Iobaria: The Fallen Empire

Game Master Corerue

A group of Mercenaries set off with their Mercenary company into the dark lands known as Iobaria. Braving the fallen realm and what dark history lies therein to make their mark, make some gold and perhaps become heroes...

Ambushing the Raiders!

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Always feel free to ask questions. Tidus and Tersi are here aiding even though Mai and Livain are a bit absent and I will get some more descriptive posts up soon.

With his magic Wallace easily hefts the large, oddly shaped stone with ease.

The stone bow remained then.

The two reforming statues were being held off by Tersi and Tidus. Somehow the former gladiator's weapons were avoiding breaking as they sparked off the vibrating stones. Mai and Livain's aid was enough to keep them held down as well. It was a struggle but now that there was one less target it was far easier at least until they run out of arrows...

However it appears the statues were not stopping, unlike the one that was destroyed they continued to struggle to reform.

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

Wallace grins as his prayer is answered and the rock suddenly becomes lighter by far. Stowing his weapon and putting the blades banner on a slot in his backpack he seizes the rock in both hands.
He does his best to ignore the subtle wriggling his augmented flesh now held. Best not to ask how it works. Just that it does.
"Rhavenna, grab the bow and give it to the huntsman. I'm going to see if I can't fit this rock into the boar over there."
The human begins pulling the rock toward the boar statue, mentally trying to place the rock in position on the beast.
" This stone seems a bit big to fit in the wound I found on the statue. Hopefully the answer becomes more obvious once I get closer."

Wallace will move up to the statue and attempt to figure out where the odd rock is supposed to go. If it fits in the carved wound then great, if not Wallace will look for spots on the thing that might fit. Worst case he'll just rest the whole thing on the boars tusks and hope Old Deadeye can take it from there.

The stone fits right into the slot on the side of the boar and this time when Wallace blinks he finds himself on all fours. The crackle of thunder makes his fur stand on end as before tearing up the earth with his tusks in frustration. However this is short lived as something else rankles your sense. The scent of something unnatural and foul, it angers you so much that you look for its sources so that you can kill it...

You have become the Mythical Savage Boar Gullinborsti! Please Make a Perception check!

Savage dire boar (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 36, Pathfinder RPG Mythic Adventures)
N Large animal
Hero Points 1
Init +6; Senses low-light vision, scent; Perception +18
AC 27, touch 11, flat-footed 25 (+2 Dex, +16 natural, -1 size)
hp 312 (14d8+128)
Fort +16, Ref +11, Will +14
Defensive Abilities ferocity, hard to kill; DR 10/epic; Resist acid 15, cold 15, electricity 15, fire 15
Speed 50 ft.
Melee gore +22 (3d6+19 plus bleed)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.
Special Attacks bleed: all (1), feral savagery, mythic power (0/day, surge +1d6)
Str 36, Dex 14, Con 24, Int 2, Wis 17, Cha 12
Base Atk +10; CMB +24 (+26 bull rush, +26 trip); CMD 36 (38 vs. bull rush, 38 vs. trip)
Feats Antagonize[UM], Endurance, Horned Charge, Horned Trip, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Initiative, Improved Trip, Intimidating Prowess, Iron Will, Power Attack, Skill Focus (Perception), Toughness
Skills Acrobatics +6 (+14 to jump), Climb +17, Intimidate +25, Perception +18, Swim +17; Racial Modifiers racial skill modifier
SQ hero points
Other Gear 150 gp
Special Abilities
Antagonize Use Diplomacy or Intimidate to goad creatures
Bleed: All (1) (Ex) Attack causes additional damage at the beginning of the target's turn.
Damage Reduction (10/epic) You have Damage Reduction against all except Epic attacks (weapons with a +6 bonus).
Endurance +4 to a variety of fort saves, skill and ability checks. Sleep in L/M armor with no fatigue.
Energy Resistance, Acid (15) You have the specified Energy Resistance against Acid attacks.
Energy Resistance, Cold (15) You have the specified Energy Resistance against Cold attacks.
Energy Resistance, Electricity (15) You have the specified Energy Resistance against Electricity attacks.
Energy Resistance, Fire (15) You have the specified Energy Resistance against Fire attacks.
Feral Savagery (full attack) (Su) Under the listed circumstances, make an additional attack
Ferocity (Ex) Fight without penalty even while disabled or dying.
Hard to Kill (Ex) Automatically stabilize when dying, and only die at neg Con x 2.
Hero Points Hero Points can be spent at any time to grant a variety of bonuses.
Horned Charge (DC 31) Have chance to knock back opponent with Gore charge.
Horned Trip When you strike opponent with Gore attack, make free trip attempt.
Improved Bull Rush You don't provoke attacks of opportunity when bull rushing.
Improved Trip You don't provoke attacks of opportunity when tripping.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in dim light, disting
uishing color and detail.
Power Attack -3/+6 You can subtract from your attack roll to add to your damage.
Racial Skill Bonus (+4 Perception) You have the listed racial skill modifier.
Scent (Ex) Detect opponents within 15+ feet by sense of smell.
Surge (1d6) (Su) Use 1 power to increase any d20 roll by the listed amount.

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

Percpetion: 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (5) + 18 = 23 does this count as a smell? Scent would grant a bonus to perception checks finding it. (+8)

Scent does apply. :) More to come standby!

Away with the spoilers!


Your nose flared as you pivoted to face something upwind of you, it's stench made you angry, calling on you to kill it. What you see is that of a four winged creature bearing a sword and crouching in the boughs of a tree stares down on you with red glowing eyes. The glint of something in its hands isn't lost on you and reminds you of the sharpsticks the hairless ones often brought to your mountain home to harm you. Upon being noticed the smelly creature lets loose a shriek that made the stormy sky above seem tame.

Wallace New Will Save VS dc 20: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (7) + 14 = 21

However it did nothing more then irritate you further...

This was your mountain. Your Territory. This creature would either flee or die like the rest that had come before you...

Wallace Ini!: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14
Pazazu Harpies Ini!: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (10) + 5 = 15

1-2 Pazazu first, 3-4 Wallace: 1d4 ⇒ 3

Wallace is up!

Enemy is about twenty feet in the air, currently settled on the branch of a tree in full view. There isn't any hampering terrain between you and its position other then tree roots and some underbrush.

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

For those wondering Wallace's transforming into a murder-boar seems to be a theater of the mind thing. Wallace is currently standing next to boar statue after having fitted the missing piece back into. He is once again a statue.

Wallace- The murder boar?

Wallace grunts as he feels the alien sensations wash over his mind. He was in another body, completely foreign to his own. The sensation was similar to whatever had happened with his transport and conversation with the woman a moment ago.
Such a potent illusion.. what powers this tapestry? Or is this really a place in the world?
Wallace's introspection is broken by emotions, Rage, Pride, as his body glared up into the trees at something he hadn't noticed until that moment.
Harpies, looks like their shrieking did nothing. What on earth are you, am I?
A rumbling grunt and a sudden pawing at the ground is all the warning Wallace has as he scrambles to understand his surroundings.
Wait, you won't be able to reach the bird. Strike the base of the tree instead and trap it in the branches it sits upon!
Wallace desperately commands, hoping to push the still latent animal he rode to something beyond base instinct.

The boar charges forward leaping and twisting at the end of its charge to shatter the tree at its base and hopefully send the harpy defilers to a tumbled heap under the shattered trees weight.

Acro:jump: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (8) + 14 = 22
STR check to fell the tree: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (7) + 13 = 20

Wallace is having the boar jump at the tree to use its falling weight to topple the object. Hoping the destruction either sends the Harpies to the ground near me or buries them in snow and shattered foliage. Need to get them on the ground (or closer to it) or they can just pick me to death with ranged weapons are harpy song

The blow cracks the tree at its base but doesn't make it fall!

Small mistake there, you have 4 mythic point uses per day, not 0 my bad!

The blow doesn't even faze your might head and as you opponent takes flight you are only able to glare up angrily at them. The creature hangs back and circles above you, seemingly taking its time to assess you...

At 40 ft, circling above.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

With no idea what else to do, Rhavenna throws the stone bow to the statue of the huntsman.

The moment Rhavenna takes up the bow she blinks and is shocked by what greets her next.

The cave is gone and she is standing in a verdant forest, though around her is a village that was purposefully built to be one with nature. Homes sit high in the boughs of ancient red barked trees, the wooden homes themselves were made from this illustrious red wood and the distance between which were spanned by free rope plank bridges. It would have been a wonderful sight if some of the huts weren't Burning, a pitched battle was in full swing. Elven rangers both on the free hanging bridges and on the ground were fighting with sword and bow against a winged enemy.

Harpies, several of them and leading them was one that was far larger, ferocious and far more sadistic. Its arrows flew overhead, slamming into the archers on on the bridges overhead with such force that it threw them off. Sending them tumbling to the ground below.

The groans of an injured archer, apparently a survivor of the harpy leaders attacks was crawling towards you. One hand outstretched as they spoke in sylvan. "Dvezdan... How...? Please my bow..."

You toss her her bow in a daze, to which she catches it and rises to her feet. Though she is severely wounded she is undaunted and raises her bow. Nocking an arrow from her battered quiver and aiming for the leader of the harpies attacking her village.

During the short exchange, more huts are set to flame as they toss makeshift torches into the roofs of the elves homes...

Attack: 1d20 ⇒ 1
Critical fumble check: 1d20 ⇒ 19

She draws back on the bow and the bow string snaps, casting her arrow to the ground and leaving the injured warrior bowless as she searches for a new bow string.

Moving on.

Next time I will have more detail, so back on with the story.

The last two statues are decimated much like the first and as they break apart the mist surrounding the group turns dark. Tersi and forcefully slammed down by the sudden surge in dark energy as is Mai's kintect abilities. Literally all light is swallowed up in that horrific moment. And as the darkness swarms over the group consciousness fades until all is lost...

Rhavenna, your blade is no longer broken...
___________________________________________________________________________ ________

An undetermined amount of time had passed before you all regained consciousness and to your shock the last thing you can remember is venturing into the mist shrouded lower caves. However there is no other memories as to what occurred in this utterly dark cave only that you stand in a rather large dome shaped cavern with several well formed stone pillars supporting its center. You are all soaked to the bone and weary from the cold, minus Livain who is in fact unaffected by her time soaking up cool temperature water. The water was several inches in depth but luckily you were all facing up when you apparently lost consciousness.

Surprisingly Tidus is already standing, though he had his blades drawn and was standing in completely blackness.

Tersi tugs on his beard as he rises to his feet grumbling about existential experiences before providing a modest amount of light with a small ball of flame he holds easily in his hands...

It is then that Tidus sheathes his blades and looks to see if you are all okay, offering a hand to whoever needed it.

The mist is no at the edges of the cave where a modest amount of ice has started to form. In your immediate vicinity is a single statue, carved from a broken pillar at the center of the cavern. It is a rough likeness of Old Deadeye in the form of a Stagheaded ranger looking straight ahead.

There is a lower pool in the cavern and it is teeming with a rather peculiar slime lifeforms which were devouring the recently discarded corpses from the caves above. Dissolving the corpses slowly as water fell from above in a steady stream in the pool these lifeforms floated on but it is quickly apparent that these things can do no more then skim the surface like insects. Swarming whatever they came into contact with. The small buildup of ice kept them at bay along with the limestone pit they found themselves in.

It was hard to determine how the water was running off due to the vast number of these organisms skimming about on the surface. These surprisingly a small collection of fish appeared to be surviving well in the water beneath these slimes as well. In fact much like the cave above once had this area appeared to team with fish and even small amounts of cave plantlife that the fish appeared to be living off of.

Much like above there were deeper areas in the larger cavern but no other lifeforms like the floating slimes were encounter along the way. Tersi takes all of this in with a rather bemused expression on his face. "At least they won't have to hunt with this beneath our very feet."

???: 6d20 ⇒ (4, 5, 2, 17, 5, 3) = 36

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

Wallace brings a hand up to his chest on waking, face relaxing from the concern etched there a moment ago as it hits on something solid.
The human stands in his own dark corner unconcerned with the light shaking the edges of his clothes in a futile attempts to dry them somewhat. He adds his own light a moment after. His dragonbone weapon glowing with the same odd light from earlier.
" Well that's grand, the cave we used as a garbage chute leads to a statue of old deadeye." Wallace states as he walks over to the limestone pit full of slimes.
"Well assuming you can get to the fish without getting a slime as well. From what I'd heard in stories slimes don't have any issue with water. I wonder what prevents these ones."

So do we still remember the statue fight then or did we forget everything since going into the mists?

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Slowly rising to her feet Rhavenna groans. "What the hells just happened? I don't even know how long we've been down here."

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

Wallace reached into a pocket and retrieved a chunk of seasoned meat in waxed paper that he definitely didn't take as a snack following the villagers feast. the human cutting it into tiny chunks and throwing portions into the slime pool.
" Well I'd love to say I have no idea but vague recollection leads me to believe that we stumbled onto something stupidly dangerous. It strikes as convenient that I see no exits to this place. Perhaps whatever danger we encountered it yet over."
The human turns to the carved statue in the center of the room, shrugging in its direction.
" Though I get this feeling that the statue might just try to kill us. Regardless, keep an eye out. "

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

Wallace stands after feeding the slimes dusting off his knees and looking toward the looming statue of old deadeye.
"So any thoughts on where we go from here? I suppose I could go examine the statue of deadeye over there but I get this feeling in the back of my mind that this place has a habit in making statues troublesome."

If he sees no other obvious clues in the environment Wallace will head over to the statue and see if it doesn't provide any insight to whats happened here.

Everyone's memory was hazy since entering the mists though your fatigue doesn't feel natural by any means.

Tidus attempts to help Rhavenna to her feet though he doesn't respond to any of the questions you ask among yourselves.

Perception DC 15:

Tidus appears worse for wear again, exhaustion clearly affecting him as he sways from time to time, however the gladiator appears to be bearing it without complaint.

The slimes greedily consume whatever they are able to catch and what gets past them is picked away at by the fish who, despite appearing blind, detect the changes in their watery environment almost immediately.

The statue bears what appear to be scars inflicted by vicious claw marks, no doubt from the former harpy queen. However despiteher attempts the statue was more or less intact. Old Deadeye's features plain enough to see at least. A single scorch mark at the base of the statue and a slight build up of a dark mold are the only other easily seen issues with the statue when you are up this close.

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

Sorry, been busy recently. Anyway i'll get rolling again.
perception: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (8) + 13 = 21

Wallace's face twists as he reaches down to his waist and comes up with air. "Huh.. thats odd." the human says as he looks downward to his supply of alchemical tools.
"I don't remember using my alchemical tools yet all that remains on my belt is a single vial of acid. So what were we fighting that merited that aspect of my arsenal? Never mind that but Tidus is dead on his feet and Livain appears to be bleeding as well. Lovely lets deal with that first then." Wallace sighs as he tears his attentions away from the statue in the center of the room taking a deep breath and drawing on the realty warping powers of his god.
Channel x2: 2d6 ⇒ (3, 5) = 8

I don't recall how much damage Livain had taken but it is not insignificant and Wallace's earlier Channel energy bursts have certainly not healed it all. Don't suppose positive energy waves do anything to the mold on the statue?

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Perception: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (2) + 9 = 11

Cold, wet, and tired, Rhavenna is grateful for Tidus' help, so much so that she doesn't notice anything untoward about him until Wallace mentions the gladiator's state of exhaustion.

Assuming having it pointed out allows a re-roll
Perception: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (7) + 9 = 16

Taking a closer look at him, she is again stunned by the man's ability to remain functioning with the barest fumes of energy fueling him, as well as deeply concerned.Pretending to need his aid more than necessary, she puts an arm around him, allowing him to lean against her body as she subtly but firmly supports his steps.

Bluff: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (20) + 2 = 22

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Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

Sense motive: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (17) + 13 = 30

One of Wallace's brows quirk but the cleric says nothing as he focuses on his channeling a slight smirk settling on the mans face.
We all know you'd not be that tired, but good on you anyway. Tidus seems the type too proud and foolish to accept his mortal nature, much less share with others. Though I suppose he is in good company with how our company acts. Wonder if Hawk has maimed or killed an important dignitary while we were out."
Wallace then glances over to his fellow human
Hrmm.. I wonder how much ribbing I can give her over this touching scene. Hope something comes of it, our war princess deserves some happiness after all we've walked through in the last few years.

lAre we still affected by any damage we took or long term abilities we used in the fight?

Mai and Livain feel strangely sore and drained as the others, the cold water especially affects Maiathreen. Leaving him shivering and his new found powers a bit slow to respond to his call.

Tidus does his best to support Rhavenna, however with her larger size he was more of a wooden post to lean against. However he finally spoke. "We were fighting..." He searches the water floor before himself, a look of utter confusion on his face. Even Tersi appeared lost for words as he held a ball of flame in his hand. "There were six statues, not one, three attacked us. The form of hawk faced Harpies, except they weren't woman." He explains what he remembers, how the statutes wouldn't stay broken, how they kept reforming. How they near completely resisted Maiathreens flames and were oddly resistant to nearly every form of attack...

"Than the fog... it changed, it turned black as pitch, it boiled, it writhed and fell on us in like a devouring wave of darkness. Unstoppable... Then..."

He looks to the statue of Old Deadeye then a look of fear and awe on his face. "... there was a light in the dark. I couldn't see but I knew it was over."

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

I'll roll with the amnesia idea then.

Wallace directs his gaze to Tidus as the man speaks and gives the man a minor smirk at his finishing the tale.
"While I wish I could recall something specific on that I can say punching reforming statues, something else and then... the cloud. That seems vaguely familiar." Wallace looks to the statue in the center of the room and seems to think for a moment.
"I know we came down here to explore after draining all that water above us, but it appears that the former harpy queen managed to reach this place without stopping the water. Yet more proof of her aberrant nature. Perhaps it bears an association with the damage on the statue to the damage our minds seem to bear?" The human posits with a minor hint of hesitancy in his voice.
Bluff: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (2) + 10 = 12


Wallace seems to have other ideas as to what might have happened. Whatever it is frightens the human deeply, he seems to be suppressing his reaction to it but a lesser man would likely be hyperventilating.

In the theater of Wallace's mind.

Of course the other option is more terrifying by far. They remember vague impressions but I have nothing but a blank, which would make sense if they saw something their minds refused to comprehend and they we shielded by their own ignorance. Where as my mind is entirely empty. Could it be that it was not Pazuzu's wrath we bore in that darkness? Not mundane darkness but absence framed by reality. Could my actions which I no longer recall have truly sparked such a visceral reaction from it.
And unbidden Wallace's mind calls images, of frigid consuming darkness to suck the very life from your bones inhabited by a million tiny points of light. The image twisting as the points fragment and lengthen, a slow susurrous of distant crystalline noise. Growing as heavenly bodies twist into iridescent arachnid horrors perched in clawing darkness. In perfect position to devour unprepared mortals. Those standing unwittingly in a doorway to their realm.

Wallace exerts his will to not shake in his revelation, skin still paling slightly as he looks to his own hands.
No, its never had that reaction. The texts would have warned, I would know. But if I went there I could be certain The human rationalizes as he continues to look down reading the lines of his palm.
Wallace doing his best to push clinging specters of a narrow shadowed creature, stretched to macabre caricature beckoning to him from moldering library stacks.
But would I be able to accept the answer?

Tersi moved about the chamber, marveling at its simplicity. He gives Tidus a long look before nodding sagely. "The old hunter has his ways of teaching, sometimes simple and other times harsh. Though it appears that whatever struggle occurred is over and perhaps we should retire from this place and move to more..." He glances at the swarming slimes in the pool of water below. "... We attract unwanted attention." Tersi walks away from the feeding pit and moves back towards the spiral stone steps leading upward, carrying the flickering firelight with him. He does pause to look back and see if anyone is following before continuing upwards on his own if need be.

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

Wallace is broken from whatever place his mind had taken him at the words of another. Whatever revelation that had occurred being suppressed into his mind further and his countenance smoothing over with more steady control. The human looking to the dancing firelight and seeming to be on the verge of recalling something before looking back to his allies.
"Unless you all have a better plan it might be best to leave this place. Though we would be wise to effect what repairs we can to this shrine before we leave. Whatever occurred here we were apparently helped by the intervention of Erastil. It wouldn't be wise to be rude to one such as he."
With that Wallace pulls an empty flask, summons some water and dilutes his remaining vial of alchemists acid into a diluted but still potent concentration. The human turning his anytool into a long handled tool to pour the now much more voluminous and less dangerous acid over the lower half of the statue.
Aiming specifically for the dark mold and burn mark on the lower portion looking to use the liquids nature to melt off the top layer of mold and burn mark while leaving the statue itself mostly pristine.

Unsure if needed, but Craft Alchemy to properly dilute the acid for cleaning purposes.: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (6) + 8 = 14

assuming it helps

"There, never let it be said I don't honor my debts. Even if I can't really remember what I'm supposed to be honoring." With his work accomplished Wallace summons more water to wash the acidic cleaner away from the statue, lest it eat into the stone further.

" Unless there is anything else you wish to do here lets head back up. Hopefully we can make something agreeable out of the food we have now, doubtful we will be able to head out into the snow to supplement out supplies after all."

No reaction

Wallace's brows knit into confusion as he looks at the stubborn mold
"Huh. that should definitely be melting, it might not liquefy flesh at this potency but I can't imagine much that would survive a bath like that. Strange" With that he looks at his party and shrugs
"Well unless Maiathreen cares to give cleaning off the statue a shot it would be wise to depart this place. We can likely leave this to Tersi and his harpy protégé anyway. They live here now after all."

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Tired, cold and confused, Rhavenna shakes her head, muttering a quiet prayer of thanks to Erastil before heading to follow Tersi up the stairs, assisting Tidus as she does,.

Maiathreen shakes his head confusion plan on his face. "Are you alright itova? Everything seems hazy..."

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

As I have yet to get a response about my actions having an effect this occurs before my reaction statement.

Wallace glances up from his work to Maiathreen careful not to spill his little experiment.
" Do let me know if either of you are still not strong enough to stand. I channeled some power a moment ago but it seems readily apparent that is was not enough. I suppose that it could also be that whatever sapped us of our strength in this place cannot be driven back with the application of basic healing. Which is much more concerning honestly." The human explains as he continues to pour diluted acid over the statue, trying to melt the mold on it.

Per Wallaces actions

The acid works as a very effective wash and quickly removes the moss from the statues surface. After spending several minutes of work Wallace steps away to find that the statue is far cleaner then before and an odd sense of satisfaction floods his mind momentarily before the actions of his companions distract him.

Wallace's earlier healing was completely effective, no hint of it being any less effective was obvious in the now normal seeming cave. Minus the carnivorous slimes taht wriggled nearby of course. Several small waterfalls fell into this underground chamber and the floor appeared to perpetually flooded a few inches at all times. Though noteably the water was starting to become noticably warmer as time passed.

Rhavenna, Tidus and Tersi headed up the spiraling stone staircase and into the room where the harpy caves began once more. They were greeted by the rather stoic looking Elder who gave the group a surprised look before visibly relaxing. He was fully armored and armed though, not the same elder who had been relaxing mere an hour ago.

Seeing TIdus's look and Rhavennas battered state he asked bluntly. "What in the hells have ya all been doin'? Been gone half the day and not a sound came from below. I was about to dare the damned depths to find ya since you weren't back. Though... An unexpected guest kept me from doing so as quickly as I was hopin' too." At the mention of the guest the Elders face turns more thoughtful.

Tersi however was more alarmed then thoughtful, the man clearly sensed something was amiss and looked at the Elder accusingly before Faldirk raised his hands in mock surrender. "Ya babe's are fine, our companion isn't so unrestrained that he'd kill anything he sees. THough it appears his presence is unsettling to your young harpies."

Tersi tugs on his beard before smoothing out his features and moving swiftly to check on the Harpies...

If the rest of you are up there as well then feel free to slip in, I amgoing off recent post activity.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

"We fought...something. Living statues of some kind. Then darkness. Looks like Erastil's blessing was with us.?" Rhavenna says tiredly.

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

Wallaces brows rise slightly as he looks at the freshly cleaned statue making a tone of thought. " Well that apparently did something." The human states ominously before looking over to his remaining companions.
"I suspect that whatever happened here is either lost to us or will only return with time. If neither of you require aid I'm headed up to join the rest of our companions."

assuming that this is the case

Wallace's orange mop bobs into view of the group as Tersi walks away the man giving the heavily armored warrior a grin.
" I take we've been down there for a bit? I'd love to tell you the story of what happened but it seems to have slipped my mind. I heard about half of your rumblings from down the cavern but I wasn't able to catch the rest. Though I must say that if we have a guest its one I wasn't aware we would have. I can't imagine its that bear back from the dead to kill us. You'd have more blood on you if that was the case. The snow outside is enough to bar normal passage, I don't suppose the guest in question would be a silver dragon?" Wallace responds as he looks at Elder Faldirk's attire and then bobs his head in the direction of the hallway.
" There is a very impressive shrine to old deadeye down there if you feel like paying your respects. Also a not insignificant population of cave fish if you felt like a fresh meal. Well you'd need to get past the miniature carnivorous ooze that live over them but still, fish when snowed in."

"An unexpected guest?" Maiathreen asks tiredly.

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

Wallace nods
"Not the murderous kind apparently. "

"Luckily." Faldirk adds to Wallace's statement. "in his impatience Hawk sent this one like some sort of messenger I'm thinkin'. I am sure its ruffling their scales but they ain't complainin'. It's that Silver that decided to accompany your mercenary band."

Aradacemorn's stands inside the entrance of the cave, cramped by his size and the caves tight confines which doesn't do much to stop his heavy presence from sending a chill up your spine as everyone approaches.

DC 15 Will Save to ignore draconic presence.

Aradacemorn's features lighten the moment he sees the first of your party emerge. "I see not all of you have been eaten by the bear then. I wish I could say the same for the group after you left..." His muzzle sombers as he recalls the dead. "Some sentries died to a particularly vile demon that was hunting across these wastes. No doubt a straggler from The Wound..." He says the last part in an angry way before refocusing on the group before him. "Though I see the group has grown too, Grenalf has been regaling me with your deeds of late and... I know you not Human." The silver turns his serpentine eyes on Tersi who had just emerged from behind the group, his Harpy Pupil in tow and her eyes as large as saucers as the dragons gaze fell on her as well. The great dragons eyes narrowed into thin slits as he focused on the harpy and it was quite apparent that she looked ready to swoon under his sharp gaze.

Tersi interrupts it with a flourishing bow as he introduces himself. "Welcome Lord of the skies and scales of balance. I, Tresi Aur Scollas, am pleased to be in your presence. This young one here is Aeria, a pupil of mine." Her eyes snap to Tresi before looking back at the Dragon before her, she doesn't hardly move as his eyes turn momentarily to her again before focusing back on the odd man before him.

"Well met and I am pleased to know thee Tresi Aur Scollas. However I am not here to linger, I am too guide these ones back so that they are not left behind."

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

"Well who knows, there could always be something else that comes leaping out of the darkness for us. Hopefully the news he brings is good." The human replies as he starts walking toward the front of the cave.

Will: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (4) + 9 = 13
Just my luck
Wallace can't help shakes from entering his frame as he beholds the dragon in front of him. The human doing his best to beat back the images assailing his mind, of silver scales that blossom into a roiling oil caricature of its frame. Of that creature returning to finish that what it threatened.
The human smiles as best as he can at the drake Its Aradacemorn, I'm not running screaming from an ally damnit.
Though it was quite obvious the human was fighting with the more primal portions of his brain about talking to a winged death lizard the size of a horse like it was an ally.

The human frowns at the drakes news and looks thoughtful as Tersi introduces his harpy ally. Waiting for a lull in the conversation before breaking into draconic.
* "Greetings Aradacemorn, its only been a few days but I must say it has done me no favors in overcoming your natural aura. I do apologize for my shaking, we have had a long day and I am not in my best condition. Aeria will likely be a turning point for her tribe. Tersi's teachings seem to have encouraged her to return to older, less violent practices. Reduced as it is, I'll be interested to see what happens here now that whatever happened in the temple below is dealt with."
That said the human smoothly returns to common and grins at the little harpy.
" Elder Grenalf will be joining us by his own words but I suspect that Tersi and Aeria will be staying here. As to the bear, I'm afraid some of that was my own fault. I saw the beast was wounded when we fought it but did not realize the significance of its injuries until later. The former queen of this coven bore a sickness in her that made her supernaturally tough. Had the elder not pushed for a pyre for the creature it would have gotten up to fight us again after all natural strength to fight us had left its bones. It was only after defeating her that I realized the connection between that and the way the bear had risen after we delivered a death blow to it. Unfortunately I had no easy means of contacting our fellows as that was around the time the storm took a turn for the worse.
I am saddened to learn it resulted in deaths of allies."

The human admits face down-turned as one hand clenches into a fist. The pressure evaporating as he looks back up at the creature. Face sliding back into its customary smirk
"That said if Hawk sent you he must be in a hurry. How long until they depart? Or are they waiting on us now?"

Now to figure out how to convince Aradacemorn that the best option for getting back quickly is airlifting us. Browbeating Tersi into using some of his druidic power to make a wooden raft the dragon could grab onto and fly off with wouldn't be terribly hard I bet.
Ant haul might even make the idea viable.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

A combination of tiredness, the stress of the day and the sheer predatory presesce of the dragon sends a shiver of fear down Rhavenna's spine. Her tail swishing back and forth nervously as she unconsciously holds onto Tidus a little more than she had been, her breathing quickening slightly. She felt like prey under that piercing gaze, despite the dragon's status as an ally.

Will: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9

1d20 ⇒ 15

Tidus was unmoved by the dragons presence, giving Aradacemorn a tired look before looking somewhat surprised and standing a little straighter.

Aradacemorn notices the effect his presence has on the group and settles himself down into a more comfortable and less threatening position in the cave opening. And as quickly as the fear came it ebbed like a tidal shift, slowly but surely the frightening aura rediuced in strength. Even Aeria seemed to feel it while Tresi and Faldirk appeared unaffected since the beginning.

"Excuse me there friends, the pass is... not as safe as I would have liked. Though a path is cleared now, as some creatures assume a low flying dragon is easy prey. For how long that remains true I can only guess as some creatures assume a low flying dragon is easy prey." With that the Silver gives a throaty chuckle, deep enough to make the air shudder.

"I welcome those whom are trusted by these four here. Though your company is already on the move. We are to meet them at the Maw by Hawks command but perhaps we will see them sooner as we are not so overburdened."

He gives Aeria a wide pupiled looked, his previous fierceness gone as the single black pupil looks towards the lone harpy.

"I had feared the worse when I came upon a bear of monstrous size mere hours ago. The beast was heading east at reckless speed. Crushing trees in its path. It appeared to be a great white bear."

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

Wallace sighs as he looks to the snows outside the cave.
"Damnit Hawk. How do you expect us to catch up in this weather?" The human glances over to the dragon and back to the snow.
"I mean unless you are willing to carry us there I suspect the snows will delay us by quit-. Wait that bear is still alive? I'd assumed that was the creature that attacked the company. That needs to get dealt with somehow." Wallace replies, stopping dead in the middle as the dragons words catch up with the humans brain.
" Tersi, I've good reason to believe that whatever corruption affected the former harpy queen of this tribe has taken root in the frame of that bear. It bore an infected gut wound and got up after our company delivered several fatal blows to it.
Rhavenna specifically drove most of her lance through both of the creatures hindquarters. If its moving unhindered something foul is at work."

Ugh my above post was edited poorly. Blargh.

Aradacemorn's scaled muzzle turned into a massive frown as he shook his large head. "I cannot confirm if it was still injured or not."

At this point Tresi nodded to Wallace. "Indeed, if it bears the same affliction as the former Queen then there is much to be concerned about." He assesses the storm outside and frowns. "There isn't much we can do with this storm overhead, trying to track a creature like that is only asking to die in an ambush if it realizes its being hunted.. However when it breaks Aeria and I can attempt to track the beast down, once we have we can approach it from there and it's leaving such a path of destruction in its wake it should be easier to track when the winds die down."

Aradacemorn focuses on the idea of carrying so many, his frown deepening as he comments. "Carrying some of you will not be an issue, however your Yak is too heavy if I am to try and carry a centaur as well. With the centaur I can carry three others, no more. Though I could make another flight to pick up more of you. Just not this day."

Faldirk grimaces. "Perhaps you four are best to return to your company and the four of us will continue the hunt for the bear. Though I have to admit, catching it may be a labor in of itself."

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

A shame Wallace doesn't remember Tersi can take elemental form. An Air elemental lobbing produce flame spells would wreck that bears day.

Wallace nods to the dragon and looks over to elder Faldirk seeming to make a decision
" We dealt with that beast last time when we were fresh. We are quite obviously not right now and going out to help deal with that creature right now is asking for one of us to be grievously injured or killed if misfortune strikes. If you and Tersi feel yourselves capable of ending that beast then I'd be willing to entrust the duty to you."
With that he looks over to his mount and gives the great beast a pat on the snout while it ate mountain grass. The creature giving a huff of slight annoyance
" Tim has served me as an excellent mount in these most recent battles, conveniently enough Elder Faldirk does not have a mount and will likely need one to catch up with that beast. He should be helpful in catching that creature and distracting it."
With that he looks back to his fellow mercenaries
" Any objections to this arrangement?"

Assuming Mai/Livain can just hang onto Aradacemorn's back and hitch a ride on his wind that would mean Wallace/Tidus on his back and Rhavenna getting carried in claws.

Tidus looked unsure at the sudden thought of bareback riding a dragon of all things was discussed. He however was still standing still as Rhavenna clung to him. "Sure. Always wanted to fall from a dragon's back, while flying."

Aradacemorn chuckles, his chest rumbling as he looked at Tidus. "If you fall I will catch you. You need not worry." The dragons amusement was taken rather lightly by the Gladiator before the Elder butted in.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

"You won't fall." Rhavenna says quietly.

Elder Faldirk nodded to Wallace. "Seeing as your group defeated it last time I will see where the damn beast is heading. If its away from here then it may be hard to catch, if not then I will give it another go at bringing it down now that I have stretched my legs a bit." He gives a smile to the group then before looking at TIm with an appraising eye.

"However I will be taking your gladiator with me. I can't promise I will return him in one piece but three hands and one hooved is better then just two old men." Tidus doesn't even looked shocked at this.

Tresi pulls on his beard then. "Speak for yourself."

Faldirk laughed as he continued. "But if he's needed then we will figure it out." Tresi nods in agreement as The Elder waits for a response.

Aradacemorn chuckles more at Rhavenna's words. "At least someone has some faith. Now how soon shall we depart?"

If you can speak Sylvan you will understand, if not then you don't hehe.

Tresi looks to Aeria and nods to her. "I will return, so worry not, however don't use the path for now. Fly only. It won't be safe." The language he spoke to her had a fluidity at times and several rough words in others, a rather odd dialect but at the way Aeria was nodding she seemed to understand completely.

"I go where they bid me." Tidus remarks at the Elder's odd request. Though he showed no resistance either way with the groups decision.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Rhavenna glances at Tersi as he speaks with the young harpy, understanding his reassurance and warning to his student. As Tidus responds she looks at him her body language and expression lacking it's usual aloof confidence. For once she looks....unsure of herself.

"Uhm...maybe with you there's a better chance of these two not getting themselves killed doing something crazy." she says, shifting her weight back and forth on her fore legs.

"Be careful" she says quietly.

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

Wallace sighs and looks at Elder Falldirk trying to appraise his intent.
"Elder I agree that Tidus would be helpful regardless of where he is but you must understand that having him stay here is going to cause me some not insignificant headaches. Hawk, the leader of our band, considers Tidus's presence a not so subtle looking in on by Lord Whitescythe regardless of the reasons Tidus personally had to offer his services. If I came back without him and the worst happens of him dying in the hunt for that beast it would be my head rather than yours that would be judged. You can't assure me that he won't die here, not after fighting that beast personally. So I'm going to just ensure that none of you get yourselves killed. Too much sadness would stem from that." The human says as his eyes flick to Aeria and Rhavenna.
With that Wallace reaches into his backpack and retrieves a staff, the living ivy covering it twinning animatedly on his hand as he removes it and presents the item in two upheld palms.
" The Staff of Life. A weapon to banish death. It bears little of its full power but it is still enough to return one from death and a few bursts of truly potent healing magic. I suspect the work here requires it. Tidus I charge you with the duty of seeing this item returned to me once your work here is done. I suspect Tersi or Aeria would be the best candidate to use it though." the human informs as he grins at the Elder.
Its fortunate he doesn't know I know or this might seem like I was taunting him. His desire for death would bear no fruit with it present after all.

"That is all the aid I can offer you in this, though I do have a request for Aeria if she might hear it." The human stating as he turns his grin on the littlest harpy queen.
Assuming she agrees
" I was given a vision of a place in what I believe to be the local region. However it was only show to me from a birds eye view. Were I to describe it to you could you see if you or any of your kin know of the place I speak? I am lead to believe that it might hold something of value to make the journey well worth the time it would take."

Wallace would describe the path he saw the dead queen take in his vision. To the cave in the north she used to hide her treasures. To try and figure out particularly what mountain it was. If we are headed north anyway might as well take this time to grab some loot out of all this.

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