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Hey, some of my threads have gone inactive, so I've decided to start up another campaign, and so I'm setting up this recruitment thread. I also don't see much of this campaign, and I'm hoping it's because supply is just low and not because it's unpopular.

So, this campaign is Council of Thieves, every revolutionary's dream and one of much intrigue and silliness in Cheliax. Please, if you are going to apply, read the player's guide downloadable from HERE


Character Creation Guidelines

Races: All Core races will be allowed, and in addition to Core races, Aasimar, Tiefling, and Dhampir will be allowed. If you are human, you must have an ethnic background.

Classes: Only the Eastern-themed classes and Antipaladin will be disallowed. The rest are available and up for grabs.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil is the only alignment I will outright outlaw, but I strongly suggest considering your character's motivations before making a CN or evil character. I will not have crazy people in my campaign.

Stats: Stats will be point buy, with variable amount of points. There is a base 20 points, with an additional 1 point given for being either Chaotic or Lawful, and an additional 2 points given for being either Good or Evil. Those stack with one another.

Traits: Two traits will be chosen, but one must be a campaign trait chosen from the player's guide. The other can be any trait, and I encourage you to choose one that matches you flavorfully more than mechanically.

Extras: All characters will receive Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat, and all characters will also receive a bonus skill point that must be spent on a Craft, Profession, or Perform skill. This skill should be geared to match your personality and story.

I am notoriously impatient, but I will wait long enough for a good party to present itself. I'm endeavoring to have a party of only four this time, as this campaign lends itself well to smaller parties. Please, when submitting a character, have party balance in mind. I want a variety mechanically as well as personally. I'll be asking a lot of questions to make sure the group I end up with is the right group.

Alright. Get postin', I'll be sitting here refreshing for days. Any questions, please feel free to ask.

Color me interested. I'm thinking an oracle - either human or half-orc. I'll try to get something together quickly, so as not to try your patience!

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hey there was thinking of applying here probably the same character that didn't make it into your tomb of horrors game (since it hasn't been used since that application.

just need to redo for level 1

level 9 is in the alias but the back story is there also will still be a wizard

I have a couple of adjustments to make for your house rules, but would like to introduce Ichiro Tanizaki. Also in the interest of full disclosure, I have GMed most of the first book of the AP, but am capable of separating player and. character knowledge. Nonetheless, if that is a concern, I will withdraw.

I want to make a gunslinger (pistolero). Would that be acceptable?

Interested with a superfast monk (manuever master) character. I have a sheet for him now but I will update to your house rules when possible.

I'm assuming this is a level 1 start?

I'm definitely interested, but it's gonna take me a little bit of time to come up with something good. I'll definitely post something up good, though.

I'm definitely going to be reading over the info on the campaign real quick, so I can see what'll be useful.

Man. I've got to say that in a couple weeks I'm going to go camping and be off the map for a few days, but at the same time, I'm interested in Council of Thieves... I'll look around and if I get a sweet idea I'll post in.

Is it possible to play a Lawful Evil Inquisitor of Asmodeus in Council of Thieves? If it is, that is what I would like to play.

I want him to be a dark justice figure like a Judge Dredd but meaner. He follows the law. He may even help people. If you break the law, he will break you.

Dotting, I'll see what I can come up with, thanks!

the inquisitor and the gunslinger's acceptability will be determined when you're done with them :D Make whatever you guys want.

Yes, this is indeed a level 1 start. Good to see so much interest so fast!

I'd like to offer Zalika as a candidate for the campaign; a half-orc urban ranger. She was a character created for a Magnimar-based campaign who wasn't selected after a very long recruitment process on another thread. Her background story shouldn't take too much work on my part to rewrite it for a COT campaign in Westcrown. I'll modify her crunch to suit the campaign parameters as well, but that will mostly just be changing a trait to a COT one, adding Weapon Finesse, and using the bonus skill point to buy a profession. I may have to rethink her alignment too; at the moment she's Chaotic Good, and while I know nothing about the COT AP, I know it's set in Westcrown in Cheliax, and somehow I don't think a CG character will be the best fit there...

I'd suggest reading the player's guide Zalika. As long as you don't play a very foolish CG, it's a perfect alignment.

I offer Morgrrym, a bard. I will update his profile to meet your house rules.

Zeherin Kune, info is in the alias tell me what you think gm.

I'd be interested in playing a tiefling bard/rabble rouser.

I'm thinking either a halfling or tiefling rogue, built as an assassin. Probably Lawful, possibly Evil. Evil as in he harms other people for his convenience and benefit above and beyond simply under the terms of a contract. His Lawful nature keeps him from harming others purely as entertainment . . ..

Worth pursuing, or not interested?

Morgrrym should be ready, just the equipment section and a short background. Do we roll for gold?

Council of Thieves character right here, built specifically for a CoT campaign. A Chelish opera diva just seems to fit the campaign and setting so right. Will need to adjust the character sheet a bit later, but the concept is here and solid.

Very interested, need to think up a character to match. To be honest, it would be a first time playing with online forums for a long time fanatic of the game, so if that's a problem right there no worries, just let me know. I should have my character premise posted by later tonight given no hitches in my experience level.

I've updated Zalika's build to reflect your character creation requirements. Just to confirm please; if she remains CG then she in fact does get 23 points to buy attributes?

The background story will take a little longer to rewrite to fit her into a game set in Westcrown. I need to dig around a bit in the sourcebooks to find out what status worshippers of Cayden Cailean have in Cheliax, and how badly they are persecuted by the Diabolists, so that I can work that into her history.

Grand Lodge

Applying with:

Male Tiefling (Oni sawn) C-G Inquisitor of Gorum
Init +2; Senses Perception +7, Darkvision 60 ft
AC 21, touch 14, flat-footed 18 (+6 armor, +2 dex, +1 natural armor)
hp 9 (1d8)
SR 0
Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +5
Armor Steel Lamellar, Medium
Defensive Abilities Scaled Skin (PFARG 169)
Spd 20 ft/x4
Melee Greatsword +4 (2d6+6) 19-20/x2
Str 18, Dex 14, Con 11, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 8
BAB +0, CMB +4, CMD +18
Feats Armor Proficiency (LIGHT / MEDIUM) (PFCR 118), Dodge (PFCR 122), Shield Proficiency (PFCR 133)
Skills Bluff +3, Diplomacy +3, Disguise +5, Perception +7, Profession (advocate) +7, Sense Motive +8, Spellcraft +5, Survival +7 [Avoid getting lost +9]
SU Judgment (PFAPG 38 - 39), Destructive Smite (PFCR 43), Destructive Smite (PFCR 43)
MC Inquisitor Domain Rage(PFAPG 38), Inquisitor Orisons (PFAPG 38)
Traits Defender of the Society (Combat) (PFCh: FcGd 62), The Pathfinder's Exile (Campaign: Council of Thieves) (PFAP: CoT PG 9)
Languages Abyssal, Common, Draconic, Infernal


Zandar is both a man of the word that of the sword. Born in Westcrown long time ago he eventually left to become a soldier. But at that young age it wans't as easy or as glorious as he had hoped it would be (on top of that he had a problem with the tight discipline). So after his initial year contract he decided to leave and see more of the world.

He eventually landed in Egotian where he meet with Arman who was a student researcher of history for the pathfinders. They meet during a bar fight in one of the low quarters of the capital. Zandar just couldn't let the scrawny guy just get beat up by 4 dupes.
And so they became fast friends and it was him that had the idea for Zandar to study the legal system and the law in general. After all if you are going to be ruled by a heavy legalistic system one should know its proper way around it.
And so the pair enjoyed their time together either working or studying during the day and looking for some fun or trouble during the night. That lasted for 4 years until Zandar got his law degree. Arman was sent to dig sites and zandar chose to accompany his fiend. during the next two year he practised more his martial skills more than the rest and he knew then that he had been called by the God of battle to serve.

About a year later one night zandar wasn't away Arman's study was attacked and he layed there dead.
In the secret book Zandar knew about he found arman's lastest research project: Westcrown’s dilapidated Pathfinder lodge of Delvehaven. Arman was part of a team that had secretly and illegally contacted agents of the Pathfinders, in order to mount a venture in the well protected grounds of the old lodge of Delvehaven.

Not wanting the dream of his friend go to waste Zandar vowed to go in his stead.

I have a few things to say -

@Ichiro - Why was his mother in the Inner Sea region instead of Minkai performing?

@Zalika - She's supposed to be a guide for a living? Where does she guide people? Also, I ought to wait until you're done writing to judge...

@Zeherin - Can you explain to me how your character would be a positive force in an adventuring party whose goals are largely Good? (that is to say, stopping a gang of dangerous assassins and devils from seizing control of Westcrown)

@Shannon - Such a frail person seems odd for an adventuring type. What pushes him away from his work as a thespian and towards more dangerous professions? Also, are you planning on doing anything with the fact that he's a eunuch?

@hustonj - I suggest that you read the players' guide. a LE assassin character would have to have an interesting motivation to work against the Council of Thieves.

@Algar - Does he have any connection to the actual Church of Gorum or has he just assumed divine guidance? Also, how does his lawyer-schooling reconcile with his martial training?

@Shannon - Such a frail person seems odd for an adventuring type. What pushes him away from his work as a thespian and towards more dangerous professions? Also, are you planning on

Planning on what? :)

Yes, Shannon is the precious bird in the gilded cage type, soft and bathed in buttermilk. He is the reflection of his social caste in terms of Chelaxian decadence - the original noble aesthetic was a person of some strength both of character and body, but this culture of excess and sloth, he is what is produced at the end of the line, a tender thing with a heart that is ready to be stoked into passionate flames. The way he is itself points at Westcrown's fall from grace, in its way. Especially when considering his maiming, as he is a castrato, thus testosterone is in short supply for him.

Now, this adventure's hooks are intended to capture even those who are not given to adventuring. And Shannon is one of those who has an adventuring spirit, even if the flesh can be unwilling. But he has quite a lot to offer in service of a goal of reformation and restoration, and his shortcomings (being squishy) create a party dynamic that forces him to rely upon the martial strength of others, and bolster them. As a heavy charisma caster, Shannon is built primarily to be a buffer, and eventually in that archetype has the option to wear dramatic clothing that counts as heavier and heavier armor so he can have a better AC. (The extra points would be in the Craft: Clothing, because he tailors his own extravagant stage attire.)

What pushes him is, at first, necessity, and then, a complex mess of emotions that seem born from the opera. A desire to avenge his mother, even if it means bloodshed, which itself invokes some shame because she wasn't a model human being; an intense shame in the city's cultural heritage and a near stubborn desire to see old shackles thrown off; and a healthy dose of fear about the future, about how terrible it could be if someone, somewhere, doesn't step up and do something; and, as he tastes adventure, he is prone to romanticize it and be taken away with the exhilaration and become an adventure-seeker.

That should be some kind of answer. If you like the character but would prefer a little more balanced on the stats, I can easily accomplish that.

Zeherin Kune is in this to preserve his base of power and expand it, as it is he is LN as his methods while not clean cut are largely not evil. For instance Zeherin is much more likely(when the means is available)to use mind reading magic over torture, he will not kill those with compromising information(unless killing them is the only option) he will simply wipe their inds of the informations. These rules are thrown out the window though when he has to deal with traitors in his own network, as traitors need to be made examples of.

@Shannon - I edited the question above, please look. Good answers, though.

@Zeherin - What "network" or "base of power"? First level characters aren't really supposed to have resources or authority.

Scarab Sages

Very interested, will read the guide and crank out a character tonight.

leinathan wrote:
@hustonj - I suggest that you read the players' guide. a LE assassin character would have to have an interesting motivation to work against the Council of Thieves.

Heard and understood.

I did read it, BTW.

Motivations could range from somebody purchasing his involvement (unlikely at best) to him finding out he's being targeted for deletion as a loose end, and he's not gonna have the capability of eliminating the right people to save his life by himself (ripped right out of the player's guide about how politics works).

I thought that sort of motivation was obvious, given the setting.

I would like to apply with Black Addie, the Witch of Rego Cader.

About Black Addie:
Black Addie was a foundling babe taken in by Ol' Meg, the Witch of Rego Cader. All Ol' Meg found with the baby girl was an ancient, hand-drawn Harrow deck wrapped in a colorful Varisian pocketed scarf (both rarities in the Chelish city). Meg named the baby ‘Adalyn.’

As Adalyn grew into a young woman, Meg taught her the secrets of witchcraft, which consisted primarily of herbal medicine, fortune-telling, and looking after the poor and downtrodden of the district. It was Meg that taught Adalyn that something was very wrong with their world. That spouses were not meant to huddle at their windows hoping and fearing day after day that their loved ones returned from work safely. That parents were not meant to hush their children when questioned about what happened to their neighbors. That citizens were not meant to avert their eyes and hurry by as guardsmen beat old friends in the street. Most importantly, Meg taught Adalyn that it was time for a change.

Adalyn’s tutelage culminated with the old witch helping the girl to forge a pact with ‘The Gentleman’ - an otherworldly entity embodying the hopes and dreams of change. Not long after, Meg was killed by a dottari patrol for violating a curfew placed on the district. With her death, the old witch’s few belongings and her familiar, an old black tom cat named His Lordship, passed to Adalyn. It was at this time that Adalyn took the name ‘Black Addie’ to reflect that she was now the Witch of Rego Cader.

The term 'witch' conjures images of wart-ridden hags stooped with age. In Addie's case, nothing could be further from the truth. Although she dresses in poor peasant's clothing, Addie is a young Varisian beauty with tanned skin and dark hair. With the death of her mentor, Addie has taken to dressing in black and wearing a black veil over her face, hence the name 'Black Addie.

Black Addie is from a previous Council of Thieves PbP that died out.

Thanks for your consideration, and good luck to all the applicants!

@Shannon - I edited the question above, please look. Good answers, though.

Thank you.

And yes, his castration comes into play in numerous ways. Primarily, he is somewhat like the body republic of Westcrown, what was once a tall and proud capitol of Cheliax (virile) and is now a discarded city in an empire of growing wickedness (neutered). His driving motivation - and the sad tragedy behind it all - is that while he can never have his manhood restored, the same cannot, and must not, be said for Westcrown.

His mutilation exhibits itself in other appropriate ways, as well. He is very capable of loving a woman, of falling in love with a woman, but the burning desire he has cannot be sated. For him there is no release, just passion and aggravation and humility. Thus, heroism and adventure become a surrogate manhood and work to keep his gender identity cobbled together.

And speaking of gender identity, he most certainly identifies as male, but the lack of testosterone combined with the constant bourgeois and glamorous lifestyle of the Chelaxian opera have bred certain idiosyncrasies into his character, as I think this small snippet shows:

Shannon answers the door in a cotton and silk S-weave bathrobe of scarlet fabric with canary yellow detailing, his hair woven into a protective mesh to keep the dust out. The young castrato squints against the bright sunlight, but welcomes his friend Fiodor inside, and sasheys along barefoot in front of him towards the kitchen. There they catch up, and Shannon removes a loaf of dark pumpernickel, offering Fiodor a slice for breakfast. He butters one side of his own bread from a fresh crock, but pauses before buttering the other side. As Fiodor tells him about the female inquisitor, Shannon looks at a nearby standing mirror (his mother had one in every room!), lifts the thigh-high skirt of his bathrobe and pinches a roll of soft, milky-white skin at his midsection. He frowns a frown to break hearts.

that it true gm...if you are actully perceived as such. Zeherin has learned the fine art of culivating his image as a powerful figure, so long as they believe you are a powerful figure they will follow you. As for his base of power they are a network of informants, they aren't basically point and kill enforcers. Plus his informants (orginally twenty) are dropping like flies, as for the variety of informant that Zeherin uses they run the gauntlet of poor actors to pickpockets to servants of minor nobility. Basically he does not have an army at his disposal, his power base may eventually turn into a fullblown syndicate but it's going to take some time.

I'm thinking some variety of urban ranger. I'm going to read a good deal more of the players guide, but I can definitely see him as someone who escaped from the seedy side of life just recently, and has seen too much of the dark side to really want to aid it any more.

It was great as he was growing up, but now it's beyond what he's willing to accept.

@Zeherin - that's not really true. People follow other people because it gets them something, and a 1st-level wizard doesnt have the magical power to provide magical aid to people nor does he have the money to pay them, nor does he have the actual power to intimidate them, especially since your character does not have a high CHA and belongs to a racial minority that the majority of the population discriminates against.

@Black Addie - How did the original Witch of Rego Cader support herself? Does Black Addie support herself the same way or another way?

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question since I am working on a wizard

1. do wizards begin with scribe scroll or use PFS rules and gain spell focus instead.

2. if I do keep scribe scroll can I begin with scrolls that I scribed.

do note gm that they only know Zeherin in his silver masked incarnation, quite litterally they don't know how powerful Zeherin is. And this is cheliax, devils disguised as humans exist and attacking one is not good for your health. Furthermore none of the informants know about other informants, in effect it is a network that's only connection is Zeherin. Also intimidation is not Zeherins only trick, he has his illusions and his bluff skill.

leinathan wrote:
@Zalika - She's supposed to be a guide for a living? Where does she guide people? Also, I ought to wait until you're done writing to judge...

Fair question - and the answer is that 'guide' probably isn't the right thing to call it. When she was originally created for a campaign in Magnimar, she was procrastinating about becoming a thieftaker (ie. bounty hunter), and in the interim was working as a bodyguard and guide-for-hire to visiting merchants and travellers wanting someone with good local knowledge to assist them with their activities. However I doubt that background will sit well with a game set in Westcrown, especially if I leave her as a worshipper of Cayden Cailean. Might be best if I just change her profession to 'bodyguard' for now... or just come up with an entirely new background!

leinathan: I'm working out the specifics of crunch, but I wanted to run fluff by you first. I'm thinking he would likely be half-orc or human, and would have been working as a rat catcher or vermin catcher. He'd be working towards the natural weapon fighting style.

As far as his motivations for joining this? I think, with having such a low brow job, he's heard a number of things and seen more than really shouldn't be going on. Long ago, he swore that he'd expand outside of hunting critters and begin to hunt more intelligent vermin.

leinathan wrote:
@Black Addie - How did the original Witch of Rego Cader support herself? Does Black Addie support herself the same way or another way?

From outward appearances it would be generous to call Ol' Meg's dwelling in Rego Cader a 'hovel'. The old wise woman lived in what appears to be a dilapidated shack that was in danger of collapsing in a strong breeze. In actuality the structure is quite sound, and the interior is warm, clean, and cozy. Ol' Meg supported herself by accepting gifts of food from the other poor and downtrodden residents of the sector to whom she ministered. Additionally, she traded at the Dusk Market, bartering herbs grown in her small garden along with more rare varieties she cultivated periodically from the Ramble Gardens, as well as offering fortune-telling services at the illicit market.

Ol' Meg trained Addie in all of these skills, and the younger witch now supports herself in the same manner. However, following the callous murder of her mentor by the city guards, Addie burns with the desire to see Westcrown's corrupt status quo overthrown and replaced with a new, benevolent government.

Based on Addie's background and goals, I'm considering revising her slightly, making her a witch with the Hedge Witch archetype.

Updated the concept for Council of Thieves.

Lawful Evil Inquisitor of Asmodeus (Infiltrator) Archetype. That will allow me to keep secrets very well.

Vandrake is an undercover Inquisitor of Asmodeus. He keeps his religious associations private as he works the street to keep track of goings on in Westcrown for the Church. Vandrake is investigating the mysterious rumors of a return of the Council of Thieves.

Vandrake follows the law to the letter when not undercover. Otherwise he takes advantage of loopholes in his duty as an undercover representative of the Asmodean Church to make a profit.

Conspiracy Hunter: You’ve long heard rumors of dark deeds afoot in Westcrown. Shipments of valuable cargo that go missing with nary a trace or question asked. People who disappear as though they never existed. Lords of business and nobles who speak in veiled references and accidental slips of masters even they must obey. What lords rule the Westcrown underworld? Do the tales of far-reaching criminal organizations hold a hint of truth? Could the fabled Council of Thieves, said to have been purged from the city ages ago, have somehow survived or reformed? And what hold do they hold over the city today? You don’t know, but you’re determined to find out! Choose one of the following skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Knowledge (local), Perception, Sense Motive, or Stealth. You gain a +1 trait bonus on this skill and it is always considered a class skill for you.

Taking Knowledge (Local) as the class skill and to get a +1 trait bonus

Vandrake is like a cop walking the fine line of the law while seeking out personal gain.

I have started working on the character. I used 23 points for stats due to having an extra 3 points for being Lawful Evil. He ferrets out crimes that cause problems for Westcrown and sees the perpetrators punished...while making money to increase his own power and prestige.

Vandrake: Wrong campaign to take the trait from. You're pulling from Curse of the Crimson Throne. This is a Council of Thieves game.

@ShadowyFox, seems like a solid concept to me. Show me more!

@Black Addie, I would be pretty amenable to a Hedge Witch. So Black Addie is essentially a squatter that lives off of selling herbs and charity?

@Vandrake...I think you've got the wrong campaign. Gaedren Lamm lives in Korvosa.

leinathan: Thanks. I think my big trouble is going to be the choosing of traits. So many good campaign ones. :)

Concept is updated. See original entry.

Rewrote the background story to try and fit in with a COT game. Called her profession 'bodyguard' for want of a better name; blade-for-hire, enforcer, bouncer - what have you. She is really just biding her time, staying one step ahead of the authorities, waiting for the right opportunity to thumb her nose at the diabolists.

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Name: Enkidu Noneson
Race: Male Half-Elf
Class: Bard (Dervish of Dawn)
Alignment: NG
Trait: Pathfinder Exile
Background and Personality: To come

Questions for GM:
-This wording from the Dervish Dance feat: 'When wielding a scimitar with one hand, you can use your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier on melee attack and damage rolls'. Would you agree that it states that as long as you are wielding a scimitar in one hand and the other is empty, you can use your Dexterity modifier on ALL melee attack and damage rolls?
-There are two Dervish archetypes for the bard; the Dervish Dancer and the Dervish of Dawn. They've very similar, and I feel slightly incomplete. Any chance you would be willing to allow me to combine the two archetypes? Just thought I'd ask.

Vandrake is a member of the Inquisitors in Westcrown. The Asmodean Police.

Grand Lodge

Backstory: Born a slave to a noble family in Egorian in Cheliax, Enkidu lived an appallingly poor and tormented life, his only friend a small family of halflings who served with him. When the Bellflower Network came to free them, they took Enkidu with them. Enkidu spent the next few years on a gruelling trek across the country to safety in Andoran. Near the border, Enkidu and the halflings heard someone from a barn being hideously tortured by Chelish slavers. Armed with only a wooden pole, the young Enkidu charged in and tried to save the man. He distracted them long enough for the man to get to his feet and slay them all. Then, after weeks of torture and brutality, he asked if Enkidu was okay.

The man revealed himself as a Paladin of Sarenrae, the Dawnflower, and a member of the Pathfinder Society. Out of thanks for the youth's help, he gave him his old Wayfinder. Enkidu eventually reached Andoran, where he joined a church of Sarenrae to become a worshipper before joining the Pathfinder Society. Gaining skill, power and knowledge, Enkidu seeks to return to the country of his birth and try to understand it, and reform it with Sarenrae's light if possible, or burn it to the ground with Sarenrae's flame if necessary.
Personality: Enkidu is a young and inexperienced man, spirited and fervent in his beliefs. He is kind, passionate, quick to forgive and to jump to conclusions, and has a deep-seated hatred of slavery and oppression of others, particularly based on race. His favorite food is fresh fruit.

Morgrrym should be done now, just need to do some purchasing.

I think he should be lawful evil, based on the background. I mean he won't hesitate to go on the other side of justice, so he can finish his mission but at the same time he will not just randomly assassinate someone just because he looked at him the wrong way. Feel free to comment if there's anything wrong.

This would be ShadowyFox's urban ranger. I'm gonna add in personality and backstory as well.

I'm still working out the statistical details, and will post again when they are flushed out. However, here's what I've got to start, let me know if there are any particulars I need to better explain.

May I present: Jessnen Daersic, a Lvl 1 Human (Ulfen) Barbarian.

Born a trader, Jess left his family of traders at a young age to pursue proper training in a more centralized nation than his homeland of the Linnorm Kings. Excelling in his instruction of warfare, more through his brute strength than any combat finesse or expertise, Jess was haulted right before graduating the academy and enlisting as a city guard. Instead, he was unjustly persecuted for wronging a particularly notable noble (more specifically stealing, a pettier and less respectable form of crime).

Instead of graduating as he had been hoping, Jess was thrown in prison for a crime he did not commit. He lasted there for 18 years, growing bitter and resentful of the atrocities the state he had admired so much for taking him in had spit back in his face. Two years ago, he finally managed an escape along with a number of other prisoners, and has been known since as the Barman, rumored to have single-handedly pried a bar from his cell and used it as a club to fight off the guards.

Since then, Jess has made all of his money doing odd jobs for people needing a little heavy lifting, which he spends almost exclusively on ale and spirits at his favorite tavern, getting so slovenly drunk that he can forget to mourn the youth he lost.

In the order of combat, Jess has sworn off the confines of armor. Having kept himself fit in prison merely through the art of fist-fights and workouts, he feels that armor has no place on his body, prefering to feel every blow that strikes him. Eventually, he will follow the Savage Barbarian Archetype (APG pg.79). This means he wears nothing but a shield in the order of armor, and prefers improvised weapons like metal bars, chair legs, and empty tankards. The only weapon he caries is a heavy mace he salvaged from the ruins of an old trading post he used to frequent as a child, now burned and abandoned for larger and more exuberant trading posts within the city.

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