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Jereru wrote:

Also, the books "Kineticists of Porphyra I-IV" have reached my hands. I haven't even read them, but before I do, is this material allowed? If it isn't, I can really save my time xD

As you can see, I am looking for a way to recreate an elemental blaster, natural fluffed. And no, not a druid. I will combine a blasting class with one that provides some divine spells, and a third for support or patch the gaps that the other two might leave. The result will be a World of Warcraft Shaman.

Have you looked at the Nexus, from City of Seven Seraphs? It's on the SoP wiki, and can blast in any element you so desire. You can easily fluff the veils as shamanic blessings too.

How does gestalting multiple Veilweaver classes work? I assume you can still only have one veil in a given slot (barring the feat that lets you have two)?

I'm not even going to bother with the armor attunement, honestly. Just Inertial Armor power and monk bonus.

I just thought of something; do we have a healer in the group? I can heal myself, but nobody else. If we don't, it wouldn't be terribly out of theme for me to take on the duty.

I'm rethinking my character concept, to something like a more martial version of the Leader or Purple Man; someone who got in trouble for being a bit too free with mind control and such, but also able to defend himself in a brawl.

Race would probably be an augmented human, unless you can give me an RP total for Elans (link). Classwise, I think I'd probably go full Psionic, giving me a massive pool of pp to mess around with. I know it's not on the pfsrd, but would you allow the Highlord class? If not, I can find something else that'll work. On said note, can a Wilder use Wild Surge on a power from another class?

Not really happy with the race I posted, the more I think about it. Probably going to redo it as some type of super-human, or something more interesting.

Custom race (Half-dragon):

Type: Dragon (10)
Advanced ability scores (4)

Advanced Strength (4)
Advanced Constitution x2 (9)
Advanced Wisdom (4)
Advanced Charisma (4)

Natural Armor (2)

Bite (1)

Darkvision (2)
Low-light vision (1)

Total stat boosts: +6 Str, -2 Dex, +4 Con, +2 Int, +4 Wis, +4 Cha. Pretty simple and straightforward, I know.

Hopefully it's not to late to get in on this?

I had an idea for a kind of Ghost Rider-like character; someone bound to a spirit (or spirits) that give powers related to fire and judgement. He'd have run afoul of the city authorities, due to a rather harsher idea of balance and morality than Hyraeatan usually practices, and has joined the team both to be allowed to remain in the city, keep the other criminals honest, and take down bigger targets than he ever could alone. Mechanically, he'd use the Daevic class for the perfectly fitting fluff and tons of natural weapons, psionics for general buffs and body-warping, and the Dual-Blooded Spheres of Power Sorcerer for literal fire power.

One particular trick I had in mind was to use the Phoenix bloodline; that'd effectively give a source of unlimited hit point healing when used with spheres of power. If you aren't cool with that, I could swap to Elementalist instead.

Received and replied.

Hey, I already called Synthesist! :P That build would be pretty screwed in cases where "fae turn the magic off," if that were to actually happen though...

I was considering taking 6 levels of magus myself, if we start high enough level. That arcana that lets you use spell combat and spellstrike with any class is really tempting.

Question; how are we handling Magical Traditions for spherecasters? Are we able to choose whatever drawbacks and boons suit our characters, or limited to the printed examples? Is not having one an option?

Avatar of the Source wrote:

@WarDragon: You still have five days to complete a character, so hopefully that will be enough.

Restless Flame looks great. Just a touch of naivete despite being a house-sized dragon of blazing power, a being with an instinctual fascination with the Radia, and what have you.

Are your ideas for the Outer Gods worshiped by Stalker in the Outer Darkness tied to the cursed and sealed area in the middle of the Isles or are they more of the traditional sort? Moreover, is he one of the Undragons now?

Make as many characters as you like. I mentioned upthread that people can submit multiple characters.

I think Flame is pretty complete, actually... unless you need full stats? I wasn't going to buckle down and do those unless he actually got picked, but I'll get to work if they're required. Thanks for extending the deadline, though.

The Outer Gods, I assumed were Azathoth and Nyarlathotep and their bunch. I have a creepy idea that they are literally the same beings in every multiverse... though who's to say that they and the corruption at the center of the Lost Isles aren't connected?

I didn't necessarily mean for him to be an Undragon, since they tend to be less on the subtle end of things. I'll leave that as a surprise for you to decide on though.

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I was thinking along the lines of a Synthesist summoner, gestalted with Oracle, and not sure what else.

Obviously, never trust a fey, but I'm guessing that a kill on sight policy won't get you very far with them either? :P

Tristalt is ridiculous, but I've always wanted to give it a shot to see how crazy it gets.

What level would it be starting at?

Would the Fae be allies, enemies, or both?

I should note, if this one doesn't grab you, I have a couple other concepts brewing... I'm indecisive.

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Restless Flame, the Valorous Vagabond, Seeker of Knowledge Beyond Horizons, the Lairless Lord

Physical Appearance: Restless Flame is a Taninim of the Proud draconic aspect, meaning that he resembles a Solar Dragon in form and personality. He is as tall at the shoulder as an elephant, but built longer and leaner, his body rippling with powerful muscles like a great cat's. Except for a few magical trinkets, his crimson hide is uncovered, displaying a wide array of proudly-worn battle scars.

Personality: Flame is far more restless than most dragons. He has never claimed a lair or permanent home, instead traveling from one place to the next, staying in one region, city, or star system for a few weeks, months or years before moving on. Despite this, he endeavors to become a harmonious part of whatever community he finds himself in, rather than a disruptive influence. He wishes to learn and grow himself, not impose his will upon the places he visits. However, this tendency is mitigated by an inability to tolerate injustice; more than once, he's found himself championing formerly-lost causes or rallying a population against invaders or tyranny.

Ten Minute Background

5 Things:

1. Flame is, first and foremost, a dragon. He will not suffer this to be forgotten, even by his closest mortal friends. He considers magic to be part and parcel of this identity.
2. He still attempts to maintain contact with his home in the Lost Isles, and is still technically bound as vassal to one of the dragon elders there.
3. He's a relative newcomer to Hyrataean, and still learning his way around the city. The Radia is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen.
4. Several of the Parities are interesting to him, but he hasn't yet committed himself to any of them. When he does, it will NOT be one of those bound to the Dark. (This part is negotiable, if joining a parity is required.)
5. He loves learning, especially about new cultures and peoples, feeling a kinship with all who live in the Light.

Player Goals:

1. I'd like to see him get more involved in the Parities, possibly rising to a leadership position.
2. Possibly take part in a major victory over a Dark-linked threat to either Hyraeatan or the Lost Isles cosmology. See Secrets for an example.


1. Flame has been hunting a cult of the Outer Gods ever since he left his home in the Lost Isles. They murdered one of his siblings, and he wants revenge, as well as considering it utter blasphemy to have turned dragons to their worship.
2. Another Taninim, called Stalker in the Outer Darkness, of the Void dragon aspect, has followed Flame to Hyraetan, and is allied with the cult. Stalker takes pleasure in making Flame's life miserable, but has stayed out of his sight.


1. Flame's sister, Laughing Light of Even, a taninim of the Lunar aspect, still lives back in the asteroids over the Lost Isles. She's followed a more traditional lifestyle, maintainining a lair there, and is preparing to lay her first clutch of eggs.
2. Glorianaxia Dreamweaver is a Wyrmtouched member of the Chrysalis Covenant, who is researching a way to transform herself into a full-fledged true dragon. She is at once friendly towards Flame, possibly even romantically interested, and jealous of the ease of a Taninim's maturation.
3. Stalker in the Outer Darkness was once a friend of Flame and his siblings, but now blames them for his loss of status and home. He worships the Outer Gods, rather than the mother-goddess of the Taninim, believing them to be the only true power spanning the entire multiverse; after all, every plane with stars has its darkness between them. Stalker wants to break Restless Flame's spirit before killing him.


1. I remember brawling with my siblings in the nest. I generally won, except when Light pulled one of her tricks.
2. It is too little to say that I remember my brother's death... I still have nightmares about it, his blood spilled on that altar by those abominations.
3. I will never forget the wonder of the first time I descended to a planet... living things everywhere, unlike the void where I was born. So much to see, do, and learn, so many people and their strange cultures, it made such an impression on me that I have ever striven to recapture the feeling.

Rednal wrote:

@WarDragon: It should probably take both sides of the gestalt.

Also, since it's two weeks now, the Bear sphere is up.

That'll be a nope on that class then.

Bear Sphere is hilarious. I might just reflavor it into a Dragon sphere...

Greetings! Belltrap pointed me towards this game, hopefully I'm still in time to make the deadline. I apologize for not reading the entire thread yet, but I'll try to absorb it before doing a full character sheet.

I was admittedly attracted by the wide range of material allowed, including some that I've been wanting to take for a spin for a while. Specifically, I'm thinking of playing a Taninim Draconic Exemplar, from In the Company of Dragons. Not quite sure what the other side would of the gestalt would be... something castery, with good synergy for being a giant dragon. Leaning slightly towards spherecasting, maybe even using Destruction in lieu of the Exemplar's breath weapon, or else psionics. Open to suggestions.

The Trinity Knight PrC is also tempting, but not 100% sure how it'd work in gestalt.

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marv wrote:

I am VERY excited. I stopped GMing/DMing the over complicated Pathfinder RPG 1st Ed. Rules when D&D 5e rules came out but ... I never left the Inner Sea, running 5e Pathfinder adventures ever since.

My PF 2.0 wish list:
* Monster stats should be simple, only contain elements relavent to play, and not follow same rules as PCs
* Bounded accuracy so high level play is reasonable
* Emphasize rule 0

It... it sounds like you just want to keep playing 5e in the Golarion setting. Having Pathfinder 2.0 being a direct clone of 5e would be super boring, and maybe illegal.

Since all half-dragons get wings in Pathfinder, I'd let armless half-dragons make wing attacks that do the same damage as the claws. Just my interpretation.

Was it this? Closest thing a quick Googling turned up. pes-flaming-crab-games/faytouched-hexer/

I.. don't suppose there's any way for those who bought the original to get a discount on this one? Looks really good from the previews.

The Avowed's alteration to Quicken Spell does not seem to account for the changes to Aether Ray/Blow. It still says that you can't use any shape with a Quickened pulse.

The Avowed 2 document refers at the top to an "Ancestors" pact, but I don't see that described anywhere?

Random thought; would an archetype similar to Cross-Blooded Sorcerer be valid design space for the Avowed? That is, in exchange for a minor penalty, you select two pacts instead of one, mix and match their features?

Seems very reminiscent of Shadowrun, and also somewhat reminds me of X-Crawl.

There's one particular enemy near the end of chapter 2 that you should really enjoy getting to reanimate.

Forrestfire wrote:
(Also, for those who liked the muscle avowed, Embodiment of Aether will likely return in some form, at some point, as an archetype emphasizing your physical form and an alternate method of determining save DCs. I’m not sure when, but we’re planning on doing it.)

I'd really like to see this. Was kinda disappointed I only discovered this playtest after the feat had been removed.

The first question is one that you should ask your GM. Some people consider mind control more evil than killing someone, others consider it a merciful way of taking prisoners and winning battles without causing lasting harm. Ultimately, it's the GM's decision in any particular game.

Animate Dead, Create Undead and Create Greater Undead all have the [Evil] descriptor, so yes, using them is always an evil act.

Arcana checks

Lysander: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (7) + 4 = 11

Valian: 1d20 ⇒ 13

LysPerception: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (15) + 1 = 16
ValPerception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18
LobosPerception1: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22
LobosPerception2: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (7) + 4 = 11

Claxon wrote:

An example is the feat Strike Back. Everyone figured you could ready an action to hit an enemy that attacked you. Then it was released as a feat, so you couldn't.

Wait, what? No, that's not what Strike Back does. It lets you hit back at an enemy that attacks you from outside of your normal reach. Like, a dragon bites you from 20 ft. away, you an ready an action to attack its head when it reaches at you, even though you would normally have to be adjacent to do it. Of bloody course you can ready an action to hit someone who attacks you without a feat.

Name: Heinrick Gilantheril
Mortal identity: Half-elf fighter/barbarian
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Favored Weapon: Greatsword
Portfolio: Athleticism, freedom, honest battle, romance
Domains: Charm, Good, Liberation, Protection, Strength

Leonin - Humanoid lions, who basically live much like actual lions, without the incest and cannibalism. They disdain excessive civilization, but will fight to the death to protect anyone's right to live as they choose. Use the mechanics of Catfolk, but with a bonus to Strength instead of Dexterity.

Celekal - an homage to two of his greatest mortal friends, the Celekal are another nomadic people, almost their entire population living on great ships that rove across the sea. Merchants, explorers, and occasional pirates for a good cause, they resemble humans, but blue-skinned, and can breath water.

Trap it in a wall of stone or ice, and leave it there until sunrise.

I'm currently DMing for an evil party, and have played evil characters in the past. They can be pretty fun; the trick is to keep it to subtle scheming between PCs, and try to foster an "us against the world" attitude. It is best, of course, if they are smart enough to realize that indiscriminate murder will only bring wrath down upon their heads.

Peter Stewart wrote:

I love my current group and game.

We're on a short break for the GM's sanity after more than 5 uninterrupted years of play with the same campaign - having just finished a two year adventure. The GM is amazing, the plot is interesting, the rules work for us, and every character brings something to the table. What problems we run into we resolve.

So yeah, the system works for me - and shout out to Kain Darkwind as the best GM I've ever had or had the pleasure of seeing in play.

I'm also in this group, usually a fellow player, and currently giving Kain a chance to be a PC as I run a quick game. Everything Peter says is true.

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Peter and Justin Rocket have the right of it. Anzyr seems to be failing all of the first three No answers on this helpful chart.

I'm guessing Magus for one of the archetypes. There've been rumors about a Charisma-based Magus coming soon, and basing it on dragons would make a lot of sense.

Only a single point of Mythic power was spent in the entire fight, and even it was probably unnecessary. My fighter used Fleet Charge to get in position to attack somebody who died before his next turn anyway.

I wouldn't even have done that if I hadn't had a bonus use of temporary Mythic Power (the GM houseruled that any Hero Points you earn over the cap roll over into temporary Mythic Power that expires if not used in 24 hours).

Except for a few points, I'm pretty much in agreement with Peter. Mythic Saves needs to be changed, Surge needs to stop taking your swift/immediate action, Unstoppable should include more things, Immortal should be a universal Path power (though giving everyone Timeless Body would be a nice touch), and tracking mythic vs. non-mythic damage is a pain in the butt.

The feats, like he said, are just bonkers. Mythic +2/+2 feats don't even deserve to exist. I do personally like the damage bonus from Mythic Power Attack and Mythic Vital Strike, but the language on MPA does severely need to be cleaned up.

More variety in Mythic Feats is probably the single most needed thing in the whole rule set, IMO.

Thanks for the responses, everyone. That's how I was reading it, but my DM was wanting an official ruling from the designers.

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Three key premises for this question.

1. A Barbarian's rage gives morale bonuses to Strength, Constitution, and Will saves.
2. A Courageous weapon increases any morale bonus the wielder receives by half its enhancement bonus.
3. A Furious weapon increases its enhancement bonus by +2 when the wielder is raging.

My question is, do temporary increases to a weapon's enhancement bonus count for Courageous? If a Barbarian wields, for example, a +4 Furious Courageous weapon, does he get +3 Str, Con, and Will over his normal rage, or only +2?

The sad fact is, that "better without bigger numbers" doesn't really work in the d20 system. If characters are expected to compete with monster CRs of level + tier, they need to be able to hit those monsters' ACs, save DCs, and so forth. So yes, some increase to ability scores are necessary.

That said, it probably would not be a bad idea to say that you can't use them to raise the same stat twice in a row. +6 Strength / +4 Constitution is less worrisome than +10 Strength, for example.

And what happens when you run out of Mythic Points halfway through that fight with the "real" opponent?

And as Kain and Peter have been saying, making it solely based on tier means that your first few mythic tiers give no significant boosts to a group that starts getting them when already at high level.

In the same campaign, my 14th level Fighter/Barbarian, Tier 1 Champion/Guardian has 4 uses of Mythic Power. Four. That won't even last him one difficult combat.

Mauril wrote:

Fighters get weapon training, if we are comparing class features.

I've considered opening them up but also amending them. Non-fighters get the RAW versions but fighters apply them to weapon groups instead of single weapon types. Basically a barbarian can take Weapon Specialization (Glaive) but a fighter would take Weapon Specialization (Polearms).

Also, I think this is in the wrong forum.

That's how my GM does it. Speaking as one of the group's two fighters, I have no problem with it.

I would agree with Peter's suggestion, as well. Or even tier x 2. Judging by how fast I went through eight Mythic Points, four won't really be enough to affect anything in a noticeable way, especially at high-level-low-mythic.

And Monkeygod may no longer be evil, but I see his search for the truth is as futile as ever.

Coriat wrote:

Our mythic grapple-specialized opponent got some licks in and was well able to beat the CMDs of most of our party (myself excepted) but was hampered by a few things

-whenever he would get a grapple going our conjurer wizard (played by Peter above) would dimension door the grapplee out of it

And if she hadn't, at least two people (my two-hander and the bard) would probably have been killed or paralyzed by his Neck Breaker feat chain.

Coriat wrote:
-Where is the simplicity? Seriously, if I want to smash a guy through a stone wall, took the mythic power for it, and spend a mythic point to do it I roll unarmed (like I have unarmed damage ready to hand) and then the DM and I figure out which of the five different categories of stone wall it is, measure how many feet of stone the wall is so that we can figure out my d3+whatever failed to break through the boatload of hitpoints per foot its category of stone wall has? The simplification I would be looking for would be more like "you spent a mythic point? you break the wall. Done." The way it is is more complicated than a regular attack.

This. So very much this.

I was playing the two-handed fighter in that encounter.

I'm not certain how much feedback I can give from my own perspective in particular, for two reasons. One, the enemy's ability to respond to any missed melee attack with a grapple, and use another grappled character as a shield, shut me down pretty hard, without anything Mythic being involved (Snapping Turtle Style and something else, for the record). Second, I only went into the fight with two uses of Mythic Power, having used the rest on a non-combat encounter we'd just come from.

That being said, I will definitely agree with Pete that Fleet Charge was the biggest game changer for bad guy and PCs alike. Both of my points were spent on saving throws, but the sword-n-board, our rogue/bard, and the enemy all used that power to great effect, to the extent that I felt severely outclassed by not having the opportunity to employ it myself.

Likewise, it reinforced some of my thoughts from reading the document that Archmage and Hierophant could stand to tone down their offensive powers and boost defensive/survival ones.

I was thinking off-hand weapons, sorry.

Rest of the question stands.

The part about the critical is indeed very confusing! We thought we might have been doing it wrong for 14 levels. Also makes critical damage a pain to calculate, since part of your damage is working off a different multiplier than the rest. I would honestly rather not have it, just because it would slow down my turns every time I got a crit.

Regarding two-handed and light weapons; at higher levels, is the 1.5 or 0.5 multiplier applied at the end, or the beginning? For example, a 12th-level fighter with Mythic Power Attack and a one-handed weapon would take a -4 penalty and add +12 damage. If he used a two-handed weapon, would he add +18 damage (4.5 * 4), or +16 (4.5 rounded down to 4 * 4)?

Finally, it should probably specify in the feat that the multipliers still apply at all. I had to find this thread to get my DM to agree that it wasn't a flat +3 regardless of weapon.

For reference, I am playing a 14th level fighter/barbarian, with the Two-Handed Fighter archetype, in the Savage Tide. The game's been running since PF Alpha.

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