Iobaria: The Fallen Empire

Game Master Corerue

A group of Mercenaries set off with their Mercenary company into the dark lands known as Iobaria. Braving the fallen realm and what dark history lies therein to make their mark, make some gold and perhaps become heroes...

Ambushing the Raiders!

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Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (13) + 6 = 19

She had reminded her new Silverwolf to run if needed, she was immensely irritated that she had to run from her mountain the moment she had gotten it back. Or so it seemed. Once she conveyed her wishes to her subordinate she finally climbed into the trap that her boat was and laid down, squaring her shoulders as the guards pushed her into that bloody current...

She hated boats...

With a passion...

She'd rather get kicked by Rhavenna.

Aslan rises out of the boat, glaring daggers at the large elf giant that so readily ignored them. "Well... They seem like a ball. Glad to see your alive Tidus and Rhavenna didn't sink. Same for me, I don't relish drowning in a tight space, or being bludgeon to death in their death trap of an escape route." She loks to the webs and smiles savagely. "Should I?"


You think you see something moving among the mists, or many somethings, its hard to tell. The icy fog clings and writhes like its alive...

Chimera looks to you as you squint and levels her alien weapon, which starts to give off a low hum. "Somethin' Wrong?" Is all she says, seeing Mai's look and turning to look back at the mists below.

All three of you are still moving forward, past the maw and if you were to dive. Now would be the time.

Whats the plan? :)

Missed your roll somehow, the forum is still finicky but I am here!

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Rhavenna and Aslan (welcome back!)

"I think we shouldn't mess with that..." "She's gonna get us killed." He mumbles quietly before giving Rhavenna a nod. "I thought the same but I don't know of any giants, nor met any. He's... different." He fidgets a little before frowning. "And for being so large he has the lightest steps i've ever heard. Or not heard. I mean one moment I'm alone and the next he's rising up like he had crawled out of the earth."

He nods towards the tall passage, where the webbing clings to the walls and ceiling. Wrapping its way along stalactites and stalagmites in the cavern you're standing in but strangely it was some twenty feet away from the water...

"I think for now we take his advice and we follow. Armed of course though. I don't like this webbing at all."

He leads the way out drawing his swords and nodding to you both before he stepped off into the dark tunnel.

Following Tidus and the giant elf:

The tunnel is tight, though the webs seemed to be pushed back far enough that if you keep to the center of the passage you have little chance to get caught in them. Tidus walks through the dark with a practiced step and in no time you are passing several tunnels that dot the walls of a wide section of the passage. All of which are plum full of webbing.

The entire walk is filled only with the light steps of your own passage. That is until the sounds of the outside world start to fill your ears and eventually the light of day reaches where your walking. Eventually the three of you emerge, surrounded by thick trees and what could only be described as a verdant landscape. Marred only by the presence of the webs, though these webs appear burned back to the cave entrance.

The Giant Elf is standing there, he eyes each of you impassively before lifting a hand and speaking in draconic.

Dragons breath come forth.

Flames shot from his outstretched hand, spraying across the webs and igniting them into a ferocious conflagration that spreads rapidly back into the caverns you had just left. He lowers his hand and turns away as the fire spreads rapidly and deeply behind him. "Come." He spoke briefly before striding off into the trees with well practised steps.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Giving Tidus and Aslan a look, Rhavenna shrugs, drawing her bow and following the giant elf warily. "Not looking forward to meeting whatever is responsible for it either. Though fire is good."


The fire roars into the caves and as you all start following the tall elvish giant, you can hear something screaming from the caves. Definitely nothing human, but the sounds die down as quickly as they start. Drowned out by the rapidly expanding flames and heat within the caves no doubt...

The silent elf giant continues leading you out of the woods and along craggy hill and countryside, the mountainside was always within sight off to your right. Though the giant never looks back or speaks, not even checking that you are following even. Tidus was staying close and Aslan lumbered behind, bringing your group closer as your gruff host took you to somewhere unknown.

Off to the right looms a dark and towering peak of barren rock, with the appearance of some ragged flute. Multiple holes pocked the upper portions of the towering peak, though you could see little else...

DC 15 Geography:

The towering peak is Diirnir, the Deathly Mountain, a rather famous place in Ioberia and the world over for its dangerous nature and the fantastic artifacts found within. If you wish to know more let me know in a spoiler and I will figure out a DC.

This knowledge allows you to know immediately you are heading south and looking west...

DM Corerue wrote:


You think you see something moving among the mists, or many somethings, its hard to tell. The icy fog clings and writhes like its alive...

Chimera looks to you as you squint and levels her alien weapon, which starts to give off a low hum. "Somethin' Wrong?" Is all she says, seeing Mai's look and turning to look back at the mists below.

All three of you are still moving forward, past the maw and if you were to dive. Now would be the time.

Whats the plan? :)

Missed your roll somehow, the forum is still finicky but I am here!

"I think something is following us..." Maiathreen says trying to catch a glimpse of what he saw.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Knowledge Geography: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9

The rolling flames washing through the cave, and the subsequent screaming sounds keep Rhavenna quite distracted, so much so that while she notices the dark mountain in the distance, it fails to trigger any semblance of memory.

She keeps a hand near her weapons as they move, following the giant elf.


The giant elf leads you along the mountainside, through several crags and hills. Thoroughly disorienting you as to where among the rough terrain you were before stopping abruptly. You were looking at what could only be a mound of boulders until he rapped his large knuckle against one in particular. "Here. We stay." He turned the flat of his hand against the rock and it gave way, though you could see the effort it took to press it open despite him only using one hand.

He proceeds inside, not waiting for any of you to follow nor looking back. Once inside though he shrinks down to the size of a normal human, his gear shrinking with him. Though by normal he was still six foot and some inches tall roughly.

Once inside

It was cozy, the cave home was massive, tall enough for a centaur to duck to enter but stand upright easily once inside. The cave itself appeared to be a natural grotto, though the stones at its entrance were obviously placed there with particular care. The stone the elven man had pushed open appeared to have been engineering to act like a swinging door, though there were braces on the rocks to either side of it so that it could be barred if needed. An underground safe house.

In the center of the cave near the waters edge was a fire, which was burning quite low and the smoke coming off it was running up through cracks in the rocks above. It wasn't perfect ventilation but it was enough. A low haze hanging at the roof above as the smoke made its way slowly out through the mountain cracks.

The grotto itself was made up of three pools, each separate from the other. The elven man gesture to the one near the fire. "Cleaning." Another. "Bathing." The last a small one with an active flow of water moving into it. "Drinking."

He goes quiet for a moment before looking at Rhavenna and grunting. Waving a hand to a slight depression in the far wall, though it was completely in the open. "Waste." He leans over. "Don't fall." He points at something unseen until Tidus leans over and grunts. "Why in the hell do you have that?!"

The Elven man was walking away at that point. "Useful."

[smallers]"Thats a massive cub-..."[/smaller] e stops when the elven man turns back to him. "It can't climb, keeps quiet."

"Where do people keep finding these things..." Tidus mumbles as he rejoins you all back near the low burning fire.

Though spartan the cave had appeal, it was simple and practical. The temperature was cool but not uncomfortable either. The elven man places another log on the fire before looking back to his waste pit and with a grunt he raises a hand. He curls his fingers for a moment like eagle talons and slowly twists his hand until its pointing towards the ceiling. The stone starts to shudder, as if it were turning into water. As it does so the Elven man flattens his hand and brings it down slowly, the stone mimicking his movements as the stone walls started to extend from the wall and ceiling. He continues to wave his hand until it forms a flat stone curtain wall.

K-Arcana DC 20:

He casted a wall of stone, hough with no use of a Material component or incantation...

He follows this up with something else, waving both hands now as he picks up a small mushroom off the cave floor and throws it towards the curtain wall. As it lands he forms his hands into claws again turning them both upward, the mushroom begin's splitting apart then. Spreading until it was a multitude of large mushrooms. Forming a curtain of vegetation...

K-Arcana DC 18:

This time he casts PLant Growth, the mushroom being the only material component.

With that he sits heavily, looking winded. But raising his hand once more to shut the cave door. Using magic to quickly shut it and another cantrip to slip a sturdy looking metal bar into place.

Mai and Livain

Chimera takes aim with the glowing weapon, looking down the length of it and seeming to be aiming with it. Maybe. It wasn't until her scales seemed to pale and she growled out in a foreign tongue that you realize something was wrong.

She scrambles with the weapon now, pressing side plates and as she does so the light increases. With the heavy weapon belt she was wearing she guides the weapon to her shoulder. Speaking in a near incoherent fashion as the weapon's low hum grew rapidly into heavy buzzing.

You have one action before she reacts...

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

"What is it?" Rhavenna whispers to Tidus, wondering about his reaction.

Tidus waves you to lean over the edge and points at the green cubic creature moving about below, though it appears to be trying to climb the pit wall to get to you. But can't, lucky for you.
"Gelatinous cube. The kind that eat both the dead and the living's flesh. They won't eat anything that doesn't have some sort of flesh to it. But still, guy treats it like its nothing... It's just strange is all."

With that said the first day is quiet, the elven man doesn't say anything unless directly spoken too. Aslan is in a corner by the doorway. Tidus was restless, exploring the cave itself and the natural grottoes for a long time. The low light in the caves made it difficult for some to see, but those with darkvision were not so affected by it. In fact the cave was oddly well set up, easily defined paths that stand out in your vision and clearly indicate routes to avoid the water or making a costly mistake of entering the waste pit cave by mistake.

Strangely the elven man stood up and grunted. "Time for rest. You'll need it. I'll take watch."


DM Rolls:

1d100 ⇒ 13

1d20 + 16 ⇒ (7) + 16 = 23
1d20 + 10 ⇒ (13) + 10 = 23
1d20 + 13 ⇒ (3) + 13 = 16
1d20 + 11 ⇒ (7) + 11 = 18

The first night is uneventful, none of you are wakened for your round of sentry duty.

The next morning

Your awakened by the smell of meat being cooked over the slowly smoldering fire. The Elven man is large again and is quietly cutting up a fresh deer carcass, part of which is cooking from large stacks that are suspending the meat over the fire. The pull he is using is the lower grotto, the one for cleaning. Closest to the fire.

The deer pelt lays by the entrance, while the rest of the carcass is on a rock that he had set by the fire. THe rock was bloody but it appears he had drained the deer elsewhere. Seeing you awake he nods toward the meat before adding. "Mushroom's are edible, goes well with me..." He pauses as sand falls from the cracks in the ceiling, a low far off rumble makes the cave shudder. Nonplussed he continues cutting meat off in sections and placing them in a large container. "... Meat"

???: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (4) + 14 = 18
[spoiler=Perception DC 18
For the slightest moment he looks towards the back wall, it's so slight that you barely notice the worried look before his impassiveness snaps back into place.

He carries on this way until the meat is all placed in the container, which he then puts a lid on it and weighs it down with stones and sets it where the cool grotto water was flowing. Careful to not submerge it as the water piled up behind the container.

He sits down and digs in as Tidus whispers to you. "He's a real charmer... And quiet as hell." He sits down and smirks at the snoring Aslan. "Still no word or sight of the Elder yet. I'd almost say i'm worried but he is tough, when he wants to be."

Continuing on, retcon your posts as you see fit.

Mai and Livain

Chimera takes aim and pulls the trigger on the strange weapon she was holding. Shockingly the weapon stops humming like it had been, the entire front part of it expands outward. Revealing brightly glowing parts that leave you somewhat blinded if you try and look at them directly. The entire weapon was crackling now, the smell of burning ozone becoming thick all around her just before the weapon fires a bright line of light that silently and unerringly flies downward towards the swirling mists below.

After firing the weapon quietly hums and retracts to its former size. But that doesn't catch your attention as much as the flash of light from below. The light expands brightly, disintegrating the mists and clearing the fog momentarily. The sound of the blast booming past you mere seconds after impact. As the mists are momentarily beaten back you can see what Chimera hit and it was huge a creature with shaggy hair, filthy looking and its guts now spilled on the ground where it laid burned against the mountainside.

The blast had not only cleared the mists but the snow and probably any plant life that had resided their.

She doesn't wait, hurriedly calling to you too as she speeds away. Flying harder then before as she fidgets and modifies the weapon in unknown ways...

It some hours before you come in sight of a high walled Priory, though its walls were burned and covered by impact marks. Cracks riddle the walls around where the impacts had battered it. On the ground outside of this Priory lay is huge terrifying looking creature.

Its flesh was matted into dreadlocks, its form was made up of body parts that formed a crude animal like shape. Its mouth appeared to be forced open in what could only be a constant scream. Broken, bleeding pieces of humans, horses, elk and other creatures could easily be discerned hanging from its open rib cage.

Upon closer flying its open rib cage was a sort of maw, the ribs were jagged like teeth, bits of flesh and carrion hanged inside the ribs themselves. Getting closer reveals the strange lanterns hanging from its flesh, secured to it by crude chains and more secured to what could be only bone jutting from its haggard flesh. Its visible eye was a human face, or at least whats left of it. It looked like it had been smashed in with great force. The creature itself had several arrows, spears and a few deep slashes in its form. These injuries were likely what brought it down...

Being within a few hundred yards of the Priory you can see the battered forms of armored soldiers recovering. Healing and throwing the dead from the walls. A small heap of bodies, still clad in their equipment was being piled high several yards away from the priory itself.

Up to you how you proceed, I will give it a week and start recruitment.


Continuing on.

Another day passes, much the same as the last. The elven man doesn't break his routine at all. Seeming to repeat the same thing each day. He never speaks unless directly spoken to, often focusing only on his task at hand.

That night he takes watch again, this time not even voicing it and just merely staying near the fire and keeping it lit. His facial features were still devoid of emoion, appearing stoic and unmoved by the goings on around him.

DM Rolls:

1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23
1d20 + 10 ⇒ (10) + 10 = 20
1d20 + 13 ⇒ (4) + 13 = 17
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8

Rhavenna is the only one roused by the sudden and shocking silence that has fallen over you all.

The cave is empty, the entrance is still barred and the elven man is gone. Tidus and Aslan were both still sleeping, undisturbed by the lack of noise...

Facing the Screaming God:

His steps were heavy as he ascended the stairs to the battlements, paladins were abandoning their posts as Faldirk moved towards the screaming beast that battered the walls. Only the most elite paladins were holding their ground as terrors scaled the Prior walls to be seared by holy bolts and smited by the elite warriors of Iomedae. He pulled forth his helm and placed it over his head. "Blood for the battle god..." He cuts his exposed skin with a blade, so that it drips from his gauntlet as he takes the final step.

Standing at the center of the battlements all the abominations rushing over the parapets seem to stall. Their once ravenous charge completely halted by Grenalf's presence. Their hesitation is temporary before one charges towards him, its dead hands reaching for the armored figure before it. But it's split in two by Grenalf's blade, which he drew in a single motion and cleaved his foe. More undead rush him, completely swamping him in their mass numbers but their attempts to overwhelm him prove their downfall as his blade sings with each blow. More and more destroy in a single hit and Grenalf advances towards the huge beast battering the walls.

The elite paladins were barely able to hold the undead off from pouring into the Priory proper, desperately battling the mob of their own fallen. Mixed with the long dead that assailed them. The Abbess could only watch as Grenalf's made his lone stand against the dead, her shouts lost to the din of battle. "Not again! Don't do this again!" But he never heard her cries. By the time he made it to the battlements the tide had abated, broken against the armor of the old warrior and destroyed by his large blade.

Grenalf never stopped, foot by bloody foot he strode forward, his blade cleaving and slashing through his foes like a meat grinder. The dead seemed weakened in his presence and as he reached the walls the huge beast loomed its ugly head, its giant hands gripping rocks to make its grotesque hooves as it stepped up on the side of the walls. Cracking under the pressure the walls started to buckle and Grenalf looked up as the beast screamed in his face, salive, dead flesh, carrion and horrid spores sprayed forth but Grenalf was untouched. Mid way through its screaming he raised his uninjured hand and roared. "BE SILENT!"

He formed a fist and swung as though he were punching a foe before him but, as he formed his fist, a massive ghostly gauntlet shimmered into existence in the air beside the screaming beast. When he swung the gauntlet impacted the side of the beasts head, crushing the its human faced eye and knocking it away from the battlements in a single titanic blow. It stumbled and moved several yards away from the battlements before recovering. By the time it had Grenalf was standing on the parapets themselves. His armor glowing as he recite a hymn to the Lord of Iron. "... my lord grants me the power to destroy my ENEMY ONCE MORE!" With the hymn still on his lips and the huge beast coming towards him he leapt from the battlements. His blade shined brilliantly, making the air hum with it divine empowerment. He wielded it behind his head in a two handed grip before he brought it down, smiting the beast in a single blow!


????: 1d20 + 28 ⇒ (13) + 28 = 41
????: 1d20 + 37 ⇒ (20) + 37 = 57
????: 1d20 + 37 ⇒ (18) + 37 = 55
DC 30: 1d20 + 23 - 4 ⇒ (10) + 23 - 4 = 29

The light of the blade passed into the huge beast as the blade cut into its bleeding flesh. Despite his cutting into it deeply, the beast was already falling. Struck dead in a single blow by Grenalf, who was merely riding the beast down to the earth where it landed with an earth shaking impact.

As he recovered, dozens of skeletons stormed towards him, a small battalion of these dead were crawling over the fallen beast and trying to kill Grenalf. The greatest threat in the area...

Grenalf gripped his large blade two handed again, moving down towards the closest group and engaging them alone...

Aslan kept to herself mostly, the Elven man irritated her to no end. She didn't know him and didn't care to. Her main source of entertainment Tidus was off the books so was old Horsie as well, for now. Being this much farther in Ioberia wasn't sitting well with her. She remains quiet and thinking of what they may encounter. She has lingering thoughts about the Silver Werewolf, confident in their ability to survive.

She sleeps soundly at night, not overly bothered by not being woken up for watch and works on maintaining her gear in the interim.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Perception: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (5) + 10 = 15

"I'm pretty sure he'll turn up when we most need him. Men like him are just too damned ornery to die." Rhavenna whispers back.

Resting through to the following day, all is the same as usual until the eerie quiet prickles her instincts awake. Looking at her companions she listens for the sound of their breathing in the quiet cave, snapping her fingers to test the sound in the area.


Your attempts to make sound fail, you appear to be in something that suppress sound completely. You feel the pressure of snapping your fingers but no sound is created...

But whatever it was was invisible to the naked eye. No shimmer, nothing. Though you can see the slight rise and fall of your companions chests as the breath soundlessly...

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Getting up slowly and drawing one of her swords, Rhavenna moves over to where Tidus sleeps, reaching down and gently tapping his shoulder.

He comes awake with a start, mouthing something to you before realizing he couldn't speak. He comically grabs at his throat before realizing there was no sound at all, he laughs then soundlessly before noticing your drawn sword. Then he stands, draws his swords and smirks at the sleeping Aslan...

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Smiling, Rhavenna nods and moves over to rouse their sleeping surly companion from her slumber.

A day has passed...:

He stood, dazed over the bodies of dozens of recently raised undead. Horses, men, animals and other creatures lay all around him. He was bloodied, his armor battered and he had to have died more than once in that battle. Yet he stood alone...

He didn't even start at the tap on his shoulder, an old dark skinned woman was breathless from having to climb the mound of the fallen to reach him. She was saying something but he couldn't hear her. He didn't recognize her anymore and his ears were ringing. His right hand was still dripping blood but his grip on his sword was undiminished from the hours of fighting he had endured.

He turned away from her and raised his large blade in praise to the Iron Lord, shouting so loudly that everyone close to him stepped back. The armored fools near him were too weak to withstand the glory he gave to his lord. His roar of challenge was for all who would fight him! His roar was to all of Ioberia, who would shudder from his return! His roar meant Veka would burn! His roar was to announce the coming death of Koffar Rjul, whose blood would be given in praise to the Iron Lord!!!

His roar cut off, dying on his lips like a mealing baby. His thoughts were confused then, he turned towards the ld dark skinned woman. Whose unheard chanting was calming his battle fury. He turned towards her, sword still upraised, slowly bringing his other hand to the hilt and gripping it tightly. His fury struggled but his rage recognized no ally, today all stood as his foes. He roared and brought the blade down, only to have it stopped by a couple of armored fools. Who he scattered like leaves before a hurricane. She didn't retreat as he brought the blade back towards her, only to have it deflect off something unseen. A shimmering force that protected her, the form of a solid hand armoring her from him.

He cried out for strength and was rewarded, his muscles flexed and screamed as his power doubled. He grew taller, the size of a small giant, and steam rolled from his enlarged form. He raised his now huge blade, intent on annihilating them all.

The woman, didn't run, she didn't flinch. Instead she raised her damned medallion and focused on him again. This time he couldn't shake off what she was doing, his rage was doused like a raging forest fire doused by flooding waters. He staggered, his form shuddering. The mound of bodies crunched beneath his boots and became slippery, which caused him to slip and fall. Hard. To the earth far below.

Exhaustion overtook him and memories flooded in. He'd killed this beast before and many others too. Some he had called his friends, injuring one in a way that could never be restored. Destroying her beloved forever. Ruining a man who could have done so much more for Ioberia, ruining his friend forever.

He sobbed then, as his beloved rushed to his side. He cried at his foolishness. He cried at his recklessness and arrogance in thinking he could control his power. This time though his friends were stronger. Wiser than before. The Priory was able to withstand more than a vermintide. It could now withstand him, just barely, but it was enough.

She cradled him, his sobbing unbroken as he regretted everything. Despite the lives he saved, what would have happened if he had raged on?

She unclasped his helm and removed it, upon seeing his face she gave him a shocked look. "You.... Your face..."

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Well damn Core... O.o;

She wakes with a start, part of her arm transforming as all her pent up frustration transformed part of her. To which she stared in shock before it reverted back to normal. Which left her really peeved off. She looked at Horsie mouthing at her in a rather unkind manner before realizing she couldn't speak.

Seeing them standing there she gave a soundless growl. What the HELL is going on now. She mouthed at them both wordlessly. She took stock and found their stupid silent elf man was nowhere to be seen.

Better have a good reason or I'm gonna KILL him! She mouthed it with enough force to shake stone, yet... Still no sound. She draws her sword then, noiselessly.

She didn't like being woke up early, nor did she like being deceived. He had much to answer for, by abandoning them here.

Tidus laughs, regardless of how Aslan felt. The look and her angry wordless ranting was too amusing. The angry glares even more so, like a surly child woken to early.

His laughter ends and he starts moving around where they were, shaking his head as he speaks and still couldn't hear himself.

Map coming, may take a bit. still at work :-P.

"What the hells happened here?" Maiathreen wonders aloud upon seeing the creature and all the damage that was done.

Mai and Livain

Chimera gestures to the creature. "Master sent his beast." She pounds her chest scales hard with a closed fist. "White Stone does not fall, three times Master has tried, three times he fails." She laughs throatily, a deep rumble from her chest, speaking excitedly. "This one was powerful, shouldn't fall. Makes more dead things where it walks, Ha, still failed. Dark skin light lady stronger than masters Beasts. Her soldiers strong, no run, fight to fall."

Mai and Livain

Chimera pauses as several robed figures exit the Priory, facing the walls and lifting large wooden staff's. Within moments the white walls seem to take on an almost liquid appearance, rippling and wavering as the figure's separate. As they spread out the rippling walls expand as well. More and more of the damaged sections taking on an almost unstable appearance.

AS they worked a couple dozen soldiers fanned out behind them, led by a heavily armored figure whose blade shined like the rising sun. This figure stood directly at the front, middle, of the defensive formation. The soldiers were armed with an array of spears and tower shields, holding a line and letting their heavy shields to rest in front of them as they faced outward.

DM Rolls:

1d20 ⇒ 5
1d20 ⇒ 7
1d20 ⇒ 4
1d20 ⇒ 4
1d20 ⇒ 7
1d20 ⇒ 3
1d20 ⇒ 12
1d20 ⇒ 3
1d20 ⇒ 11
1d20 ⇒ 16
1d20 ⇒ 15
1d20 ⇒ 16

It seems though, despite the heavy presence, you all go unnoticed for now. As the soldiers, mages and others work to clean up and repair the battered defenses.

Aslan moves around the room, seeking a place where sound would return...

Roll if needed?: 1d20 ⇒ 1

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Rhavenna & Aslan (Welcome back)


After several frustrating minutes, Azlan Rhavenna and Tidus emerge in an area where they could here themselves breathing. Sound seemed harsher after so long without it. Apparently you all had been under that soundless magic for some time...

The chamber was still empty, nothing moved or shifted. The quiet sounds of the water rippling through the room reached your ears but the area of silence stood between you and the hidden entrance. Which stood barred, still.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

"What the hell is the source of the silence?" Rhavenna says in an almost whisper, her own voice sounding too loud now. "Do you think he did is so that we couldn't here the stone rolling as he left?"

"That's what I figured to." Tidus sheathes his swords as he speaks. He looked almost embarrassed as there was no immediate threat.

He then passes through the silent area, checking the door and appearing to try and talk to himself before shrugging his shoulders and returning to where you both were. "The silence extends to the doorway. So he probably left..." He says the last words more as a question, Tidus was apparently concentrating on something else.

Aslan emerges from the silence, putting away her weapons in an annoyed huff. "Why don't we just leave then? Don't you have a mercenary unit to find?"

"I see you men of the priory! What has happened hear we search for lost companions?" Maiathreen calls out keeping a healthy distance in case the men decide to attack.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

"That we do. I figured if he was arranged to meet us and bring us here, there's some reason, though I'm not a fan of his secrets." Rhavenna replies.

Mai and Livain

The soldiers of the Priory react as expected, they raise shields and close ranks by the spell casters. Who continue working to repair the walls and ignore what is going on behind them.

The heavily armored figure with the shining blade though remains stationary, looking now in your direction. Its a matter of a few minutes of tense silence before a familiar figure steps out of the Priory gates, Faldirk and a rather panicked looking elk come stomping up through the snow. You recognized Faldirk from his armor alone but he still wears his helmet as he speaks. "Ah good, you not dead I see. And you are?" He points the question at Chimera, though she merely growls at him. "Right, watch yourself.Or you'll be picking up your teeth." Grenalf's words carried a heavy malice, which completely cowed Chimera who immediately ceased growling.


1d20 + 28 ⇒ (16) + 28 = 44
1d20 ⇒ 8



1d20 ⇒ 18
1d20 ⇒ 16
1d20 ⇒ 13
1d20 ⇒ 16

"Not safe to go at night." The blunt and abrupt voice of your missing guardian nearly gives you all a start. He was emerging from the overgrown mushrooms in front of the alcove he had created before. Seeing all of your alarmed, or angered, expressions he waves his hand and the barrier of silence falls.

What replaces it makes your blood run cold. The sound of tapping, or crawling or dragging comes from the solid stone wall. The door itself makes just as much noise but it doesn't shake nor budge, probably helping to mask its presence. Hs voice has an edge to it as he speaks,
a dark almost lonely edge that isn't comforting. "Every night they come, looking, hunting." He moves to the low burning fire and throws another log on it, igniting it some. "Devour everything, take everything and leave nothing." You remember that the trip to this hideaway was awfully barren, lifeless.

He sounded angry, the first time in a long time as he prodded the embers into new life. "Kill them and twice more come. Burn their nest, thrice more come for revenge." As the embers start to glow anew he leans back. "Fight and keep them here. Lest they take the woodland of Finadar or Norinor. Anger them, they come, kill them, more come, cannot find me. Cannot catch, so their anger holds them. Foolish."

He gestures to Rhavenna then. "The Lost tribe fight them, but fail to reclaim their lands from the creeping dark. Many die, many more taken and devoured later. Fail many times." He sighs. "Month by month the Lost retreat, their lands overrun by the creeping dark. The creeping dark targets the old, infirm, women and children. Easy prey." He frowns then, the thought apparently upsets him. "Many fled to the west decades ago, to the Riverlands to rebuild their tribe. Never come back. The Lost ones fight on, though the Herd does not aid them."

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

"You''re saying these things...are the reason the Dvezda were....Lost?" Rhavenna says quietly, her voice a near whisper of shock, tinged with horror.

Rhavenna wrote:
"You''re saying these things...are the reason the Dvezda were....Lost?" Rhavenna says quietly, her voice a near whisper of shock, tinged with horror.

Tidus looks undecided, looking towards the barred rock door and swallowing hard at the sound of the creeping dark outside. "Too many for swords alone..." He mumbles. His words not even getting the elven man to look at him.

The elven man's dead eyes flick from you to the growing flames. "No. The Dvezda died out from sickness. But the creeping dark could have carried it." He grunts. "The herd though, survives despite the loss years ago." He pokes at the fire with a partially burnt log. Stirring the coals until they are crackling with a red glow. "The Lost are the remnants of the Nomen Herd on this side of the Icerime Peaks. Fools." He looks at you again, his dead eyes taking on an intensity that would turn lesser peoples guts to water. Tidus doesn't take the look well, his own features darkening visibly with anger at what he said of the Nomen's great effort. "Back then I didn't know why the migration occurred. Seeing you now, I understand why the lowland loving Nomen braved the mountains." He pulls the burning log out of the fire, holding it with bare fingers. "For You."

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

"For me? You mean in hope of finding or saving others like me?" Rhavenna was more than a little overwhelmed, and quite honestly, both frightened and a bit confused.

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Mai and Livain Last response post to you guys from me. >.O Just in case your still following.



3d100 ⇒ (24, 43, 20) = 87

The intensity shifts back to the fire. Which he is literally stirring up with his bare hand now. Untouched by the flames. "To save what was left of your herd. Fools all, honor, loyalty and what did it get them? Death... ButYou..." He points at Rhavenna with blackened ash covered fingers. ... you are..." His pause is sudden, confused, like he had forgotten what he was going to say. "... what's left... but..." He looks up then.

He stands up, his size turning giant once more as he turns towards the three of you. Mainly looking at Rhavenna. "Yet here you are. Back in Ioberia's grasp." He balls his hand into a fist, his knuckles creaking just as Tidus steps between you both.

"That's enough..." Tidus voice was low and menacing as he draws his blades, it was clear he was more then serious.


1d20 + 16 ⇒ (16) + 16 = 32
1d20 + 25 ⇒ (4) + 25 = 29

The elven man's form shrinks a little at the confrontation with Tidus, though he doesn't step back. "Oh the abomination speaks! You can't protect her with swor..."

Tidus cuts him off pointing at him with one of his drawn blades. "Shut Up! Not another word or...!" Tidus was fired up, angrier then ever before. The strange sounds outside the rock wall had died down, the scrapping and clawing has been replaced with stillness. Aside from the anger rising in this chamber...

Had to make a correction to the above post Just FYI Rhavenna, it may have been changed since you liked it haha.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Despite the fact that Tidus' rising rage gave her a feeling that was hard to describe, but enjoyable nonetheless, the sudden silence brought her mind back to the danger outside....and the fact that they might have gained it's attention.

Gently she rests a hand on his shoulder, drawing his furious focus away from it's target for a moment.

"... or...! Rhavenna's touch made him pause and he turned partial to look at her. The elven man had noticed the silence as well and he drew out his hook and a runed long sword. The grim look on his face was one of resignation.

Because if the enemy attacked here there would be few ways out.

Time seemed to stretch on for what felt like an eternity. Tidus was turned towards the rock wall now, blades out and focusing.

Botting Aslan

Aslan has a hand settled on her large blades hilt, watching the door as silently as the rest of you.

After what must have felt like hours Tidus let out a sigh. "Looks like they've moved on." He turns back to the Elven man whose weapons were now hanging slack at his sides.

The elven man's face was one of complete confusion. "What? Why...?" He lifted his weapons and looked at them before dropping them in a moment of fear. His head thumped a low point of the ceiling making him whirl in confusion. "Wait, how am I?!" His size wavered, erratically before he suddenly shrank again. When he did he gave a start stumbling back, before tripping over his own feet and sitting heavily down on his normal 'sitting' rock.

He looks to you all then, from face to face. His next words a complete surprise. "Who are you? What was I doing? I... Can't remember anything since..." He puts his head in his hands. "No... Thats. Everything is... Confused, faded."


10d100 ⇒ (42, 82, 30, 66, 49, 96, 47, 67, 80, 71) = 630

"Where is... Where is... Fruvyn...?" He looked at you all then, his eyes focused. Except his eyes fell completely on Rhavenna, his jaw going slack. "What are You doing here? How?"

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

"You brought us here. You don't remember?" Rhavenna asks, even more puzzled than before.

Well damn, didn't see this at all, my bad here. Moving forward. Tried to get ahold of Aslan and he's MIA. Mai and Livain are missing as well.
So opening up recruitment here in the next couple of days!

"Somewhat..." He rubs his temples. "But why... Why am I here... Better yet wher-" He grips the side of his head with a pained gasp. He literally crumples to the floor, his breaths ragged as he brings his other hand around to the other side of his head. Gripping his head with white knuckle intensity as his breaths come in short gasps.

Aslan arcs an eyebrow and edges her blade back out of its sheathe. "Just in case..."

Tidus looks undecided but holds his ground between everyone and the now rather strange elf kneeling on the floor.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Rhavenna studies the elf her hands ready to draw a weapon if needed.

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (4) + 12 = 16

"It hurts to remember..." He struggles for breath, kneeling on the rock floor. "The bond was shattered by that Thing. It knocked us from the skies.... Faldirk... Faldirk and Serra stood against it alone..."

His voice was so ragged that he starts swaying where he kneeled as if he were passing out. "We... We... No... No... NO! -!" He babbles nonsensically for a moment, about running, falling and running farther. His words come so quick that its hard to understand What he is saying even.

His hands fall from his head and he stands upright with frightening speed. His eyes were wide open, He stares at each of your faces in turn before a strange expression. He looks to the water before turning his back to you all and casts his gaze over the watery pools behind him.

Rising out of the water is the hardened elf, who glares at everyone assembled before him. Sneering at Rhavenna the most before looking to himself standing on the bank of the pool.

The hardened elf's voice returns. "We are still too weak, too fragile for this."

The ragged voice. "We will manage, it's time we stopped hiding."

The hardened voice, grows quieter. "We hide, We survive. Others are trouble. The Dvezda bring Death to those that aid them." He points out Rhavenna then before spitting into the water.

The ragged voice, a little stronger now. "Death still tries to consume them. We swore an oath."

The hardened voice, angered. "Damn the Oath! They abandoned us!"

The ragged voice, louder more boldly pronouncing as he kicks the watery pool. "Wrong! We abandoned Them, when they needed us."

The hardened voice, quiet again. "... You remember."

The ragged voice. "We remember. We lost our bond, fell from the skies and, in our fright, we ran away."

The hardened voice. "We saved Him-!"

The ragged voice, growing stronger and harder. "We let him fade. Rot away in these caverns. Death would have been better than this."

The water's ripple from where he stands on the shore as the hardened voice says in outrage. "I protected us. You fled into darkness. He still breathes because of me-"

The ragged voice changes, it is one nwo calm. "You? You forget We are the same vessel. He wouldn't want to exist like that. Our selfishness led to his suffering, endlessly while the Nomen died for no reason."

The hardened voice was shakened then. "It will happen again! And it will be her fault!" The one standing over the water points accusingly at Rhavenna then.

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