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Maps: Part 1

Maps Part 1

TOTAL PARTY EXP: 2250, fast track leveling
2nd level= 1,300 exp
3rd level= 3,300 exp

Important NPC'S & Places


1) Father Abstalar Zantus: (CG male human cleric of Desna 4)
Works at the newly rebuilt Temple of Desna in Sandpoint that burned down a few years ago. Included in the church are a few other shrines to other deities: Erastil, Abadar, Sheyln, Gozreh, and Sarenrae. Father Zantus is well known to give of himself selfishly as much as he can, and accepts help from those in town who volunteer to help him keep up the temple and its grounds.

2) Sheriff Belor Hemlock: (CG male human fighter 4)
Stationed at the Sandpoint Garrison, Sheriff Hemlock is one of the few Shoanti outside of the tribes to find a good position. He inherited the position from the previous sheriff when he was murder by the Chopper. Well respected in town as a fair man who takes justice over the law.

3) Mayor Kendra Deverin: (NG female human aristocrat 4/ expert 3)
The mayor of Sandpoint is constantly pushing for the town's progression and advancement. It was her idea to build the cathedral to replace the chapel that burned down. She is constantly pushing for a full bank to be built to replace the safe that is in the town hall used to house the city's funds. Not all of her plans are meet with support, particularly from the those who benefit from the city staying the way it is.

4) Nisk Tander: (NG male half-elf alchemist 1/ expert 2)
Owner of Bottled Solutions and much less gifted than he thinks he is, Nisk sells his wares quickly and offers no refunds.

5) Cyrdak Drokkus: (CN male human bard 6)
Owner and operator of the newly built Sandpoint Theatre, Cyrdak was recruited by Mayor Deverin in order to try and bring some culture to Sandpoint and hopefully bring in more tourists. Cyrdak enjoys the tax breaks he receives from the town in order to operate his theatre, but finds himself spending more time writing new plays than actually performing them.

6) Ven Vinder: (LN male human commoner 7)
Ven Vinder is known for two things. The bright red hair that matches his terrible temper, and his promiscuous daughter Shayliss. Most of the town knows him since he runs the town's General Store, buying and selling most of the everyday goods needed to live your everyday life.

7) Ameiko Kaijitsu: (CG female human aristocrat 1/ bard 3/ rogue 1)
A former adventurer, she made her fortune out in the world with Shaelelu Andosana. She abandoned her father's inheritance to buy out the Rusty Dragon from it's previous owner and to fulfill every adventure's dream to retire and own a tavern. It is the worst kept secret in town that she had a falling out with her father and half brother when she became an adventurer, and it only became worse when she bought the Rusty Dragon Inn.

8) Vorvashali Voon: (LN male human wizard 2/ rogue 2/ expert 2)
Another former adventurer, he traveled for some short time with Ameiko and Shaelelu before joining another company based out of Magnimar. He retired to Sandpoint a few years before Ameiko and opened up The Feathered Serpent. He doesn't door much business with the locals but somehow still stays open. Most attribute this to the wealth he made during his years as an adventurer, others say that he is magically creating money in secret. No matter the answer, his is the only shop capable of purchasing any serious magic items, or of providing them.

9) Shalelu Andosana: (CG female elf fighter 2/ ranger 4)
Long time friend of Ameiko, the two meet when they became part of the same adventuring party. After getting to retire from the life, their group was breaking up, and Shalelu decided to go to Sandpoint with Ameiko. Her many tales of the town interested Shalelu, and without a home herself, the orphan elf made Sandpoint her home. Spending her time hunting the wilderness around the town, she is an unofficial part of the town guard and the main reason why Sandpoint has so little trouble with the goblins in the area considering that there are so 5 tribes of them that surround the town.

10) Bethana Corwin: (NG female halfling commoner 1)
Bartender and maid at the Rusty Dragon Inn.

11) Daviren Hosk: (N male human ranger 4)
Owner of the Goblin Squash stables and possessing an impressive hatred of goblins in particular and goblinoids in general. Willing to pay 5 gp for each left ear taken from a goblin.

12) Sphen d'Velderan: (NG male half-orc ranger 4)
Second in command of the Sandpoint militia and long time resident of the town. Skilled with a bow and in charge while Sheriff Hemlock is out of town gathering aid from Magnimar.

I'll add more people as you meet them.

[dice=Init. Cavenn] 1d20+2[/dice]
[dice=Init. Eydor]1d20+7[/dice]
[dice=Init. Harness]1d20+1[/dice]
[dice=Init. Saira ]1d20+1[/dice]
[dice=Init. Snyk]1d20+4[/dice]
[dice=Init. Tessa] 1d20+2[/dice]
[dice=Init. Enemy]1d20+ [/dice]