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Female Judow Harbinger 10 (12 via Great Mind) & Scholar 1 & Defensive Dervish Warder 1 / Vizier 12, VMC Cavalier & Prestige Class (Great Mind) 3 & Path of the Genius (Fiendish Hero Archetype)
LN Medium outsider
Init +10 ; Perception + Senses: DV 60', 30' Scent, True Seeing in Dim Light/Darkness
STR: 14 DEX: 24 CON: 16 INT: 26 WIS: 13 CHA: 14
BAB +8 (+12 with Ebon Stars), CMB +; CMD +
DC to be Demoralized = 12 (HD) + 6 (morale) + 2 (Unknowable Fear) +1 (WIS) + 10 = 31
Light Load; 918 lbs
Mythic Power: 5
Mythic Surge: 1d6


Two combat feats from training; Cornugon Smash, Dimensional Dervish
Feats (9 + Bonus): Discipline Focus (Radiant Dawn, B), Combat Reflexes (B), TWF (B), Pure Strain (B), Outflank (B), Mythic Power Attack / Risky Striking, Cornugon Smash, Dimensional Agility, Dimensional Assault, Unknowable Fear, Essence of the Immortal, Dimensional Natural Telekinetic, Dervish, Fearsome Presence, Improved Fearsome Presence, Dimensional Savant (Training), Greater TWF (Training)

Traits and Skills:

Traits: Bruising Intellect, Extremely Fashionable, Bitter Drawback, Cunning Liar

Skills (Ranks)
Acrobatics + 20 (10) +2 insight, +4 in dim light or darkness
Bluff +23 (12) +1 trait
Craft Alchemy: +23 (12)
Diplomacy+17 (12) + 1 trait
Disable Device +12 (5)
Heal +23 (12)
Intimidate +28 (12) +1 trait, +3 circumstance
K Local +23 (12)
K Nature +18 (7)
K. Planes +23 (12)
K Religion +19 (8)
Perception +16 (12) +7 insight
Profession (Brewer): +16 (12)
Sense Motive +16 (12)
Stealth +32 (12) + 4 insight, +2 more in dim light or darkness
UMD +17 (12)
Appraise +11 (1)
Autohypnosis +5 (1)
Climb +6 (1)
Disguise +6 (1)
Escape Artist +11 (1)
K Arcana +12 (1)
K Dungeoneering +12 (1)
K Engineering +12 (1)
K Geography +12 (1)
K History +12 (1)
K Nobility +12 (1)
Linguistics +12 (3)
Sleight of Hand +11 (1) +7 insight
Spellcraft +12 (1)
Survival +5 (1)
Swim +3 (1)


Languages (*Racial): Read Lips, Sign Language, Common*, Infernal*, Elven*, Giant*, Dwarven*, Terran*, Celestial*, Abyssal*, Aklo*, Draconic


Heavyload Belt (2,000, x3 carrying capacity)
Tunic of Fastidiousness (1000): +2 circumstance vs inhaled and ingested diseases; keeps self clean. *Custom Item
Mark of the Grinning Skull (CL 8, 2,000)
Gauntlets of Long Arm (4,000, reach +5') *Custom Item
Boots of Bent Moments (2,000, +3 Initiative)
Mortuary Mask (3,500): Constant deathwatch, +3 circumstance Intimidate
Akashic Catalyst, Least (8,000)
Alchemists Lab (200): +2 circumstance to C. Alchemy
Spiritwalk Armor (Improved Shadow Darkleaf Nimble Leather Armor, 21,160)
45,610 spent
54,000 available


AC: 34, 37 vs Ranged, and +1 more in dim light or darkness
+2 deflection + 2 Enhancement + 7 Dex + 1 enhancement NA + 10 base +1 armor + 8 INT + 3 shield +1 more shield in dim light or darkness +3 insight to AC vs Ranged
Touch AC: 27, 30 vs Ranged
+2 deflection + 7 Dex + 10 base + 8 INT +3 insight to AC vs Ranged
HP: 158 (10d8 +1d12 +1d6 + 12*3 + 3 + 21 (Essence of the Immortal))
Fast Healing: 0 (in dim light or darkness only, Veilshifting)
Fort +14, Ref +8, Will +14 ( +2 to saves vs disease, poison, fatigue or exhaustion effects, or mind affecting ) (Includes +2 inisight)
+2 Dodge to AC and Reflex when moving 10' or more in a round
+4 Dodge to AC vs creatures identified by knowledge check or Scout within last 24 hours
Hero Points: 3


Speed: 30 + 20 ft.
Omenwalk: Teleport 70' as a move
Initiative: +10
AoO: 8 per round
Melee Attack (Ebon Star) : + (1d8 + ) 18-20/x2 (+2 enhancement from ABP split between the two, for Training)
+7 (Dex) attack, +12 (BAB Vizier) + 4 insight (Harbinger) + 5 enhancement
+8 insight damage (Harbinger) + 2 (STR )+ 6 (half BAB) + 22 precision (Darkwalker hood, dim light or darkness) +5 enhancement
Modifiers (Ebon Stars):
Risky Striking: -4 attack, +12 damage
Defensive Stance: -4 attack, +4 dodge to AC
+3 attack and damage on Radiant Dawn and Cursed Razor manuvers

Challenge: issue a challenge vs enemy, take -2 AC vs all others. Add 10 damage to every attack. Gain +3 morale to attacks if you have encountered that race in the last 24 hours.
Path of the Ruler: 60' aura that forces a -2 to Will saves and -4 to Sense Motive checks. Can exclude INT allies from it; excluded gets +2 bonus to Will instead.
Can free action Intimidate to demoralize when Risky Striking; every attempt can affect up to 6 (half HD) + 2 (CHA) = 8 opponents at once. May spend 1 pulse to make a DC 20 Intimidate check; demoralize all opponents within 45' + 10' per 5 over the DC 20 check. Demoralized opponents are sickened and take a -3 penalty for being shaken, -5 in respect to self.


Maneuvers: Harbinger 14 / 7
Initiatior Level is 12
Readied: Time Skitter: RH 3, Boost, Swift: Haste for INT mod rounds; +30' enhancement speed, +1 attacks, initiiative and reflex, and +1 additional attack on full attack
Readied: Karmic Strike: RD 6 Strike, Standard, +4d6 damage and 6 x INT healing in close range. Essence invested increases healing by 8 points
Readied: Shatter Spell Strike: RD 4, standard: Single attack, +2d6 damage, and targeted dispel magic at CL=IL. Essence increases CL by 2. Willing target takes no damage.
Readied: Lifeburst Imbuement: RD 4 Boost, Swift: Targeted allies next attack does +2d6 damage, close range allies get 4 x INT HP to distribute
Readied: Healer's Bane: RD 2 Counter: DC 12+INT Will save. On failure, target healing effect is stolen for self and allies in close range. Enemies who would have benefited take half that amount in damage. Channel energy... Essence increases DC by 2 and healing/damage by INT for each point
Readied: Decree of Freedom: Boost, RD 6 swift: on self or close range ally, freedom of movement vs magic, underwater, etc
Hangman's Curse: CR, 4, strike standard: melee attack and Fort Save or exhausted for IL rounds.
Fading Strike: Veiled Moon 2 Strike, standard: teleport within max move speed and make an attack action, or attack and teleport.
Ghostwalk: Veiled Moon 3, Boost, Swift: Incorporeal for 1 round
Strike the Hourglass: RH, Strike, 1 Standard: On successful attack, DC 11+INT Will or worse than staggered
Stances: 5
1st: Aura of Misfortune: 1, stance, CR -2 to all enemies saves in close range
1st: Leaping Spirit Dance: 1, stance, VM: +4 dodge to AC and +4 competence to Reflex
3rd: RH Stance: RH 3, Stance: +4 reflex, initiative, immune to slow, and 20% miss chance vs targeted magical effects
5th: Stance of the Sunlight Shield: RD 5, can make 10'x10'x1" force walls at will at close range as a free action 1/turn, up to INT. Can be moved as fly at land speed as a move action
6th: Spiritual Weapon Stance: Veiled Moon Stance 6, weapons and armor are ghost touch, extra 2d6 force damage on all attacks. SR 5+Level
Maneuvers: Warder 5 / 3
Initiator Level is 6.
Readied: Intruders End: Counter, Immediate action. Threatened area becomes 20', and can make an additional INT number of AoO
Intimidating Force: Counter, immediate Action Intimidate check vs Attack Roll. Success negates. Self only.
Binding Fetters: Swift, boost, 3. Interesting. Can activate on hit. On your next turn, target must make a will save or be teleported to an adjacent square. Can also use on allies (unsure of action; standard + swift, or just swift...)
Readied: Fear the Reaper: Counter, Immediate action Intimidate check vs Attack Roll. Success negates. Self or ally within 60'
Readied: Fear Eating Technique: Boost, swift action, +2d6+
Stances: 1
Black Seraphs Glare: 1/round can make a free action Intimidate check vs a struck opponent

Discipline Weapons: +2 to save DCs when wielding one
Veiled Moon: light blades, double weapons, and spears
Black Seraph: axes, flails, and pole arms.
Riven Hourglass: flails, hammers, and light blades.
Radiant Dawn: bows, flails, hammers, polearms, and the Sun’s Gleam ability.
Cursed Razor: heavy blades, light blades, and spears.

Veils and Spell Like Abilities:

Pulse Pool: 10 / 10
Darkness 1/day
Magic Aura at will
Far Hand at will: 55' range and 65 lbs limit, can be augmented
Standard Action, Concentration up to 1 minute. Augmented up to HD: Can choose between increase weight limit by 2 lbs per point, range by 5' per two points, or a mix. Can increase range by 30' or weight limit by 24 lbs
Essence: 14 (base) + 6 (Radiant Dawn) + 1 (Essence of the Immortal)
5 in Ebon Stars
5 in Darkwalker Hood
2 in frostbite halo
2 in cloak of darkness
2 in Courtesans Cloak
5 in Storm Gauntlets
Capacity: 5 (6 for Ebon Stars and Imp Eyes)
[Spoiler=Veils Shaped: 7]
Hands (Bound)
Ebon Stars: pair of flails with extra damage/bonuses to tripping and disarming. Binding gives enhancement bonuses; 5 points is 18-20 crit, 7 is x3 multiplier. Uses VL as BAB
5 points; +5 enhancement bonus to each, +5d6 damage on one and +5 insight to CMB for sunder/trip on the other
+2 enhancement from ABP, split to give each a +1 Training for two more combat feats
Feet (Bound)
Void Walkers: +2 Insight Acrobatics, in dim light or darkness that increases by +2. Can Air Walk at will in Dim Light or Darkness
Head (Bound)
Darkwalker hood: +2 insight perception and sleight of hand, constant true seeing in dim light or darkness. Bound to head is +level +2/essence to damage as precision, and bonuses to k. checks
5 points: +5 to skills; constant true seeing in dim light or darkness
+22 damage as precision. +7 insight to K. Checks to ID creatures
Wrist (Bound)
Storm Gauntlets bound to wrist: Electric, sonic, and cold damage on every hit when bound to wrists. 1 > 1d3 > 1d4 > 1d6 > 1d8 > 1d10 >1d12 > 2d6 > 2d8 > 2d10 > 2d12; +1 from Catalyst, 5 more gives +1d12 of each damage type
Shoulders (Bound)
Cloak of Darkness: +1 shield and +2 stealth; +1 shield and +2 more stealth in dim light or darkness.
+1 each per point of essence
Bind gives Shadow Conjuration at CL for 1 essence burn
Headband (Bound) (Use veilshifting to change to Imps Eyes if needed?)
Frostbite Halo: Increase Cold Damage by 1 point, and ignore 5 points of resistance. Each point of essence increases by 1 and 5. Mind a ffecting, suppresses any insight or morale bonuses on damaged creatures for 1 round
Courtesans Cloak: +1 insight to AC vs Ranged, and +1 insight to saves
+1 to AC per essence; +1 to saves per 2 essence. Bind is improved evasion


Senses: 30'
Int 12, Wis 11, Cha 11, telepathy.
Can sense portals within 75 miles with a K. Planes check.
Constant tongues and illusory disguise self at will.
Growth: Psychically Aggressive, sickens any enemy on successful demoralization via Intimidate
Personality: Observant is +2 Perception, or Sincere for +2 sense motive.

Special Abilities (Wall of Text):

FCB: Increase the capacity of a darkness veil by 1; selected five times (Ebon Stars), five times (Imp Eyes), two times ( _ )
Artai Eyes (Racial Trait): Can see in magical darkness and through Artai. Cannot stand looking at natural light for over 8 hours.
Sleepless (Racial Trait): Do not need to sleep and immune to magical sleep effects
Night Terror (Racial Trait): Shaken for 1 hour after waking from unconsciousness
Shade Bringer (Racial Trait): Cast Darkness as SLA WIS mod/day
Shadow Scent (Racial Trait): Gains Scent 30' when in dim light or darkness
Blacklight Devourer (Racial Trait): +1 DC to illusion(shadow) spells
Constructed (Racial Trait): +2 to saves vs disease, poison, fatigue or exhaustion effects, or mind affecting
Brusing Intellect (Social Trait): Use INT for Intimidate instead of CHA
Cunning Liar (Region Trait): Use Int on Bluff checks
Bitter: Drawback, -1 point of healing from any allies spell, ability, or check
Extremely Fashionable (Equipment Trait): +1 trait to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate when wearing 150 gp of jewelry and fashionable clothing while clean.
Warder: 1
Manuvers (Warder): Thrashing Dragon, Eternal Guardian, Black Seraph, Broken Blade, Golden Lion
Two Weapon Defense (Warder): While wearing light or no armor, wielding a weapon in each hand or a double weapon, add INT to AC and Touch AC.
Black Thorn Knight (Warder): Martial Tradition, exchanges Primal Fury for Black Seraph. GIves +2 profane bonus vs mind affecting spells and abilities, and +2 profane vs spells and abilities from Chaotic beings
Defensive Focus (Warder): Full round action increases threatened area by 10'; Combat Reflexes as a bonus feat keyed off of INT
Aegis (Warder): +1 morale to AC and Will to allies who can see the warder, 10' range
Harbinger: 10 (12)
Manuvers (Harbinger): Radiant Dawn, Riven Hourglass, Shattered Mirror, Veiled Moon, Cursed Razor
Accursed WIll (Harbinger): +1/2 INT as insight bonus to attack, +INT as insight bonus to damage
Dark Claim (Harbinger): Swift action claim of enemy within 55' for 6 rounds. Cannot claim more than 7 creatures. Claiming a creature restores 1 maneuver; Killing a claimed creature restores 7.
Ill Tidings (Harbinger): +20' competence bonus to all speeds, applied before armor reductions
Dark Focus (Harbinger): +1 save DCs and +3 attack and damage on counters and strikes from Radiant Dawn and Thrashing Dragon
Grim News (Harbinger): twice per encounter can move base speed as a swift action.
Omenwalk (Harbinger): teleports up to base speed as a move action. Ill Tidings increases this speed by an additional 20'
Massacre (Harbinger): Twice per encounter can initiate a standard action strike as an immediate action when reducing an enemy to 0 HP
Elusive Shadow (Harbinger): Whenever the Harbinger moves 10' within a round, including via Omenwalk, gains +2 dodge to AC and +2 reflex
Sorcerous Deception (Harbinger): Can cast Magic Aura at will on self and possessions, with CL = character level
Ill Intentions (Harbinger): Any enemy flanked by Harbinger takes -2 penalty to saves and skill checks
Black Omen (Harbinger): 1/encounter as an immediate action the Harbinger can move at half speed
Bleak Prophecy (Harbinger): Claimed creatures are auto-shaken for the duration
Scholar: 1
Careful Packer: treat all containers and bags as if they had twice as much capacity. Use INT for carrying capacity.
Medical Training: Uses Int in place of Wis for Heal. Can make a DC 15 heal check INT/day/person; on success, heals either check - 14 HP, or 1 + 1/5 over the DC ability damage.
Problem Solver: Alchemy and Scout Spheres as bonus
Use INT as practicioner Modifier
Vizier: 12
Eldritch Insight (Vizier): Vizier levels count as arcane spellcaster levels for feats or abilities. The Vizier may invest essence in wands, staves, or wondrous items to increase the number of charges and count them as on his spell list. 7th level or lower only.
Mystic Attunement: Path of the Ruler (Vizier): 60' aura that causes all within it to take -2 penalty to Will saves and -4 to Sense Motive. Can cause a number of creatures up to INT mod to be excluded and gain +2 bonus to Will instead
Improved Essence Capacity (Vizier): Increase the capacity of all Akashic receptacles by 2. All veil abilities gain a +2 to Save DCs
Veilshifting (Vizier): 3/day the Vizier can take a move action to unshape up to 3 veils and reshape new ones. New ones cannot be bound without an hour of meditation
Ring Binding (Vizier): The Vizier can bind one Ring Chakra Veil
Great Mind: 3
Genius Pool: 3 + INT + 12 points. Can expend one point for +3 insight to one mental skill check. Recovers 1 point per hour, or all after 8 hours
Aligned Class (Harbinger): Advance Harbinger class features by one level at 2nd, 3rd, and 4th
Specialty: Choose one at 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th
Profession Brewer: select one personal range psionic or spell per 2 ranks; may take an hour to brew temporary (24 hr viability) potions of those effects, expending spell/power level + 1 points per effect.
* Expansion: 10 min/level
* Barred Mind: 24 hour mind blank, level 6 or 7
* Circumstance Shield
* Natural Linguist
* Endorphin Surge
* Inertial Armor
* Form Astral Armor
* Steadfast Perception
* Inertial Barrier
* Thicken Skin
* Wall Walker
* Pre-cognition, defensive
* Ubiquitious Vision
Martial Scholar: Gain a sphere and a talent, and proficient practitioner with spheres of might - one talent every two HD
Innovation: Choose one at 3rd and 5th
Radiant Breakthrough: Spend genius points to gain 1 temporary essence for 1 minute per point spent when an effect begins.
VMC: Cavalier
Order of Vengeance (VMC, 3rd level Feat): Challenge as level - 2 cavelier.
Order Ability (VMC, 7th level Feat): Gain the second order ability as a Cavalier of your level. Gives half level to Intimidate, and increases penalty for demoralization by 1
Tactician (VMC, 11th level Feat): As the Cavalier ability. Standard action to grant bonus TW feat to allies within 30' for 9 rounds, 3/day
Discipline Focus (Bonus Harbinger feat): Radiant Dawn: +2 to save DCs and +2 damage with discipline weapons
Combat Reflexes (Bonus Warder Feat): Use INT to determine attacks of opportunity available
TWF (Bonus Warder Feat): Superseded by Dual Wielding Sphere
Pure Strain (Bonus Pulse Feat): Increase Dex by 2, and remove Cha penalty
Outflank (Bonus VMC TW Feat): Increase flanking bonuses to +4
Mythic Feat: Mythic Power Attack / Risky Striking; +3 points of damage per 4 BAB; on a crit, double this damage before multiplying
Cornugeon Smash (Feat 1/12): Free action intimidate on PA / risky strike
Dimensional Agility (Feat 2/12): can complete actions after teleporting
Dimensional Assault (Feat 4/12): Can make a special charge when teleporting
Unknowable Fear (Feat 5/12): Once per day per opponent, can intimidate without being seen or heard. +2 to the DC to be intimidated by others. Psychic Sensitivity removes the once per day limitation
Essence of the Immortal (Feat 6/12): +1 Essence and +HP = essence pool
Dimensional Dervish (Feat 8/12): BAB +6 can full attack as a full round action
Natural Telekinetic: (Feat 9/12): Can cast Far Hand as PLA at will
Weight is 5+5 lbs per HD. Range is 25 + 5' per two HD. Standard Action, Concentration up to 1 minute. Augmented up to HD: Can choose between increase weight limit by 2 lbs per point, range by 5' per two points, or a mix. Baseline is range of 55' and limit of 65lbs; can extend up to 85' or 89 lbs
Fearsome Presence (Feat 10/12): Can spend a pulse point to mass demoralize
Spend 1 pulse to intimidate everyone within range with one check when you could otherwise intimidate something. Range is 30' + 5' per 5 over DC 20
Improved Fearsome Presence (Feat 12/12): Demoralize half HD + CHA opponents on every attempt
Whenever you intimidate, can intimidate half level + CHA more targets at once. When using Fearsome Presence, Range is 45' +10' per 5 over DC 20.
Dimensional Savant (Training 1/2): BAB +9, flank from every square you attack in
Greater TWF (Training 2/2): BAB +6, can make additional iteratives with off hand
Sphere Talents: Use Intelligence as Modifier
Martial Tradition: Modified Tempest Dancer (traded Double Weapon Training for Rogue Weapon Training)
Dual Wielding Sphere: can make a standard action attack + off hand attack at -2 penalty
Mercurial Flow: add full Str mod to off hand attacks and treat as one handed for Power Attack and similar effects
Finesse Training: Add half of BAB to damage when using Dex for attack and Str for damage
Rogue Weapon Training :
You gain proficiency with the blade boot, butterfly knife, garrote, hand crossbow, kukri, rapier, sap, short sword, shortbow, starknife, switchblade knife, sword cane, war razor, and whip. Additionally, you gain a +2 competence bonus to Sleight of Hand checks made to conceal a weapon on your person. At +10 base attack bonus, this competence bonus increases to +4.
Proficient Practicioner (6)
Gladiator: 2
Daunting: when an opponent you have intimidated misses a melee attack, it provokes an attack of opportunity
Frightful: Can increase DC of intimidate check by 10 to frighten or 20 to panic the target
Scout: 3
Lurker: Creatures with blindsight, greensight, lifesight, etc must make a perception check as normal to detect you.
Hidden Appearance: Use stealth in place of disguise
Identify rhythyms: +1 dodge, +1 per 4 ranks perception vs scouted attacks while maintaining martial focus (+4 dodge)
Dual Wielding (1)
Concentrated Breakdown: can reduce DR or NA by 2 points on every pair of hits for 1 minute
Bonus Sphere/Talents
Alchemy: Formulae, Can take 15 minutes to craft 4 Salves. Can only have 8 at a time, and gets +10 ranks in Craft alchemy
Salve: heal 6d8 + INT HP on target within reach as standard action, up to 6+INT times per day per target
Gladiator (Humble Combatant): full round action intimidation within 30' by expending martial focus; 5 ranks in Intimidate for every talent from this sphere.
Uncowed: +6 morale to DC to be intimidated, and +2 morale to saves vs fear
Piercing Fear: Can expend martial focus on Intimidate check to treat immunity to fear or mind affecting as +5 to the DC
Mythic Abilities (Base + Fiendish Hero):
Ability Score: Upon reaching the 2nd mythic tier, an ability score of your choice permanently increases by 2. At 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th tiers, another ability score of your choice permanently increases by 2; this can be an ability score you’ve already increased or a different ability score.
Mythic Feat: Select one mythic feat or non-mythic feat as a bonus feat. You must qualify for this feat normally. You gain another mythic feat at 3rd tier, and again every 2 tiers thereafter.
Dark Blessings (Ex): Starting at 1st tier, the endish hero becomes empowered by (potentially involuntary) blessings from below. An ability score of her choice permanently increases by 2. At 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th tiers, another ability score of her choice permanently increases by 2; this can be an ability score she has already increased or a different ability score. This replaces hard to kill.
Mythic Power (Su): Mythic characters can draw upon a wellspring of power to accomplish amazing deeds and cheat fate. This power is used by a number of different abilities. Each day, you can expend an amount of mythic power equal to 3 plus double your mythic tier (5/day at 1st tier, 7/day at 2nd, etc.). This amount is your maximum amount of mythic power. If an ability allows you to regain uses of your mythic power, you can never have more than this amount.
Surge (Su): You can call upon your mythic power to overcome difficult challenges. You can expend one use of mythic power to increase any d20 roll you just made by rolling 1d6 and adding it to the result. Using this ability is an immediate action taken after the result of the original roll is revealed. This can change the outcome of the roll. The bonus die gained by using this ability increases to 1d8 at 4th tier, 1d10 at 7th tier, and 1d12 at 10th tier.
Amazing Initiative (Ex): At 2nd tier, you gain a bonus on initiative checks equal to your mythic tier. In addition, as a free action on your turn, you can expend one use of mythic power to take an additional standard action during that turn. This additional standard action can’t be used to cast a spell. You can’t gain an extra action in this way more than once per round.
Unholy Bargain (Su): At 3rd tier, the endish hero can take negative levels in place of expending uses of mythic power when using any mythic ability, feat, magic item, or casting mythic magic. The penalties from the negative level(s) come into effect at the end of her turn. The DC of the Fortitude save to remove a negative level gained in this manner is equal to 10 + the 1/2 endish hero’s HD + the endish hero’s Constitution modi er. The negative levels otherwise cannot be restored by any means short of a wish or miracle spell. Even if the endish hero is normally immune to negative levels or energy drain, she still takes the penalties from negative levels gained in this manner, and dies if her negative levels equal her exceed her Hit Dice. If she dies from negative levels gained from this ability she cannot be raised or resurrected by any means (including the immortal mythic power) short of a mythic wish or mythic miracle spell. This replaces recuperation.
Bind Fiend (Su): At 5th tier, the endish hero may expend a use of mythic power as a standard action to command the loyalty of evil outsiders. For a number of minutes equal to her mythic tier, evil outsiders within 10 feet per mythic tier regard her as a trusted friend and ally (as the charm monster spell). If the evil outsider has 5 or fewer Hit Dice than the endish hero, it receives no save to resist this effect. All other evil outsiders receive a Will save (DC 10 + 1⁄2 the endish hero’s Hit Dice + hero’s Charisma modi er) to negate. Mythic evil outsiders are immune to this effect. This is a mind-affecting charm effect. This replaces mythic saving throws.
Dark Pact (Su): At 7th tier, the endish hero may expend a use of mythic power to seal a binding pact with a willing non-mythic humanoid creature. The target gains a +6 profane bonus to an ability score of his choice and the Mythic Companion feat as a bonus feat. A single creature may have no more than one dark pact from a endish hero at a time. As long as the dark pact persists, the endish hero can communicate telepathically with the target across any distance. A dark pact is removed by dispel evil. The endish hero can remove it as well as a free action (causing 2d6 Charisma drain to victim, no save). The endish hero can have a number of active dark pacts equal to her mythic tier. This replaces force of will.
Unstoppable (Ex): At 8th tier, you can expend one use of mythic power as a free action to immediately end any one of the following conditions currently affecting you: bleed, blind, confused, cowering, dazed, dazzled, deafened, entangled, exhausted, fascinated, fatigued, frightened, nauseated, panicked, paralyzed, shaken, sickened, staggered, or stunned. All other conditions and effects remain, even those resulting from the same spell or effect that caused the selected condition. You can use this ability at the start of your turn even if a condition would prevent you from acting.
Immortal (Su): At 9th tier, if you are killed, you return to life 24 hours later, regardless of the condition of your body or the means by which you were killed. When you return to life, you aren’t treated as if you had rested, and don’t regain the use of abilities that recharge with rest until you next rest. This ability doesn’t apply if you’re killed by a coup de grace or critical hit performed by either a mythic creature (or creature of even greater power) or a non-mythic creature wielding a weapon capable of bypassing epic damage reduction. At 10th tier, you can be killed only by a coup de grace or critical hit made with an artifact.
Legendary Hero (Su): At 10th tier, you have reached the height of mortal power. You regain uses of your mythic power at the rate of one use per hour, in addition to completely refreshing your uses each day.
Path Ability at Tier 1 traded for Prestigious (Great Mind)