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Game Master Gilthanis

Ongoing pathfinder microadventures with never ending recruitment.

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Hank should be ready to stumble around another battlefield whenever someone's got a mission for him.

Hank Miller has been added to the list.

I am ready to be put back in the fold.

Please add me to the waiting list.

Riggar and Severn Morcant have been added to the list.

Elric is leveled and again ready to be added to the list..

Erlic Rondelmeyer has been added to the list and the list has been updated otherwise. If you have been missed, please let me know.

I would like to be added to the list, please.

Bob is ready to go again

Please add me back to the list!

Bubo is leveled and good to go. Simply waiting on some items and crafting, but nothing important.

The list has been updated and sorry for the delay.

Jack is leveled and ready to go again, please add me to the list.

The list has been updated.

Kale is leveled up and ready to go. Still purchasing some equipment but I think he can be added to the list.

Bartleby is ready to be added to the list.

The list has been updated.

1. Hank Miller
3. Severn Morcant
4. Erlic Rondelmeyer
5. Yūrei

skipping Riggar since that is me :)

please report to recruit thread

Sent a pm to 2 of those called, if they don't show will Bob the Slasher and Bubo please wait on deck for possible alternates...thanx :)

Please add Xarol to the list.

Leena is ready to be added to the list

Got ahold of the missing 2, so Bob and Bubo will keep their spot in the queue :)

Yvanesh is ready to join another adventure. Please put me up in the queue ^_^

The almighty list has been updated.

Aeron is ready for his next adventure!

Brimle is ready. Please put me on the list.

Bob will be away from town for a while, so remove him from the waiting list for now :)

Sign me up, please.

Bob the Slasher, please be standing by, I need to confirm that one of my players is in fact in the game. I will give some time, since it is the holidays, but be ready just in case. Thanx :)

Please add HEY YOU (level 3) and Brother Hu the Silent (level 2) back to the list. I have an unused banked level if one of them needs to be updated when the time comes.

I didn't see that bob was going to be outta town, so will Bubo please be ready should I need you :)

Bubo, if still with us, and presuming Paizo boards cooperate; please report to the game thread :)

Yūrei is ready for his next job.

Bubo is also ready.

I am also still around and should be on the list in the vicinity of Bubo, Bob, Leena, and the Halfling Cleric whose name I forgot. I don't know when it was last updated

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Bob is back in business.

I am interested, I will read up on some threads and then put some thoughts down on paper.

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