Iobaria: The Fallen Empire

Game Master Corerue

A group of Mercenaries set off with their Mercenary company into the dark lands known as Iobaria. Braving the fallen realm and what dark history lies therein to make their mark, make some gold and perhaps become heroes...

Ambushing the Raiders!

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Uh Rowan? You alright buddy?


Tidus laughs with Rhavenna and rubs his hands together once she takes the bow from him, the slightest bit of ash falls from his hands and dissipates before it ever reaches the floor. Tidus watches intently, a small smile on his face.

Moments after Rhavenna grips the bow she can feel something tugging at her. At her very spirit and the moment she starts to gets to grips with it the bow starts to crack and expand. The wood splinters and reshapes, the ash falls but doesn't dirty the room. The petrified wood becomes thicker, more recurve, the string becomes different, stronger and appearing to be modified to take more pull.

Though as these changes took place the flames from the burning oil flickered and an ashen arrow started to form in Rhavenna's free hand.

Tidus claps his hands together. "A perfect reaction, it took me a week to get the bow to bond with me. Truly amazing Rhavenna."

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

"Wow! So it adapts to match the wielder?" Rhavenna asks, basking at the complement.

Tidus nods and points to the arrow in Rhavenna's hand as the mysterious ash materialized from the open flames to create the arrow. "If you are near a large enough open flame. The ashen bow creates arrows, from what I can tell it can do this without end and as quickly as you can fire." He taps the reshaped bow his smile warm. "I found it... In Ioberia. There are numerous sites where battles have taken place over the centuries. Massive battles, places where scavengers did not dare to tread. So weapons lay in the barren fields, abandoned, forgotten and taboo to touch."[b][smaller] He runs his hand down the length of the bow, skillfully gliding past where Rhavenna gripped it as he spoke. [b][smaller]" I tripped over it while passing through, nearly broke my leg as it was near the edge of a shelf and about sent me over." He chuckles.

He pulls his hand away, taking a quick drink from his tankard and stirring his bowl of stew idly. "I found it in the Dvezda Marches east of the ruins of Fralros. Though I am loath to return there now, its a place of the unquiet dead after all. At the time I was foolish and reckless, harassing the Herds of the plains like most young men do."

Mai and Livain

"When storm passes, we go." Is her response to Mai's question.

A few days pass before the storm abates enough for safer flying. Your nameless companion straps the alien weapon across her shoulders, attaching it to the equally alien armor she was wearing. Which appeared to be moving with her in a seamless way. She looked to each of you as you stood at the edge of the cliffside cave."You wish to see... fir-ends... first? Or do we go to place of Steam?"

If you return to the undead occupied Dwarven fort:

You notice something different about the place, it was brighter and cleaner. A large ash pile appeared to be partially covered by snow outside the walls and upon landing you see the doors and the steps outside are freshly cleared of snow. Quite literally down to the stonework. The gates appear to be polished and the statues, the battlements and even the outer walls are starting to clear. Literally as you stand there watching, layers of snow and ice are peeling slowly away and removing themselves and are flying over the battlements to the mountainside.

The gates are unbarred and a warm air rushes out from between the two massive doors. A massive rush of heat greats you when the doors are opened by an unseen hand. A faint floating light floats out of the open door, carrying a mass of dust and debris that it guides to outside the walls. Slipping inside you find yourselves back where you had faced the undead warrior.

Except now the entire area is transformed, flame light braziers burn brightly and hot. Providing light across the entire room and a fair distance away you see more light. The carved floors are clean and clear, if the stone wasn't rough hewn it probably would have shined. The room you are standing in has a massive pool off to the side, the water slightly icy in its center.

Inside more of the strange dancing lights could be seen. Dozens of them, with more of them appearing out of a brazier with a low white flame. Almost barely perceptible save to your draconic eyes.

Your nameless ally looks about to say something when her scales flare outward. "Something is here!"

like thunder the doors fly open behind you, a blast of cold air nearly blows out the braziers flames before the cold wind suddenly stops. A great shadow falls over you all but the previous malice fades as you hear a familiar voice speak. "The abducted have returned. Though your friends have long left I am afraid." Aradacemorn stands before you all, though he eyes your larger friend warily for a moment before inhaling deeply and then getting a rather profound look in his eyes. "The starving one? Looking much better I see." He says this as she is aiming the alien weapon at him, which doesn't seem to phase the wyrm.

He waves a claw and the lights gather and close the doors. Minimizing the loss of heat. He slides past, looking weary and settles in a nearby pool of water. Leaving only his head visible as he watches you three. "So. How can I help?"

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Rhavenna holds her breath for a fraction of a second as Tidus runs his hand along the bow, before skipping over her hand. "An interesting twist of luck." she says with a smile.

She sighs quietly as he mentions the Dvezda Marches, the home of her bloodline, now lost to time. "So you were a troublemaker when you were younger eh....harassing the Herds of the plains? Do tell." she says with a teasing grin.

"A twist of luck while trying to keep my skin intact." He finishes his bowl of soup before continuing. "It was a rite of passage. Much as the herds had their own. One could easily call it a less then friendly rivalry. We hit them, they hit back, both sides doing more and more reckless things. Caravan's raided, warriors tarred and feathered, some died along the way. Just the way it was." Tidus looked weary but a broad smile spread across his face, his cheeks were a cherry red as well. He took another long drink from the tankard before continuing. "It was every youth's job to raid and harass the other towns nearby, Ioberian, Goblin or centaur. Most of the time it was through strength of arms and day raids or by darkness and quickness of hand." His smile now was outright roguish.

"I was very much the latter of course and I was damn fine at it." He leans back as he uses the fire light to create shadows rather skillfully. Shockingly so.

dc 28 Perception check:

The level of detail is startling, though you notice the shadows continue to move a moment too long between each change of his hands in the fire light.

Depicting rooftops, trees and his nightly jaunts to illustrate his words. "I had learned from those who could see in the dark, that dark vision wasn't all that great. That at a distance one could still deceive those that relied on it too much." He puts his hands together, giving himself a set of horns. "So I could deceive the most sturdy of sentries in the Herd's camps and steal their treasures quite swiftly at that." He smirked. "I was sought often near Herd lands for bouts of 'honor' from those that I had stolen from."

He goes on to tell of his shenanigans and close calls, showing the various scars he had gotten along the way like they were trophies. His most harrowing story was... "When I stole the chieftains daughters headband during a tribal meeting at their stomping grounds near Vurnin."

His smile dimmed some then. "It was the pinnacle of youthful pranks and I pulled it off..." He reaches forward and mimics taking something off Rhavenna's head. "Right off the top of her head and it was going well. She didn't notice until she tried to run her hand over her feather's, something I didn't know she would do at the time." His smile appeared somewhat grim then. "... that's where it wrong. Normally I was far to quick for their outriders but the area around Hoofwood is a lot of flat plains, craggy ground and opens up into marsh land. The Marches have their own dangers, aside from angry centaurfolk chasing a foolish barbarian. At the time though I didn't know what to do, except to run as hard as my legs could carry me. I took a few arrows in the back and side but kept running, the winds were in my favor and more of their spears and arrows didn't find there mark." Chuckling he sits back then, swirling the tankard in his hands. "The light of dawn was just touching the dark skies when we slammed into that old battlefield, where fate had me find that bow and those centaur warriors ran afoul of a Cyclopean horror."

He finishes his tankard, the rosiness still in his cheeks. "I used that to make my escape and returned her headband after my injuries had healed. By then I had passed my rite of passage. With it I earned my blades from my chieftain and was allowed to travel free..."

By the end of his long story the sounds of movement and excited voices passing by the chambers caught your ears.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Perception: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (15) + 13 = 28 Awesome!

Rhavenna listens, intrigued by both Tidus' story and the fact that he feels comfortable revealing it. Her eyes widen as she notices the minute details of his masterful shadow work. The fact that the shadows responded to him the way they did, unlike the way normal shadows should, spoke volumes. There was apparently no limit to his incredible talents. "You are a truly fascinating man Tidus." she says with a smile, before turning to look towards the chamber's entrance as she hears the rise of voices.

"I'm sure you have your own stories, do feel free to share." He continues to smile before following your lead, standing up and wobbling up to the door. Apparently his fatigue wasn't quite gone. He opens the door momentarily to see whats going on.

"Bad news." He says as a more then likely smirking Aslan floats past. "She lived and she's making a mess everywhere."

Glaring at Aslan then. "I don't even want to know how you got that covered in blood..."

Aslan was smirking alright, she was downright devious as she looked at Tidus with her one good eye. "Ha! Bad news for the wolves maybe, but don't mind me. I'll not interrupt you two."[b][smaller] Se points at Tidus, giving him a wink then. [b][smaller]"Remember what I told you when we first met, hope it keeps ya cozy all night." Aslan couldn't help but laugh as she was carted off by the quiet robed priest for the bathes. Where the hell that was. But she was in high spirits, very high. She hated worgs and ignorant wolves. She missed her kind, the ones able to think for themselves.

Now there was a challenge both on and off the battlefield...

She laughed more now at the look Tidus must have on his face.

Don't poke the bear son, cause she's got claws. On another note: I find it funny the players are primarily female characters. Though I look forward to meeting the winged dragonkin(?) sometime in person. Heard a lot about them out of the forums. :)

Oh man, i'm so glad you are back to your normal self Bear-San. :P

Tidus jerked at the doorframe at Aslan's snide remark. "Feh, it'd be a shame if ya drowned in the bath. I might cry a tear of joy at the bloody empresses passing."

When she was truly gone he was about to close the door, partially turning away as he did so when a plated boot blocked it. When he turned back it was the guardsmen who had told you all to sod off in the beginning. They stepped into the room with little regard for decorum or manners, pulling off their helmet and revealing themselves to be a rather androgynous looking woman. "Abbess will speak with you all in the morning, I will fetch you when it's time if you are not already out and about. You are not to go gallivanting around the Priory without an escort. Of which there will be soldiers posted for you in the case you need assistance." She nods then to each of you. "May Iomedae give you gentle repose."

Without fielding questions she steps back out of the room, closing the door behind her rather forcefully, echoing the room with its slapping shut.

Tidus chuckles then. "Finally, we found someone who dislikes us. I will sleep with a sword in hand in case she sets upon us in our sleep..."

Tidus listens to Rhavenna's stories if she has any but if conversation lulls he gets up to take the cook up on her threat of a bath down below.


The bathes were indeed in a sub level, in an area where the Priories foundation met with the bedrock that made up the mountainside it was set upon. Large troughs had been dug out and a large supporting columns were all the cover that was granted in the open bath.

A statue of Iomedae in a simple loose robe stood at the bath's center, holding a decanter in her left hand. While her right hand was preoccupied keeping her attire modest. The Decanter continuously poured water out in a steady stream. Around the statue was a three foot high lip of stone, creating a pool for bathing in and at the edges of the bath their appeared to be natural cracks in the rock that acted as drainage. Around the bathroom were simple buckets and wooden pans for filling and dousing oneself outside the bath. Surprisingly the water that came out of the decanter was moderately warm.

There were a few others down there bathing, Aslan being one of them and all looked towards Tidus when he arrived. Though Tidus kept his eyes to the ceiling and choose a couple buckets to fill from the main bath. With those in hand he settled in one of the far corners and doused himself, scrubbing with his own supplied soap. It was easy to see that his stitched up wounds were the subject of much attention. Said wounds leaked dreied blood as he doused himself with water as well. He spent quite a bit of time tightening up the stitches before covering them up again.


You are carried down to a sub level where a handful of women wait to attend you, helping to remove your gear and get you out into the bath with as minimal blood stains as possible. They work vigorously to scrub the floors in your passing and in moments, between muscle and magic the floors are back to being immaculate once more. They lead you to the main tub, one of them speaking a word in a high toned speech before a bath ready Iomedae with a Decanter pouring water from one hand.

After they speak the decanter's water stream near triples in force, an active spray arching out of the bathes and at your large self.

Aslan 2:
Once you were sprayed down the woman from before sidles up beside you, clad only in a bathing robe as she spoke. "Now that you are less gruesome I have some questions for you. The first of which being. Why face the pack? They were a nuisance but nothing we couldn't have avoided..."
Her blue eyes were piercing as she probed Aslan for answers, openly showing that the woman clearly didn't trust the taller barbarian before her.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Safe to assume the path to the lower level where the baths are don't really accommodate a centaur?

Before relating stories of her own youth

"Why do I get the feeling she was getting at something I don't know about, but might be the subject of?" Rhavenna asks Tidus, a look of curiosity and a touch of color on her face. "Aslan I mean."

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The bathes - Anyone following Tidus can read this, Aslan is anything but quiet:

Aslan was a giant among mice in the room, having to nearly duck down when she entered. When the decanter started to spray like a waterfall, she stepped into it and ran her hands through her blood filled hair. She had little regard for those assisting her, as she deserved the treatment by ensuring their lands were safe again. Especially now that they were back under her rightful control.

The woman's probing questions along with her piercing stare vexed her greatly. She ignored her once she was cleaned off, instead stepping into the main bath and taking up a large amount of the bath near where the decanters water was actively showering down. Her body was a testament to a hard life well lived, chisled muscles and rock hard abs. Though she had little in the way of assests, she wasn't about being feminine anyway. She didn't even flinch when Tidus entered the baths, instead she puffed up her chest and waved openly to him. "A man with some courage, my opinion of you has improved. Though depending on your sword it may fall drastically once again. So come on in and join us!" When he wandered past she gave a seductive growl at his departure.

Sitting in the bath with the woman, she had largely ignored up until now, she finally answers her. "Because they offended me, usurping these lands without properly killing for them is the act of the honorless. So they have paid for their stupidity. Besides, they were growing that pack of nuisance's. Eventually you wouldn't have been able to get supplies in because they would have overrun anyone coming near you long before. They only attacked us because I was there and perhaps because of horse-legs. add "- over there." if Rhavenna is present."

She took a large hand and splashed it over herself as she pointedly focused on cleaning the cracks in her muscles, bloodying the waters slightly as the water ran off the top of the tub regardless. [b][smaller]"Anything else?"[/b][/smaller]


The path is actually open and there wasn't so much as stairs going down but a ramp. The halls lead past the open courtyard and stables outside where you can see Tyg, so the only assumption is that the bath isn't just for humans. Especially as you can see several horses lined in the stalls. The Priory, though built as such, is as much built for defense as it is for practicality and universal use for the inhabitants who are literally surrounded by high walls and ramparts.

The main gate you had all passed though was large enough to accommodate wagons most likely, as such a remote place couldn't easily grow supplies.

At your comment to Tidus his already rosy cheeks seemed to redden slightly. "You are not wrong, she has some odd fascination with you. When I first met her her first question was about if I had contact with centaurs."

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

"And I'm guessing she had her own....special way of asking the question?" Rhavenna asks. "Her fascination seems to not be just me but encompass you as well."

Bluff: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (7) + 8 = 15

Crap. Sense Motive DC 15:
He's definitely trying not to answer what she said and his redden cheeks were more out of embarrassment then anger.

"Yes, special." Tidus seems to redden more either out of anger or embarrassment it was hard to tell because his facial features remained twist in annoyance in regards to Aslan. "That woman, if we can call her that, seems to specialize in fighting, intimidating people and being more vulgar then all my clansman's combined."

He shrugs then, grunting before plopping back down on his side as he answers the latter half of Rhavenna's words. "Probably because I am an easy target being next to you." He rolls onto his back, his large hands over his face as he grumbles between his fingers. "The Elder tell's me to leave her alone... Though..." He pulls his hands down and props himself up on an elbow again. smiling once more. "... Giant blood or not I am sure I can take her." He adds the last part with a wink.

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The Elder and the Abbess:
He was more then nervous, he was downright fearful. The abbess had a temper as raging hot as an injured lynx. He had hoped to avoid coming here, but with what was pursuing them he had little choice. He was guided into the Abbess chambers, the familiar smell of lavender incense tickled his nostrils, though here was the hint of jasmine mixed in as well. He removed his armor and settled it across a broad chested manikin, oddly similar to himself in size, setting his weapons and pack next to it.

The abbess had left him there, sitting next to a low burning fire and bristling with anticipation as to the tongue lashing he'd receive for his decades long absence. After several long minutes he started to almost nod off, the fatigue of the road and his age getting the better of him. That was until he felt a gentle touch across his shoulders. The touch weas almost electrifying as his fatigue and tension melted away.

"Uh oh. Now I know your angry, your being far too nice." His words are answered by a chuckle as the dark skinned woman lightly wraps her arms around his neck, hugging his head against her chest as she spoke. "Iomedae scold me but I couldn't find the words. I'm just glad you decided to see me after all this time. Though I have some news you may not like." Her voice was light, sensual like a whisper as she released his head and started working his shoulders again. Releasing bursts of divine power to ease his injuries.

He chuckled then. "Must be bad indeed if your worried for me."

"I'm not the one whose furious with you. I'd say our daughter wanted to meet you more then anything..."

No longer fatigued the news was like a hammerblow. "Daughter? But..."

She shushed him with a single firm grip on his shoulders. "She carries your odd trait of agelessness, she is nearly forty but still burns with primal youth. I'm sent her to Nerosyan in Mendev for training but she will return and I have little choice but to tell her you've entered Ioberia once more." She was quiet then, her hands working his shoulders, his neck and eventually migrating down to his arms. "... but yes, I was barren whn we me. I'd not expected our parting fling to birth such an event and I'd not change it either." Now standing before him she was smiling broadly. "Though she was raised in this remote place, she became the light in my life when you left me. When our adventures ended I had hoped you'd stay after founding this place, but you were too wild and she carries your burning spirit. You've got a thunderstorm coming your way and most likely very soon."

Faldirk smiled, pulling the Abbess into a firm embrace, during which she noticed his missing eye. "That won't do... I liked both of your eyes..."

He smiled at her then. "As did I, but a rabid bear tore it out. Ambushed me, but we bested it in the end." His words trailed off he cupped her cheek before kissing her gently. "After all that had happened I was afraid of staying in one place too long..."

She cups his hand and rubs her cheek into his large palm with her eyes closed. "I know and your old nemesis is still alive... I'm sorry, but Ioberia is worse off then before. You'll find few friends there but the Priories doors will always be open to you. Always. So lets discuss something else and leave this nastiness for morning briefings..."

They embraced again before she guided him to her own private bath. They had much to discuss and many years to catch up on. Not a moment of which was wasted between them...

Greatly Vexxed:

The beating's he unleashed on his worhtless dragon mount were starting to numb his dominant hand and arm. The creature was so contemptible that he wanted nothing more then to gut it and craft it's hide into armor. However, at the behest of his prince, it was no longer within his reach. It was in a special stable, with that cold eye rider he disliked most taking care of it. The Prince did this on purpose, saving face with the excuse that the dragon needed proper tending lest Varg fall out of the sky. Contemptible bastards, all of them.

But this was the least of Lord Varg's worries, the break in's had become almost commonplace. He had to higher some of the Mercenaries that the Prince had summoned and even then his harassers found other means to vex him. One evening he had found a steaming pile of horse manure on his bedding, he had his maid whipped for not taking care of the stench sooner but it forced him to sleep in a different part of his manor. Which led to the fist sized rock someone had lobbed through the window and had narrowly missed his head. Despite his fury and the best efforts of his mercenaries, the perpetrator escaped again.

He grumbled into his rapidly emptying decanter of wine. "It's that Noblewom's fault, ever since she showed up my life has turned into hell. I'll deal with that b@#+*..." He smiled viciously. "She'll pay in screams for what her coming has brought down on me. Oh she'll pay..." From there Lord Varg's presence in the council meeting's increased and his voice became more commonplace and accepted by the Prince of Orlov as Lord Varg aimed to usurp the current Hand of the King and correct the grave issues facing Orlov. Namely the arrogant nobility that still opposed him...

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

I auto succeed because he's human. lol. Sense motive +15

Rhavenna is silent for a few moments quietly studying Tidus' face. Ironically a bit more color flushes to her own as she starts to piece together what was the likely topic of conversation, along with a glimmer of a smile. As his competitive nature rises to the surface she grins at the wink. "I'd definitely bet on you. I've seen you in action, and it is quiet a thing to behold." she finishes quietly.

Liberty's Edge

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Merry meet again...:

She had just entered the druidic circle when she felt it. Like a slight static shock to her finger tips, though this was a familiar pain and she turned towards the scattered stones. Raising a hand and calling in sylvan for the runes to show her what the disturbance was.

The stones formed and the great pool at the center brought forth terrible images of carnage and death, though the glowing red blade and the dying worgs was a familiar sight. She knew the blade and in turn knew the wielder in an instant. The pool shifted and shimmered until it showed a great mound of dead wolves lashed together and the unknown slayer hefting the dead worgs onto their shoulders. When Signe's eyes fell on the armor she gave a sigh of relief. "From the winter storm returns the mountain lord. To reclaim lands lost in times of darkest absence. To drive out the usurpers who dance and jeer of things untrue. Return does the Mountain Lord to her home." She waves a hand over the pool, intoning another sylvanic spell. But the spell doesn't do as she hoped, it doesn't compel the Mountain Lord to return with haste, the spell fails and this brings Signe great alarm.

She searches the pool for answers and when she finds none she is about to cast more spells when the pool shifts. The Mountain Lord's image is lost as black tendrils wisp out of the sides of the pool. The entire pool was black as pitch until a pair of eyes appeared at its center, followed swiftly by the chants of a language banned from ever being uttered in their woods.

She raised both hands, dispelling the power she had awakened in the druidic circle, but as the stones parted she knew she was oo late. The bones around her started to shaek, rattle and gather together. To form a host of beasts that should no longer walk the earth. Animals and fallen foes alike started at her with long empty eye sockets that now had a buning flame of hate within them. A hate for all that which lived.

But the words that beast had uttered chilled her to the bone. Especially as she rained flame and stone on the dead that were trying to break awy from facing her. Break away and run west, run west towards the Mountain Lord and any that traveled with her. She shifted then into her proud form, the might bear towering over the dead as she roared in challenge. "I won't let you!"

The words still echoed in her mind even then, so much so her roars would summon her warriors to her aid. To aid her in stopping that which sought to end her sister. A fate she opposed with all her might.

"Bring death swiftly to the last."

Darn hormonal kids, poking the bear like that.

Prior to Tidus's arrival she sneezed in the warm bath. Followed swiftly by a glare around the bathing area. Someone was talking ill of her, she had a strong suspicion about it.

I notice no likes for Lord Varg. And not surprising why. I will enjoy killing this man, handily, with a big sword. Cleaving his tiny body and then feeding it to pigs if I come to discover his vile nature.

You make some nasty NPC's Core, it makes me want to kill them, horribly and in ever more entertaining ways. Despite having a goody~goody alignment.

o.O; But Lord Varg is just displaying his affection. I am sure... BTW Posts coming in the AM


"Clearly, only blood settles old feuds. Typical." The silvereyed woman watches Aslan warily, not particularly enjoying her boastful and vulgar mouth no doubt.

Bluff: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (10) + 11 = 21

Sense motive DC 21:

Her look is more like hate or anger but they are surprisingly good at hiding their intent.

"No not really anything else. I am here to observe you is all." She remarks simply, like it was no issue to watch Aslan. Though now she was looking around the room and watching Tidus, who was holed up in a corner and scrubbing his arms with fresh soap.


Tidus smiles at her comment. "You aren't bad yourself. So what adventures did you get into in your youth?" His smile widens as he pries Rhavenna for a tale.


How it came to this was a shock...

As soon as the baths had emptied out, leaving only yourself and the silver eyed woman, things got... Dangerous. The silver eyed woman had increased the water from the decanter into a torrent damn near before she suddenly lunged and slammed Aslan below water. Swiftly transforming into a silver furred werewolf with fangs and claws that shined like silver. Puncturing deeply into the larger Aslans Shoulders as the werewolf growled lowudly. "Why have you returned Mad Lord?! Outcast! What death do you bring to our door?! If you threaten this Priory I will kill you!"

Back, apologies for the wait.

STR check: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (4) + 15 = 19

Despite the blood leaking from her injuries she smiled, she'd smelled this wolf in heat since the beginning and played along until she had the chance to strike. With her large hands she gripped the werewolves hands and attempted to kick the lycan's feet out from under her.

Str check: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (1) + 8 = 9

Despite her words from her early place of strength, the yelp that she releases as Aslan over powers her handily is quickly silenced by the splash of the water...

Due to lack of response I will get us moving forward. ^^ apologies for my lack of posting as well.

Aslan Feel free to finish this encounter.

Rhavenna If there is anything you want to add feel free to and we can roleplay it.

Mai and Liv You guys still have a part in this as well. The door is open, always. :/ Hope to see you all again. :)

More posts to come once Aslan resolves this encounter.

Unruly Tub Partners:
... slamming her fellow lycan into the pool with such ease and hearing it yelp in surprise or fear. Brought a savage smile to her face. "Such weak words... By Gorum, I have no interest in your precious Priory Silverblood. That is true." As they struggle she eventually snakes her leg between her opponents and slams her knee into her groin for good measure.

Str/Grapple: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (6) + 15 = 21

She tangles up her opponents hands"But this is my mountain again. If you wish to be here then submit and pay tribute. If you refuse then your choice's are simple: leave or die. Those are my terms." She stared down at the werewolf, pulling off her eye patch to reveal her partially formed bear eye.

Diplomacy - Lycan only: 1d20 + 9 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 9 + 2 = 26

The bathes - Aslan:
Grapple - Fail: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (8) + 11 = 19
Will Save - Fail: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16

The silver furred lycan struggled up until the leg slammed into her senstive parts. At that point she ceased, the bloodied water swirling around them as the returned Mountain Lord laid down her terms. Though, due to her pride she struggled feebly to break free before accepting her options meekly. "If you give your word not to harm the Priory or it's inhabitants..." Her form started to shift, becoming more humanoid as the bones creaked and reformed back to a shape of humanity. "I'll... submit."

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Good Pets:

As the Silverblood changed beneath her she too relaxed her guard, pulling away her massive hand and settling back down into her former position. "Not that that is settled, lets discuss how you will serve me."

She wasn't about to give an inch on such a useful subordinate. Silverbloods were very rare and surprisingly meek for their kind. Perhaps it came from how they were born or because they were a rather isolated lot. Either way she wouldn't lack from attention, so long as she didn't betray her new leaders trust. "If you never lie to me, I'll never hurt you. If you do as I ask I will reward you. My title is one bestowed on me by cowards, from now on you will call me by my name. Aslan, not mountain lord, not liege, leader and especially not Outcast. While I am away it will be your duty to defend this mountain. If you fail at that I will be displeased."

She doesn't let the thought of a threat sink in before adding. "If something occurs here you are to report it to me by any means you can. If any type of news that concerns my group comes across your snout you will send it to me post haste, not the next day, within the hour. Succeed and I will reward you greatly. Do you agree?" She left the question somewhat open ended as she hadn't gotten her name yet.

The Bathes:

"Endwyr..." She answers slowly, considering what Aslan had laid down for her. "The terms are fine, the Priory is my only concern. If serving you makes those here immune then I shall submit fully." She settles in the still murky pool and reduces the decanter's flood to a more suitable level. "I can use sending to contact you."

She hesitates for a moment before asking. "How did you know what I was?"

Working on catching up, still rattled but making due.

The next morning comes with a light rap on the door of each of your rooms, where soldiers in pristine armor and clad in white cloak's have come to escort each of you. There shining symbols reflecting the faith in Iomedae with every glisten from their well oiled and mirrored armor.

"The Abbotess has need of you in the main hall Rhavenna." The solider steps to the side but halts Tidus when he tries to join you. To which he shrugs. "Guess not. Shout if you need me." He jokingly remarks as he sits back down.


Endwyr enters your room, leaving the soldier outside as she hurriedly relays to you. Kneeling as she does so in a submissive way. "Our eastern outer sigil's alerted us to something evil approaches from what we know its bad. The Abbotess is preparing to send you through the underground route and she's breaking out the heavy weapons. She most likely has a better idea then I do as to what is approaching." From there she rises to her feet, offering a hand to Aslan. "I am here to escort you to the lower levels and the secret route for you to make your escape." She pauses for a moment before adding. "One of our allies will be waiting for you at the bottom, so don't be alarmed. He's our gatekeeper so to speak."

Moving through the halls reveals a sense of urgency, soldiers are moving about briskly. Many armed with heavier weapons then yesterday. Polearms, crossbows and even ballista bolts pass you by as you head towards the Main Hall.


The Main hall is the Chapel for the Priory and you find you are not alone upon entering. The abbotess, the Elder and several heavily armored and armored attendants stand at the ready. Aside from them are several familiar lock boxes from the haunted castle you had once visited. Upon your arrival being announced the Abbotess turns away from the heavy conversation she had been having with the Elder. A conversation he clearly disliked before your entry made him change his stance. However he wears his emotions plainly, he has a worried look on his face. Deeply worried.

The Abbotess though is the perfect picture of calm and welcomes you into the chapel. "May the light bless and protect you Rhavenna, Lost Devzda, I have heard much about you from Faldirk. I also wish to return to you your items from your mercenary company. Sir Hawk left these here in case his 'Lost lambs' showed up here. His intuition turned out correct."

She indicates the items and presents you with a strangely light set of saddlebags. "This is a set of bags of holding, more then enough to carry these treasures with you and leave you less encumbered. If there is anything you wish to purchase from us I will see if we have it. You need only ask."


You and Tidus are escorted, blindfolded, down several unfamiliar halls until the blindfolds are removed. Somehow you don't remember going down stairs or ramps but you are in a massive cavern, with a swift river rushing past an area of calm water with several small boats floating in the water already. On the bank were dozens more boats, fliped on their tops and stacked neatly for when they were needed. As you both enter the soldiers don't mince words. "On the crafts now, keep your heads down and don't rock the ships. Your safety is guaranteed, at the bottom you'll meet Him. He will signal you by clapping sword to shield three times. Anymore or less and consider them an enemy in disguise. Good Luck!" They don't reply to any questions as they use their Polearms to press your ships one at a time into the swift flowing water.

"What about Rhavenna!? Hey? G&* D+$mit!" He ceases his complaining when six polearms are leveled at him. "You are leaving. Now. Per the Abbotess, we have no time to explain. NOW GO!" With that Tidus ducks down and his ship is pushed off into the dark tunnel's shooting out of sight.

Aslan was behind him, Endwyr gives a salute to you before you disappear out of sight. The worried look in her eyes burned into your single eye and rolling in your thoughts as you shot downstream into places unknown...

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

When the soldier blocks Tidus from following she frowns, but nods as Tidus quips to shout should she need him. For some reason that was reassuring. She notes the sense of urgency throughout the halls. They were readying for war.

At the sight of Faldirk’s expression, a deep foreboding fills her. The old man was not one to worry easily. ”Thank you Abbottess for holding these things as well as the bags, you do me a great service.”

What all is included in the stuff in the lockboxes?

DM Corerue wrote:

Mai and Livain

"When storm passes, we go." Is her response to Mai's question.

A few days pass before the storm abates enough for safer flying. Your nameless companion straps the alien weapon across her shoulders, attaching it to the equally alien armor she was wearing. Which appeared to be moving with her in a seamless way. She looked to each of you as you stood at the edge of the cliffside cave."You wish to see... fir-ends... first? Or do we go to place of Steam?"

** spoiler omitted **...

"What do you mean they've already left...? Has someone taken their bodies?" Maiathreen felt a twinge of dread catch in his throat.

Livain wasn't sure what to think on the news of her friends. She cleared her mind and tried her best to come up with all possibilities as to where they could be. Are they dead? Are they alive? Did someone kidnap them? Her heart began to swirl with panic and her mind was flooded with negative thoughts. "We have to go find them!" She couldn't help but feel hopeful that they might have lived. She touches Maiathreen's arm and spoke with urgency "Mi amor. We have to find them before they fall into the wrong hands. If we start looking now we may have a chance at locating them"

Mai and Livain

Aradacemorn arcs a scaled crest at Maithreen's. "Only Wallace was missing, the rest left on their own. Continuing their journey across the Maw of Karth to some Priory. A place the Elder seemed familiar but I've never been farther east than the Maw."

He raises a claw at Livain shout. Musing quietly as he soaked in the massive pool. "Calm yourselves, your allies left willingly, though they were concerned for you as well. However chasing after something that could fly in a snowstorm would be impossible to track. I think they assumed you'd follow after them since this one didn't seem overly malicious." He gestures to your companion with his large despite the fact she was still eyeing him, her scales flared outward and alien weapon leveled.

At her continued uncertainty Aradacemorn raises his head off the stone floor. "So, lets get acquainted before you do something regrettable." He gives a toothy grin which only makes your companion more nervous. "I am Aradacemorn and you are?" He turns his head as he nods and looks at her with one eye as he waits. When she says nothing he sets his head down again, speaking with a disappointed tone. "I see..."

Perception DC 15:

Despite the braziers the air in this place seems gloomy, a loneliness that creeps into your body like a cold chill. Despite the great changes that this fortress of death had, it still felt like a darkness hung over it.

Perception DC 20:

Despite the creeping gloom of this place you notice that Aradacemorn's scales are not as lustrous as they once were. In fact some on the lowered edges of his head and around his horns appeared almost grey in color...


THe Abbess's smiles, her armor shining in the chapels light. "Not at all, merely returning items to their rightful owners is right..." She is interrupted when the chapel doors open by an obviously frightened soldier. As the woman starts to speak the Abbess's raises a hand, halting her. "Calm down, take a breath and report. You two, escort them and ensure they make it out as planned. Please excuse me Rhavenna." She nods apologetically to Rhavenna as she smoothly glides past.

Though she had gained some distance from you, the chapels well crafted walls made the acoustics far greater and voices carried far. Especially excited voices and despite the Abbess's attempts to calm the soldier it was clear that they were terrified.

"Something is coming through the eastern woods. Something large and... with host... the noises... the noise it makes... The screaming..."

"Calm down. You need to breath and compose yourself." The Abbotess was calm and composed despite the Woman Soldiers fearful demeanor.

"The patrol isn't back. The screaming... it sound like horses ma'am. Horses... Dying horses..." As the soldier started to break down the Abbess's shakes her lightly with her hand, bringing her attention to her once more.

"Thats quite enough of that. Now, compose yourself once more and focus on what I am saying." The woman was transfixed on the Abbess's words. "Take a few breaths and send word that all paladins are to man the walls, clad in her holiest of holies. All others are to take refuge. When you are ready, then go." The woman soldier nods vigorously before taking a moment to compose herself and leave the chapel.

The Abbess turns and gives a regretful smile. "Please excuse me. It appears we are being attacked, please remain with my soldiers and when you are ready they will take you to the way out. We can't let this stall your journey." The last part she looks to the Elder before stepping out of the Chapel and placing her hands on the door to close them after she leaves.

Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (14) + 6 = 20

Maiathreen notices the discoloration on Aradacemorn's scales. "Are you ok? You seem darkened, I don't think it's safe for anyone to stay in this place."

Aradacemorn raises his great head from the waters. Which rapidly run off him and what little splashes on the stones before Maithreen are absolutely freezing cold. His eyes, which once were fiery are now cooled. He looks between Mai and Livain as he speaks softly. "There is nothing left in this place but regret and pain. It is my hope you never feel such pain..." He lowers his head, the waters swirling in small whirlpools as he slides back into the frigid waters. "... because if you ever do, you will know the why."

"I'm tired. Stay if you wish, but your friends will continue getting farther if you delay... Oh... Take this." He raises a single claw free of the water and drops a small silver scale on the floor in front of you all. "Head east when you see the Maw you will be on the right track, from there continue eastward. Look for a large building I suppose. If you need me, hold that scale and utter my name and I will come as swiftly as I can."

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Now deeply concerned, especially as to what had happened to Tidus...and she supposed Aslan as well, Rhavenna gathers up the gear, strapping everything into place and readying for whatever might come next.

"Thank you, we'll try and catch up with them. " Maiathreen says with a quick bow. "Chimera, we need to catch up with our allies they'll be able to help, we are part of a mercenary group called The Blades. " He says turning to they're strange ally.

"Thank you, we'll try and catch up with them. " Maiathreen says with a quick bow. "Chimera, we need to catch up with our allies they'll be able to help, we are part of a mercenary group called The Blades. " He says turning to their strange ally.


Held in your Handy Saddlebags :

(Which act just like Handy Haversack but with double the weight and triple the weight and holding dimensions.)

Contained within the left saddlebag, is a completely intact young black dragon skull which has been fashioned into a workable helmet, a silvery chain shirt, a huge spiked gauntlet.

Which Mai had identified as...

Abjuration items
* A Magically enhanced Dragon skull, more for looks than a specific use.

* +1 Mithril Chain Shirt (medium character only)

* Huge +1 Spiked Gauntlet

This staff seems to reach out as you identify it, leaving you feeling warm and alive as it reveals its nature...

* Staff of Life - 7 Charges Remaining
* May exchange 1 Charge for a maximized Heal spell.
* May exchange 3 Charges for a maximized Mass Heal spell.
* May Exchange 5 Charges for a Raise Dead spell.
* The staff appears to have a final function but only

The right side saddlebag contained:

Six coffers containing coins:

In all-
* 2500 silver pieces
* 2100 gold pieces
* 120 platinum pieces

Of the remaining four three hold notes of credit written in an unknown tongue.

You are escorted quickly through the Priory, your guards looking nervously as the building shudders from something outside. Shouts from the walls echo through the hall but the words are muddled together. You can only make out In her name... like it was some sort of battlecry or oath. You pass other guards who appear overly armed and huddling together, frightened looks on their faces. This situation appeared grim...

Just as you are about to ascend the stairs down to a basement level, a shriek unlike any you had ever heard before causes you to cover your ears. This shriek was like the sound of dozens of horses dying, like their cries were made into one and overlapping each other yet amplified.

Will Save <5 Death, 5-20 Unconcious/Feinted 20-30 Shaken/Frightened >40 Unaffected
Rhavenna Will Saves: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (15) + 6 = 21 1d4 ⇒ 3
1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16 1d4 ⇒ 4
1d20 + 8 ⇒ (19) + 8 = 27 1d4 ⇒ 4
1d20 + 22 ⇒ (20) + 22 = 42

One guard collapses, feinted to the floor, the other was shakened as are you. The Elder looked dead calm, like the eye of a hurricane as he turned on his heel. You turn your head and see that every guard you had passed lays on the floor now, feinted, unconscious and one bleeding from the eyes and ears.

"Head down." The Elder's voice was like a hammer, commanding and hard. "Get on the boat, keep your head down and don't overturn it. Don't stop until you are away from here. Got it?" He looks at you with is one remaining eye, the look breaks whatever fear you have as his hardened gaze gives you hope. "Don't wait for me. I'll find you horselegs."

He strides back the way you came then, leaving you with the last Paladin guard who tries to hurry you below.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Knowing beyond any possible shadow of a doubt that she absolutely needed to listen without argument, Rhavenna gets on the boat, settling into a secure position, tucking her legs beneath herself, while tightly gripping her bow, more for the security of it than any sense of an actual target.

Rhavenna watched a rather odd exchange between Aslan and the female mage from when you arrived. Though now the mage was nearly blushing, why was unclear as you were quickly given a larger boat and the warning was repeated by the guards.

As you tucked in the earth shock slightly, sending bits of sand down from above. This happened a few more times as your bought was swept away with the current. The last thing you saw was Aslan getting into a similarly large boat and the frightened faces of the guardswomen. Who stared at the ramp leading back up into the Priory proper.

The ride down was long and terrifying, half the time you relied on the current to keep you from getting twisted. The route was barely large enough to fit the boat and how you didn't get lodged was a miracle in of itself. When you finally reached the end of your journey the water rushed you out into a wide cavern. Which was filled with glowing stones. Though your keen eyes made out a familiar shape before you saw his face.

Tidus though wasn't alone and as soon as your boat floated into sight a hulking shape rose up from beside Tidus. Wielding a boat hook this large figure easily catches the side of your ship and starts pulling you towards Tidus and itself. The light of the stones barely reach its face until you get closer, then it's elvish features become apparent. Though it was the size of a small giant.

Tidus's voice echoed lightly in the cavern. "Easy now, these are my companions. Should be three in total..."

The hulking elfish figure merely grunted, pulling your boat roughly up on the rocky shore. He yanked his boat hook out of your ship and stepped back, not looking away even as Aslan's shi[ entered the cavern with a splash.

Oddly he tilts his head, as though listening for something before turning to hook Aslan's ship as it comes close. Hooking it and pulling her in as well before turning towards the side of the cave where a single exit lay. The hulking figures voice is low and quiet,
oddly at odds with his larger frame. His armor makes no sound as he moves towards the exit, only turning to speak over his shoulder before departing. "No more come. Follow out. Don't touch webs..." With that he left the boat hook near the side of the exit and strode off into the dark, soundless and beyond your sight.

Tidus frowns in the pale light. "Rather friendly isn't he?" He offers a shoulder to Rhavenna to steady hed as she stands if needed.

"When I arrived he was here, just standing in the dark with that hook. Oddest thing... Never got a name, just a grunt. First time he spoke too. Bit... what did he mean? Where's Faldirk?"

Mai and Livain

"I wish you luck and swift journey while seeking your friends." Aradacemorn rumbles the words quietly after your thanking him for aid.

Having obtained Aradacemorns scale. Your ally, Chimera as you call her, watches him with a mix of suspicion and something else. Aradacemorn though stared back at her with an unreadable gaze as you decided what to do.

"We go..." Is all Chimera says, hesitating in front of Mai and Livain, her eyes still locked with Aradacemorn, who stares back at her. Still impassively watching.

Aradaemorn teases Chimera. "Quickly now... Before another storm strands you here. Though I wouldn't mind."

At his words Chimera flares her nostrils and huffs a pair of grey smoke rings at Aradacemorn's teasing. She lowers the alien weapon and growls. "We go to Maw now." She flares her nostrils at Aradacemorn, who doesn't react.

Departing the Lonely Fortress

You take to the air once more, flying high enough to get the lay of the land, but it is not without the biting cold. Which saps the heat from you as you fly, only staying warm through constantly motion and maintaining your altitude with your wings. It is a matter of hours before you arrive at the Maw. A great towering statue of a one eyed beast, its massive jaw wide open and screaming as the wind howls through underground tunnels at the back of the toothy mouth.

However a wispy ice fog obscures the ground around and below the maw, snaking between its teeth and making it difficult to tell what lies below.

Perception checks please!
Chimera Perception: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (6) + 9 = 15

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

"He went back to deal with whatever is causeing the shaking of damn near everything in there." Rhavenna says as she stands, grateful for the support from Tidus, and far more so for his presence. "Pretty much commanded me to not to stop or lookback. He said he'd find us."

"I've never seen anyone like him before. He looks like a giant elf." she whispers as she gets re-accustomed to solid ground.

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