Broken Golarion

Game Master Monkeygod

What happens to the world when the heroes fail and die?

All of Mendev has been overrun by the demonic horde, and everything east of Starfall in Numeria as well. Surprisingly, the bizarre inhabitants and even stranger technology of the Silver Mount was able to turn back the vile demons. There's whispered rumors of things known as 'Iron Giants' decimating vast swaths of the Abyssal horrors that poured out of the Worldwound.

Sadly, the same could not be said for Brevoy, as that entire nation was also destroyed by the forces of Deskari.

The unending horde marched straight into the River Kingdoms, easily crushing any and all resistance among the fractured states. There's rumors of a hold out in what used to be the Stolen Lands, and is now supposedly a section of the First World. However, nobody has been able to confirm said rumors. Areelu Vorlesh rules the former River Kingdoms and what was once northern Galt, and it is whispered she is now the new Demon Lord of Succubi.

Meanwhile, Treerazer has take over the remains of Kyonin, southern Galt, as well as the northern portions of the Five Kings Mountains and northeastern Druma.

Thanks to the efforts of the group of adventurers who braved the Worldwound, as well as the aid of a small host of angels, Nocticula, the former Demon Lord has ascended to godhood, and interestingly is apparently no longer evil.

Likewise, while they were unable to actually defeat her, a party of heroes was able to at least halt the insane machinations of Elvanna, 'daughter' of Baba Yaga. The usurper to the throne of the Witch Queen sough to blanket all of Golarion in endless winter. You're pretty sure that with everything else going on, that would have likely been the death knell of pretty much all sentient life on the planet, or close enough.

Also, while the Serpent God Ydersius has been brought back from torpor and is once again active in the Mwangi Expanse, it is caught in a war with the Demon Lord Angazhan whose cultists were able to summon The Ravener King to the mortal realm.

Thankfully, Old-Mage Jatembe returned from his self-imposed exile to the planes, and he and the Ten Magic Warriors have erected a powerful mystical barrier around the whole of the Expanse, trapping both themselves and the powerful evils inside.