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Official Intro:

The PCs take part in an investigation after an Absalom Station pawnbroker tries to sell the Starfinder Society a lethal biotech augmentation. The search leads into the depths of the station's Freemarkets and into another investigation initiated by AbadarCorp. With rumors abound of mysterious disappearances near the Freemarkets and that those people using the augmentations are suffering from a mysterious illness, it falls to the PCs to piece together what's going on. Where is this never-before-seen biotech coming from, and what happens when the augmented dead don't stay dead?

There's already two people that have expressed interest, just need 1-2 more before we can get rolling!

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I would be interested. What do we have in the way of a party so far? I have multiple characters I could play.


Kallus would be very interested in this mission...

Nice. That makes it four players to express interest. I'll start posting up the Intro tonight, so hopefully we can get rolling once people have locked in characters. I'll take up to six, as long as they express interest before the intro is over.


I have L4 or L1, would probably prefer the 4 to be honest :)

It would probably be helpful if people listed both the class and level they wanted to play ;)

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I've got a Lashunta Technomancer 2. Is that class already covered (or is my level too low for the sub-tier everybody wants to play)?

Well, right now level 2 appears to be the right range.

I have the intro set up; I'll post it tomorrow to give people a bit more time to finalize characters, then we'll get rolling :)


Is there still room for this game? I have a level 1 mechanic.

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I have a level 2 Dwarven Blitz Soldier I'd be interested in bringing.

Unless I've missed someone, you make 6 Jaxon. Right now I have players / Characters:

Zach Davis (2 Soldier)
Shadow Bloodmoon (2 Mystic Overlord)
Paledim (2 Technomancer)
Jaxon Kyber (1 Mechanic)

We're almost certainly going to be low tier.


Ok I'm pretty much ready to go!

OK well an L4 operative would probably get silly, so I'll play low :)

L1 Operative - Ysoki Detective.


Thanks! Dotted in.


Dris will be joining this merry band as a level 1 Lashunta Technomancer.

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