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Okay, so as I was saying before the site took the weekend off...

Now THIS seems more my speed! Especially after looking at all that gorgeous artwork for the game. How have I missed that? It seems like Dark Sun, but less... dark.

What kind of creation rules were you thinking? There's quite a few technology archetypes in the rules that might suit this setting pretty well, to boot.

How familiar with the Dark Suns setting do you want applicants to be? Because the adventure path intrigues me, but I know next to nothing about the setting (aside from giant ant people being a race, I think...)

Because I have a Tinkerer alchemist concept that might just fit the bill on this... (Might be able to fit the vivisectionist archetype on top for sneak attacks... Have to double check)

Are you specifically looking for previous applicants, or are you also open to new submissions?

Are you specifically wanting previous applicants, or are you open to fresh applications?

How prevalent would siege engines be in this game? Because I actually have two wizard concepts that might fit into this.

One actually uses, believe it or not, the siege mage archetype. Basically aspires to be a battlefield tactician and commander and uses magic to help support the team with long range combat. Probably would grab the rich parents trait to help buy his own light ballista manned by unseen servant spells and a crossbow to help lay down heavy long-range fire.

The other also uses the rich parents trait, but more about buying a boatload of scrolls and armor to become a prototype Iron Man. His concept is basically that he wants to make weapons to help Sophia win the war and eventually create a suit of animated armor for that purpose. At first level, he'd just have a blaster gauntlet and bonded amulet power source, with scrolls as his "ammunition", but he levels up, he'd be building more until he can afford a fully fledged suit to animate. For his character, perhaps his work is studied and falls into Druman hands that becomes weaponized and used against Sophia, so guilt drives him to hunt down and eliminate the monster he's helped create.

Oh, is that already what Saul is planning? Hrm... well, perhaps I should await his input on that. I would hate to step on toes.

Then again, it provides an epic opportunity to pull off some masterful tricks of the eye. Jackdaw 1 vanishes from sight of the big bad, only to have Jackdaw 2 show up behind him and make him double take.

Trtuhfully, the backstory is what I like the most. I'm flexible on being some masked hero if that's already being covered. But the former Chelish noble kid has so much potential that I hate the idea of ditching it.

I was planning human. I was planning on going with the idea of him being a former Chelish noble who saved the girl he was supposed to sacrifice with his father, and become a folk hero.

At the moment, he'd just be some jackass who wants to take up the mantle Jackdaw left behind and become a new folk hero. (Since a jackdaw is actually a bird, I thought it fitting to take up a similar bird species. Tied right now between Gray Jay and Longspur, since both are gray birds!)

Thank you!

I finally decided to settle on the Raven Master Ranger, since it would be highly thematic, and I could dual wield weapons and help handle the front line a little more efficiently. Plus, they get Disguise, so I can still take on the gray bird hero persona!

Also, it sounds like the group is about to enter the Fantomagorium at level 3... my guess is that by the end of it, we'll be at level 4? Since that is the level that the Raven Master gets their bird companion, perhaps that's where he would get his. A talking bird sounds like the sort of thing you'd find in a place called a "Fantomagorium"

Hey Foxy. My plan was to work on it in this thread before introducing anything.

Sorry for Tue delay. My birthday was this weekend, so.. ended up being a busy!

You know, I actually do have an old character who that I made for this. He was actually a former Chelish noble who was a bit sheltered about the faith of Asmodeus, but before he became a member of the clergy, he had to sacrifice a girl for a ritual with his father. He rebelled, stabbed his dad, and escaped with the girl to run away, adopted her as his little sister, and became a barkeep with a gruff, but kind dwarf tavern owner. Now with Barzallai Throne setting up shop in Jonathon, he feels he has to do something about it, so he becomes a vigilante to protect his new home and sister from evil, either as a ranger or a swashbuckler!

I really like the idea of a former Chelish noble aiding the rebellion. Especially because it could put him at odds with his real family, which always makes for some good RP!

It would also make for some awesome intrigue if the group finds out about his heritage, and they always have that question of "Is he really on our side?"

Hi all! I'm with Caster from the other game, where I play a sentient slime shifter.... it's a long story...

Anyways! Heard tell the group could do with a front liner fighter, and the AP setting sounds ripe for the efforts of a vigilante. I'm actually torn between a Raven Master Ranger (since the archetype just fits the setting so well!) and a Mysterious Avenger Swashbuckler...

Ironically, my oozemorph shifter would actually work quite well for this!

I'll go ahead and toss a tentative hat in the ring. Still need to read through all the rules for character building... but I'm thinking a rogue-ish duelist type would be fun. Of course, I'd like to give the new wizard a run... having a good deal of fun with that class as of late!

As for my favorite AP, of the ones I've experienced, I like Reign of Winter the best... I think? Haven't had much chance to get too far in them. I also like Skulls and Shackles because pirates are just fun. :)

Tevforshort wrote:
If that was a possibility I would be so down for that! That's a lot easier to keep track of than martial flexibility anyhow! And, you could help me update my arm too! But, if you're planning on a Gageteer type character and that brawler is out of the question, then a rogue might be a better option. I could help build gadgets with you or use them more effectively than a typical brawler.

If we could go for the constructed pugilist, it would probably be a very intricate prosthetic that the two of them have been tinkering with for years. Probably with adjustable joints and the like that started out as a simple prosthetic, and just slowly evolved to the big contraption it is the more he's worked on it.

On the rogue side of things, certainly having someone who is familiar with disarming some of his more strange contraptions would be a welcome addition... and explain where he learned to do it!

I'm going to attempt to have a build up soon enough. End of the day by the latest (though probably sooner).

Ah, blast it. Just reread the creation outline above, and realized that Gunslingers are off the list of classes available. I know Bolt Aces modify Gunslingers a bit, but until I get confirmation otherwise, probably gonna look at other classes. Maybe a ranger.

However, I do still like the idea of a "gadgeteer" style of adventurer. Probably might stick with using a crossbow, and look at classes that would offer other types of homemade "gizmos" to work with.

As for character concept, I'm actually thinking he might be one of the older members of the group who sees himself as needing to take charge of things and lead the group. Like the big brother of the team, around 23 or 24. He spends a good deal of his time tinkering in his workshop behind the house, trying to make things that will make life for the rest of the village easier. So he has a variety of tools to help tackle trouble as needed.

If the GM would prefer dropping the gadgeteer adventurer, however, perhaps a Ranger with the Sable Marine archetype to get a hippogriff. Someone good with strange and exotic animals... and can eventually fly!

In that case, makes things a tad easier! I DO like the idea of a "practical" adventurer who uses gadgets and gear to help save the day... reminds me a bit of Edgar from Final Fantasy 6. In which case, he would almost certainly be a Ranger or Bolt Ace Gunslinger, throwing long ranged attacks at his enemies.

If it didn't go so completely out of the realm of weird, I would give the Constructed Pugilist some thought, since you effectively get a cool robot arm instead of Martial Flexibility! Though that would be one hell of a story link if Tev wanted to go that route with the Brawler. Tev has a character born with a bum arm, so mine goes "Pffft, I'll build you a new one!" and after years of tinkering and study, he actually manages to make it!

Of course, that seems a bit too advanced for BoF 1... I think BoF 4 had steampunk level tech, but it's been a while since I've played it.

If Drog goes into Summoning and Tev goes for either brawler or rogue... I guess that leaves us needing some ranged support and divine support, huh?

I'm torn between a Divine Hunter paladin and a Bolt Ace gunslinger. Bolt Ace in particular could have an excuse of being a gearhead who uses gadgets when adventuring... and I do like those type of characters. A more "practical" type of adventurer who always aims to come prepared. And a Bolt Ace gets a masterwork crossbow of their choice, so you can get some really cool combinations out the gate. Like taking Point Blank Shot and Rapid Fire with a heavy repeating crossbow to send a whole lot of bolts down field. Or a Launching Crossbow to lob alchemical items at enemies... expensive, but pretty fun with a wide enough arsenal!

Truth be told, there are quite a few options for long range support. Divine Hunter does cover the divine magic component, to a degree.

As an aside... I had a look at some of the Wizard archetypes, and one of them, the Familiar Adept, would make for some awesome flavor, if built right. My idea is a wizard with a rhamphorhynchus familiar that he is trying to mold and shape into a full fledged dragon!

If the Light Dragons are supposedly all gone, then by the gods, make one yourself!

Been a while since I got into Breath of Fire... gotta ask my friend if he still has his copy of BoF4 around!

Anyways, to the builds and concepts... I've actually got a couple ideas that would be fitting for this. Depending on how the others want to flesh things out, I'm thinking it would be fun to play a Spiritualist with the Phantom Blade archetype! Awesome spirit sword that could be feasibly explained as a a relic left by the parents from the last war. Along with a bit of spellcasting to help support the team.

Alternatively, I've had this silly idea of a Kensai Magus in the back of my mind for a while who uses a lasso to hogtie enemies and deliver spells through it (which, I think, if something you can do with it?) He pretty much is a rancher who happens to know a good bit of magic... and is a capable rider.

Wow... Breath of Fire. There's a series I haven't heard about in a loooooong time. You know what? Consider me interested.

-How much experience do you have with Pathfinder rules?
Quite a bit. Had close to 3 years now? It's my system of choice. Streamlined enough to feel quick, detailed enough to get nitty gritty if you so choose.

- Are you familiar with PbP formatting and how to?
Currently in a few games so far, so yep! Fairly familiar with the setup! I enjoy the roleplay chances it gives as well!

- Are you familiar with the Breath of Fire series? Have you played it? Which version?
Been a while since I've played it, but yes! Played the first, the second, and the fourth. Never beat them, but that was more due to technical issues than a lack of interest. I recall turning into a dragon at one point, so I think I got fairly far into the game.

- How many PbP games are you currently active in? Do you GM any?
I GM none, but I am currently in about 4 active ones (a tad slow, but such is the format!), and waiting for two to actually start rolling!

- Will you be able to check the game at least daily or every other day to post? If not explain and we can work with you.
I can check in on a pretty daily basis. My only slow down might be the weekend, but that's expected, I think. Most folks have things to do on the weekend, so PbP slows down a bit!

- What type of characters do you like to play? Personality, Class, Themes!
I favor either martial characters with a bit of magic to back them up, or characters with classes doing things that class probably wasn't meant to do... but doing it anyway. I try to build to a concept, not a specific mechanical build if I can help it. Most of them are good aligned (it's so much easier to be the good guy in a lot of cases... being the baddie feels like a lot of work, honestly...). I enjoy non-traditional personalities, most of them usually have an optimistic outlook, or a friendly persona. One theme I do enjoy expounding on is dragons and draconic features... so that might be appropriate for this game!

I'm gonna go ahead and say I'm interested, depending on how a couple other recruitments I'm in turn out. I think one of my games has died and I've always gotten started, but never finished this module.

Gonna have to think of a goodie!

I'm thinking it might be fun to play a Mysterious Avenger Swashbuckler rather than go full on Vigilante.

I'd like to toss my hat in the ring for this. I've got a few concepts for this AP that I'd like to run... now to pick one...

So, I've been kicking around ideas of a unique campaign idea, and one idea that struck me was "What about a game like Wrath of the Righteous, but all the PCs were redeemed demons? Re-demon-tion? Redeem-ons?" And while at first, I was thinking folks could just grab demons and add class templates as appropriate, but that leaves a lot of differences in powers, even with class levels, and probably would trample through initial scenarios.

And then I recalled that unchained eidolons get a demon subtype, so I thought "Oh! Maybe everyone just plays an eidolon with that and builds from there!" And because I can't turn my brain off like a normal person, it branched off into other campaigns where everyone is eidolons and what they would be like.

But to bring it back to my original idea... does that pique anyone else's interest? An all eidolon campaign, like "Wrath of the Righteous, but everyone is a demon"? Do any other campaigns stick out as possible themes for a group of PCs who all decide to be eidolons for some reason? This isn't a recruitment or anything, I know I lack the skill to be a DM of any capacity, but I liked this idea, so I thought I would toss it out and see if anyone else even shared an interest in the idea.

DM Baktru wrote:
CrystalSeas wrote:

Since Rheldon as called the Ranger, how about a cleric for me. If Rheldon decides not to play a ranger, I'd like to sub in mine.

I got to the entrance of the Crypt with my character before the GM bailed out, so this is still basically an unplayed adventure for me.

CaptainFord also showed interest in being a cleric it looks like. Not that I mind having a duplicate, it's not my business of course to tell you what to play, well other than pose some limits.

To be fair, you can build a cleric a number of different ways. I personally am planning for ranged attacks and buffing, with some healing on the side and a little bit of survival skills, if that helps.

Ah, I'll throw my hat in the ring! I do enjoy a good basic game!

Maybe an archer cleric of Erastil!

How much experience do you have in RPG’s?
Around 2 - 2.5 years? I've lost a bit of track with it, but it feels a lot longer than that, honestly! I primarily play Pathfinder, haven't forayed much into other systems.

How many PbP games are you currently in? GMing?
Playing in 5, GMing none. Most of my games are moving at a relatively slow pace.

Have you played, GMed or read Reign of Winter? Note that experience will not rule you out.
I've gotten started a few times and we've gotten up to the overturned carriage in each one... beyond that, I know you kill Rasputin at some point (assuming you're playing well, obviously)

Can you post at least once per day M-F 90% of the time?
Definitely! Usually even able to manage a couple posts on the weekends too!

Would you, if requested, provide an actual email for contact if you ghost the game?
Certaninly, not that I plan to ghost at all. I've got things pretty stable at the moment.

Is there any other information you would like to share?
I have a love of kobolds and other really weird character types. Sometimes optimized, sometimes not. Odds are, you'll get a weird or strange concept from me. I am always up for flavor over mechanics, though the mechanics do help keep things moving steadily.

Do you understand that you need to track XP and other resources for yourself?
I got it, and am ready to roll out!

Wilhelm Shieldbreaker wrote:
Definitely pinging for interest. Having never played a goblin PC, the opportunity sounds great. I can't say I know APs very well, but I can't shift the picture in my head of goblins scrabbling over each other to get warm, ignoring loot/enemies/plot hooks in the process and then accidentally burning the place down when their attempts to start a fire get out of hand! 1 vote for Reign of Winter, although happy with any really.

That was the other reason I thought RoW would be a good choice. Their natural affinity for setting things on fire. Intentionally or not.

I personally would vote for Reign of Winter, both because I love the theme and having the geas in place might help keep things moving in a relatively steady pace.

Goblin shenanigans are hilarious, but they might need a nudge in the right direction now and again just to keep a long running AP on general track.

If you allowed different small monstrous races, Ironfang or Kingmaker might be a fitting theme to go with. The idea of a bunch of smaller (monster) races banding together to either fight off an invasion of bigger monsters or strive to build their own little nation is always a fun story.

Especially in something like Irongfang where the odds are greatly against them (granted, they would be in any AP) is the stuff legendary tales are made of.

Or they might accidentally set the whole forest on fire. You know. As they do.

I've actually had a goblin Inquisitor of Shelyn (using the Sacred Huntsmaster archetype to give him a goblin dog companion... it makes sense, I swear!) on the back burner that might make for an amusing addition to one of these. Possibly being the only sane member of the group trying to keep things organized.

I think you might could get away with a couple other APs too, if you want more options.
Serpent's Skull - I think you start off on a deserted island... perhaps the tribe already lives on it and they just happen to find the wreck and start the AP?

Ironfang Invasion - The hobgoblins have the audacity to encroach on the goblins' territory! Who do these jerks think they are!? Get 'em outta here!

Iron Gods - Goblins with laser guns... on second thought, that one would be terrifying. Nix that one.

So, question: the creation rules say each race adds +2 to two of their abilities scores in addition to their secondary race abilities. Does that mean that humans get 3 +2's to their ability scores, or am I misreading that?

I'm actually considering a constructed pugilist brawler and a sorcerer with either the arcane bloodline (using his arm as his arcane Bond) or the mutated Sage bloodline to emphasize his incredible intellect... and just say that his arm is what's casting the spells.

Like a cross between Tony Stark and Bionic Commando.

Everyone gets to Absalom, meets a Garundi guy with an eye patch.

"We had an idea. To bring together a group of remarkable people. Who could do the things no one else could do."

"...you mean like the Pathfinder Society?"

"Wh- ...no, shut up!"

Consider me intrigued... gotta come up with a good one for this.

Keante wrote:
I'm having a hard time brainstorming character ideas. Pathfinder style fantasy and superheroes feel so divorced in my head. Anybody have some thematic idea seeds that might get me jump-started?

I've... got quite a few more than I should have. But I can lend you a few that I've made!

Dreamweaver - Originally a shiver creator in Korvosa's underworld, he was bitten by his own dream spider and sent into a deep comatose sleep. In it, he saw a vision of Korvosa clean, protected, and corruption free. When he awoke, he believed it was a gift from Desna and swore off shiver, vowing to make his dream of a better Korvosa a reality, rather than simply escape to it in a dream, donning a suit of yellow and blue to match the dream spiders he worked with. (Mechanically, I used the Unchained Rogue with spring-loaded wrist sheathes and spider sacs for web launchers, and took Unarmed Strike. You might have a better combo.)

Star Catcher - An orphan from Numeria kidnapped by the Technic League for gruesome experimentation, he was affixed with with a massive arm of metal that unwittingly housed a rudimentary AI that bonded with him and helped him escape his captors. Now he travels as the Star Catcher, a hero with an arm that can launch towards evil doers and supposedly strong enough to catch a falling star. (This one uses the Constructed Pugilist archetype with the Grapnel Arm upgrade and the Possessed Hand feat tree to simulate his AI arm).

The Huntsman - A retired (old age) militia captain whose village's new mayor is a corrupt and spoiled brat of a noble who supposedly poisoned his father to seize control. With the rising taxes and corruption among the guard, the old captain has decided to don a mask, grab his trusty bow, and bring his faithful bull mastiff into action, both to right the wrongs the new mayor is causing, and protect the family he spent so many years fighting for. (This one is actually not originally a hero, but it works just as well. He starts off in the old age category with the Huntmaster archetype and feat, using his bow to fight from afar while his dog companion deals with melee threats.)

Credit where it's due, this is an intriguing twist on an AP! Gotta give this one some thought...

...though I already have an idea. A cavalier/kensai magus. Who specializes in using the lasso and wrangling animals. With magic.

Question: how native would you like characters to be? Because my idea is actually a bit different in that he's not from Tian Xia. My plan is for him to be the son of a Taldan merchant who has a trade business in Po Li, but saves a number of folks wrangling a runaway bull, and accidentally becomes a minor celebrity due to his riding and wrangling skills.

My goal is really to make him kind of a fish out of water, both in his ethnicity and his comfort in the spotlight. It's supposed to be based off the idea that what's normal for Avistan might be "exotic" in Tian Xia. Which might be funny to explore. Of course, it's a no-go if you'd rather the party be FROM Po Li.

I don't want to overextend myself... but I will admit, a weretouched shifter with the wolf aspect, and flavoring it as being a werewolf would be appropriately fitting for a campaign like this.

Consider me tentatively dotting... the idea is enticing, if nothing else.

No joke, Lev, I was actually thinking of an old character myself. Probably an old member of the city guard who's just grown too old to keep doing this $#!+. Glad to see I wasn't the only one thinking it!

You know, I'm kinda tempted to go with a weretouched shifter, and play him off as being either a werewolf or a weretiger. Then, he can have two personas naturally. As a public figure, he is an aspiring watch captain. But when the night falls, he takes to the street as a massive wolf or tiger.

Bet THAT would stand out among the vigilante crowd!

My other idea is a soulforger Magus whose grandpa helped make the final blades, and would love to get back Toothy Morris for on the frost giant who stole it, and put an end to them once and for all.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Well, consider me extremely intrigued! Anyone who goes through the effort to set up an entire Gazzette for a game clearly has some really good things in mind!

...you know, it might be fun to play a straight city guard! I imagine most folks will be going for the cloak-and-dagger, grim-and-gritty, double-life-leading debonair types (which this setting is kind of a breeding ground for, so... no problems there!)

But it might be good for a hoot to have a typical guard just trying desperately to maintain some semblance of law and order amid the chaos that is Galtan revolution!

Ooooooh, I do enjoy this AP... count me interested, I'll have to come up with something good!

I've been kinda enamored with the Weretouched Shifter as of late... seems like a good opportunity to create a werewolf or maybe even a weretiger!

Let's see if the rolls agree...

Roll: 4d6 - 1 ⇒ (4, 1, 5, 6) - 1 = 15
Roll: 4d6 - 1 ⇒ (1, 1, 4, 3) - 1 = 8
Roll: 4d6 - 1 ⇒ (1, 2, 4, 3) - 1 = 9
Roll: 4d6 - 5 ⇒ (5, 6, 6, 6) - 5 = 18
Roll: 4d6 - 1 ⇒ (1, 4, 4, 1) - 1 = 9
Roll: 4d6 - 1 ⇒ (1, 1, 5, 4) - 1 = 10
Roll: 4d6 - 1 ⇒ (3, 3, 1, 6) - 1 = 12

Well that's... certainly min-maxed! Gonna have to toss out that 8... leaves me a 18, 15, 12, 10, 9, and 9... doable, just tricky...
Seems like the Ranger VMC would be a good choice for this.

I'm tempted to join in on this... I've always wanted to give the Sword Binder wizard a try, and it might be fun to play a character related to the Church of Aroden trying to jockey for power and reform his church.

I'll have to think on it...

I'm actually really curious to take a vesk character out for a spin... just seeing the iconics character for them makes them so weirdly adorable.

Probably a soldier... though I do like the look of the Solarians. I just have to come up with a concept that doesn't look too much like a Jedi...

Diedre Lhashi wrote:
Ok, now Miraj's avatar is just going to mess with my head. :)

You are now imagining everything Miraj is saying in a Morgan Freeman voice.

It's okay. I am too.

Ikeshti... gonna have to have a look at these little guys. They DO look like kobolds, at first glance!

I have yet to properly dip my toes into the Starfinder rules or mythos, but I guess gotta get into it sometime, right?

Are kobolds a playable race for Starfinder yet? Because just skimming through the classes, the Mechanic caught my eye, and when I saw the drones, I got this insane idea of a kobold piloting a dragon drone into danger (flamethrower "breath weapon", laser claws, bladed tail, rocket wings, etc.), who hopes to one day build his own "dragon" and found a homeworld of his own.

DM Chill-iax wrote:
@ CapFord If you use the stats for Roc Companions then sure.

Awwww, you mean I can't start at level 1 with a Gargantuan animal at my beck and call?! This sucks, I don't wanna play anymore!

(No, that was absolutely what I planned on using! Thanks!)

So I just found out about the Draconic companion archetype and I imagine it would be easier to apply this to something like a Roc than raising a tiny drake companion.

So, question for the DM: would you allow someone who picks the Falconer Ranger archetype to select a Roc as his animal companion? I mean, it technically IS a bird... a big one, but still a bird...

If not, it's cool. I might go with the Hunter and just use that. I just like the full BAB and d10 HD.

Looking at those rolls, I'm thinking my Witchwar character will actually be a draconic sorcerer/Dragon Disciple, should help with some of those subpar results...

As for the AP character... AUGH! I'm so torn! That's a really good set! I kinda want the two to be related in an idol/aspiring hero kind of way. Like, the module character inspired the AP one to pursue the path of becoming an adventurer... question is, what class!?

Maybe a Shifter...

Edit: Actually, with those scores, I could make a feasible Drakerider cavalier, with some dragon flavor to go with him! Have the first character stop off in Heldren, meet the younger second character, and give him a drake egg to hatch and raise, and inspires him to become an adventurer!

So a prelude to the AP with a high level module? That... actually sounds pretty kickass! I'm reminded of those video games like Symphony of the Night that start you off as a hell-kicking badass, and THEN you start the grind back up to the level you had before.

Question: how much time is there between the module and the AP? I'm wondering if it'd be possible for the character from the module to be the father of the character for the AP... which sets itself up for some amusing run-ins.

Level 17:
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10

Level 1:
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14

I'm already in a PFS game for Giantslayer, so I'm hesitant to try and jump in on another one if that would disqualify me.

On the other hand, I do have a couple concepts sitting in the back burner that might be quite good for this game. The chief one being a Drakerider cavalier because I have some sick obsession with making underrated concepts workable.

His main backstory is that he actually comes from the bloodline of a dragon tamer who fought alongside the hero Mandraivus when he battled the dragon Kazavon in Scarwall (yeah, I did my homework for this concept). Since then, all descendants of that hero have practiced dragonslaying techniques that might one day be needed should another threat like Kazavon come back. An exceptional few have sought out dragons to work with in defense of Belkzen. This character would be the first to try that in over 200 years... and he's not working with a dragon, but a drake, raised from an egg he managed to get his hands on. He's also looking to retrieve a legendary lance his forefather once wielded.

But again, that depends on if being in a PFS game for this AP would disqualify me first.

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