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Map of Westcrown

Children of Westcrown

Janiven - A passionate revolutionary who wants nothing more than to see Westcrown restored to its former glory and to see the House of Thrune toppled.

Morosino - A young boy who works for Janiven and Arael as part of their revolutionary scheme. He's Arael's assistant.

Amaya - a well-mannered and very beautiful Tian glassblower.

Ermolos - an incredibly muscular Chelish blacksmith with a slight limp.

Fiosa - A halfling house servant that's a very fervent worshiper of Iomedae.

Gorvio - A vibrantly amber-eyed Chelish horse trader.

Larko - A strong, silent Garundi dockworker.

Mathalen - A thin and wiry Chelish woman who used to work as a porter before she was fired for meditating too often.

Rizzardo - A large Varisian man who's stuck in Westcrown due to a lack of money.

Sclavo - A soft-spoken Garundi man and intractable worshiper of Iomedae. He works as a scribe for one of Westcrown's courts.

Tarvi - The daughter of a pair of prosperous Chelish jewelry store owners who's too intelligent to do the boring job well. She's well-read and very interested in magic.

Vitti - a green-haired man who grows and catches all of his own food. He makes his living as a woodcarver, but only carves wood from deadfalls.

Yakupulio - An irreverent gnome woman who works as a bartender at a tavern called the Bruised Eel.

Other Notable NPCs

Fame increases and score

Defeating the Hellknight caravan without taking a single life - 2 Fame points.