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Guess I'll just have to wait for the next one. Oh well.

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wow I actually thought I had a chance with an arcane caster.

oh well back to the shadows with Kara.

batting 0 for three so far this time around for getting into games.

still got application #4 hanging out there.

Have fun guys! Drop me a message if you need a replacement. I can go with a bard or a druid or a rogue.

<Shrugs> Oh well, such is life. Have fun folks! :)

Hey all,

We've had an inactive and I was wondering if any of you would be interested in filling a spot. We haven't gotten very far, only through the initial encouters, and now is a good time to insert another player.

So! There's a spot open. Any takers? We need a "beefcake", as Shannon's said.

Our current party is...
Shannon, a diva bard and castrati.
Celia, an Iomedaen cleric.
Black Addie, a fortune-teller and witch.

The inactive is a savage barbarian called Jessnen.

Check earlier in this thread for character creation guidelines.

Very interested, and I'll bring up something momentarily. :)

I would like to submit this human fighter.

He is level 2 but that is easy changed.

He is 35 and was a professional solider. He could not stomach the corruption anymore so he retired and tried to run a tavern. That endavor tanked so now he has lost his savings and is just totally fed up with the local government.

I post probally 20+ times a day. Let me know and I will remake him should not take long at all.

His background would stay much the same except Solsun would be Cheliax and he would not be a cleric ever. Just straight fighter.

The campaign I made him for is going no where at all but I love the character.

Just to be sure, when you say you need a "beefcake" are you saying you need a tank sort or one that's just a front-lining sort (like a ranger)?

Exactly. We need some sort of beefcake. If you look at the party we have now, we have a bard, a witch, and a cleric. A bunch of spellcasters. Without some sort of melee character, if it falls to melee combat, they're pretty much toast.

Also, please use the format that's in my profile for your crunch. It's very easy for me to look at it.

I've got this guy that I can flesh out a bit more. He'd definitely be front liner.

And I just realized how bad the setup for this guy looks.

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