life, Akkurian was a simple commoner albeit one with a great awareness of his surroundings and mastery of common sense so to speak.

He was a farmer, family man and a generalist who could take care of shoeing horses, deliver calves, harvest crop and if time allowed, go fishing.

His low-born status meant he was nearly illiterate though, and throughout his life, was ever curious of books, libraries, universities, schools, etc.

He never got the opportunity to explore this desire to learn due to farm and family responsibilities.

When he died, he rose steadily in the ranks of Pharasma's servants. He became a psycopomp noisoi, roaming the eternal libraries for ages, and in the end became a yamaraj, serving as one of the judges of the dead and lords of the Boneyard.

For his eons of service to the Boneyard he was offered a rare chance at a second life.

He took it, eager to learn more and perhaps also CREATE new knowledge and uncover new mysteries.

When he incarnated on the mortal plane in his new duskwalker body, something went wrong.

While he was not expecting to retain memories, he realized that he did in fact retain most of his eons of knowledge... but... he immediately found himself deprived of his newly created vessel...

His body and mind were overtaken by a distant, remote, unknown being.

Everything went blank for what seems an eternity. Only flashes of some alien distant world remain. He doesn't even know his name: when he came back in his body... he was a blank slate.

He is an 8-year old duskwalker boy with no memories. The only thing he found was four weird letters sewn inside his sleeve: Akku.

At night, he has horrible nightmares and visions of a distant world. Oddly out of place in these nightmares is the sight of an enraged little girl, who seem mad at him or blame him for something. A dark, scary energy surrounds her, and as this little girl gets near him, he usually wakes up in sweats.


Flashback to a few previous eons in the past... Akkurian, a boy then... learning farming from his father in the fields. It is a hot day. Hard work for a boy his age. In the distance he sees their house far in the field. A little girl runs out of the rustic cabin, running towards them... Akkurian recognizes her as his youngest sister, Siiska. Behind the little girl, a good thirty seconds behind, is the mother, trying to run after her. Akkurian's little sister always wanted to go to the fields with daddy and Akku, and always put a tantrum when they left without her, her young 4-year old mind unable to understand that it was for her own good.

As Akkurian squints in the hot sun and wipes away the sweat stinging his eyes, he realizes that her mother is yelling and gesturing frantically. Up ahead, in the bushes, the tiger waits patiently, but Siiska only sees Akku.


Background: spiritualist with small-size phantom of her young sister from eons ago, Akku has no idea this presence in his mind is the wayward soul of her sister from many lives ago.

To further complicate things, upon his incarnation as a duskwalker as a reward for eons of good work at the Boneyard, his mind was overtaken almost immediately, and for centuries (Formerly Mind-Swapped campaign trait). This strange entity inhabiting his body feasted on the eons of knowledge acquired in the Boneyard libraries, and took advantage of his unique duskwalker's physiology: the body only matures when the mind experiences things, and so with the boy's mind gone, the body stalled and remained young for centuries, granting a nigh immortality to the invading alien entity.

Suddenly Akku awakens in his own body again- the alien presence has departed after a horrible bad dream that Akku no longer remembers. Siiska quickly homes in towards Akku's location, her internal compass pointing true for the first time in centuries as his mind re-enters his body...

From this moment on, Akku grows at an exponential rate, his body going from the physical appearance of an 8-year old to a full-grown adult in the span of one week. Each night the boy, teenager, and finally young man grows through severe nightmares and seizures, his body catching up for centuries of being cut-off from his soul.
Duskwalker lore...:
"When a duskwalker is born, she appears spontaneously in a sanctified place with a connection to death, most often a graveyard or a temple. Duskwalkers do not experience infancy, instead beginning their lives with the appearance and facilities of a roughly 8-year-old human child. These mysterious children always appear cloaked in simple white robes, with a small satchel of food and water by their sides. Duskwalker children mature at a variable rate depending upon the support they receive. A child adopted into a nurturing family or taken into care at a temple matures at a rate similar to that of a human child and develops a healthy balance between her appreciation for life and her interest in death. While duskwalker children almost always appear near settlements, the unusual circumstances of their creation sometimes lead them to be ostracized to the point where they are forced to fend for themselves. Duskwalker children who endure such circumstances reach physical and intellectual maturity rapidly, but they struggle socially and emotionally."

Throughout his daily nightmares he sees glimpses of Siiska, whom he no longer recognizes, as his new mortal life is devoid of any memories from previous lives. Akkurian, farming, his siblings, parents, millennia serving in the Boneyard, becoming a judge of Pharasma's high courts, none of this remains. Or matters? Siiska is enraged by this, developing a deep hatred of everything. Including the fact that she's stuck in a young girl's body. Her soul has roamed the ethereal plane for eons looking for her brother, only to be reunited with him at a time when his soul has been washed, reknitted, and recycled. She loses herself in hatred for everything as Akku's body becomes that of a man. Must the universe also take away her memory of his little brother and morph him into a full grown man instantly? must the universe deny her of making her own memories with her brother and allow them to... grow together?

Both souls are united together again, but hardly understand one another. Perhaps in time, some light will shine on their tragedy.

M Duskwalker Spiritualist 5
N medium outsider (native)
Init +4 Senses Darkvision (60,) Perception +3
AC 23, touch 15, flat-footed 19 (+6 Armor, +2 Shield, +4 Dex, +1 Def)
hp 38
Fort 9 Reflex 8 Will 10

Speed 30 ft
Melee (includes Power Attack)
+1 Silversheen Scythe +8 (2d4+10, x4)
MW Sap +7 (1d6+6, x2)
MW Cold Iron Kukri +7 (1d4+6, 18-20/x2)
Condition None

Akku ensures that Siiska (his Phantom- see below) is imbued with mage armor prior to entering any known upcoming battle.
When needed, he will assist party members with healing magic (cure light wounds spell or using their own wands).
Other than that, he will be near the front in melee swinging if scythe:

BOT my scythe please!:
[dice=+1 silversheen scythe]1d20+8[/dice] for [dice]2d4+10[/dice] piercing or slashing silver damage.

Str 18, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 7
Base Atk +3; CMB 7; CMD 22
Feats Ghost Hunting Team, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (Scythe)
Skills Acrobatics 4[7sc], Appraise 1, Bluff -2, Climb 4, Diplomacy -2, Disguise -2, Escape Artist 4, Fly 4, Heal 13, Intimidate -2, Knowledge (arcana) 9, Knowledge (history) 9, Knowledge (planes) 9, Knowledge (religion) 11, Linguistics 9, Perception 3[6sc], Profession (farmer) 9, Profession (scribe) 8, Ride 4, Sense Motive 11, Spellcraft 9, Stealth 4, Survival 3, Swim 4
Traits Formerly Mind-Swapped (Campaign), Undead Slayer (Religion: Pharasma), Internal Compass (Magic)
Languages Celestial, Infernal, Common (Taldane), Abyssal, Ancient Osiriani, Azlanti, Sylvan, Aklo
SQ +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, -2 Constitution, Ward Against Corruption (Ex), Skilled (+2 Heal and Knowledge Religion), Ghost Hunter (Su), Phantom, Shared Consciousness (Su), Etheric Tether (Su), Darkvision, Knacks, Native Outsider, Normal Speed, Spells, Weapon and Armor Proficiencies, Bonded Senses (Su), Bonded Manifestation (Su), Spiritual Interference (Ex or Su), Detect Undead (Sp).
Combat Gear +1 Silversheen Scythe, MW Sap, MW Cold Iron Kukri, +2 Mithral Chain Shirt, Cloak of Resistance +1, Ring of Protection +1, Deep Red Sphere Ioun Stone, Belt of Giant Strength +2, Pearl of Power (1st)
Other Gear MW Scythe, Sap, Kukri, Backpack, Rations - trail (5 days), Bedroll, Rope - hemp (50 ft), Waterskin

Spiritualist Spell-like Abilities (Caster Level 5th; Concentration +8)
1st (DC 14) at will - detect undead

Spiritualist Spells (Caster Level 5th; Concentration +8)
Knacks (DC 13) at will - detect magic, mage hand, guidance, message, read magic, telekinetic projectile
1st (DC 14) 5/day - chill touch, cure light wounds, mage armor, touch of gracelessness
2nd (DC 15) 3/day - aid, false life, see invisibility

Racial Traits:

Duskwalkers are defined by their class levels—they do not have racial Hit Dice. All duskwalkers have the following racial traits.
+2 Dexterity, –2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom: Duskwalkers are agile and wise, but their bodies are fragile.
Medium: Duskwalkers are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Normal Speed: Duskwalkers have a base speed of 30 feet.
Darkvision: Duskwalkers can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
Skilled: Duskwalkers gain a +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (religion) and Heal checks.
Ghost Hunter (Su): In a duskwalker’s hands, any weapon can strike true against spectral beings. A duskwalker’s nonmagical weapons deal half damage to incorporeal creatures, as if they were magic weapons, and her magic weapons can deal critical hits and precision damage, even if they do not have the ghost touch property. Once per day as a standard action, a duskwalker can focus her natural revulsion toward undead. If she does so, she treats all weapons she wields as if they had the ghost touch property for 1 minute.
Ward against Corruption (Ex): Duskwalkers gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against negative energy and death effects, as well as the spell-like and supernatural abilities of undead and sahkils. They are immune to all abilities that would transform their bodies or souls into undead.
Languages: Duskwalkers begin play speaking Common and one of the following: Abyssal, Celestial or Infernal. Duskwalkers with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following bonus languages: Abyssal, Celestial, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Halfling, Infernal, or Protean.


Formerly Mind-Swapped (Campaign): ): Once per day, you can reroll one Knowledge check that you have just failed. In addition, you can attempt untrained Knowledge checks with DCs up to 20 instead of 10.
Undead Slayer (Religion-Pharasma): You gain a +1 trait bonus on weapon damage against undead.
Internal Compass (Magic): You maintain a sense of direction, even on planes where direction is relative. If you are on a plane that has no analogue to north, you automatically know the direction toward the plane’s major dominating feature. If there is no such dominating feature, you instead know the direction of the closest feature significant to one of the plane’s divinities or demigods.

Class Features

A spiritualist begins play with the aid of a powerful and versatile spirit entity called a phantom. The phantom forms a link with the spiritualist, who forever after can either harbor the creature within her consciousness or manifest it as an ectoplasmic or incorporeal entity. A phantom has the same alignment as the spiritualist, and it can speak all the languages its master can. A spiritualist can harbor her phantom in her consciousness (see the shared consciousness class feature), manifest it partially (see the bonded manifestation class feature), or fully manifest it. A fully manifested phantom is treated as a summoned creature from the Ethereal Plane, except it is not sent back to the Ethereal Plane until it is reduced to a negative amount of hit points equal to or greater than its Constitution score.

A spiritualist can fully manifest her phantom through a ritual that takes 1 minute to perform. When the phantom is fully manifested, the spiritualist can change the form of the phantom’s manifestation (either from ectoplasmic to incorporeal or vice versa) as a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity. When the phantom manifests, its hit points are unchanged from the last time it manifested, unless the phantom was slain and returned to the Ethereal Plane; in this case, the phantom manifests with half its maximum number of hit points.

The phantom does not heal naturally, and can be healed only with magic or by being tended to with the Heal skill while fully manifested in ectoplasmic form. The phantom stays fully manifested until it is either returned to the spiritualist’s consciousness (a standard action) or banished to the Ethereal Plane. If the phantom is banished to the Ethereal Plane, it can’t return to the spiritualist’s consciousness or manifest again for 24 hours.

While fully manifested, a phantom can’t be returned to the Ethereal Plane by means of dispel magic, but spells such as dismissal and banishment work normally. Whenever the spiritualist is unconscious or asleep, the phantom immediately returns to the spiritualist’s consciousness. If the spiritualist dies, the phantom is returned to the Ethereal Plane, and can’t return to the spiritualist’s consciousness until 24 hours after the spiritualist is brought back to life.

A phantom can’t be dismissed or banished (by a spell or any other similar effect) while it resides in the spiritualist’s consciousness, as the phantom is protected from such effects by the power of the spiritualist’s psyche.

Fully manifested phantoms can wear magic items and use items (though not wield weapons) appropriate to their forms. Any items worn, carried, or held by a phantom are dropped when the phantom returns to the spiritualist’s consciousness, and must be retrieved and donned anew if the phantom wishes to use them when it fully manifests in the future.

Phantoms are self-involved, even jealous, creatures that do not play well with other summoned companions.

A phantom refuses to manifest (either fully or as part of a bonded manifestation; see Bonded Manifestation) in the presence of an eidolon or shadow summoned by the phantom’s master. Furthermore, if a phantom is manifested when such a creature is summoned, it immediately retreats into its spiritualist’s consciousness, and will not manifest again until the eidolon or shadow is dismissed.

A fully manifested phantom’s abilities, feats, Hit Dice, saving throws, and skills are tied to the spiritualist’s class level and increase as the spiritualist gains levels. See the Phantoms section for more information.

Shared Consciousness (Su):
At 1st level, while a phantom is confined in a spiritualist’s consciousness (but not while it’s fully manifested or banished to the Ethereal Plane), it grants the spiritualist the Skill Focus feat in two skills determined by the phantom’s emotional focus, unless the spiritualist already has Skill Focus in those skills. It also grants a +4 bonus on saving throws against all mind-affecting effects; at 12th level, this bonus increases to +8.

Lastly, once per day, when the spiritualist fails a saving throw against a mind-affecting effect, as an immediate action she can shunt that effect into the phantom’s section of her consciousness instead. When she does so, she is not affected by the mind-affecting effect, but for the normal duration of that effect, the spiritualist loses the bonuses on saving throws against mind-affecting effects and the Skill Focus effects granted by her phantom, and can’t use this ability to shunt a mind-affecting effect into the phantom’s consciousness or manifest her phantom in any way. When a mind-affecting effect is shunted into the phantom’s consciousness, spells such as dispel magic and break enchantment can be cast on the spiritualist to end the effect’s duration as if the spiritualist were affected by the mind-affecting effect.

Etheric Tether (Su):
At 1st level, a spiritualist can force the phantom to manifest in an area around her by pushing the phantom’s consciousness though the veil of ethereal essence, allowing it to fully manifest in either ectoplasmic or incorporeal form. Whenever her manifested phantom takes enough damage to send it back to the Ethereal Plane, as a reaction to the damage, the spiritualist can sacrifice any number of her hit points without using an action. Each hit point sacrificed in this way prevents 1 point of damage dealt to the phantom. This can prevent the phantom from being sent back to the Ethereal Plane.

This tether is limited. When the phantom is fully manifested, it and the spiritualist must remain within 50 feet of one another for the phantom’s manifestation to stay stable with little to no concentration on the part of the spiritualist. The spiritualist can stretch the limited tether, but only when the phantom is in ectoplasmic form.

When a spiritualist starts her turn and her ectoplasmic phantom is more than 50 feet away from her (but closer than 100 feet), the spiritualist must concentrate on the link as a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity or the ectoplasmic phantom immediately returns to the Ethereal Plane and cannot be summoned from that plane for 24 hours. This concentration can be interrupted as if it were a spell. Treat this effect’s spell level as equal to 1 + 1 per 10 feet farther than 50 feet that the phantom is from the spiritualist (maximum spell level 6th). If the tether is interrupted or the check fails, the phantom immediately snaps back into the consciousness of its spiritualist master.

If the ectoplasmic phantom is ever more than 100 feet away from its spiritualist, or the incorporeal phantom is ever 50 feet away from the spiritualist or outside of line of effect from the spiritualist for more than 1 round per spiritualist level the spiritualist possesses, the tether is automatically broken; the phantom immediately returns to the Ethereal Plane and can’t be summoned from that plane for 24 hours.

Spiritual Interference (Ex or Su):

At 4th level, whenever a spiritualist is within the reach of her ectoplasmic manifested phantom, she gains a +2 shield bonus to her Armor Class and a +2 circumstance bonus on her saving throws. She doesn’t gain these bonuses when the ectoplasmic manifested phantom is grappled, helpless, or unconscious. A spiritualist within 30 feet of her incorporeally manifested phantom receives a +2 circumstance bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting effects. This bonus is a supernatural ability and does not apply if the phantom is unconscious.

N small outsider (phantom)
Hatred Focus, Ectoplasmic Form
Init +4 Senses Darkvision (60,) Perception +7
AC 25, touch 15, flat-footed 21 (Armor +4, +6 Natural, +4 Dexterity, +1 Size)
hp 36
Fort 6 Reflex 8 Will 1
DR 5/slashing and magic
Speed 30 ft
Melee (includes Piranha Strike and agile amulet of might fists)
Slam (x2) +8 (1d6+8, x2)
Condition None[/right]

Str 12, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 7, Wis 10, Cha 15,
Base Atk +4; CMB 4; CMD 18
Feats Weapon Finesse (b), Weapon Focus (slam), Piranha Strike
Skills Acrobatics 11, Bluff 2, Climb 1, Diplomacy 2, Disguise 2, Escape Artist 4, Fly 6, Heal 0, Intimidate 8, Perception 7, Ride 4, Sense Motive 0, Stealth 13, Survival 0, Swim 1, Use Magic Device 8
Languages Celestial, Infernal, Taldane, Abyssal, Ancient Osiriani, Azlanti, Aklo, Sylvan.
SQ Darkvision 60 (Ex), Link (Su) (mental comms as long as same plane, share magic item slots), Share Spells (Su), Deliver Touch Spells 30 ft (Su), Magic Attacks (Su), Ability Score Increase (Ex), Emotional Focus-

Skills: gains a number of ranks in Acrobatics and Perception equal to its number of HD, and when confined to spiritualist’s consciousness grants the spiritualist Skill Focus in each of these skills; Good Saves: Fort and Ref; Weapon Finesse as bonus feat; Hated Target (Su): as a move action designate creature within line of sight as hated target and gains +2 on atks and bonus on dmg equal to ½ the phantom’s HD, but suffers -2 to atks against other targets, lasts until hated target is dead or out of sight for at least 1 min.
, Ectoplasmic Form- When the spiritualist manifests her phantom in ectoplasmic form, the phantom gains the following additional abilities: DR 5/slashing and magic,
Phase Lurch (Su):
A phantom in ectoplasmic form has the ability to pass through walls or material obstacles. In order to use this ability, it must begin and end its turn outside whatever wall or obstacle it’s moving through. An ectoplasmic phantom can’t move through corporeal creatures with this ability, and its movement speed is halved while moving through a wall or obstacle. Any surface it moves through is coated with a thin, silvery mucus that lingers for 1 minute.