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Greetings to all interested players. RotRL is the first AP I ever ran, the first pre-written adventure period, back in 3.5 setting. It failed hard. Started it again a few years back with the anniversary edition, ended after a TPK under Jorgenfist. I want to try it again. So here is the deal for anyone interested in playing.

1) I don't want a fully made character presented to me. I want to choose some players and then have everyone discuss in the discussion thread what they want to play. This doesn't mean you can't have a character in mind, I just don't want to have someone spend the time to stat up a concept and then not get to play.
1a) So here is how I want that to happen. If the rest of the terms below are agreeable to you, I just want you to say hey, consider me. This is my character concept. Then I will look at your play history through your profile and see if I think that you're a good fit. Prefer players that haven't already played this AP, but just a preference.

2) I want a post every week day, and once on the weekends. Seriously for this. It takes all of 15 minutes to check it and post, even if the website is being slow. You can do it. If you're going to be unavailable, just let everyone know. If you want to play in the game, I need you to WANT to play in the game. I promise to commit to the same myself.

3) Character creation: will be kept pretty close to PFS rules, but we will get more into that when I get enough players.

4) Recruitment will end at the end of the month.

Interesting. I'm used to using the detail of what's allowed to help me frame my ideas, but I might give this a shot. I've played in 2 Runelords games, but both have died pretty quickly.

Made this character for a campaign that died. Background and personality are in the profile. The campaign was core only, so not having that restriction will change a lot about the build.

This AP is one I’ve always wanted to do (always as in my past 3+ years on these boards). Would love to be in a group that doesn’t die out

Discussion thread is not up yet. But I want to play this game. I've played ROTL in parts, but have never finished the whole thing, in fact never even played more than probably 5 pages out of one book, due to a GM being busy, and I've never played the start or the first page of the game, because I've always played jump in the middle of the game and create a character at level X, where X is anything but level 1.

What I would like to play. A fighter, ranger, or gunslinger, vigilantee or any other Baber Core or Base, not Barbarian. While not a murder hobo, someone who can tank or deal the damage or both. I would like to have some strength so I can be the guy carrying the important stuff, like this player can't carry that rope, so I carry it, though at some point in the game the party might buy a bag of holding anyway. My skills will be half to 3/4 on psychical and 1/2 to 1/4 on knowledge or wisdom based to help the party out.

And I have played other classes, but ever since 5th edition came out, I refuse to play any type of spellcaster, arcane or divine in Pathfinder, unless that spellcaster is a full baber like Ranger.

knowledge about pathfinder vs 5e and why I won't play anything but Babers in Pathfinder:
Certain strategies work in 5e as a spellcaster that don't work in Pathfinder and I do feel inferior as a spellcaster. For example, a level 1 burning hands is 1d4 in a 15 foot cube and increases with character level up to 5d4. But in 5e, a burning hands is 3d6, and to make matters worse, they didn't change the HPs or CR's of low level monsters, or if they did, still very little, at higher CR's you'll find a difference, but much later on. I'll give you another example Pathfinder Goblin
5e goblin So, CR has gone from 1/3 pathfinder to 1/4 5e, HP has increased from 6 to 7, and you still have to kill the same number of goblins within +/-2 in pathfinder than you do in 5e to get to level 2. And it is not just the attacks spells that are powered down.
Late game, it is probably more balanced, like fireball does 5d6 in pathfinder at level 5, while in 5e 8d6, but average HP of enemies in pathfinder have probably decreased at lot at CR5

Play history, 100+ games, not sure which one would be the most accurate for you, if I bite off more than I can chew, I slow up or get slightly sloppy with roleplay, but I'm realizing my gaming limits. I try to be a team player and be active.

I'd like to be considered for this game.

I've very open to class/role in the party. I find it quite hard to get into the mindset of a character until I'm already playing. That said creating characters as a group is actually my preferred method. I like the complexity that pathfinder offers in builds and story and i have a handful of crunch-heavy builds I'd like to try out but that come secondary to story.

As weird as it sounds I typically prefer non-casters, and in the event that I do play a caster, I usually choose the same set of spells or commit to a theme. I prefer understanding every tool in my box to having the most tools.

Liberty's Edge

I'm interested. I'm happy to play any role but would like to play a dwarven or gnome ranger, hunter or slayer. I can make the post requirements daily (at a minimum). I had to step anyway from PbP games abruptly at the end of 2016 due to a personal matter, but that is all settled now.

I'd like to be considered for the game.

I'm more than happy to play any roles, but I do best with full martial and the hybrid classes like bloodrager and magnus. I have a few previous character's I can rebuild, or I can make a character to fit any missing roles.

The posting frequency sounds reasonable.

This is Ouachitonian. This character was for an all-human game set in the Arthurian Mythos, but shows the bones of what I think I'll submit. Thinking I'll keep Inspired Swashbuckler, but change him to a Sylph, if that meets the PFS guidelines (I don't really do PFS, so I'm only vaguely aware of what's kosher there. If a Sylph is a no-go I can make him a half-elf or something instead). If it works better for the rest of the party, I could see retooling into a Magus or Dex-based fighter, maybe even an Urban Bloodrager/Barbarian. Generally Dex and Int focused, though; an agile, intelligent swordfighter. That's the real core of the idea.

Up for consideration.

* I haven't played RotR.

* I generally play martials or divine 3/4s like Inquisitors and Warpriests. Very happy to cleave close to core, and likely Human, Elf, Half-Elf or at a pinch, Half-Orc. I'm not really a fan of the smaller races, though the idea of a Gnome or Halfling fighter is appealing.

* I tend to keep my backgrounds simple and develop my character through the game, making posts that will move the game forward and make sense for the character.

* I like to make characters with emotions and hopes and dreams, avoiding loners, jokers and the power mad types. While I appreciate that working toward a common goal is great in a team sport, it doesn't always make verismilitudinal sense in an adventuring party if the personalities of the characters aren't aligned. Having said that, my characters are on the moderate side and are fairly gregarious if given the same level of consideration and respect.

TL;DR - check me out. Looking to play a Human Full or 3/4 BAB type, possibly a native of Sandpoint if that works. I'm not much on Golarion lore, but can make do in a pinch. ;)

Also, for everyone's reading pleasure:

Painlords Guide to PbP's
DoomedHero's Guide to PbP's

Hi! I would like to be considered for this game. A bit of info about myself:

-Never played RotR.

-Never played PbP (I really want to try one). I have an alias because I tried to apply for a Dead Suns Starfinder campaign but didn't get selected.

-English is not my main language, but this being a PbP game, I can take my time to write posts, so I don't think it'll be a problem at all (Your call).

-I have plenty of experience in Pathfinder, so I won't have problems with game mechanics.

-I wouldn't have a problem playing any class/role at all, but since I'm a bit shy (Being this my first PbP game and all doesn't help with that until I get comfortable) I wouldn't try anything super hard roleplay-wise. Humans, elfs and easy races/classes would be my choice of play. But I can adapt to anything the group wants, since I pretty much played all classes at table games.

If there's anything missing or anything you want to know, just say it!

Hey GM Sphen,

Please consider me for your game. I've tried to see this one through 2 or 3 times (like almost everyone else in the Paizoverse) and have never got past book 1.

Character concept:
I want to play someone that's obsessed with history, and really wants to engrave himself within the annals of the history he so adores. I figure this leaves him really open to the needs of the rest of the group mechanically, as that could really be so many classes (I tend to care more about concept and RPing anyway). Also, that would make him very interested in all things Thassilonian, which would only help of course, from a plot perspective.

Been looking for a RotR game after one I almost joined got cancelled. I would be grateful to be considered for this game. I've taken the time to look at your own posts and see that you post regularly and well-enough that playing in a game under you would be enjoyable.

A few things about me:

*I've played live games until recently moving and being introduced to the pbp boards.

*I enjoy being able to RP a character rather than a simple dungeon crawl game. Also, I try to keep any RP from conflicting with other players against their wishes.

*I particular enjoy world-building and having the actions of the players affect the world around them (though AP's seem to limit this unless a GM is willing to just wing it).

*I like hooking a character into the story (like campaign traits), rather than just adventuring for the sake of adventuring.

*I usually play more martial oriented characters, though when I do play a spellcasting, I usually go for a spontaneous type.

Concepts: I'm willing to work with the group to help form a balanced group, but at the moment, my ideas would be a ranger/storyteller that lives in Sandpoint and helps keep the local goblins in check, or a tattoed sorcerer that is deeply interested in the history behind the lighthouse and similar ruins.

Hey, I'm interested. I've never played RotRL before but I've applied for a couple in the past, never got in.

Character concept, I know more what I don't want to play than what I do. I dont want to play a ranged character or skill Monkey, less its a bard. I lean towards rangers so I want to step out of my comfort zone. Maybe an arcane caster, I don't think I've ever played one.

So I'm interested. As far as experience in RotRL, I've played in an at home game that got through the 2nd book. However, the GM wasn't really into the story and was more into the "Roll" playing so I really don't know what was going on. I've also started one in PbP but I'm fairly sure it died in the first book right after the festival.

If selected, I would send this character in. She is a sage sorcerer focusing on blasting. She is out seeking an understanding of magic and loves life.

Due to the number of responses, I am going to move the deadline for submission up too this Friday (the 16th) since I already have more than enough people here to fill 2 groups.

The difficult part of this is having to choose. Sadly, I cannot play with everyone who responded (even if I did two groups) (which I am considering, but probably won't, at least at first). So if I don't choose you for the game, don't be offended. I'll keep everyone in mind for replacements as even in my limited PbP experience, I know that it is inevitable that someone will drop off due to real life issues.

All that being said, I'm going to send PM's to those who I'd like to join the game over the weekend. So keep an eye open for it. And if you don't get it, you might be on the alternate list.

Lastly, I'm going to add another number to the previous list.

5) No social checks between players. Ever. Like, ever. Those sort of things are resolved through role play.

Have not played RotRL, but am almost done running it, if that is an issue.

I'd be inclined to make a fighter.

I can make the post requirements easily.

Silver Crusade

I've only played it a bit, didn't even get slightly through the first book.

I like to make a character that is involved in the town and has a back story to match.

I'd like a druid with an animal companion for this one.

Do we have any idea where the game, once players are selected, What online service will be used for the game to take place in?

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 16

I'm interested. I've not played this AP before and would like to give it a shot.

I don't have a hard idea as to what I want to play, but off the top of my head would be happy with an alchemist or a rogue.


I'd love to get a crack at Runelords. Have never played it, did try to run it irl for a group that collapsed quickly due to unexpected changing work schedules. That was a couple years ago however and I haven't cracked the hardcover since, so I wouldn't say I have potent "insider" knowledge or anything.

I started doing PbP on the boards here pretty recently, so there's not a whole lot for you to look at, but I'm rather proud of what I've done/written so far.

If I got in, the character concept at the front of my brain at the moment is a Weretouched Shifter, specifically a were-frog (it hits a certain sweet spot I have where something is sort of an equal mix of hilarious and badass to me) and I'd wan't to give her a sort of super hero-esque angle of "I can use this curse to fight for good and help people".

Edit: Re: Posting rate: I have no problem posting once a day minimum. I think I've missed a day or two with the games I'm in, mostly due to them finding their rhythm and still figuring out the best way to get a post in even if there's little for my character to directly engage with (i.e. combat and not my turn) but I feel like I'm developing that pretty quickly.

Edit#2: Noticing there are a lot of folks who want to play primary martials. With that in mind, I have no problem playing my usual specialty of 3/4 BaB "skirmisher" types such as Inquisitors, Rogues, or combat-oriented Bards. Bard is my all-time favorite class and I will never balk at playing one for any reason.

First post here, but if that does not entirely exclude me from consideration I would love to be considered. I am familiar with PBP, though it has been a few years since I used to play on Enworld, stopping after a continental move that left me with unreliable internet for a while. I got hooked on 3.5 and then Pathfinder in the U.S, but having returned to my native England find myself in the RPG Wilderness.

I have played Rise of the Runelords before, but only ever got about half way through the first book before the PBPs GM vanished, and that nearly a decade ago, so my recollections are somewhat hazy.

For a character, in a shameless attempt to curry favour, I am leaning towards a Cleric. Probably an excessively innocent type who has lived a sheltered life within Sandpoint - maybe a relative of Father Zantus if that would not be problematic?

I do appreciate that you made it clear play history would be an important factor for this recruitment, hope you do not mind me taking a punt :)

Given the propensity of people wanting to play martials, I'd be more than happy to play shadow/starsoul sorcerer built for buffing. A peasant by birth, guided by a desire to change the future for the better. A bit pretentious in hiding his lowborn status.

Liberty's Edge

I would like you to consider me for a spot in your campaign.

I am a long-time gamer and have been active on the Paizo Boards for over a decade.

I have participated in 3 Rise of the Runelords PbPs, but none of them got much farther than the opening scene/encounter at the Swallowtail Festival before the GM either indicated he/she couldn't continue the campaign or just stopped posting all together with no warning.

I am currently in 3 other PBPs on the boards, and I have an extremely reliable posting history (I have never flaked out on a campaign). Feel free to peruse the campaign tabs under my alias if you wish.

As far as character concepts, I am open to whatever is needed.

My favorite character classes to play are Bards and Inquisitors, but there is no character class I won't play.

There are three characters under my alias that were created in the recruitment process for Rise of the Runelords (two were selected for campaigns that died due to GM vanishing, and the other was not selected by the recruiting GM)

ETHAN SOWER is a cleric of Erastil who has recently come to Sandpoint for the Swallowtail Festival and the dedication of the new cathedral. Being the rural sort, Ethan sees Sandpoint as the "big city" and has come to town as a missionary to try and persuade these metropolitan types to embrace a simpler, purer lifestyle.

BLIKX (Beatrice Blackenshere) is a stormborn sorceress and local to Sandpoint. She works as a tattoo artist, and is considered to be something of a minor nuisance by the sheriff and local populace - mostly because she lives with her uncle, who doesn't exactly keep tabs on her most of the time.

ZOMERAAND is a universalist wizard who moved to Sandpoint shortly after the time of the fires and the Chopper thinking that is was a quiet little town where things weren't so hectic and loud. He has made a reputation for himself as a local know-it-all, and he spends a lot of time sitting in the book store with a small group of local bookworms trying to out do one another in knowledge of the obscure.

Let me know if any of these characters are of interest, or if you might be interested in me (as a player) but with a different character.

Grand Lodge

Hi, I would like to considered for this game.

-Never played this module before.

-I am partial to bards and classes that have some versatility.

-Regarding characterization, I prefer making easy going or serious characters. Also, like a post above, I like to keep my character's origin simple and develop them throughout the story.

-I have a good posting rate that I can post at least once a day including weekend and can move the game forward if no one takes the initiative.

UrgathoaServant wrote:
Do we have any idea where the game, once players are selected, What online service will be used for the game to take place in?

It will be played PBP right her on the Paizo website.

I've never played RotRL. I've applied to several recruitments, but never been selected.

I have a decent amount of experience in RP, but I am pretty new to the Paizo boards.

I usually like playing skilled characters, but not sneaky thieves. So I wind up playing a lot of Investigators, but I am open to other options. (Bards or Rogues are always another route.)

As far as backgrounds go. If the charismatic supposed to be developed, I can draft a novel of a background. Although if the characters are supposed to have known each other before the start of the campaign, it can be nice to leave that open and allow them the ability to make stuff up in RP (ie. "Remember that time when...").

Thanks for the opportunity to apply, I hope you have a good game (whether or not I am selected ).

I'm not gonna submit to this RotL campaign, seeing how I'm already in one (trying to kill that damn quasit underneath The Glassworks). I just wanted to let you know I laughed out loud when I saw the tagline for this recruitment. Good luck to you Sphen and all applicants.

I recently made this character for another RotR I was pretty excited about. Its a thief-type with criminal underworld connections.

I'd like to know what rules were in mind for play. I like pathfinder core, but pathfinder with everything is too bloated for my taste.

TheWaskally wrote:
I just wanted to let you know I laughed out loud when I saw the tagline for this recruitment. Good luck to you Sphen and all applicants.

For sure. I laughed hard reading it at work and wasn't even going to try to explain why...XD

Hey, Consider Me! Thanks.

A handful of my games went away this year so I would love to add another. I tend to play martial characters. I can supplement what the party needs. I would be interested in a Paladin, Cleric, maybe a blaster mage. I'm very active and have been for years. Thanks for the consideration.

Consider me interested! Thanks.

I've got myself into a new job and some degree of stability now. Should be able to post with a fair amount of regularity. Though I know competition is gonna be fierce. Plenty of good players to pick from, you frankly can't go wrong! Most of my RotRL games kinda fizzed out, with varying degrees of understandable

As for my concept, if we're sticking with PFS-esque rules, I've actually had an Eldritch Knight build sitting on the back burner for a while for this campaign. A Taldan noble son who specializes in magical writing and comes to Sandpoint to study the Thassilonian runes used by runelords long ago. He uses all kinds of magic writing from around the world, from Shinto-like paper seals from Tian Xia to carved nordic runes from the Land of the Linnorm Kings, to everyday scrolls. Obviously a mix of fighter and wizard eventually prestiging into EK.

Unless we can get a bit more loose with races, because if that's the case, I have a kobold sorcerer who was a blast to play a long while ago...

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Hey folks, I am sending PM's to the players that I have picked.

The only thing that stinks about this sort of system is that there are always more people interested than I can handle. I've never run a play by post before, so after I feel comfortable with it, I may add another game. In which case, I'll look back to this thread for applicants. So don't be surprised if some of you hear from me in a few months down the road. Or less time when the inevitable player drop out happens. Keep your spirits up.

Other than that, I am officially closing recruitment for this campaign. Thank you to everyone who applied.

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