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Kale fends off the devils and makes her way pass the doorway and closes the door.

AoO Pink vs Kale: 1d20 ⇒ 4
Dmg: 1d4 ⇒ 3

AoO Orange vs Kale: 1d20 ⇒ 1
Dmg: 1d4 ⇒ 1

AoO Blue vs Kale: 1d20 ⇒ 6
Dmg: 1d4 ⇒ 2

Callis flees the swarms for safty. (Calli, you are going down a passage you haven't explored yet. I'll move you in the other direction)

Haruf jaunts through the swarm and down the hall. He tries find the devil but does not detect anything unusual in this hall.

Alex is up! -6 hps to Pink

male Half-elf

Alex tries to get clear of the spiders, following the rest of the group down the hall

fort: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (13) + 3 = 16
poison fort: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (16) + 3 = 19

"Let's move kale, we're leaving, but not without you. And you know the saying. The last one out gets the lights." He said with a small amount of humor in his voice.

oh I most definately get that aliens feel, but with more people surviving.

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The party is able escape the devils and spiders. Infernal cackling and laughing chases them out, but nothing else follows. Weakened and wounded the party is able to make it back to the entry hall on the first floor.


"O...okay...that was a close one!" Calli pants. "An' next time Ah'll just leave th' strange circles an' stuff be! Let's get outta here an' rest up, then we can come back here an' finish th' job."

Kale leaned against her bec de corbin to support herself. "Worst part... we have to go back..." She said. "We can't leave that thing there." She told them.

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Clearly!, Haruf says trying to show confidence. We could make a plan to find the lil devil, he says trying to figure out a way to see invisible creatures. Sadly, his lack of arcane knowledge doesn't help him think of any way.


"Alls we can do right now is lock this place up tight an' hope it don't find a way to get out," Calli sighs. "Then we can come back all rested up an' prepared, even if that means havin' ta hunt it down all over th' house!"

male Half-elf

"first things first, let's see to these wounds." Alex said with a half grin. Though his outward disposition portrayed a semi cheery attitude as if to say hey, at least we are still alive, inside he was rather upset that their trust was taken advantage of by that outsider. "also honing our skills before going back wouldn't hurt." He also wanted to try to use the time to do any kind of research that would help them against the Devils and if he can, learn what he can about the dark tapestry

cause leveling is also a thing.

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The party takes their time healing their wounds and regaining their strength. They also reflect on resent events to better themselves.

Ding! You've reached level 3. Level up accordingly. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to do in town.


After making sure to help bar Hunclay's manor as best as she can and to warn potential snoopers that the place is still rather dangerous, Calli spends the next few days doing research on demons and other planar beings so that she'll have a better idea of how to defeat them in the future. During this time her wounds mend and she gets the distinct impression that even with having to make a retreat, she's grown stronger for all her recent experiences.

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After resting, Haruf thinks of buying paint to throw around in Hunclay's dungeons, hoping to paint the devil and kill it. He hopes the party will find a more effective way, though.

Can't kill what you can't see, he complains to Kale as he helps her rest.

Is there a See Invisibility in the party??!?! Maybe a pot

"That is very true. Perhaps we can get a mage to come along with us into the house. None of us can cast arcane spells." She sighed as she leaned on Haruf. "I wonder if they even have a mage in town since Hunclay passed..."

male Half-elf

Alex spent the time after leaving the manor to see what more he could learn to better prepare himself for another skirmish with the devil, however, seeing Calli learning more when it comes to knowledge of that field, he adjusted his focus towards bettering his religious understanding and learning what he could about the arcane magics that hunclay was playing with. over the course of the few days, through his training he became more proficient in finding those pesky holes that a well placed arrow could slide between with ease, and through his faith learned better ways to not only expedite his friends recovery, but also combat beasts similar to the ones they had fought. in between times, he also asked around if there were potions that would help them in the mansion potions of detect evil since potions of see invisibility can be expensive

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There is not much in the way of paint, but Haruf remembers some old adventurer's tales about how flour could be used to dust an area. Supposedly it would outline an invisible creature in powder. True Story!

As for learning about devils, demons and the undead, Bassy's name comes up time and time again. She's a strange old gnome that has been around longer than anybody can remember.

There are nobody else learned in the arcane arts that can be found. There are stories of Anagrit and the hexes that she can cast on people. But she's never been much for the townfolk, let alone strangers.

1d100 ⇒ 72
1d4 ⇒ 3

Alex asks around about potions in town. Nobody has ever heard of a potion that sees the evil in a man, let alone invisible ones. There are a few scrolls that can solve that problem.

Detect Evil or See Invisibility spells cannot be crafted into potions. The duration is too long. What would the party like to do?


After a few days of each of them recuperating as well as making their own preparations for a return to the manor, Calli manages to corral everyone together at the Grayhands Tavern.

"H'okay, so Ah've done some readin' up on demons an' stuff but it really sounds like Bassy's the best one ta' talk to 'bout such things, so's I was thinkin' mebbe we could pay 'er a visit iffin' we have to," she explains. "Anyone else got any idears or plans for when we go back ta' th' manor?"

Let's have a little RP and planning session while we hopefully recruit a new PC :)

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Haruf, sure he can solve the invisibility problem, buys himself some cheap flower and some cloth. With it, he wraps the flower in the cloth and closes them loosely so that the flower bursts when the little bag hits a surface. He is so concentrated in this task and so proud of his bombs, after proper testing, that he starts to think that he should be an engineer. He crafts 3 such bags to bring with him back to Hunclay's dungeon.

After proudly showing Kale his work, he claims to be ready to delve back in.

How would this work exactly? A splash weapon that shows the outline of a small invisible creature for 2 rounds if it hits the exact square, but 1 round if it hits an adjacent square? It could just reveal the position, but not remove the miss chance?


For what it's worth, you're not the first person I've seen to come up with throwing flour/dust as a sort of ghetto Glitterdust effect. Heck, I've even seen a sorcerer throw goopy flour as a dirty trick maneuver to blind an enemy! :3

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Bassy's House is very easy to find down by the river.

You are greeted at the door by a spry gnome that moves around much better given her rumored age.

"Hello, hello all. I have been wondering when you would stop by. I have heard much of your adventures around these parts. It has been a long time since folk of your caliber have ranged these lands. I have fresh baked lemon cakes and the tea is almost done steeping.

"Well aren't you a bit one deary. Does that armor chaff? I would think it would be a problem around the curvy bits you know. And you, you barely have anything at all. No sword or shield, but I bet you are the that keeps everybody alive, eh? And now you sir, don't go lurking the shadows. Sit up here, front and center next to me and the fire. Please pull back that hood, you are indoors in the presence of ladies. Finally, Alex, so good to see you again. Please let Emmy know that this season's crop has been spectacular.

The gnome then further illuminates the room with a flicker of her fingers as multi-hues lights begin to dance about in a pleasant design.

"How can I help you? I know a little bit of everything. But if my answers don't satisfy you, perhaps a ginger pop will have to do."

Kale couldn't help but give her lover a smile and kiss on the cheek. "Always thinking outside the box." She said with a laugh.

Kale smiled at the spry gnome as she went on about her armor. "Believe it or not a good bandage job around the girls helps a lot! Even more so when you have someone to rub them better at night." She smirked at the last bit as her eyes shifted to Haruf. "Ginger pop?" Kale asked as she raised an eyebrow.


"Ah...she means candy," Calli offers, for once blushing a little at Kale's remark about having things rubbed. "An' thank you ma'am, we're much obliged! We ah...we've been runnin' across some interestin' critters out at Hunclay's old place an' we kinda wanted to ask ya a little 'bout them 'fore we head back out there," she continues as she accepts the gnome's invitation to step inside and stay awhile.

"Uh...but it's been nasty critters, devils an' stuff from other planes," she continues, unsure of just how much Bassy already knows about what they're seeking. "An' we need ta' make sure we clear 'em all out 'fore Hunclay's people get here."

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The home is cozy and a bit tight, since it a house for a gnome. Kale has to squat a bit or at least crack her neck to the side.

Bassy pulls a clay jar off the shelf and runs her hand inside with a rattle. She pulls a piece of candy that looks like a glob of tree sap on the end of a river reed.

"Ginger pop. Excellent to easy quizzy bellies after having the "special" of the day down at the Inn. Or to relaxed the morning heaves before one conceives."

1d20 ⇒ 11
1d20 ⇒ 17

"Devils you say? Nasty business that is. I never had any problems with ol' Hunclay. A bit of an extentric, but I have seen his type over the years. These folks don't get much exposure to the outside world. Spooked by what you don't know. But I maybe able to answer your questions."

male Half-elf

Alex gave a kind smile, happy to be conversing with a more familiar face. "It is good to see you as well, Bassy. It has been a while..... though I haven't had too many an oppertunity to see Emmy all that often here recently, I will make sure to tell her. She will be pleased to hear such success." As the others continued the conversation, Alex at first sat out of it. At least until Bassy gave indication that she would help as best she could. That was when Alex chimed in with, "it was a nasty and annoying little creature with a summon happy attitude, but I bet a better description would help." As his smile returned. He then spent a couple of breaths trying to give an adequate description of the creature, while also hoping the others could fill in any blanks he left open.

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"That sounds like it might be a zebub. Nasty little pests. They are typically the starter critter, one could say, of those that wish to make contact into other planes of existence. Or to be used as a spy. The devil bound by a circle perchance or flying freely about the manor? I do hope they open it to the public; the house not the devil. I think only his servants have ever been inside. But they are pretty tight lipped about the inner works of Hunclay's Manor."


"Does this zebub thing have any weaknesses or anythin'?" Calli asks. "It and its buddies were a' so were the swarms...oh dang! At least a couple of us need ta' buy some of that liquid fire stuff, Ah think Ah heard they were good for bug problems an' such."

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"Like most creatures from the evil realms, weapons infused with the holy power of the angles will tear through their skin as if it were parchment. Or those made of of cold iron or silver. I always forget which one goes with which: devils, demons, daemons, etc.

"Being minions of Beelzebub, the lord of the flies, they probably are able summon swarms of their local kin. Break the devil's concentration and they swarms should disperse after a few moments. But fire pots would be a good way to exterminate the swarms sooner."


"Holy power of...angles?" Calli scratches her head. "Ah never was too good at maths...sounds like somethin' a wizard would do..."

Sorry, couldn't resist :3

"It did drop spiders on us... uha I hate bugs..." Kale said with a sigh. "So, cold iron or silver hmm? We can stop by that smith again. But I don't know where we'd get, fire pots you said? from." She commented.

male Half-elf

Alex listened carefully at what was said and began to wonder if his faith to Erastil would be able to give them at least temporary holy enhancement to their weapons. "We may have a solution when it comes to weapon infusion, albeit temporarily and with limited possibilities. Erastil willing."

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"Yes, that is right my dear, angles. Devils fear non-Euclidean angles and geometry. That is one learns the first day of bard school," Bassy says with a knowing wink and smile.

"Xemne the alchemist may have some of fire pots for sale. Of course, they may go by another name. She's just down the road but before the bridge. Friendly girl that one is."


"Awright, so fire pots, cold iron, an' mebbe silver iffin' we can swing it - Ah think that's a purty good place ta' start," Calli grins. "Ah might prefer fightin' with mah fists but ain't no law says Ah can't buy me a spiffy cold iron fightin' stick or somethin'!"

"Oh, Madam Bassy, there doesn't happen to be another wizard around these parts is there? Or perhaps a Sorcerer?" Kale asked as she leaned foreword a bit. "Someone who could go down with us?"

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"Alas, I fear there is not. The adventuring days of many in this town are long passed. That is likely why you were asked to search out the mystery of the fallen tower.

"Hunclay was the only wizard I am aware of in town. But I believe one of my old students maybe passing through. Should one of them show up, I'll send them in your direction."

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As the gnome closes her mouth, the door opens. From it emerges an elf dressed in fancy and brightly coloured court attire loudly speaking: "I know, dear Anastasia, it is dreadful to enter someone's house unannounced, but that is what we were instructed to do and the sooner we're done, the sooner we can return to…" he stops himself mid-sentence, feeling the occupants' eyes on him. "Oh! I was not informed there would have been a little reception party! How delightful!", he bares a bright and joyful smile.

"I am Vretiel Vaneldra, gossiper and the life of every party, at your service", he makes a small bow towards all in the room and turns to Bassy. "You, madam, must be Bassy. The fame of your sprightliness precedes you. I am pleased to make your acquaintance."

As Vretiel finally stops speaking for a second, a bright red and purple snake comes out of the ruffles around his neck: "And this is Anastasia. We would both adore some tea".

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Iskra saw Vretiel striding up the lane to Bassy's house when she'd turned onto the familiar street, and was unable to resist quirking a smile at the sight of his refined couture and bold color scheme. She followed a good forty paces behind, growing ever more curious as the elf had turns off at Bassy's home and approaches the front door.

Almost she decides to keep walking, to delay her longed for return to her mentor so as to make it a private moment, but then her smile turns wry as she considers her own shyness. Surely she shouldn't balk at sharing her mentor with one stranger, should she?

Even as the elf lets himself in, she walks up the garden path to the gnome's house, accelerating at the last so that she's able to slip inside behind him just before the door swings closed. A quick sidestep allows her to place her back to the wall, and then her eyes widens at the sight of the company gathered within the cosy living room.

Bassy was hosting a veritable party, it seemed.

Iskra reaches up and curls a strand of her smooth, ebon hair behind an ear, and then covers her mouth as she smiles, unable to restrain her amusement once more at Vretiel's greeting.

Peering around the colorful popinjay, she tries to catch Bassy's eye and gives a little wave, then thumbs over her shoulder as if asking, should I come back later?


"Oh, uh...howdy there!" Calli responds, evidently rather surprised as well to see both the elf and the human stroll through the door. "Ah, didn't know you were havin' a party Bassy - do ya need us ta' clear on outta here?"

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Bassy stands up to greet Vretiel.

"Oh it is very good to meet you, Vretiel. Alex, be a dear and pass that cup over to our new guest.

"I did not think my letters to Oppara would have received such a quick response. A small town such as ours hardly gains notice within the Empire. Of course, many here don't even know they are apart of an Empire until they have to pay taxes."

When Iskra gently enters, Bassy's eyes widen.

"Oh deary me. Iskra, is that you? My what a woman you have developed into."

Bassy walks over and takes both of Iskra's hands into her own.

"Now this is a party. Had I known, I would have baked some more of that vanilla shortbread you love so much, Iskra."

"Well my dear," Bassy says in Kale's direction, "it appears your question has been answered. Iskra was one of my finest pupils. There wasn't a book of mine safe from her pursuit of knowledge. And now we have one of Taldor's finest. I'm sure the two of them can stay a day or so and help you with your little devil problem."

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Haruf strangely relaxes at Bassy's sweet talk.

He wonders if he should go after those mithral daggers the party sold while getting ready for it.

However he tenses up as the new guys come in, looking for somewhere to hide.

Kale placed a hand on Haruf's shoulder when she noticed his body tense. "Well met." Kale told them with a nod as she stepped foreword. "I am Kale Amora, I guess you could call me the heavy hitter of this group. So you two are willing to take on a demon with us? We need a little magical might on our side and if you're willing we'd welcome you." Kale told them honestly as she gave them a respectful nod.

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Vretiel turns to Iskra and becomes even more excited: "Oh! Aren't you a sneaky and scrumptious little thing! Come, come, into the light with you.". The elf takes the cup that is offered to him, closes his eyes, sips a bit of the tea and lowers it slightly so Anastasia can have a taste. "Marvellous."

"And of course I'm happy to help your friends, dear Bassy. Why, my instructions were completely straightforward: go to Bassy's house, enter immediately, see to her request." He turns to the others: "Delighted in meeting you, Kale. And your so far unnamed friends. I am sure we will all get along wonderfully."

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Iskra allows Bassy to pull her forward, curling a strand of ebon hair behind her ear as she does so. There's something at once shy yet self-possessed about her; her smile is a private expression, one that reveals her fondness for Bassy even as her curiosity as to the gathering grows.

"Would you believe me Bassy if I said I've been dreaming of your shortbread all these long days on the road?" Her voice is cultured, soft, amused. She then impulsively pulls Bassy into a hug then steps away, turning to others as they introduce themselves.

Vretiel draws her smile back to her face, and she gives a half-mocking curtsy with one hand, pulling on an non-existent dress. She becomes perhaps a touch more reserved when Kale introduces herself and mentions a demon; Vretiel's immediate agreement causes an eyebrow to rise, and then she steps over to a couch, sits and curls her legs up beneath her, and holding her tea looks over to Kale.

"A demon, you say? And to think I thought my visit to Bassy would prove calm and restorative. If I'd known there'd be this kind of excitement at hand, I might not have bothered lugging Inviglior's complete history of Taldane all this way." Her eyes shine with a mischievous light. "But tell me more about your situation. Demons can range from inconsequential mites to the most dreadful of pit fiends. What manner of problem exactly are you facing?"

male Half-elf

Alex was completely taken off-guard with the very sudden entrance of Vretiel that had it not been for Bassy's quick response, he might have taken a more rude approach to match the entrance. that didn't prevent Alex from still having a cautious expression as he passed the cup as was requested of him. such an expression didn't last long, however, as it was replaced with one more of curiosity as a name he hadn't heard in a very long time left Bassy's lips. Though they never had much opportunity to meet in person, except maybe in passing, Alex had heard at least some about Iskra from Bassy and others in the town, leaving him to wonder how close Bassy's bragging matched the person "So this is the Iskra you held in high regard. A pleasure." he said in Bassy's direction while maintaining his gaze towards Iskra, giving a pleasant smile and turning the last of his words from Bassy towards Iskra.

As the focus of the party turned once more back to the demon problem, he turned to a more reserved approach; not really interjecting this time as the two new arrivals question kale about the demon.

N Male Elf Witch 3 | HP 17/17 | AC 15 (15 Touch, 14 Flat-Footed) | CMB 0, CMD 11 | Fort. +1, Ref. +2, Will +3, +5 enchantment | Init. +2 | Perc. +7, Sense Motive +2 | Speed 30ft | | Spells: 1st 2/3, 2nd 1/2 | Active conditions: Mage Armour

"Yes, good, to business then." Vretiel says, leaving the cup lowered for Anastasia. "Not only what manner of demon problem you are facing, but how did you get there in the first place, I'd ask. Hardly something one does for pleasure, going after demons and such."

"We where cleaning out an old friend's manor. He was doing something with outsiders, and before he could return the demon to its plane he passed on. We tried to return it but we only ended up releasing it." Kale told them as she let out an annoyed sigh. "It turned on us within seconds and we had to withdraw from the manor." She explained while she crossed her arms.

N Male Elf Witch 3 | HP 17/17 | AC 15 (15 Touch, 14 Flat-Footed) | CMB 0, CMD 11 | Fort. +1, Ref. +2, Will +3, +5 enchantment | Init. +2 | Perc. +7, Sense Motive +2 | Speed 30ft | | Spells: 1st 2/3, 2nd 1/2 | Active conditions: Mage Armour

"Ugh, I see. Demons are a proper mess. Is it something we can try and negotiate with? And what did it look, smell like?"

If the others can describe the demon, Vretiel will try to remember if the description matches anything he knows
Knowledge(Planes): 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (15) + 8 = 23

Wizard 3 | HP 16/16 | AC 16 (16 Touch, 14 Flat-Footed) | CMB 0, CMD 11 | Fort. +1, Ref. +3, Will +3 | Init. +8 | Speed 30ft | | Spells: 1st 3/4, 2nd 1/3 | Active conditions: Mage Armor

Iskra sips her tea, porcelain cup held with both hands, and her gaze flicks over to Alex as he smiles at her. She lowers the cup so as to incline her head with a polite smile - he did look a little familiar - and her smile grows warmer.

"The pleasure is mine, good sir."

Kale's narrative catches her attention, however, and she grows quite serious; this could easily prove a lethal affair, and so she gives the woman her undivided attention. When Vretiel asks his follow-up questions, she nods her agreement with his line of inquiry, and confers with him as he seeks to dig up some information on their foe, offering suggestions, theories, and a few more questions of her own.

Aiding Vretiel: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (9) + 8 = 17


"Name's Calli McDaniel," the monk says, offering her each to Vretiel and Iskra in turn as introductions are made. "An' what Kale says is pretty much th' long an' short of things. Hunclay was an old friend an' Lady Origena wanted us ta' clear out anythin' dangerous in his manor 'fore his kin get here to sort through all his belongins'," she explains.

"Now we managed to take care a' one or two pests in there but that last one was a doozy...let's see, it kinda looked like someone mashed a baby an' a big ol' fly together - that ring any bells?"

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What Calli is describing sounds like an Accuser Devil. They have the ability to grant other creatures visions of what it has witnessed making it an unusually useful creature to many conjurers.

They are resistant to all weapons unless they are made of silver or good aligned. They can go Invisible and Teleport at will.

Bassy smiles in delight as she witnesses the group getting along.

"I would hate to put upon you, Iskra, to help these fine folk out. Hunclay arrived sometime after you left. He was...eccentric in his ways. From what I gathered, these are his friends that have comes after a request for aid. Sadly, he was found dead in the basement of the old Witch's Tower after it fell suddenly. Kobolds are believed to behind the entire thing, but there is some confusion if the wizard had a part as well.

"A wizard's manor is a dangerous place. For the town's safety, it would be best to make sure there isn't any more dangers lurking about that could get free. Besides, it will give me time to make the shortbread."

N Male Elf Witch 3 | HP 17/17 | AC 15 (15 Touch, 14 Flat-Footed) | CMB 0, CMD 11 | Fort. +1, Ref. +2, Will +3, +5 enchantment | Init. +2 | Perc. +7, Sense Motive +2 | Speed 30ft | | Spells: 1st 2/3, 2nd 1/2 | Active conditions: Mage Armour

Hearing the description, Vretiel thinks for a short moment and then enters on a quick exchange of arcane terms and names with Iskra, hard to follow both for the specialist knowledge and the sheer speed in which the elf and the wizard speak.

After a few seconds, Vretiel looks at Kale and the others: "Well, Iskra and I are sure this is one of those repugnant little accuser devils. Going invisible all the time, teleporting to places they're not wanted, trust me, not the thing you want to have an infestation of. It might still prove useful, if you want to know what exactly happened with your late friend, since its name comes from their powers to grant visions of what it has seen." He sips a bit more tea: "As for dealing with it, I have something fabulous that can help us with the invisibility (though it lasts for a dreadfully short time), and you should all be getting some silver weapons. Lovely Iskra might have other means to hurt it."

Wizard 3 | HP 16/16 | AC 16 (16 Touch, 14 Flat-Footed) | CMB 0, CMD 11 | Fort. +1, Ref. +3, Will +3 | Init. +8 | Speed 30ft | | Spells: 1st 3/4, 2nd 1/3 | Active conditions: Mage Armor

Her exchange with Vretiel obviously delights Iskra; he's as quick as she could desire, and just as knowledgeable as she is. If anything, he makes some intuitive leaps that surprise her, and when he makes his final pronouncement she sets her now empty cup of tea aside and gives a slight nod, completely in agreement.

"A zebub, there can be no doubt. Vretiel's knowledge of the planes is as impressive as his couture." She shifts her weight slightly, an almost abstracted movement as she frowns and focuses on the middle distance. "Teleportation, the summoning of swarms, perverse cruelty, invisibility - our greatest challenge will be in preventing his escape if we do turn the tides against him."

She looks around the group, actually noticing Haruf for the first time. Is that gentleman trying to hide? "In fact, we're assuming the zebub is still within the same building. It could have teleported anywhere by this point. But let's assume it's still there. I could enter first, levitate so as to safeguard myself against the swarms, and then entrap them in a vast web."

Her smile becomes just a little wicked. "Which I could follow up with a flood of flame which would both set the web on fire as well as damage the swarms - and potentially the zebub."

She hesitates then looks to Bassy. "You said kobolds killed this mage? I'm surprised. I would have thought him more formidable if he's capable of summoning zebubs and worse."


"It''s all kinda been confusin' to us too," Calli admits. "Hunclay never seemed th' type ta' deal with devils an' demons but wizards are strange folk I s'pose," she shrugs. "But yer plan with th' fire an' all...I like it," she continues with a grin. "An' we'd just been talkin' 'bout pickin' up some of that liquid fire an' some silver weapons 'fore the two of you showed up."

She looks from Iskra to Vretiel. "So the two of you'd be willin' to help us out then? It's mighty 'preciated!"

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