The Nebten's Demand (Inactive)

Game Master Nebten

XP 8188/9000 | Belhaim Map | Battle Map


[dice=Alex Perception]1d20+3[/dice]
[dice=Kale Perception]1d20+3[/dice]
[dice=Haruf Perception]1d20+5[/dice]
[dice=Vretiel Perception]1d20+7[/dice]
[dice=Iskra Perception]1d20[/dice]

Haruf's Campaign Journal

Iulia's Bag o' Loot

Knowledges Known: History, Local, Arcana, Dungeoneering, Nature, Planes, Religion, Engineering.

Order of what Knowledge rolls grant: Name, type, keywords, Powers, Resistances, & Vulnerabilities.

Small town

Base Value 1,000 gp; Purchase Limit 5,000 gp; Spellcasting 4th

Specific Magic Items For Sale

Tymek's (Friendly): Msw Cold Iron Longsword, Wand of Web (4 charges, CL 3)

House of Abadar (Indifferent: All items & services are 10% more then found in CRB)
+1 light crossbow, +2 longsword, scroll of restoration (3) CL 7, wand of cure moderate wounds (39 charges) CL 3

Chance Smith (Unfriendly: All items purchased here are 50% more then found in CRB):
+1 bashing heavy steel shield

Shrine of the Seven Roses (Friendly): deep red sphere ioun stone, goggles of minute seeing, wand of lesser restoration (43 charges)

Legend on Belhaim Map:

1 Malak Farm
2 Hardglow Farm
3 Belhaim Garrison
4 The Wise Piper
5 Xemne's Tonics
6 Nachis Sisters
7 Akil's Meats
8 Benhovy Home
9 Tymek's
10 Belhaim Record Hall
11 Soorey's Garmenls
12 Belhaim Schoolhouse
13 Sensina Hides
14 Belhaim Commons
15 House of Abadar
16 Baccus Smithy
17 Dodgion Livery
18 Belhaim Candleworks
19 Mason's Guildhall
20 Gruev Home
21 Melash's
22 Bassy's Home
23 Delbin's Devices
24 Odayalle's Furs
25 The Sunset House
26 Devy Stables
27 Devy Manor
28 Hunclay Manor
29 Belhaim Woodworks
30 Breads and Cakes
31 Fine Scenls Soapmaker
32 Shrine of the Seven Roses Temple
33 Woolen Goods Fellmaker
34 Grellen & Sons Moneychanger
35 Grayhands Tavern
36 Chance Smilhy Smithy
37 Willoway Orchard Apple farm
38 Biton Lodge Hunting lodge
39 Abrassus Ranch Sheep farm, Helpful
40 Brenlow Ranch Cattle farm
41 Potter's Row Potter
42 Adras Manor Estate
43 Gorendel's Fine Footwear Cobbler
44 Anagrit's Cottage Herbalist
45 Belhaim Cheeses Cheesemaker
46 Pascis Farm Vegetable farm
47 Kandos Weavers Clothier
48 Tints & Dyes Dyer
49 Adula Farm Tomato farm
50 Fisher's Row Fishery
51 Karvely Mill Grain Mill
52 Monette Farm Tobacco farm
53 Dymas Farm

Dragon's Demand's Quests

1. The Collapsed Tower:
Investigate the cause of the Witch Tower's collapse.
Reward: 1,200 XP, plus 550 gp awarded by the baroness.

2. Finding Hunclay:
Find out whether Balthus Hunclay had anything to do with the Witch Tower's collapse. Reward: 800 XP.

3. Making Friends or Enemies*:
Make at least one of the families of Bethaim helpful or hostile toward the party. Reward: 400 XP.

4. Hero or Villain*:
Make everyone in one of Belhaim's factions either friendly or better, or unfriendly or worse, toward the PCs. Reward: 600 XP.

5. Best Friend or Worst Nightmare*
Make everyone in Belhaim either friendly or better, or unfriendly or worse. Reward: 3,200 XP.

6. Belhaim Historian*
Learn a great deal of Belhaim's history. Reward: 800 XP.

7. Finding Bophre Malak
Find the Malak's lost Daughter. Reward: 1,200 XP, plus 200 gp from Isadorer Malak at Malak Farm, and Malak Farm becomes helpful.

8. The Blood Vow Kobolds
Drive off or defeat the kobolds of the Blood Vow tribe. Reward: 1,200 XP, 1,200 gp.

9. Finding the Kells
Learn what became of the Kells. Reward: 2,400 XP.

10. Helping Nighttail
Help Nighttail take control of the Blood Vow tribe. Reward: 800 XP and Nighttail's promise to leave Belhaim alone.

11. Exploring the Estate
Fully explore Hunclay's estate and ensure that it is safe for the baroness's clerks. Reward: 1,600 XP and 5,000 gp.

12. Wolf Hunting
Kill the wolf that's been raiding Abrassus Ranch. Reward: 1,600 XP, 800 gp, Abrassus Ranch becomes helpful.

13. Rescuing Maffei
Rescue the shae prisoner. Reward: 2,400 XP, plus Maffei's aid.

14. Exploring Hunclay's Cave
Find the location of Hunclay's hidden cave and explore it. Reward: 2,400 XP.

15. Restore Maffei
Restore Maffei's negative levels. Reward 2,400 XP