PbP Gameday VII - Heroes for Highdelve - GM NOWRUZ #1 (Inactive)

Game Master noral

Start Sep 10

Maps and handouts

Recruiting for Heroes for Highdelve!

Lottery will decide which four players will join so that

- they can either play the pregens below for 1 XP and 2 PP


- they can play their own character for 1 XP and 1 PP.


  • Brialla, human ranger: PDF | BB Code
  • Meraina, human sorcerer: PDF | BB Code
  • Kiliuk, half-orc barbarian: PDF | BB Code
  • Torgen, dwarf fighter: PDF | BB Code

    Lottery - Final decision mid July.

    This a PbP Gameday VII game starting September 10.

  • Preference will be given to players that have neither played nor GMed this scenario before.

    Please provide the following details:

    Character (pregen or own character):
    Played/GMed this scenario before:
    Day job roll:

    Dark Archive

    I am planning to make a new character. Thinking a psychic. Would love to get into this game.

    Player - Skorn
    Character - Psychic most likely
    PFS# 3387-20
    Faction - Unknown
    Played/GMed this scenario before: No
    Day job roll: Unknown

    Grand Lodge

    Player: philipjcormier
    Character: Oded Fardeth
    PFS: 55792-12
    Faction: Grand Lodge
    Played/GMed this scenario before: neither
    Day job roll: none.

    Oded is currently finishing The Confirmation, and played Wounded Wisp, so he is still 1st level.

    Grand Lodge

    Player: meloriel
    Character Molly Fairsmile
    PFS: 276820-15
    Faction: Grand Lodge
    Played/GMed this scenario before: No
    Day job roll: Perform Song: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22

    I applied for both this run and your August 25th run with the same character, and was hoping to get in on only ONE of those two games. Thanks!

    The Exchange

    I would like to join this. I will either use the same new character that I make for your wounded wisp (Oct 1) or if that character is still busy, I'll probably run either a pregen or make another new level 1.

    Cerwin, philipjcormier , Skorn


    Please dot in the gameplay with AN INTRODUCTION OF YOUR CHARACTER!

    * * *

    meloriel, as you are already in one of the games I would provide another player the chance to play this game. I hope that is ok.

    * * *


    Grand Lodge

    I will play the orc barbarian pregenerated character

    Player: Afraid
    Character: Kiliuk (Pregen)
    PFS: 342636-4
    Faction: Grand Lodge (?)
    Played/GMed this scenario before: Neither
    Day job roll: Unknown

    Silver Crusade

    I will lend me ax if ye have me.

    Player: Aldran Ironfoot
    Character (pregen or own character): Own
    PFS: 38898-6
    Faction: Silver Crusade
    Played/GMed this scenario before: No
    Day job roll: Day Job Miner: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21

    The Exchange


    Player: I'm Hiding In Your Closet
    Character (pregen or own character): Sirius Sa'luk (Own)
    PFS: 40025-27
    Faction: Exchange
    Played/GMed this scenario before: No
    Day job roll: Thievery: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (19) + 12 = 31

    Hello, I'm throwing my hat in the ring for this game. Would be happy to try one of the pregens that are listed.

    Player: Papasteve08
    Character (pregen or own character): Pregen - Brialla
    PFS: 133958-9
    Faction: Grand Lodge
    Played/GMed this scenario before: No
    Day job roll: N/A for pregens

    Kiliuk, you are in!

    SO we have

    Cerwin, philipjcormier , Skorn, Kiliuk.

    Please dot in the gameplay.

    Dark Archive

    I have to make an alias for my new character. Will dot tonight or tomorrow. Thanks!

    No worries ... we are not in a hurry!!! ;-)

    If you'll have me:
    Player - Xavier Humberg
    Character - own character Azra Gambit (gnome Oracle [healer] 1)
    PFS - 295369-6
    Faction - GL
    Played or GMed: no
    Day Job Roll: will be profession herbalism, but new character's stats aren't quite finalized, yet. Will be tonight.

    Sorry Xavier, I sent you the wrong link!

    LINK to correct site. Repost your details on the recruitment page and then directly jump into the gameplay with your character.

    If you are new please read the Flexseed guide for new PbP. You posted on the Flexseed page and there are lots of links!

    Grand Lodge

    Are Uri and I on the wrong site? Doesn't seem to be anyone else.

    Cerwin is missing so we are opening RECRUITING FOR ONE MORE PLAYER.

    Silver Crusade

    I can bring my own level 1 character.

    Player: Zach D
    Character (pregen or own character): Zarek Champion of Ragathiel
    PFS: 133462-19
    Faction: Silver Crusade
    Played/GMed this scenario before: no/no
    Day job roll: n/a

    ZAREK, your character is in! Jump into the gameplay as a late arrival.

    I'm guessing your table is full Noral yes?

    The Concordance

    I seem to somehow have signed up for two different games with GM Nowruz. I'll gladly jump in where needed but cannot play both. If I am needed in both games I'll create a new character, but would rather give someone else a chance to play. Just let me know.

    Hi GM PDK! Hi Uri!

    If you Uri would rather not play in this game and move to the Wounded Wisp game then of course there is a seat available for GM PDK! ;-)

    I would also open another table of Heroes for Highdelve so that GM PDK has a seat so do not feel bad Uri.

    So Uri, please reconfirm that you really do not want to play in the HfH game and would would rather move to the Wounded Wisp.

    If you do open up another table, I'd love to get in on the action too!

    Uri will play in this table with a pregen. We just had a PM chat.

    GM PDK, Hawthwile, you are in the new table that I will open this week. Already check the recruitment page of this campaign for pregens and other details.

    2 more seats available at the new table.

    Grand Lodge

    sooo...I'm a little confused...how many people this game now? Is there a limit of 4 or can you have 6?

    Limit is 4 - you Oded are playing with Zarek, Skorn, Kiliuk. So just continue in the gameplay.

    I am opening a new table for four PCs and already have GM PDK and Hawthwile.

    Two more seats available.

    Hi GM Nowruz - could you please PM me a link to the new table I must report to? thank you!

    Dark Archive

    Hello, I heard there was room here. I have several characters in range and would love to play.

    Dark Archive

    My options are:

    • Charlemagne Caligula Desiderius: Human Unchained Summoner 1 (out of combat scout/skills eidolon, Summon Monster SLA in combat)
    • Breezy Sunshine Essence: Vine Leshy Cleric 1 (Evangelist) of Erastil (support/archer)
    • Engelbert Hrolf Feidlimid: Suli Skald 2 (support/front line)
    • Nicodemo Viggo: Human Cleric 2 of Lamashtu (debuffer/a bit of support. Why the Society let him join is anyone's guess)

    Player: Hawthwile
    Character (own character): Orzworth
    PFS: 264524-10
    Faction: Silver Crusade
    Played/GMed this scenario before: No/No
    Day job roll: None

    HEROES FOR HIGHDELVE (Tier 1) - Evergreen

    A player could not make it.

    If you are interested please provide your details.

    Liberty's Edge

    I have this character who the credit could be applied to. Writing on my phone.

    Hey Jason, look at the gameplay and jump in with a pregen or your own character!

    Liberty's Edge

    Nice. I can play her again I'll write more when I get ri a computer.

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