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Sometimes I just have to wonder what in the hell Paizo was thinking when writing tactics. Like, why was that supposed to make things difficult? We're level 13, and they still want poison? From a WITCH? And she's supposed to command zombies from the other side of the room? SMH.

Hooray for Rocket Tag

I'm beginning to feel the whole "initiative wins battles" thing.

Yeah, after what happened to start the scenario, I want to be sure these encounters come one at a time. Two too close knocked most of us out. True that's what they were supposed to do, but, I vote no to "hard mode".

That's true. 10 minutes in a sphere. That's definitely enough to heal on up and be ready. Just gotta get awake.

Fights where we aren't supposed to win should really be better telegraphed than what this author did. Goodness.

I'm okay with the plan of waking up Arnaut, putting up the temp HP, slapping some people awake, and getting ready to bust some heads. The sphere is literally the only reason we can do that.

EDIT: The whole post.

Yeah. Like, if those beads get us, that's (pretty much) the scenario. I drop, Arnaut drops, Zhu Li drops, and we're left with the bloodrager/DD. With some lucky rolls we can MAYBE get everybody up again, but, like, we are definitely lacking in the quick healing department.

@Josh, I'm assuming it was a Splash weapon, so he only needed to target somebody in the front. Which, sadly, he totally could.

SAME! Let me out! Let me out! THIS IS NOT A DANCE!

So what you're saying is that the dice love the GM and hate the players? Oh goodie. That's a GREAT combination of things! Leads to DEATH!

Darn. I knew it seemed odd. Something got reported wrong. Character is still level 1.

Oh sweet! I actually have a character I haven't played at level 2 yet. I'll have him join instead. I'll be retooling him into the barbarian/alchemist I mentioned before. That work?

Let's go with the barbarian, then! I'll have the character ready by tonight!

Oh, hello! I'll be creating a fresh level 1 for this. So, specifically not looking at gameplay, I hear you need a frontliner. I can bring my Dual-Personality barbarian (going though alchemist to master chymist eventually), or if needed I can quickly stat up a battle cleric. I'd prefer to do the barbarian, but battle cleric works just as easily for me.

Let me know!

GM Deadly Secret wrote:
Hello joeyxl, I will send you a PM and help you get started.

If you still have room, I've got a level 2 monk/bloodrager I'd like to get into the game, but I saw that some of the players for the September 1st game got pulled into another. I'd PM you, but I"m new to the forums and don't quite know how.

Sorry to everyone else. I know this is in the wrong place to post this, but I don't know where TO post.

Player - Xavier Humberg
Character - own character Azra Gambit (gnome Oracle [healer] 1)
PFS - 295369-6
Faction - Grand Lodge
Played or GMed: no
Day Job Roll: Profession(Herbalism): 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (2) + 9 = 11

Forgive me for a little bit, I'm new to PbP. I've played a LOT of Pathfinder in person, so it'll just take me a bit of time to get used to the forum style

If you'll have me:
Player - Xavier Humberg
Character - own character Azra Gambit (gnome Oracle [healer] 1)
PFS - 295369-6
Faction - GL
Played or GMed: no
Day Job Roll: will be profession herbalism, but new character's stats aren't quite finalized, yet. Will be tonight.