Rise of the New Runelords' Minions

Game Master Harakani

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Male Human Cleric 5 / F+6,R+3,W+7 / AC 19/19/10 CMD 14 / HP 43/43 / Init +0 Per +8 / Spells 5/5,4/4,3/3 / Bursts 4/4

What happened to F? Did we not explore there?

EDIT: Or I guess I should say H1.

Assuming the minions are talking about what to do, and Panhorn leaves the amulet anyway - seems an impasse.

The amulet is gone the next morning - and from that moment on Panhorn is exempt from the curse. No pranks are played on him, and his luck seems to turn to the good.

This leaves the question of what now?

Reve takes the body into the river, standing ankle deep in the water as he drops it in.

The...whatever that undead thing was rises out of the water. Impossibly out of the water - lurching up out of the water as if it were six feet deep, Stag Lord's body dragged along with him.

Nodding at Reve he turns, and trudges back into the lake, sinking as he goes. Within seconds he and the Stag Lord's body have vanished under the water.

Something bumps against Reve's ankle. Something long - and sharp. Looking down he sees a Ranseur swirled against him by the current.

M Kellid+ Ranger (Guide) 4

"Great, now we've only got to find another four of em." he mutters sarcastically when Panhorn's gift is accepted. He glares around at the forest, hand on his flail.


"Hmph." he mutters as he watches the undead thing disappear without a word. He is turning back to the bank when something bumps his ankle. He is surprised when that proves to be a weapon, but picks it up, carrying it back to the bank. "A Gift?" he asks, looking at the others.

Male Human Alchemist 5

"I would say yes. Or payment for services rendered."

Male Gnome Archivist Bard 2

Panhorn casts detect magic on the ranseur. If it's magic, he casts identify.
Spellcraft: 1d20 + 10 + 8 ⇒ (4) + 10 + 8 = 22

Sorry guys, I could swear I answered this.
The Ranseur is indeed magical; a faint taint of the grave and oaths fulfilled sticks to the weapon.
It is a +1 Ranseur

So... K: The Curse.
Panhorn's gift rendered him exempt and the Runelords are about to ride out...
What is the plan?

M Kellid+ Ranger (Guide) 4

Reve's position has not changed.

So, unless I hear otherwise I'm going with Reve catches them pranking one night, gets angry and kills them.

M Kellid+ Ranger (Guide) 4

yup. Sounds fine to me :p

Reve never does find that amulet.

Should probably move new areas to the gameplay thread.

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