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Hope you get to feeling better soon.

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Nerak the Numb wrote:
Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Thanks. Finally getting some decent sleep did me a world of good.

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Checking Placeholder of Doom's game they are running they seem to be absent, and a player from another game they play in popped into their discussion thread also was looking for then...

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Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
Checking Placeholder of Doom's game they are running they seem to be absent, and a player from another game they play in popped into their discussion thread also was looking for then...

I appreciate the diligence, but I'm already chalking them up as a lose. I hope that nothing happened to him/her, but I've already started working on another player (hopefully).

I am back from the conference and medicare law is leaking out of my ears.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by my absence.

medicare law is leaking out of my ears

You should get that looked at. Hope its covered!

Heads up: This friday I'm going on a trip for two weeks. Since I don't know where I'll be for the whole trip (It's is a birthday gift made by my best friend, and he's not telling me where we'll be going) because I'll be travelling around and internet connection might not be available. If needed, bot me for that time!

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Happy Birthday Zamdoc. Have a great trip.

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Seems people have fallen off of posting on the regular basis. I can't push the story forward if you guys aren't checking and posting. I know Zamdoc is traveling, but people need to post so I have something to go on.

That being said, to some of the "issues". I am aware that PlaceHolderofDoom is out of the game. Even if they came back and wanted back in, I probably wouldn't let them. I have a replacement player all lined up and is someone I can easily encourage to check and post on the regular. We just need to get a character created and they'll be all set to go. Should be by the end of the week. I hope that by the end of the book we've stopped party attrition and have a set group for the rest of the story. If not, I'm not giving up. I do hope that one of the original 3 players makes it to the end. And yes, that is a challenge for all of you.

Secondd, leveling. I don't remember if I said anything about HP when leveling. But here is the ruling; either take half round up or roll for it. Does anyone have questions about leveling? Don't forget your favored class bonuses (I tend to).

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I try and check and post daily. If I don’t, it’s usually because I’m waiting for another player to do something/react/interact with etc. We are shooting for at least one post per day per person per day, correct?

I know I haven't posted everyday, but i do check in everyday. I'll make sure to post somehting everyday, even it it doesn't progress the story. little RPs and what not.

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Yes and yes. I understand the hesitancy to post to much, you feel like you're over riding the other players. But the more posts the better. Even if it is just what your character is thinking. Thank you guys for committing to posting more.

And specifically, yes. One post per player per day.

Sorry about not posting everyday! To be honest, I was doing what SkaTalon is doing. I check regularly, but if I don't find anything that drives the story, I usually don't post. I'll try to post more regularly after the trip even if it doesn't move the story forward.

It looks, sadly, that we all were waiting for eachother to move the story forward.

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* Posting: I check multiple times per day, and post even if it is just Harness being "helpful" with conversation. I'm largely stuck in that Harness is, at the moment, more the "useful servitor" than active participant. The idea is that as he levels, and learns he will become more independent. His relationship of "Snyk's master" also helps bring him out of his armor plated shell.

* Levelling: just wandering if folks think I should just stick with Fighter, or be a bit creative-if-not-strictly-powered. Given Harness' keen interest in nature I was considering taking a level in Hunter or Druid to gain an animal companion. Though his super low Wisdom would mean an inability to actually cast any spells.

- GM - is such a dip ok by you? Are Hunters allowed/is an animal companion a headache?

@Oceanshieldwolf: Wild Child Brawler also gets an animal companion, no spells, stays martial, and improves the pummeling of things.
up to GM of course.

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Thanks SkaTalon. While it has a good BAB/Hit Die participle, the unarmed strike is not really useful, and I'd need to wait until 2nd level.

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I'm okay with multi classing. Standard classes are always okay. If you want to go into 3rd party is where I'll want to clear things first.

And OSW, I know you post fairly often. I didn't want to call anyone out, so I made it a general thing for everyone.

Personally, I have been lacking in several of my games as of late. For that, I am sorry.

Life issues have overcome me. I am redoubling my efforts to keep up to date.

I've been having to spend my days off working on formulating official work things (aka policies, job descriptions, convincing people my underlings deserve to keep their jobs, etc) and it has been wearing on me a great deal.

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I’d like to discuss designating someone as the primary loot person (if that is ok with Sphen) for record keeping purposes. I’m happy to do it if no one wants to, but I find that it usually keeps things more organized. I usually just use a shared excel sheet in my other games and it seems to work well. Thoughts?

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One of the guys in one of the games I am playing does exactly that (shared excel sheet, tabs for each player and general loot), and it works out well. This sort of thing I will never stop you guys from doing and will reward the initiative.

I can be loot tracker if no one else wants too. Sorta fits the pack rat.

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Sounds good to me Ska

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Sphen, do you want us to role play out purchases and things? Or can we just go with standard core prices? Cavenn has a few things he wants to sell and buy.

By all means Ska, have at it.

If you made the doc shareable and our kindly GM Sphen put the link at the top of the page, we could add our own gear in if you'd prefer.

Don't get me wrong, if you wish to handle all the input on your own, I'm fine with that. :-P

Here's what I cooked up by reviewing your character pages. Likely I've missed stuff.

Just a heads up Ska, right now it's set as 'View Only' and the +'s aren't expanding.

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I have the loot sheet tagged, we just need it shareable from now on. I thought about adding it as PHAT LOOTS, but that seemed strange.

To be clear, I am taking NO RESPONSIBILITY FROM THE DM on this sheet. I encourage having it, but your gear is yours to maintain on your own. If you lose something, tough luck. That being said, I might sneak in on occasion and add some stuff, but only if I'm feeling generous.

Also, be prepared to add another player soon.

Lastly, thank you folks for upping the posting. I very much appreciate it. It's a good feeling to open up the page and see 4 posts in discussion and 6 in gameplay.

try now

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SkaTalon wrote:
Here's what I cooked up by reviewing your character pages. Likely I've missed stuff.

Awesome SkaTalon! Thanks for making that!

One thing, in THIS post I recommended purchasing the backpack for Harness to carry - that way the encumbrance won't effect you and you are free to move easier, and can hop on or off Harness' back to get anything you need.

Also, shopping list:

Grappling Hook, 1 gp, 4lbs.
Heavy Crossbow, 50 gp, 8lbs.
40 bolts, 4gp, 4lbs.

I hope that Snyks twisted ideals are a net benefit to the RP of the game. He won't actually stop you from stealing or selling stolen loot (unless instructed to). He'll just harrumph with disapproval.

Let me know if it starts taking away from the story.

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No I think it fits your character so far.

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All fine here. At least he has ideals.

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Harness has decided he is going to champion Robori. Thus I will go into Warpriest. What domains are appropriate for blessings for Robori? I can't find information on this god on the Pathfinder Wiki...

Ha! I'll have to leave it up to our GM to decide of course, but I am thoroughly amused by the idea.

It's not in the wiki because...quite doesn't exist.

The god 'Robori' is involved in one obscure PFS scenario. Being the god of that town alone. It even says in the scenario text, "No matter what the players roll on their Knowledge Religion check, they fail. The god is too obscure for them to have heard of."

I'm short of time today, but when I get a free moment, I'll post some of the rules of the religion on here.

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Ok, thanks RePete!

Male designation Warforged Fighter 1/Warpriest 1 HP 21/21; DR 2/adamantine; AC 20/11/FF19; Fort +7, Ref +1, Will +1; Init +1; Per -1; Spd 20 ft. CMB +5 CMD 16

Reading the scenario of which Robori is a part it is revealed that Robori is a false naturw god created by the folk of a certain village that is infested by mutant growths. Which is perfect for a Warpriest who cannot cast spells.

GM Sphen - Am I still good to get blessings and use fervor/sacred weapon?

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Sure can. I'll make these options available as the domains for followers of Robori: Animal, Community, Charm, Earth, Plant, Protection.

Also, good job guys. Solid role-play decision here. Warpriest without spells of a god that isn't a good. I love this all around. Also makes another sort of tie. The town Robori is from is all messed up due to being in the war zone in which they found the warforged in my self-made cannon. So that fits in a weird way as well.

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Can we get a gp per party member loot split on the loot sheet so we can tell how much money we have for purchases?

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Awesome, nice synergy Repete and GM!!! Will level up over the next day or so...

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Did that composite shortbow I grabbed off of Tsuto have a STR bonus?

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Nerak the Numb wrote:
Did that composite shortbow I grabbed off of Tsuto have a STR bonus?


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Harness - level up changelog:

+7 HP
1 rank Swim
1 rank.....Sense Motive!!!! Now a glorious +2!!!
+2 Fort Save
+2 Will save

Weapon Focus
Sacred Weapon

Blessings chosen:

Animal Fury (minor): At 1st level, you can touch one ally and grant it feral features. The ally gains 2 claw attacks that each deal 1d6 points of damage if the ally is Medium or 1d4 if it’s Small, or 1 bite attack that deals 1d8 points of damage if the ally is Medium or 1d6 if it’s Small. These are primary natural attacks that replace any similar primary natural attacks the ally might have. This effect lasts for 1 minute.


Communal Aid (minor): At 1st level, you can touch an ally and grant it the blessing of community. For the next minute, whenever that ally uses the aid another action, the bonus granted increases to +4. You can instead use this ability on yourself as a swift action.


The Earth blessing is pretty awesome - weapon drips acid that adds 1d4 damage for a minute, but I thought that was a bridge too far for a god that isn't real. Harness will use Animal Fury to give Snyk a bite attack (primary attack!) and himself or Snyk an awesome Aid Another. Which is all within the realms of fervor for a missing god.

I'm sort of back from the trip, but I'll be busy for a day or two sorting my life again. As soon as I'm able, I'll get everything up to date (Including leveling up), do some shopping with Eydor, and catching up with the roleplay. Sorry for the absense!

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Zamdoc wrote:
I'm sort of back from the trip, but I'll be busy for a day or two sorting my life again. As soon as I'm able, I'll get everything up to date (Including leveling up), do some shopping with Eydor, and catching up with the role play. Sorry for the absence!

No need to be sorry. You told us ahead of time that you were going. Hope you had a great trip and saw some cool sights. I'll always remember the fields of sunflowers across the Italian landscape with thousand year old statues on the hills beyond them. Europe has a ton of beautiful vistas to experience.

Speaking of vacations...

Just a heads up. July 6th through July 16th, I am running like hell from work. I will be out of state during that time period and unlikely to have much, if any, access to the interwebs.

I'll try to remember to put a reminder up closer to time.

Welcome back Zamdoc!

HP at level 2: 1d8 ⇒ 5

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Ok, still not sure how much GP we have each. I don't want to make assumptions, especially considering the party had loot prior to Cavenn joining up. His purchases would be a chain shirt, an alchemist fire and some ink, inkpens and paper.

Saira has been added to the inventory sheet. You can use it as a tool to update/track your inventory. Everyone should be able to edit, let me know if you have problems.
Why is it called Greyhawk?

I also added a sheet called "Transaction History" for the GM to keep a record of when we buy/sell/gain gold or items.

Feel free to update your own inventory and cash amounts when you sell or purchase items. Just be sure to log it in the "Transaction History" for the GM afterwards, that way we know its been accounted for in the current inventory/totals.

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It's a little joke on my part. I can change it if you guys want, but it's an old gamer term from when players would literally loot everything not nailed down to sell.

If someone has a cool name idea, please feel free to suggest it. Also, thank you again SkaTalon.

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Ath64, remember to change your alias when posting in the gameplay thread.

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