Pathfinder Adventure Path: Council of Thieves Player's Guide (PFRPG) PDF

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Aside from introducing the Council of Thieves Adventure Path, this guide is intended to aid players in the creation of characters native to Cheliax. The information presented herein is common knowledge, especially to characters who call Cheliax home. This guide is organized to help root characters in the area in and around Westcrown—the focal point of this entire Adventure Path. While any character can take part in the Council of Thieves, those created and using this guide are likely to have more personal motivation as the events of the Adventure Path unfold.

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A great product full of flavour


The Council of Thieves Player's Guide is both interesting and useful. It provides background information on the country of Cheliax and the town of Westcrown, and is free. This makes it easy for DMs to evaluate the setting and see if they want to run a campaign without taking a risk or paying money up front. The Player's Guide also provides an excellent overview of locations and customs that players can consider common knowledge. This adds flavour to the campaign and can get players excited about the setting while saving the DM time and effort inventing interesting details. Finally, the Player's Guide supplies several ideas for integrating characters and their backgrounds, which not only assists with plot hooks but helps everyone create a more immersive experience.

Some of the history and location information may feel jumbled the first time you read it, but a second reading makes Westcrown quickly become familiar. The locales themselves provide several intriguing ideas for adventure even if you are not running a Paizo Adventure Path.

All in all a great product. Many thanks to Paizo for creating it and giving it away!