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A new Council of Thieves play-by-post, bringing some new takes on an older AP.

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Good evening, all. After a rather lengthy chunk of time where I was trying to get life vaguely in order (something I still have only achieved in the vaguest sense), I'd like to start another PBP campaign. I have on interested party already, looking to play a Ranger in a Council of Thieves campaign. I wanted to gauge interest for said AP in a PBP here on the Paizo boards. If there was an overwhelming push for another AP, I'd potentially be game as well, although I'd also be checking with the previously interested party for his interest. His first PBP as a player, and I'm looking to show him the ropes so he can get an idea of how it works, which will then lead to him running a PBP in future for all of you.

APs I will not consider at this time: Reign of Winter, Rise of the Runelords, Shattered Star, Skull & Shackles.

Anyway, as far as a Council of Thieves game. Character creation guidelines:

  • Available Races: Core, Tengu, Orc, Kobold, Drow (NOT NOBLE), with material available from the Races of Golarion line and Blood of Golarion line (please ask before using Blood of the Moon material as I haven't had a chance to read it), all must be 14 RP or less; alternate racial features from the ARG will be considered. Yes, this means that normal Aasimar are off the table, but variant heritage Aasimar are on. Possible modifications using the Race Builder rules will be considered for severely underpowered races (Ex: Kobold).
  • Available Classes - Core classes only, with archetypes from the APG only being available. No other classes or archetypes will be considered.
  • Feats/Spells - Core + APG, Races of Golarion, Blood of Golarion, Faiths of Golarion.
  • Traits - one Council of Thieves Campaign Trait, and one other trait (APG, Races of Golarion, Blood of Golarion, Faiths of Golarion). No drawbacks. The Additional Traits feat is available.
  • Ability Scores - Elite Array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8)

Maps will likely be done through GoogleDocs or similar, unless I can figure out how Roll20 works and that works for people.

Available Resources:
Core - all materials available
Advanced Player's Guide (APG) - Core-class archetypes, feats, spells, Traits
Races of Golarion - traits, feats, spells
Faiths of Golarion (Balance, Corruption, Philosophies, Purity) - traits, feats, spells
Blood of Golarion (Angels, Fiends, Night) - traits, feats, spells (ask before using Blood of the Moon)
Advanced Race Guide - alternate racial features
Council of Thieves Player's Guide - recommended reading

As a note, I'm not afraid to go off the rails on this PBP if it happens. I'm not saying derail it immediately, just that I'm open to what occurs naturally in-game changing the course of things.

I request that your character be formatted in a traditional stat block, along with a paragraph or two of backstory. I don't discourage longer backstories, I'm just setting a minimum. I like to have some sense of who characters are beyond what they can do. I also once had a player write a 17-page backstory. Very in-depth, which made it somewhat tragic when the character died rather explosively. I don't require you to create a character forum profile prior to being accepted.

Example formatted characters: Kaylen, Nelossë, Sarenth, Enshi

So, with all that said, let the submissions begin. I'll be taking 4 or 5 of the submissions, depending on what is offered up. I'll probably close submissions 11:59:59 PM PST on Tuesday, 12 November. I know how quickly these can fill, so I don't think that's unreasonable. I may extend the submission deadline at a later date, depending on submissions. Good luck to all.

I am very interested in this, as for what AP we play I'm cool as I've only done home games. I've had a character rolling in my mind for some time, but it's only of those things I'd have to run by you first, and some DM's HATE that sort of thing so if your okay with something very out of the box, but not overly powered, then pm me and I'll explain further. If not still interested even if I would need to play a less wonky character.

i am interested

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Edit: Forgot to include the stat array. Included above now.

And starting wealth is average for class.

Totally could do this, I haven't done Pathfinder PBP before, but you've got to start somewhere!

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This sounds interesting. Dotting for interest, I'll work on my character and post up when done.

Would you be open to a Goblin Rogue/Ranger with a bit of a boost since they are RP 10?

Hmmm, so I think I've settled on the front lines damage sink, IE Tanker; and will probably going with Barbarian if It's possible to work that into this adventure ( Some just aren't suited for them).

Ooc soulds fun

Interested I am

GM gravitas here

Here's a core idea.

Is aristocrat a core class? Also dunno if he will allow the whole amateur gunslinger feat as it basically just makes you into a gunslinger and that's banned as it's not core class.

KhaosClaire here, if the name didn't give it away; Building the character I little bit at a time, as this weekend is one of the dreaded cleaning weekends, and my time spent between cleaning will be updating it as I go. Just a update~

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This Lord Zekks Lvl 1 Goblin Urban Ranger. The crunch is all there, I just need to add the fluff.

This is Sarianna Vi, Human Female Bard. Character sheet and Bio are in my profile. Here's to playing with you!

Dotting for interest

Shadow Lodge

@ Lord Zekk: Goblins are equal on RP to Humans, so probably no boost there. Did I forget to include Goblins as an available race? Goblins are absolutely available. Also, double-check the stats on Ripclaw. Some of the data in-profile is for a different character.

@ GM Yet More Gravitas: Aristocrat is a legal class. Unfortunately, Amateur Gunslinger is not a legal feat, nor are firearms available. Please re-read the submission guidelines.

@ Sarianna Vi: Looks good, although Chord of Shards isn't on the available spell list, AFAIK.

@ Everybody: I forgot to call out one race on the above races list - Goblin is an available race. is a character I am interested in playing, an Urban Ranger...might have to tweek his stats for elite array, but otherwise he is good, with background as well....anything needing changing, just ask and I will get on it

Shadow Lodge

Corrected it. I copy pasted from another character to save time with formatting, just forgot to replace some info. I think I got it all but I'm going to double check the numbers again in case I missed anything.

Still have the backstory to work on.

I love how nobody wants to by the melee tanky character Free pass in hooooooooo!
In other notes, working around the house is taking longer than expected and can't sit down to crunch all the numbers I need to until tonight X.X'

Dotting for interest. Have some ideas either a Goblin Rogue or possibly a Huntmaster Cavalier.

Cavalier banned Alex, not a core class. Though two goblins would be a fun combo.

Since you're allowing drow, would you allow the Cavern Sniper from the Advanced Races Guide?

I'll give this a shot. Are Prestige Classes allowed?

Dropping out guys
best of luck.

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dotting and I really want to make a skinwalker, so consider this me asking for permission. for what it's worth skinwalke is 10 rp.

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I'm willing to entertain Skinwalker submissions. You'd be the second to use such, Dylos.

@SAMAS: Depends on the Prestige Class. Core Prestige Classes absolutely allowed, and applicable APG Prestige classes permitted (Battle Herald, Master Chymist, and Rage Prophet pretty much are out since the necessary class abilities aren't available).

@Bi0philia: Sure. Show me what you got.

@Tomas: You have a feat listed that isn't available to you. Urban Forager isn't from permitted source books. Otherwise, looks like a good submission.

@Ripclaw: Solid submission.

@Claire: Need to fill in a couple of things, but otherwise it looks good so far.

My apologies, all. Slight modification. I just realized that I wrote something down wrong initially. Races available: Core Rule Book, Bestiary (Goblin, Hobgoblin, Kobold, Orc, Tiefling, Tengu), Bestiary 2 (Dhampir, Grippli, Ifrit, Oread, Sylph, Undine), Blood of Fiends, Blood of Angels, Blood of the Night, Blood of the Moon, Races of Golarion. As long as it's 14 RP or less, it's an option for a playable race. If I haven't listed it here, just ask. Alternate racial features from the Advanced Race Guide are options.

Submissions To Date:

Claire Evans - Skinwalker (coldborn) Barbarian
Ripclaw - Goblin Ranger (urban)
Tomas von Achiel - Human Ranger (urban)
Sarianna Vi - Human Bard

Shadow Lodge

I'm thinking a witchwolf monk, but it might be hard to do without ultimate combat since it has feral combat training, and thats just about the only way you can flurry with natural attacks.

ok..will drop that one...and update it with something else....and get him re-submitted!

Ok..all done..swap out for weapon focus..should be good now, I hope!!

Nothing fancy, just considering going Arcane Trickster or Eldritch Knight.

Sarenth! You sly scallawag! You thought you could start a campaign before I noticed, eh? I kid.

Your requirements preclude my already made character for CoT; I'll have to see if new inspiration strikes.

Shadow Lodge

Ah, dear Isabella. There are many options available. At the moment, the submissions don't include a proper divine caster. Maybe take a look at the Player's Guide for some fresh inspiration?

Tomas, thanks for checking on that.

SAMAS, sure. Those are on the table. I'd be interested to see what you come up with.

@ Jlighter I've updated my profile and have all the numbers and information filled in for everything except the Backstory, for witch I'm going to read over the material you suggested to get familiar with the starting location a bit before I type up; expect it around tomorrow afternoon.

In the mean time, everybody can have a Werebear-kin Sound Track~

Edit Finished backstory with proper CoT Locations. I'm all set to go unless you see something that needs changing. Hope to be in this, got all hype writing the back story for the most epic great-uncle ever.

Okay, here's my outline. Haven't gotten her equipment yet (you didn't say anything about starting funds), but you can probably guess what her weapon is gonna be.

Also, a request if I get picked: With her personality, I'd kinda want to later take the Bludgeoner feat from Ultimate Combat (basically, it lets you inflict non-lethal damage with blunt weapons without the -4 penalty). Would that be okay?

Starting funds are the class average Kareta

Thanks, I got it now. :)

Dylos here, Introducing Lyall Silverhunter.

Allocate skill points
Pick favored class bonus

Also want to note, it is really hard to build a monk with the Elite Array.

O this look fun been looking for a CoT game I'll make some thing today

Gnome Cleric Street Doctor come Quack

Thinking Aasimar or Tiefling cleric come herbalist.

Shadow Lodge

@GM Capt Wombat: Both options sound interesting. Remember that baseline Aasimar are off the table (slightly too high on RP), but the variant heritages are on the table. If you go that route. Gnome sounds interesting, though.

Submissions to date:

Claire Evans - Skinwalker (coldborn) Barbarian
Ripclaw - Goblin Ranger (urban)
Tomas von Achiel - Human Ranger (urban)
Sarianna Vi - Human Bard
Kareta Ajie - Half-Elf Fighter
Lyall Silverhunter - Skinwalker (witchwolf) Monk (hungry ghost)

Cool thinking more Gnome now :)

Cap Wombat here
Here's the Alt I'm working on.

Interested! I'd want to make a Skulking Unnatural Ratfolk Witch that hates animals of all kinds but his familiar, the one animal to ever tolerate being near him. I'll start rolling him up even though you didn't specifically mention ratfolk being allowed - they're only a 9 RP race, I only like them for the RP flavor.

Undead Forum Slave wrote:
Interested! I'd want to make a Skulking Unnatural Ratfolk Witch that hates animals of all kinds but his familiar, the one animal to ever tolerate being near him. I'll start rolling him up even though you didn't specifically mention ratfolk being allowed - they're only a 9 RP race, I only like them for the RP flavor.

I don't believe witch is an option for this GM/campaign.

Crap, I missed that, thanks for pointing it out. Shoot. :\

I'll work on a different submission then.

Liberty's Edge that I read the entry rules again, I have a sudden desire to make a kobold. Any particular clarity on the "posible modifications" clause up there? Or should I just try something out and run it by you?

For future applicants: I note a lack of healers in the current selection. Something to think about...

Liberty's Edge

Whoah, hold the phone. Comparing the OGC with the actual PRD and the race builder reveals some crazy inconsistencies here with the total RP and the race's actual abilities. Even on the same page there's discrepancies. Wow, how did this escape notice?

Yeah, hence why I wanted to go witch. I might make a tengu oracle, but I'm already playing a halfling oracle in another PbP.

Liberty's Edge

Actually starting to lean towards some form of Kobold Urban Druid, maybe. Still mulling it over. Haven't got to play a druid yet, but...I dunno.

@Undead, Oracle is also banned, s it's a base class, not a core one. For future reference of everyone, and no I'm not trying to be a ass, just clarifying the words he has said because your not the first to not notice, The core classes are- Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, and Wizard. No other Classes are being considered, and arch types must be within the first content update, or APG to the core classes.

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