Tatters of the King, Book 1: The Madman

Game Master James Keegan

The stars are right. Hastur's gaze gains brief focus upon the Earth, and things change.

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I think it's going to be a matter of walking in like we know what we're doing, Lucian is going to roll some Fast Talk rolls to convince people that we're harmless eccentrics here to get some first-hand knowledge of the world of an English asylum for some vague theatrical endeavor, and possibly a large charitable contribution from Mr. McAllistair because he's all about this over-the-top method of investigation.

Player-wise, maybe not our greatest plan. Character-wise, Lucian seems just crazy enough to go running into this plan bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

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Hey guys, I thought I would drop in just to apologize that the game's wound down so much. The campaign as written is a very slow build which becomes practically glacial in a pbp and I just lost confidence in my ability to keep improvising and pushing things along in an organic way and for that I apologize. We've also lost Jelloarm as a player since RL has gotten very hectic for him (fortunately no emergencies or anything, just very busy).

If you're interested, though, I'm planning to take my Kaer Maga adventurers into the Shattered Star AP from the Godsmouth Ossuary adventure. We've lost two of our original six now, so there will be spots to fill. We have:

Jam412 as Kua the half-orc Duskwarden ranger/barbarian
Bryan as Yangzhun Chen the human evoker (bloatmage initiate)
randall793 as Auron Rurikski the human cavalier (houndmaster)
and Max Hellspont as Sister Mara the human inquisitor or Saerenrae

Everyone's second level and you guys would also start likewise. We lost Jelloarm's druid and our cleric earlier, so a divine caster with some diplomatic skills would fit in well. Let me know if you're interested; it may be a little while before we get rolling, so no rush.

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5


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