Iobaria: The Fallen Empire

Game Master Corerue

A group of Mercenaries set off with their Mercenary company into the dark lands known as Iobaria. Braving the fallen realm and what dark history lies therein to make their mark, make some gold and perhaps become heroes...

Ambushing the Raiders!

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Will: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 9 Really?!?
Minutes: 1d12 ⇒ 5 Your despicable

Maiathreen feels a clammy sort of fear like a wet cat laying along his spine that just crawled out of a cold river. He flings out a hand and four Sprite like dragons flit about illuminating the dark armory.

casting dancing light


As the terror comes to grip you, it oddly feels familiar. This sense of familiarity makes the terror even worse...

Wallace and Livian to go.

"I smell something wrong here, something magical, some things reptillian but not... And horse flesh... It's been so long... The hunger waned over the centuries but not the thirst..." The voice continued to whisper, to linger in your ears. "Submit, become one of us..."

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

Wallace gives a faint smile as the presence sets about threatening his allies. The mans gaze turning to the weapon help in petrified fingers " Honor. Heh, well if it suits to drive you i'll respect it. However strength of arms is something I never held. He will die by us all the same." the man mutters as he gazes about the room.
" And as to you,Baron Skulks-Behind-Armor-Racks. I'm always surprised by the fact that centuries of life ensure a creatures arrogance rather then culling it. At least I'm able to fall back on being a young idiot. You have no idea who we are and already you are trying offers of employ? I'm happily employed already, thank you oh Baron Crouch" Wallace states as he smacks the pick against a nearby surface to draw a tone the human humming to match
" Frari, No. Warriors of Hiemhelm. Join me in an anthem of battle to make this creatures death memorable and painful."

Crunch: Turning on Countersong in hopes of banishing whatever nonsense Baron Von-Crouchenhiem is hiding behind and/or remove his dark whispers. What I'm hoping for is awesome dwarven back up in a similar style to the 'Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold'. Though doubtlessly the angry dwarf ghosts might have a different opinion.
Countersong: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (6) + 10 = 16

The voice turns venomous and its fear effects start to unravel, leaving those once striken by it no longer so affected. Those who failed the save previously are no longer shaken. The armory seemed to reverberate with an additional sound. The sound of marching or running feet, the metallic swinshing of chaing mail and the sounds of drawn steal clattering against shields. Despite its failure to break your spirits the voice still oozed with arrogant spite. "The only thing that shall be culled is you, your accursed words will avail you little within the Master's halls."

1d20 ⇒ 9

"DEVOUR THEM, TASTE THEIR FLESH AND BRING THEM TO ME!!" The Armory was alive then with the sound of movement, seemingly from everywhere. Left, Right and even dead ahead but the cramped racks would make fighting here a terrible ordeal for those in front lest they decided to hold the hallway instead.

However sounds from behind the group echoed as well, though it was hard to imagine if it was carry over from the echoes in the armory...

Bottom line, the enemy was coming en masse...

Aradacemorn's barking laugh was enough to startle Aeria as he rasied his claws in preparation. "Had I known groundlings had such fights I would have landed ages ago. These ordeals are far easier then dealings with my own and far more enjoyable!"

Roll Initiative!

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

I suddenly regret nobody having the chainsaw at the moment. Waste of a good undead horde right there.

Init: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (4) + 3 = 7

Wallace gives a shrug to the sourceless voice " See now you are just proving my point. Though I think it would be better to say that to your face."

" Well bards do tend to like underdogs but it is nice to have the upper hand. I prefer it to be honest. To that matter if any of you can restrict the movement of our approaching foes it would be wise to do so. Getting mobbed is not what I call a good time." The human replies as he looks to the draco-ling examining the room

So are these armor racks all connected? I was thinking knocking some over to create an improvised barricade on either side of us would make this easier. Wallace isn't going to be able to hold his own against a horde of ghouls after all.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Init: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9

1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18
casting shield AC: 23

Maiathreen smirks slightly as he hears the ghouls coming towards them with a quick spell a shimmering coat of scales forms around his body before settling in.

Initiative: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13
cast gravity bow from wand and use arcane pool +1

Power groans through he air as Livain uses her wand to strengthen Dreskel's Bane and then concentrates her innate gifts strengthen the bow even further.

6d20 ⇒ (8, 1, 12, 18, 2, 7) = 48 Group leaders

The large armory echoes with the activity from behind and in front of the group. Though the racks and holders obscure everything beyond ten to twenty feet into the armory. It was full of blindspots, which rise off to the corners of your eyes as the rood towers thirty feet above.

The sounds of scrabbling feet materialize into eight shadowy forms just on the edge of the groups darkvision from the halls they had already passed through. They appeared to be bearing arms, axes, swords and oddly shaped weapons that were hard to identify at the maximum distance.

The armory rattles from the flurry of movement but no targets present themselves...

Party is up, working on an armory map with Google Map. Don't hesitate to post your moves and I will update to the best of my ability later.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Hard to determine what to do without knowing how close they are.

60ft, all of you are pretty much the same darkvision distance. My bad there, they are literally skirting the edges of your vision from behind and in the armory area you can't tell where they are really.

Due to work being a total pain in the rumpkus, we will press forward!

Aradacemorn gives a shout. "You rotting carcasses dare challenge us!" He moves into the armory lost to sight behind some of the racks before he bellows. "Let me show you our power!" The racks explode upward and outward as the silver dragon resumes his natural form. Scattering weapons and armor all over the floor. Making it a difficult area to pass through but effectively clearing the way.

He turns his head towards the far left wall and exhales a blast of freezing cold air that turns whatever it touches to ice. Several still forms are plastered to the wall by this ice as well. He swivels his head and thrashes with his tail as several crossbow bolts glance off his silver scales. "Go! I will handle these worms!"

The Silver leaves the path ahead open as your enemies behind you loom in the dark, all around in the large armory you see moving shapes but you cannot tell just what they are. A hail of crossbow bolts glance off Aradacemorn after his speech but so far none penetrate his scales...

Despite withering crossbow bolt fire the group was able to rush past the recovering dwarven ghouls. Much to Wallace's pick's anger and head up the stairs to the last lair which was the part that was actually above ground. This area was where the defenses for the fort lie and Wallace felt a flash of insight just before you all reached the top of the stairs...


Thearea past the armory was a multi floored, with a parapet that ran on the inside so that crossbowmen could take up positions and turn the inner area into a killing field. It would allow them 360* of area to attack. Which meant that while behind cover the crossbowmen could adjust position at will and keep attackers pinned down.

A stairwell was on the far side of the room and would lead up to the well defended second level, however the stairwell would be a tight fit for the likes of Rhavenna to ascend the spiral. At the top would be an iron door, most likely weather after so many years but no less an obstacle. The door had slots for spears to be thrust through by defenders on the otherside, along with possible crossbow bolts as well.

Updating map while internet is stable.

Wallace reveals that upahead was a veritable killing room, with arrow slits and other means for them to bombard the group from up high and not expose themselves. There was a set of stairs on the far side ofthe room that would allow entry to the upper level. So long as the door wasn't barred, such entry would allow you to kill crossbowman from up close...

The sounds of the silvers titanic struggle with the amassed goals appears to have Aeria on edge. The young harpy looks woefully in over her head, as a mission to merely steal treasures, from a dead and hated queen, Turned into a ghoul hunt.

As the group ascended the stairs the voice whispered out to you all. "A dragon... you brought a dragon here?! Ha! This will be interesting! A pity you left it behind..."

As you reached the top of the stairs you find a large area before you, the same size of the armory before save for the fact that it was multistoried and the enclosed parapet surrounding the upper level was well designed with evenly spaced Arrowslits every few feet for the entire parameter of the second floor. There was three ways into the room, one of which was the stairs you were on. On the WEstern and Eastern walls was an opening leading off to somewhere else. You were all currently using the stone doorway for the stairs as a shield, though there appeared to be no movement you could detect with your darkvision from the upper level parapet.

The voice came again, whispering mockingly once more. "Come, Come, catch me if you can weaklings." At the end of that a blast of cold harsh wind came billowing from the eastern side of the room, a pale light seemed to be trickling in from that side as well as though someone or something had opened an outer door. The temperature was also dropping, surprisingly this place had been insulated by the rock it was built in. Now that the cold was being allowed in the temperatures would eventually and rapidly fall.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

"Those stairs would be really awkward for me." Rhavenna says taking it all in as she trains her bow on the possible sources of hidden danger.

"On second thought... I tire of your hesitation..." Something came shambling into view then, it was tall, nearly seven feet tall and not bent over like the other ghouls. It stood with a much more regal manner, it bore a sword in one hand and its other hand was left open. It carried no shield and only wore battered chainmail for protection. "I sought to test you and you made it this far. Can you kill me? Can something finally end my existence?" It reached the edge of the vast room and its other hand crackled with magical power, runes floated around it and an instant later several more images of the undead warrior appeared around the original. The images moved and spread out amongst each other making it hard to determine which was real.

Extra Images?: 1d4 ⇒ 4

It's eyes, though completely clouded, missed little as they seemed to lock onto Rhavenna. Then drifting to what lay behind her. It's voice grew mocking then. "Survivors..." It twirled its blade simultaneously with all the other images of itself. "... here you will die, because if you can't kill me. Then you will join our family... Forever in service to the Supreme being."

The trees swayed and the wind whispered something to the imprisoned one. Whose breath had once been slow and steady as it rested amongst the snow, grass and moss. It rose, barely noticing the weight of the heavy chains that bound it. Grimacing as the chains pulsed with magical energy in a continuous attempt to contain it. The wind called to it, something was wrong.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

"@#$^ THAT!" Rhavenna says snapping off a shot across the room.

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 23 25 if he counts as human
1d8 + 5 ⇒ (7) + 5 = 12
Which one?: 1d5 ⇒ 5

Initiative: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21

Round , Init , ' AC 20, HP 36/36 Arcane Pool: 4/5, Buffs: Gravity bow, arcane pool

casting ray of frost/full attack

Arcane strike: 1d20 + 9 - 2 ⇒ (18) + 9 - 2 = 25
Regular shot: 1d20 + 9 - 2 ⇒ (5) + 9 - 2 = 12

Damage: 2d6 + 1 + 1d3 ⇒ (4, 2) + 1 + (3) = 10 4 points are cold damage

which image: 1d4 ⇒ 4

Livain ignores the taunts of the figure and narrows her eyes at him. She releases two arrows in quick succession; one going wide and the other set to pierce either an illusion or the true creature. Whichever it was, her arrows never discriminate.

As two images shatter the figure scoffs. "Is that all?" It's tone is haughty and arrogant as it starts casting again.

Those who haven't acted may do so after me if they wish.

It moves towards Rhavenna, casting something else in the form of a blue light that flares up like a large flat circle in front of the ghoul.


You recognize he's casted Shield on himself, bolstering their defenses!

Currently he is 60 ft away from you towards the right of the center of the room.

Party is up again btw ;)

"Afraid? You should be." The figure advances again, their sword suddenly blazing with dark energy. "Unlike the dwarves I am going to enjoy turning you all personally."

MA: Move 20ft

They approach another twenty feet, their blade appearing to drip black flames as they continue to smile confidently...

Party is up

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Rhavenna fires another shot before dropping her bow and drawing her lance, a resolute look i=on her face as she prepares to charge the oncoming knight.

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15
1d8 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13

Another image shatters as they smile viciously at Rhavenna's quivering companions. "Ho? So horse flesh, you think you can take me alone?" The two images open their arms wide. "I'll give you a free shot..." Their smile widens and their moist flesh tears slightly, looking like the smile almost went ear to ear.

A series of bolts of light fly out from around Rhavenna, slamming into the figure and splattering clotted blood on the grounds aby his feet. The last image shattering from the sudden attack.

3d4 + 3 ⇒ (3, 2, 4) + 3 = 12

"Ho... Missed you there brd b!~$!. Wasn't expecting you to be useful. But come on... Bring your best!" He laughs at the two of you as he continues to stand arms wide.

Aeria growls as she prepares another of her spells, despite the undead warriors mocking laughter.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Expecting a trick, Rhavenna's eyes narrow as she studies the enemy, a small smile spreading across her lips as Aeria's attack hits, eliminating the last image. Trick or now, the time to strike was now.

Leveling her lance, the last of the Dvezda launches into a run, spine and muscles perfectly aligned to deliver the full force of her body to a single point of impact.

Sense motive: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (4) + 9 = 13

Charge: 1d20 + 12 + 2 ⇒ (19) + 12 + 2 = 33
2d8 + 16 ⇒ (4, 8) + 16 = 28 +1 cold
AC remains same. -2 charge, +2 Shield bonus from Dragonbone Centaurus War Lance

AC 20, HP 36/36 Arcane Pool: 4/6
Casting Scorching Ray+full attack

Dresskel: 1d20 + 9 + 4 - 2 ⇒ (8) + 9 + 4 - 2 = 19
Dresskel: 1d20 + 9 + 4 - 2 ⇒ (17) + 9 + 4 - 2 = 28
2d6 + 4d6 + 3 + 1 ⇒ (3, 3) + (6, 2, 4, 5) + 3 + 1 = 27
2d6 + 3 + 1 ⇒ (5, 6) + 3 + 1 = 15

She struck with the rage of a thousand hornets. Cursing her victim to bare the weight of her wrath. The cruelty of her inner dragon couldn't help but manifest in a vicious smile.

standard cast shocking grasp
Move: move to enemy
Free: Spellstrike

Mindblade: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (1) + 10 = 11
1d10 ⇒ 8

Really :/

Maiathreen follows Rhavenna's charge and Livain's arrows with a charge of his own his blade is met by the undead creature's own blade. The impossible happens Maiathreens blade dissipates into motes of flame and light floating through the air.

The look of surprise on the dead man's face is doubled as Livain's arrow buries itself into his shoulder. Splattering more of his clotted blood and bile to the ground around him. Rhavenna's lance had tore a hole in his side, of which he looked at with a shocked expression. But as quickly as the shock set in his face turned into a smile, one he directed at Mai as the dragonkin's mindblade shattered on impact. He hopped back, raising his hand as he made gestures tocast a spell, aimed at Rhavenna and Maiathreen. "I thought it was going to hurt... Kluchuduun Ingis!"

MA: 5ft step back
Cast Color Spray DC 16 will save

Mai Will: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 10

Rhavenna Will: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13

Blinded and Stunned: 1d4 ⇒ 3
Followed by an additional round of being stunned

Blinded for 3 rounds, stunned for 4 rounds Mai and Rhavenna


A stunned creature drops everything held, can't take actions, takes a –2 penalty to AC, and loses its Dexterity bonus to AC (if any).

The sickening blast of light washes over the two who had engaged the undead warrior. Rhavenna's heavy lance falls from her grasp and clatters to the floor as both her and Mai's bodies seem to go limp. Sagging where they stand as the undead warrior laughs. The two warriors now providing him with some cover from the archer behind them.

"A twist in fate! What will you do now?!"

Pary is up!

Aeria advances, spacing herself from livain and entering the room to unleash another volley of shining missles. Which pepper the undead who glares daggers at the harpy caster. "I'm going to enjoy gutting you b%~$&es..."

3d4 + 3 ⇒ (4, 4, 2) + 3 = 13

Aeria seems undaunted by its taunting or she simply doesn't understand, either way she was reacting to the unfolding battle unflinchingly.

Deep beneath the earth in Iobaria...:

A centaur watched as humans cut away at a grey dragons scales and flesh, completely ignoring its pitiful gasps as its body labored to survive. The poor creature was already on death's door and over the past few weeks, all of this witnessed by the poor Rashalka chained in the same room as it. "Stop... You are.... Killing her..." Their voice sounded foreign to even them, most likely the drug-laced food they had fed them. Or perhaps it was the frequent piercing's from their instruments that were taking their toll...

Had they once been strong?

One of the butchers stopped for a moment, looking over at the centaur before remarking in a clinical way. "Seems this one still has a modicum of will left. Did you check the dosage properly?"

What was it like to be free?

Another paused, turning with blood covered hands to look between their college and the Rashalka in the corner of the room. "Yes, exactly as prescribed by the Alchemist." They all spoke the same way, the Rashalka had a hard time discerning between men and women. At this point they had forgotten their own name and everything was being supersceded by a need to obey. Something that they were trying desperately to deny but...


Their mind snapped back to the single thought that gave them strength, a dream of something real. Something that would come. With strong flanks and power beyond the herds had ever known. A Baatong.

To bring war to the oppressors!

The voices brought their focus back. The blood covered figure was before them with their beak like mask, and black glass covered eyes looking down on them. They wielded something unfamiliar and before the Rashalka had enough time to react their came a sharp pain. The figure didn't stop despite their balling cry of agony. Driving the instrument deeper until the burning pain came again deep within their chest and spreading throughout their flanks. When the figure pulled back the long and thin metallic object they stood over the crumpled, kicking centaur for several moments. Silently observing like they always did as their specific ministrations took affect.

The world began to become fuzzy, thought was fading and despite all of this the Rashalka held onto that one thought. The voice of their oppressor cut through the fog before conciousness faded completely. "Just stay down, the more you resist the more they will seek to break you." The Rashalka's eyes moved to them and for once saw part of a face, a strong jaw and male, human but... not. They were kneeling and their voice had been a whisper. With that though the mask came back into its usual place and they stood. Bythe time they turned all they saw was darkness...


Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

The nauseating bast of light completely consumes her senses as Rhavenna's mind is awash with the haze of the vile creature's magic.

Can't really do anything for the next 4 rounds so.....

Thanks Rhavenna, pressing on then!

"Is this all?" The ghastly undead warrior looks to step forward and disappears from site, an odd black mist where it had once been. Aeria's cry of alarm is all the warning she gets out before she is slashed and then bitten by the ghastly undead. Being off to the side it still had cover from Livain's bow shot.

Attack with Longsword: 1d20 + 11 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 11 + 3 = 24
Bite Attack: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (18) + 3 = 21

Aeria vs Paralysis: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7

Next Round

Livain dashes out intent on bringing the undead down and finds Aeria is just standing there, the look of shock in her eyes still evident but unmoving. It wasn't she was bitten from behind that she too fell victim to the undead's relentless assault.

Livain vs Paralysis: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6

Wallace falls to the same vicious strikes before the undead turns its attention on Mai and Rhavenna. Starting with the centaur. Tearing into her flanks viciously until it was satisfied she was filled with his paralytic bite. As Mai was starting to come out of it he was the last to be driven to the ground.

As the paralysis set in the undead didn't monologue or speak until he had dragged each of the party members to the center of the room. Standing over them, a gloating look on its dead face. "This is where it ends, to think you actually harmed me. Since you won't be leaving I will let you in on a little secret, the master gave me a unique power. Unlike weaker creatures my pleasure bite doesn't wear off for hours..." At this point it smiled viciously again. Its flesh splitting again and dribbling its black blood on the fallen faces below him as it glared at each of you.

It focused on Rhavenna primarily, bringing one foot down and begin stomping on her as hard as it could muster as it spoke between each gruesome strike. "I am! Going to! cut! Your flesh off! in strips! For what! You! Have! Done to my! Domain." He turns his kicks to Livain when Rhavenna finally loses consciousness.

Mai and Livain:
Than Aeria in the same fashion. All the while detailing how it would hurt you all. "I am going to hang you by your entrails and enjoying keeping you alive until you turn and become obedient to me. Even then I will torture you. My playthin-"

It pauses as Aradacemorn's roar echoed from downstairs, the battle in the large armory still ongoing. It looks to the sound of the roar before giving Mai and wallace a vicious glare. First driving its sword viciously through Wallace and stirring the blade around in his chest as he spoke. Loking from Mai and Livain and licking its lips in glee. "Perhaps I will sell you two to Veka's lord. He enjoys your kind oh so MUCH... However, I need to kill your dragon fir-" It never finished, a white beam of intense light slammed into it's back, blasting the undead off its feet and sending it flying out of sight. The paralysis left all of you starring at the ceiling, but only Mai as the witness of what happened after that.

Another intense beam flashed across the room, followed swiftly by a steady volley of them. As the undead shrieked in rage. "YOU! You Traitorous WHORE! You turn on our Master! I W-" It is silence by another blast of light and instead shrieks in rage, its claws scrambling on stone. The undead rushes past, their flesh scarred and burnt by whatever these intense beams of light were.

The struggle was shortlived, as blood and viscera were sent splattering back across the fallen party. Who was beating who wasn't apparent until what felt like an eternity passed when a large figure slammed the undead bodily down on the ground. Whatever the undead had been fighting had overpowered them completely by this point. Only the creatures bloodied fists came into Mai's view, they were heavily scaled and covered in bits of bone and black blood with each strike. Eventually the breaking of bones and the crunching of what could only be a skull collapsing under the fierce assault was readily apparent. The struggle was only over once the undead's spine and shattered skull were torn from its body and held aloft by its opponent.

When it stood it wasn't an overly large creature but it's wingspan was akin to Mai and Livain's and clearly it was draconic. It turned toward Mai and leaned over him. Its face was covered in a black material, leaving not an inch of its face or eyes to be seen. It waved its hand in front of his face several times before grunting and turning to look over at Livain and inspecting her as well.

It was still holding the undead's spine in its left hand, apparently forgotten up until it stopped looking at Livain. It regarded what it was holding casually before snapping the spine from the base and tossing both shattered pieces away from the fallen group. It bent down and hefted Mai over its shoulder. It was then that Mai saw the brutal way Livain had been beaten before she too was picked up and carried over the draconic-like creatures shoulder. The last he saw of his companions was the unmoving forms of Wallace, the brutally beaten and still Aeria. Even the mighty Rhavenna was left broken and even if he wanted to cry out he couldn't as the large draconic creature wasn't even particularly interested in his allies. Instead just Livain and him out of the dwarven fortress.

Outside was brutal cold at first, until you felt the warmth of this creatures scales seeping into your own tired and limp bodies. It descended several steps before reaching what looked like a frozen over battlement. Stepping up onto the battlement, you were left looking down its scaled backside, the armor it was wearing and the massive weapon slung over its shoulder were instantly recognizable as the ones the Harpy Queen had gained. Its red scales shined in the pale light and it spread its wings in the storm and lifted skyward in nearly an instant. The fortress falling from view and into the murky white just before Mai vision faded into blackness.

I had somewhat planned this already, with the lack of activity. For obvious RL reasons I am pressing ahead. When you guys are able hit me up in a PM or here in spoilers and we will press ahead at your own pace. Or you can go on Hiatus until you can return.


The last thing you remember was the undead's boot smashing into you repeatedly. Its gleeful rage filled shouts as it pummeled you relentlessly until you fell unconscious.

When you come to, its painful to just think. It takes awhile for your eyes to come into focus when you open them, almost painfully so as you are blinded by firelight upon opening them. Everything was blurry and it was hard to move your neck. You smell something almost sour in the air though the air is warm on your sore body, thankfully, the smell reminded you of burning oil and you raise your head painfully to see that you are laying next to a large brazier that was burning brightly and hot nearby.

At this point you felt the pull of something and find you are swathed in a thick, heavy fur blanket. Made from the pelt of a beast with thick white hair and that a certain silver was coiled around you as well. You felt the slightest movement Aeria was pressed against your chest underneath the heavy fur as well. Aside from Aradacemorn and Aeria were the sleeping forms of Tidus, who was leaned against the dragon and Tresi, who was sprawled out on the stone floor like it was a feather down bed (snoring softly as well). You blurrily see the Elder and an unknown woman sitting near a brazier not much farther away from where you were as well. Though your slight movements caught the woman's attention, followed swiftly by the Elder, both turning to look and rising to their feet.

Though stopping short when the coiled silver scales around you started to shift, which awoke Tidus as he was rolled off of them. Tidus's initial response was the drawing of both his blades and the snapping shut of his overly large gladiator helm as he slapped into the floor. He pointed his blades comically upwards before the Elder shook his head with a short grunt, clearlyly trying to bite back a laugh. All this activity made your head spin, it was then that you notice your legs felt like lead and no matter what you tried to do they hardly moved.

It was then that the Elder raised a hand, speaking softly to Rhavenna in an attempt to calm her movements. "Easy, easy there. You are still hurt so it's best you don't move. Or else you might hurt him more as well..."

He gestured and it was then Rhavenna was able to crane her neck painfully to see the extent of Aradacemorn's injuries. Crossbow Bolts, spears and broken axe heads riddled his scales. A large axe was still lodged in the side of his skull, apparently having taken a giant sized great axe head on. Though the mighty wyrm was sleeping heavily, coiled around her protectively regardless of its own injuries.

The elder kept his distance, unlike Tidus who stood and quickly sheathed his blades, looking solemnly between Rhavenna and the Elder. The Elder continued speaking then. "We don't know what happened here, only that Aradacemorn called to Tresi with magic from the mountain in a panic but he was cut short apparently. It took us awhile to get to ya and we've been cleaning since we got here. This nest is cleared out thanks to your heavy lifting but what in the hell's happened here girl?." It was the first time the Elder looked clearly uneasy and worried over Rhavenna's condition.

Tidus spoke bluntly, clearly angry at the Elder's unease. "Dammit, tell her. Its been four days. Four days since we arrived and she is the first to wake. The Silver lashes out like a beast at any but Tresi or I but does not wake... And..." He was trembling as he spoke in hushed but angry tones, whether his trembling was from anger or something else.

The Elder fixed him with a stern gaze., "Ya forget yourself Boy, let her get her wits and shut your damn mouth."

The woman stared at Rhavenna alone, saying nothing and not distracted by the heated discussion of Tidus and the Elder. Though with the Elders words Tidus stops speaking and looks away from Rhavenna and into the darkness. His fists still trembling.

Mai and Livain:

Mai You awaken with a gasp, your hands trembling and your body burning before you are quickly brought down by the strong press of an arm. Hugged tightly to something rather warm and pleasant. You find you are not alone and that Livain, bruises and all, is right beside you. Though both of you are currently and somewhat tightly being embraced by some unknown red scaled draconic like creature. The faint dying embers of a fire catch your eye and you find you are currently laying in what was a small cave.

Though your head was pounding and your entire body felt hot and like your very nerves were on fire. The armor from before was laying nearby, as was the large glowing weapon that apparently had plenty of magic left in it as it sat still glowing. Though it was giving off a lot of heat as well just sitting there, you found it hard to move as the draconic like creatures body was your bed and its wings were draped around the two of you like a protective blanket.

Livain You eyes open slowly, painfully as you feel the bruises from where you were kicked by the undead. But the first thing you see is Mai...

Moments later the body beneath the two of you stirs and you both look up into the clear, milky eyes of your protector. It bore the resemblence of the one you had seen in the harpies cave, but its body wasn't starving or rail thin. It was undeniably firm and strong. Yet the first thing it said was in Draconic. In your tongue of all things and its voice was familiar. "My brethren... I thought I had lost you again." Its voice was deep, but feminine in a way, it rumbled from the center of its chest as it spoke.

It slowly unlocked its wing claws and opened its wings to let each of you up.

Aradacemorn's last stand:

"BE GONE FROM MY SIGHT! OR BE DESTROYED!" Aradacemorn's words shook the very room as he roared at what was approaching him and his injured friends.

He stood before a wounded silver dragon, its eyes blazed in defiance and its low growl answering their earlier question. They raised their hand and weaved an incantation of deep slumber. Aradacemorns blasting breath of cold froze the water filled area behind them, this was followed by a rain of spells that didn't break the shield surrounding his opponent. The last blast of ice was followed by the Silver trying to rise to their feet, to engage the caster in combat, which was when they finished their incantation. Sending a halo of soft light towards the silver's eyes where it puffed. "Trelk dout saurivic di arytiss, ssifisv halkvri irisva vur lleisgar tenamalo. versvesh vur taq!" With that the smoke of the dissipating spell filled his nostrils.

Aradacemorn's eyes became misty and he slumped back down, coiled protectively around Rhavenna and Aeria. It approached and leaped aside as Aradacemorn's tail smashed a brazier, in a clear attempt to smash them as well. Regardless they continued their approach, softer this time. Their claws clicking on the stone ever so slightly as they inspected the injuries of the ones within the dragons protective coils.

Seeing their injuries they received a blessing from the figure as well, lightening their injuries some alongside Aradacemorn's. Waving their wand through the air with each casting before stopping. The sounds of shambling came to its ears and it turned, drawing its blade. "Nomenoi iri ui onureth re protection. Qe gethrisja..."

The fight was short, the shambling corpses and their minotaur ghoul were dispatched with ease. It was after that they notice the one body that was forgotten from the rest. A sword still sticking out of their chest and clearly appearing to have already expired. They withdrew the sword and pulled out a bag, drawing it over the corpse which disappeared within before the figure tighten the drawstrings and stepped out of the room.

Leaving the sword laying on the floor and fixing the shattered brazier before departing...

Will post later after work.

Np Maithreen, take your te and post when you can. I seperated things until I could get us all back on the same page.

Maiathreen stood protectively over Livain his hand laying on the hilt of the dagger she had made for him. "Who are you what happened. Your brethren, what's that mean?" Maiathreen asks in draconic.

Once the wing from the creature unfolded, Livain stood and stumbled around a moment. She stood with the graceless and unbalanced sway of a tree caught in a storm. Trembling violently from the pain, Livain struggled to focus her eyes. Seeing Maiathreen's face helped calm the unrelenting waves of shivering. She smiled weakly at her beloved and reached a hand to his arm. Seeing him stand protectively over her made her feel comforted. Livain turned her face at the creature and bowed as best as her battered body could.

"Thank you for saving us, I am not sure we ever met but I am grateful. Forgive me, my mind is so..."
Livain clutches her head in agony, "Your voice is so familiar."

As both of you withdraw it sits up, moving to sit on its haunches with its tail sitting behind it for balance. It tucks its wings in front of itself, hooking its wing claws and turning its wings into a flowing cloak of sorts. Though this didn't prevent it from gesturing with its draconic hands or any other type of movement.

Maiathreen wrote:
Maiathreen stood protectively over Livain his hand laying on the hilt of the dagger she had made for him. "Who are you what happened. Your brethren, what's that mean?" Maiathreen asks in draconic.

At Livain's stumbling it looked almost concerned, though Mai's questions were left without an answer for a long moment. At Livain's thanks it shakes its head, gesturing with its hands as it spoke. Mai's question of who "I am... Nothing. You freed and gave me food. It gave me strength, to crush the Master's servant, to fight. It would have... broken you. Changing you like the mountain folk."

Livain wrote:

Once the wing from the creature unfolded, Livain stood and stumbled around a moment. She stood with the graceless and unbalanced sway of a tree caught in a storm. Trembling violently from the pain, Livain struggled to focus her eyes. Seeing Maiathreen's face helped calm the unrelenting waves of shivering. She smiled weakly at her beloved and reached a hand to his arm. Seeing him stand protectively over her made her feel comforted. Livain turned her face at the creature and bowed as best as her battered body could.

"Thank you for saving us, I am not sure we ever met but I am grateful. Forgive me, my mind is so..."
Livain clutches her head in agony, "Your voice is so familiar."

Seeing Livain's shivering the creature stopped and reaches over, picking up some wood and tossing it on the dying embers. It leaned over and made a very guttural sound before coughing out a large ball of flaming spittle onto the ember pile. This spittle seemed to ignite before it landed, causing harsh flashes of light from its flames before causing the wood to start burning more evenly. The temperature within the cave starts to increase slowly as it shifts its eyes back to the two of you. Its scales were much clearer in the firelight as it increased, appearing reddish gold. Like a great maple tree in autumn as its scales shimmered from what appeared as gold pigments imbedded in its scales.

What it says next clearly upsets it some, it starts shifting from side to side, rubbing its claws together as it squints. Its milky eyes like silver in the dim light of the cave you all were in. "We were together once... Caged by the Master. Bred. Made. You... were young... Then. A time came when we broke the cages you ran and I stayed. To fight. But... I... Fell..." It stops rubbing its hands together and rubs them along the sides of its head to where a several horns used to be, mere broken nubs now on its draconic skull. "For many moons I was broken. Forced to obey, the master, too strong." It lowers its large hands gripping them into fists. "So many lost. My strength... useless."

It looks at you both again, fixing you with its eyes the empty pools seeming bottomless as it spoke. This time its voice brighter, the previous warmth returning. "But the winged one broke the Masters strength over me... Changed me, before you came."

It lowers its wings and with its clawed hand it digs into its flesh, blood pouring from the injury as it presses its claws in deeply...

Silence fell on Livain temporarily as the words spoken by the creature slowly sunk into her bruised and foggy mind. For a moment she was swept away by the mesmerizing dance of the flames. So gracefully they danced and so treacherous the images they evoked of dreaded days long gone. The sting of anguish blushed across her heart as she watched the creature wallow in it's own reminiscence . The sight of the self inflicted wounds made Livain abandon all focus on her own physical discomfort; shifting her attention over to the creature. She extended a comforting hand, taking caution to land her palm as gently as she could to it's flesh. "I am so sorry for all the pain you endured. I can honestly say that I am sympathetic to your plight." She clears her throat and takes a deep breath, "what is your name? Mine is Livain and he is Maiathreen."

Livain gestures to her husband lovingly and smiles warmly. Even in her pummeled state she wanted desperately to see the creature smile. She let out a rough chuckle, "we must look like a pair of scabs with wings, but I promise that under the bruises and chunks missing we look a lot like you." She was in a jesting spirit regardless the situation. Was it delirium of a cheerful nature? Livain believed it was perhaps both. Her concentration wandered about awkwardly like a drunkard in an alley. What happened to the rest of our party?

As quickly as it injured itself, it removed its claws from its arm and the wound started to close rapidly. Soon only the blood on its scales indicated that it had been injured at all. The blood though appeared to be darker than normal in the firelight, bearing a disturbingly similar appearance to harpy queen's.

As Livain's hand gently settles on its scales it looks down where she placed it and when it looked back at her it's easy to see it is unsure, confused as to how to respond. At her questions it answers simply once more. "I am Nothing... I have none. The Master call me things... But I do not know..." Its brow was furrowed as it tried to think and when it spoke it said two words in broken common. "Chia... Mera..."

At Livain's other words it shook its head before reaching out with its own claws to hold them on either side of her face. For its strength and size it was surprisingly gentle as it peered directly at her. "You are complete. Liv...ain and Mai..theen. Survivors and complete, not held in city of steam or by the Master." It had difficulty saying your names, its speech was more like that of a child's. It withdraws its hands, cloaking them back beneatj its wing cloak as it tilted its head. Much like a dog would when it didn't understand something. "Did Man own you?"

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Even the memory of the pain was overwhelming, and as she moved the slightest nit she realized the wisdom in the Elder’s words. Seeing Tidus there, protective as ever, filled her with…..she wasn’t quite sure what the feeling was but it was a good one, one that reminded her of how happy she was to be alive. The sight o the silver dragon coiled around her protectively and the knowledge that he let very few near evaporates any lingering traces of primal fear that might have remained in her subconscious.

”Four days? I….I remember that….undead thing tearing into us…..killing us….stomping me…hearing my own bones breaking…… a lot of it is so…hazy.” she says trying to piece things together. ”What’s wrong Tidus, what else is going on?” she asks turning to the gladiator and wincing as even turning her upper body hurt.


The woman steps forward, she seemed much larger and stockier up close. With one eye covered by an eye patch, much like The Elder. They had one green eye, wild black hair that rolled across their shoulders and pale skin. Like the color of snow and with features as hard as a freezing blizzard as she spoke. "The man and two of your allies are missing." The woman appears unphased by any words of protest from the Elder, affixing Rhavenna alone with her hardened stare. "We searched top to bottom and found nothing, no bodies, save for the biter that did this to you." The woman nods to a far off brazier that was burning brightly. Though a dark smoke rose from it as well. "While you were napping we took care of that one and other corpses. But I have to say, some one beat us to'em, ripped their spine out and crushed their skull. An Excessive but effective way, that dead one won't rise again. Also, your commander. Crow or whatever, is on the move. Heading towards the Maw of Karth and three days ahead of us now."

She looks to the Elder then and gives him a angry grunt. "She isn't a foal, so speak and be done with. If I knew you were this soft I'd have carried on to Iobaria, alone."

"Tidus, don't..." The Elder pauses as the woman speaks up and gives the woman a glacial stare for their words. The elder sighs, clearly in agreement but stepping lightly in light of Rhavenna's injured state. "Well since the bears out of the pen..."

Tidus nods at the woman's words before looking to Rhavenna. "We couldn't find them anywhere... I found some claw marks in the snow but they ended quickly. Something with wings came and took someone away. I don't think something that small could carry three or even two people away though."

The Elder shook his head. "We searched, in vain. We can't track something that can fly, not in this blizzard. We can only hope it was what intervened and that your friends weren't dinner." The Elder touchedAradacemorn's scales and pulled back as the tail reacted, tightening slight and slacking off when he withdrew. "Wake up you damn LIZARD!" The Elder's bark echoed in the chamber and woke up Tresi, who sat up with a startled sound, a mixture of a cough, grunt and gasp. Which ruffled his beard, making it look almost like it was puffed out like a ball of fur.

Tresi rubbed sleep from his eyes and stood up, straightening his beard and robes as he approached. "Well... I am surprise he can sleep through your lovely insults... I am sure he would appreciate being called a lizard, especially with that axe still in his skull." He approaches and appears to be contemplating something as he nods to Rhavenna. "Good, Good to see you awake. Two to go it seems, but progress is good." He peers over the coiled scales of Aradacemorn and at Rhavenna and Aeria's covered forms. Finally his eyes settled on Rhavenna. "Can you walk?"

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Rhavenna studies the gruff woman, simultaneously appreciating her openness and resenting the manner in which she dismissed their defeat.

"I... I can try." she replies turning back to Tresi, the realization only now dawning that Mai, Liv and Wallace were all missing. With a deep breath she tries to get her legs under her, slowly attempting to stand.


"Good."[b] Tresi nods and looks attentive as he watches you.

As you rise you realize even more acutely that [b]Everything hurts. Even more so now that you were trying to straighten your sore limbs. Aradacemorn tightens up in response, his scales shifting unconsciously before slacking off completely. His long til seems to sweep aside and leaves it open for you, this causes Aeria to tumble out from the withdrawing blanket.

Perception DC 20:

Just before Aradacemorn slowly released, you felt something across your shoulders. Like a whisper of wind, followed quickly by the change in Aradacemorn.

Thankfully your legs were wobbly, but functional, and sore as you stepped out from the protective circle Aradacemorn's body had once formed, Tidus steps up. Looking you up and down before realizing exactly what he was doing. He was about to speak when Aeria awoke with a startled cry.

Aeria's cry makes everyone's head turn, Tresi moves forward without being concerned with the shifting dragon. Raising his hands to calm the panicked harpy. When he kneeled down she clung to him, draping her wings around him and shuddering uncontrollably. Tresi pulls her close, whispering to her in his usual calm voice. "Remain calm Aeria..." The far off Brazier seemed to burn brighter for a moment before returning to its normal state. "... nothing will hurt you here. Again." Tresi's voice cracks at the last words but his calm movements remain steady, his face the very picture of calm.

It was then that a large Stag came clopping into the cathedral sized area. It looked rearing to fight, its massive horns sweeping back and forth before it looked to Tresi. Who waved off the Stag, which laid down. Though it watched everyone other then Tresi, as if everyone was a threat. Tresi responds as he hefts Aeria and stands up, covering her in his wide cloak. "That is Tyg and he assures me that the lower levels are still clear of anything moving. Living or dead."

Perception DC 10:

The Stag never once looks at you in a threatening way, it does however pause to stare at you before passing its gaze over the others...

Those perception checks are Rhavenna only?

Perception - Just in case: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22

Aslan voiced her pleasure at the results before her. "Good." She was pleased with the horses ability to withstand such punishment, a good sign she had made the right decision. Though killing her had crossed her mind. Without a single shred of tact she purposefully smacks into Tidus with her shoulder. Having been itching for a fight since she had joined up with them. But the Human was too attached to the injured horse and the Elder would more then likely prevent her from having a moment of fun.

Strength check vs Tidus: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22

She doesn't even spare Tidus a glance as she inspected the injured horse and gives a nod of approval. "... Our waiting wasn't in vain. It appears Gorum forged you stronger then most." The last part was said with a mix of sarcasm and praise, much as her harsh teacher had used on her in the past. A trait she never lost over the years, especially as she had a new found disdain for harpies. "A pity you failed to kill the biter but I am sure you will get another chance." She steps back then giving Tidus a dark smile as she appraises him with her uncovered eye. Openly inviting the man to fight her before turning back towards Rhavenna and Tresi. However something caught her as off with the calm he so forcefully portrayed, so she left the bird alone.

When the Stag entered the room she gave it a single glance. If I was hungry, your flanks would be dinner, Tyg. She looked back at Rhavenna with the same hungry look in her eye. "Because Iobaria has plenty of biters that need killing, both living and dead." She extends her weapon hand to Rhavenna then, a sign of respect. "Aslan von Kessel, clan Ulvass."

Whoops! Yes the first is Rhavenna only the second is anyone in the room.

"Careful..." Tresi's calm voice didn't appear to be directed at anyone, speaking only as he turned from the others to settle down near Tyg with Aeria in his arms. Holding the Trembling Harpy until her shuddering subsided, which didn't appear to be any time soon. "There, there. Meet Tyg. He won't bite and is quite a pleasant fellow once you get to know him." The mountain born Stag appeared to be thin, but its entire frame was lean muscle and its horns were honed for fighting in the rough mountains. Combating the creatures that called the snow capped lands home.

Counter Strength Check vs Aslan: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (17) + 3 = 20

Tidus budges ever so slightly from Aslan's shoulder butt, but that was more than enough to encourage the dangerous woman Aslan. At her jabbing words he reacts angrily. "You... Any time woman." He brushes the hilts of his twin short swords as he gives the slightly taller woman a hard glare.

The Elder's voice wasn't enough to diminish Tidus's resolve as he barked at both of them. "Draw a blade and I will make you regret that ya fool mother birthed you!" He was within arms length of the pair and his hands were already in fists. "G+~ d~@n kids. She doesn't need ya feuding." He rubs his face, ruffling his beard as he sighed in frustration. He looked to Rhavenna then. "Now that the fool lizard has laid down we can get a good look at you. I'm glad ya look like ya can walk, running can wait. F**~ Hawk. Let him march and get chewed in the Maw. They'll pave the way. So you recover first and we follow after."

Good and one small detail I missed to add in my post.

Aslan smiles down at Tidus since she was as tall as the centaur was, like she was giant blooded or something. Aslan's blade sat unattended near where her and the Elder were previously sitting. The weapon was like what a giant would wield, a wicked looking greatsword that had glowing runes that appeared in series on the side of the blade.

Despite the challenge she was Still holding her hand out to Rhavenna though she smiled dangerously at Tidus's challenge. More or less she was greatly amused. "Oh~? I'll ask when your pride isn't in question. False confidence isn't appealing to me." Her teasing was harsh but true, besides former slaves were fun to prod, so easily riled. Since they had no pride.


Now that you are standing you can tell more easily that the place has changed a lot since last you were awake. Much of the filth has been removed, though at the edges and on the walls you spot where filth still appears to be frozen in place. However the air was noticeably warmer then before and wet spots were forming in many places across the massive room you were in from all the ice that was melting. Though in this particular room was a massive pool of water that was still iced over, though parts were starting to become covered in water. Whether the water was drinkable was questionable though.

This room appeared to have a pair of double iron barred doors that, from the build up of snow and ice at its edges, must lead outside and a single large hallway that lead back into the fallen fortress. Aside from that there were eight braziers that burned brightly, providing the heat for this part of the old fortress.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Turning her head, Rhavenna studies Aradacemorn intently for a moment, taking in the dragon's condition and the sudden shift.

Perception: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (20) + 9 = 29

She was glad Tersi was here, not only because it meant he was well but because Aeria very much needed him right now.

Perception: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (6) + 9 = 15

Noting that she seemed the only thing other than Tersi that the impressive stag didn't glare at as a threat but noticing that she had his attention all the same, the ranger makes a mental note of it.

Feeling Tidus’ gaze and his concern a small smile begins to find its way to her lips until the brutish woman opens her mouth again. Not only did she seem to be itching for a fight but she somehow thought that trying to throw her weight around people who were just now recovering from the brink of death was supposed to impress anyone. Like a farmboy playing warrior in a room full of wounded.

In one moment she acted as an ally, giving her the truth of their siryation, the other acting as a barely restrained enemy. And her posturing with Tidus…..even through the fog of confusion and the hundreds of aches and pains all over it made her angry.

The b~&%# was goading him and unfortunately he was falling for it. Though a part of her wanted to smile at that.

Eyes narrowing as she extended her hand to clasp the massive (for a human) woman's forearm. Though still well short of her usual condition, she ensures that her grip is enough to leave absolutely no doubt that Aslan was far from the strongest person in the room as she returns the greeting. "Rhavenna. Thank you for whatever part you had to play in the fact that we're still alive."

Looking around she takes in the area and the changes since she'd last seenn it, moments before the fight of her life.

"A lot of progress in...four days you said?" she asks looking at Tersi

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