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Full Name

Kareta Ajie




Hunter 2 HP 17/17 AC 16, T13, FF 13 Fort 3, Ref 6, Will 2, Init +3, Perception








Neutral Good


Desna, Gozreh, Erastil



Strength 12
Dexterity 17
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 12

About Kareta Ajie

HP 11
AC 16(10+3 Armor+3 Dex), T 13, FF 13
Fort +3, Ref +5, Will +2
Init +2
Perception +4
Current Speed 30 ft.
Encumbrance Level
Base Attack Bonus: +1

Status: Single (^_^)


Height: 5'4"
Weight: 106lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey

While out with her family, Kareta dresses the part win well-made but not overly-flashy dresses. While out running, she exchanges those for pants or shorts, a shirt and/or jacket, and often a scarf that can be pulled or wrapped over her head or face. She especially uses the latter when running the roofs.

Kareta isn't entirely comfortable with crowds, and prefers the company of Eshie and any close friends. Her quietness sometimes intimidates others, and she often offends people without even trying to.

Due to her adoptive father's influence, Kareta has tried to maintain a balance between nature and civilization. She tries to act more like a proper young lady when in town, but can only take so much, and has a habit of getting revenge later on people who offended or insulted her(and sometimes others in her presence). She doesn't chafe under the restrictions as much as one would think, but that doesn't mean she does it easily. Overall, she would much rather be running the rooftops and forests, and does so whenever possible.


Born on a ranch on the border, Kareta's parents died in a plague that swept the area when she was eight years old. Left to fend for herself, she tried to make her way to Restov, scrounging and stealing wherever she could to feed herself.

After months of hiding and wandering, Kareta made it into the city, where she was quickly caught and put into an orphanage. Wandering the countryside had an effect on her, and old habits are tough to break. She still found herself sneaking out and running the streets and rooftops. After several run-ins with the captain of the City Watch, he finally took it upon himself to take things into his hands more directly, and adopted her (so to be able to keep a better eye on her, he said).

One day, when Kareta was fifteen, she came across a merchant's cart full of animals captured in the mountains near Stoneclimb. A cage containing a large, blue-grey rock ferret caught her eye. She stared into the animal's eyes for several minutes before the cart's owner noticed her and chased her off. Angered beyond all reason, she followed the merchant outside the city walls, back into the wilderness, and that night sneaked into the camp and released every single animal from their cages. The ferret stayed with her, and the two of them stayed out in the wilderness for two weeks, much to the anger and dismay of her adopted father.

As she has approached a marriageable age, Kareta has found her wanderlust increasing. Tired of dealing with the attentions of arrogant lesser nobles or ambitious guardsmen, she has decided on one last grand adventure, her biggest yet, before the time comes for her to settle down.

Animal Focus (2 min. per day)
Nature Training
Wild Empathy
1(2 per day)- Cure Light Wounds, Hunter's Howl, Thorn Javelin, Summon Nature's Ally I
0- Detect Poison, Guidance, Mending, Purify Food and Drink
Acrobatics 2(+7)
Climb 2(+8)
Handle Animal 2(+5)
Knowledge(Geography) 1(+5)
Knowledge(Nature) 2(+6)
Knowledge: Nobility 1(+3)
Perception 2(+7)
Ride (+2)
Sense Motive 1(+4)
Survival 2(+6)
Swim 1(+6)

Evolved Animal Companion - Animal Companion has a lvl. 1 Eidolon Evolution
Athletic (Bonus) - +2 to Climb and Swim, +4 at 10+ skill ranks.
Precise Shot
Child of the Streets - You gain a +1 trait bonus on Sleight of Hand checks.
Pioneer (Campaign Trait): +1 Trait bonus to Survival
Mwk Studded Leather Armor
Cold Iron Throwing Axe (+2(+4 if thrown) 1d6+1 x3 10')
2 Daggers (+2(+4 if thrown) 1d4+1)
Shortspear (+2 1d6+1 x2 20')
Mwk Composite Longbow (+5 1d8+1 110')
40 arrows
40 Cold Iron arrows
40 Incendiary arrows (17 Tindertwigs)
20 Pronged arrows
1 Holy Water
Hunter's Kit (Backpack, Bedroll, Belt Pouch, Flint and Steel, Iron Pot, Mess Kit, rope, 10 torches, Trail Rations, 2 waterskins), Traveler's Clothes, Dress(equal in cost to a Soldier's Outfit)x2, Footprint Book, 4 Animal Calls(Deer, Game-bird, Waterfowl, Weasel), Grappling Hook, Large Tent, Explorer's Outfit, 4 Sunrods, Silk Rope(50'), Grappling Arrow, Wrist Sheath, Dandy Brush, Whet Bone.
100 Gp
3 Sp


Giant Ferret
Starting Statistics: Size Small; Speed 30 ft., climb 10 ft.;
HP: 21
AC 17(+4 dex, +3 natural armor,);
Fort +4, Ref +7, Will +2
Attack bite +2 (1d6 plus Grab and Blood Drain);
Ability Scores Str 10, Dex 19, Con 13 , Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 10;
Base Attack: +2
CMB: +1(+5 to Grab), CMD: 15
Special Attacks
Blood Drain (1 Con), Grab;
SQ low-light vision, scent.
Climb 1(+6),
Perception 1(+5)
Stealth 1(+5)
Swim 1(+6)
Athletic - +2 to Climb and Swim, +4 at 10+ skill ranks.
Improved Natural Attack
Improved Natural Armor (+2)
Quick Climb (Bonus): climb up to full movement at no penalty