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What happens to the world when the heroes fail and die?

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So, seems I'm a little confused.

When I left, Lian and Matsuoka were in a tea room, with Captain Tirablade.

However, there's a post from The Barmaid, who I had thought was an NPC in the Blessed Cup.

Did the PCs leave Anevia hanging and return back to the Cup?

Did the Barmaid show up, completely out of place in the tea room?

Was there a mix up of where PCs/NPCs are/were?

Kinda gotta resolve this so I can make an accurate post in game.

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I know that Mugmuff and I were in the blessed cup, where we were looking at maps. I am pretty sure that Lian and Matsuoka were talking to Anevia. Not sure about the others.

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Yeah, I'm pretty confused myself, which is why I haven't posted in a while.

I suggest that players and GM's top their post with an OOC of the location of the event. DM posts may have more than one location noted.

Blessed Cup

blah, blah, blah

a tea room

sip, sip, sip

This is a pretty sandboxy game. This does need the players to have some initiative in stating intentions, desires, needs, wants.

We GM's will then provide the interactions towards your goals.

Alright, super simple solution(I hope, lol)

All PCs, please post where you believe to be!

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I believe Lian and myself are in a teahouse in the Foreign Quarter.

I believe Matsuoka and myself are in a teahouse in the Foreign Quarter.

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I am at the blessed cup, unless I got teleported or the like.

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I'm in a old house fooling around with undead.

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Hey there, this is a friend of Loup Blanc. He sent me a text to let you know his computer is currently busted, and he's not sure when (or if) he'll be able to get it fixed. He's looking for other means of posting, but if those don't pan out he'll likely be MIA for a while until he can find a way to get online and post.

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And Loup Blanc here letting you know that it was probably a false flag--things look to be okay for now. It was probably just a crash, but I've had bad luck with computers in the past so I was expecting a worst case scenario. I should be okay, but if I go dark the old message stands.

You should stop going to "those" sites...


In all seriousness, probably wouldn't hurt to manually delete your cookies and temp internet files, plus saved passwords (mainly cause I've seen some Malware recently that will save passwords to websites and then set your homepage to a website that automatically starts downloading a file; It's clever, but a pain in the ass and they know it will work because most people set and forget their passwords).

I'd also check to make sure you haven't accidentally downloaded ransomware, as restarting your machine frequently is part of their MO.

(sorry if I'm being redundant, but I do IT for a living and I see this alot; What's really sad is the software I support tracks fire and EMS calls for emergency responders, so when people download ransomware, it can cost people their jobs).

GM HINT: Embassy isn't a valid option. Remember you're in the biggest city in the world, trying to get into the main embassy of the largest alliance fighting against the demons of the Worldwound, on top of all the other crisis going on.

Also, not trying to be a jerk and push you away from a course of action. I'm drawing on what I know of embassies/royal courts from the books I've read. On a good day, 'normal' folk might been seen in a couple of days. This is as far away from a good day as possible.

That's in part why I'm talking about using the others.

We have a ninja, do we not?

And besides, Lian was made for royal courts!... and knows Dominate and Charm spells.

I mean, if it doesn't work, entirely prepared to abort, but I think a high-difficulty but low-risk scenario would be nice to test our skills. If we fail we lose little but opportunity, if we succeed we could gain much.

I'm fine with you guys trying, it just seemed that, prior to this 'revelation' in the tea room, you all wanted to get off Absalom and out into the world, asap.

If you really want to give it a try, sure, but know that you won't be able to sneak in or otherwise circumvent the normal process.

You are attempting to seek an audience with the people in charge of the Inner Sea Alliance, meaning high ranking(level and politically) members of Taldor, Cheliax and Andoran. If you bypass the proper channels, you'll just get thrown out or into the dungeons.

However, I will make it fair, and allow the dice to decide how long your wait will be, should you choose to pursue a meeting.

Don't worry, I haz plan :)

And if it doesn't work, well, we can still rush off to the ISA.

Sum-up plan- have our ninja scout the line, see if there's anyone close in line who may be in need of something we can provide. Convince them to send us as a representative/give us their slot in exchange for their problem (Karen can make housing/shelter in a flash or heal. Lian can help with any pregnancy related problem). Get slot in line.

Also smooze like heck, every step use charisma and similar to convince people that We're Worth Fasttracking. Heck, the Walking Ghost word means that Lian can simply walk past lesser guards and such who might wish to cause delays, presuming the person on the far end is receptive.

If you want to fast-forward stuff that's ok, but when it was mentioned it seemed like an opportunity not incompatible with the ship plan.

When it was mentioned it was/is a possibility, but as I wrote that up, I realized that it is not something that will likely be a quick endeavor.

At best, it takes you a day, at worst 10+.

However, we'll handle this way:

Rendezvous back at the Cup, and discuss the option with Karen and Loc. If you all decide to purse the embassy, I will allow the dice to determine how long a wait you have, and then you can decide if it's worth it or not.

Realize however, that the world is not waiting. The poo has hit the fan, and splattered the walls.


We have seemingly lost Mugmuff, which makes me sad. I have PM'd his player, but have yet to get a reply.

Should he not want to come return, I want to get us back up to at least five players. We had six, but Anastasia bowed out early, though I didn't say anything because we still had a good group.

I don't like such a small group, because as you can see, we've splintered pretty badly.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with pursing your own goals(See the convo Loc is having), but I also want there to be enough PCs where when one or two goes 'astray' there's still a solid group left.

However, I am *loathe* to re-open normal recruitment. This is a special game, and I want to keep it that way. I don't want just anybody else to have a shot.

Thus, I ask you, my players: Do you(Player or GM) know anybody who would like to not only join our broken world, but will also stick with us??

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I agree that trying to get one or two more people privately isn't a bad idea--certainly better than an open recruitment in many ways--but I'm not sure I know of anyone who'd be a good fit. It can also be difficult bringing someone in who wasn't here from the start...

Were there any submissions in the original recruitment that you liked but didn't accept at the time? That can be a good way to go about things.

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I may have a friend who is interested as well in joining if we need some one.

I agree with Natsuoka: I would check the original recruitment and see if someone whose submission you liked but didn't have room for would be interested in joining us.

Inviting more players privately would work for me, be it from the original recruitment or elsewhere.

"Lian, are you not going to first talk to the other PCs backed at the Blessed Cup, as I suggested in discussion? If so, I will just keep the above post/rolls as your actions, should all four of you decide the embassy is a good tactic."

Yea, meeting back at the cup is fine, Lian should inform the others of even the ship thing first.

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My friend made a profile and a back story for everyone to look at. I think he messaged you monkey. Here is a link to.


Just checking in on everybody, are any of you down in the south of the US, dealing with the various hurricanes? If so, please stay and be safe, this game will be waiting for you when the storm has passed.

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I'm lucky enough to be in Michigan.

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I live in Iowa.

I'm in Kentucky. I'm good.

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Pennsylvania here, so I should be alright.

Lian's really going to use the embassy thing as a test of her abilities and how far/how fast she can push. Hopefully this should help prevent it from taking too long post-wise too, just gotta know who the people who *might* be able to offer us a line spot or who decide that, go to 'em, and give them a go. I don't intent to hang us up on this.


Are you trying to forge a visa, or just write a letter of introduction?

If a letter of introduction, a group name would be advantageous.

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I'm writing a letter of introduction with a outline of our main goals on the mainland. Good idea on the group name as well

My next couple of weeks(till the 9th of Oct) are going to be rather busy for me. I fly down to Atl next weekend(23rd) for some Vampire the Masquerade larps, then the first week of Oct is taken up by my working New York Comic Con.

Fnord is running the embassy scene atm, so I will use whatever free time I have to back him up as needed, depending on where that goes.

Beyond that, I will likely work on adding more of the 'new' Golarion, in it's Broken state.

If I'm needed aside from helping Fnord, I will do my best, but know that it might take me a couple of days.

How is Lian speaking and understanding Auran? It's not on her sheet.

Oops, I know so many languages I forgot I don't know that one!

A knowledge:planes DC 15 would allow you to recall other languages that a djinn might know...

The Man. The Myth. The Mask!

*Posted to all my games*

I am going on vacation this Friday until Monday the 16th. Posting may be sporadic, but since I do 90% of my posting from my phone anyway I won't be completely radio silent. If I disappear for a while, just know I'm not dead.

Headcount please!

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I'm here!

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Still here!

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I am here and have head

And I've been trying to respond to each message as quickly as possible because I don't want to hold things up.

Lian Brook wrote:
I am here and have head

I'm kinda unsure and slightly scared of what 'I have head' means...

HP: 17 | AC: 17 | Fort (E): +6; Ref (T): +3; Will (E): +8 Spell DC (T): 16 | Perception (T): +6 | Senses: Darkvision, Low-Light Vision

Hopefully you do indeed have a head, as it's kinda important.

Unless your a Dulahan, then you be you I guess.

Broken Monkeygod wrote:
Lian Brook wrote:
I am here and have head
I'm kinda unsure and slightly scared of what 'I have head' means...

Heads are what you're counting, right?

And Ettins would have two!

I was just thinking...


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Also still around, although I've been kinda busy lately.

3 players responding.

Do we keep going with a small group? Look at the recruitment thread for fill-ins from those not initially selected or open recruitment?

The Man. The Myth. The Mask!

I say let's go for it. :)

The Man. The Myth. The Mask!

I count 5 responding?

I would like to continue. Though with the note I'd also really like it if we could step up the pace- it shouldn't take a week for DM replies, especially when we have multiple.

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I definitely would like to continue.

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