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At last!!

To the illustrious Paizo Community of PbP Players, I apologize, as this game is already fully crewed. I'm not a smart man, but I'm smart enough to have invited much smarter players to indulge me in my first GMing endeavor. Thank you for your understanding.

To my industrious friends, I am glad for your company!

Note to Self
Note to Players


As the GM I will post at least once a day (likely a lot more). I also expect players to post daily. If you are going to use abilities that interrupt the action (i.e. the feat Step Up), be prepared to post more often.

Real Life often calls, and we must of course heed it when it does. If you know you are going to be gone, just let me know and we'll work around it.

If your character is absent during combat and you're holding us up, I will Delay your action, or chose an appropriate action for you - whatever seems to make the most sense. I will always try to leave plenty of time for folks to catch up - I know we all have other responsibilities.

Character Stats:

A couple of you are new to the PbP formatting, so I encourage you to set up the basic, go-to stats for easy reference in the section on your Profile titled "Classes/Levels". Hit Points, Armor Class, Saves, Initiative, Perception Skill, and special abilities help me assess combat rounds more efficiently.

Diamond Lake. The name itself makes a light click of disgust when pronounced aloud. Moonday through Starday, and the town's people become the sludgy blood through the veins of the town. The evening of Starday quickens the pulse, while Sunday brings the pace to a dull throbbing. Residents of Diamond Lake are as like to nod quietly in passing as to avoid eye contact altogether, rushing to the next menial task. Words flow more easily behind closed doors amongst inner circles. In the shadow of Egorian, capital city of Cheliax, that's likely a wise thing to do.

It is mid-week, and the miners have already departed for the mines, when you are summoned to Lazare's. A non-descript man asks each of you to attend the parlor at your earliest convenience, but there is immediacy in his tone.

Lazare's is a little disquieting in its emptiness during morning hours. Dannath, Lazare's daughter and regular hostess, invites you to some nourishment set on a serving cart, all of it cold, save for the freshly brewed kahve. She excuses herself, adjusting her shawl and tending to the center hearth, which provides the circular interior a small degree of warmth.

"Please, help yourself, and patience. Father should be back shortly."

The day is Wealday, 17th day of Pharast, in the year 4749.

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Tynan stands near the shuttered entrance to the gaming parlor, watching the door as he often does. He is thrown off by the unfamiliar sight of both morning sunbeams illuminating the room, and the presence of five, presumably sober, guests. He discretely watches them interact with one another, taking the opportunity to size up each of them. Most he recognizes from their previous visits, but one stands out as a very recent visitor.

Tynan quietly shakes his head. What could Lazare possibly want with such an odd assortment as this?

Solrisa opens the door for Raella, allowing her to enter first. She does enjoy doting on her sister who is quite possibly the best person in the world.

Solrise smiles as she enters behind Rae, her blonde hair a sharp contrast to her twin's.

People always notice that we have the same mouths and eyebrows, they do. But I think Rae's are so much nicer than mine.

Sol does a happy little clap as she sees kahve being served.

"Look Rae! Kahve! I love that!" Sol says moving over to Dannath and taking a cup. "Thank you so much, Dannath. Look! Rae! There is some for you too!"

Sol hands her sister a cup before taking her own.

Raella follows her sister, though only by a few steps. It helps her keep an eye on her; and on the dangers that seem ever drawn to her sunny disposition. Ris' insists on holding the door open for her, and Rae quickens her step, grumbling silently to herself.

Stepping into the room, her eyes sweep over Lazare's, taking in what is, and isn' t there. He's new... or looks different in the daylight. Probably both. Solrisa's bubbling shakes her from her reverie. Kahve...

"Be careful, Sol. Don't burn yourself." Rae murmurs for her sister's hearing alone.

Turning to Dannith, she searches for a bright smile, or at least something close to it.

"Good morning, Dannath. Thank you."

Rae settles with her back to a wall, the small cup awkward in her large hands.

Dannath smiles in response to the women newly arrived. "Good morning. And please, it's at least something to keep you warm. We don't usually start the central fire so early."

Setting aside a lightly reddened poker, Dannath pats her chest as she excuses herself. "Tynan, would you be so kind as to point out the breakfast to the others when they arrive?" She smiles at him, then moves to one of the dragonchess tables.

She retrieves two coin purses and a sheaf of papers before retreating to her desk in the backroom. From her seat, she can still look out across the floor, though she doesn't at present.

"Of course, Dannath. The guests will be well tended to. Should I inform you when all have arrived, or Master Lazare instead?"

Tynan looks from the door, to the serving cart, and then back towards the door. A quiet sigh slips from him, as he moves to position himself between the two required duties. It's far too early for this...

"No need. It's only a matter of whether the others will keep Father waiting, should he make it back before they arrive." Dannath doesn't raise her head while talking with Tynan.

"Oh! There's food!! I *love* food!" Sol claps again, running up to Tynan and nearly spilling her kahve on him. "I didn't notice it earlier, what with the kahve...which is my *favorite*." Sol bounces her 5'9" frame, waiting to get at the food.

"You're Tynan? I'm Sol...and that's my twin, Rae," Sol offers up her non-cupped hand to Tynan for a shake. Her hands are anything but soft...they are strong and sure, calloused and well-used.

A halfling moves smartly but quietly into the room, smoothing her server's garb to make herself as presentable as possible for the guests. Her cheeks redden a bit with embarrassment as she whispers a soft "Apologies I'm late, Ma'am."

"Do not worry, Tynan, Sir. I shall tend to the guests, as appropriate."

She moves to refill the cups of Khave, carrying the pot to Rae, the twin nestled with her back to the wall, freshening and reheating her cup deftly with one hand, while offering the tray with sweetening honey and smoothing crream with the other. Gesturing back to the buffet. "Anything else strike your fancy, Ma'am?"

Tynan nods and smiles, taking Sol's proffered hand, and mentally alters his earlier assessment of her. And she didn't even recognize me. Tynan looks satisfied.

"Pleased to meet you, Sol. Please, do help yourself to the food. There is fruit, cold roasted chicken, and what looks to be sweet pastries from the bakery. I'm sure it will all be to your liking."

Tynan nods towards the halfling, gives a knowing smile, and returns to his post near the door.

"This is plenty for now." Her gaze falls upon the buffet briefly, and she begins to count the favors that would warrant such a spread. An uneasy coil expands in her stomach at the numbers, and her smile back to the halfling servant slips a little. "But Thank you."

"Yes Ma'am." She performs the slightest, perfunctory curtsey before returning to make sure the other cups in the room are fresh and hot. Once satisfied all are satisfied, she takes her place next to the buffet, keeping her eyes lowered but alert enough to see when a cup needs refilling or plate needs tending.

Ascaria is excited as he enters and it shows plainly on his face.

It's been, what, a year? I wonder if it's changed much?!

He steps into the room and stops, taking a loooong sniff of the air.

Smells the same, maybe a little cleaner.

He sees the others, and the food, and bellows a hello, "Pack of dogs! Why they're letting just anyone into Lazare's now a days aren't they!"

He strides in on his little Gnomish legs and takes some Khave from the halfling, and a small plate of whatnot from the cold tray.

He grins at the others, "Name's Canary... well Ascaria really, but everyone calls me Canary. As my new best friends, you can call me anything you like! Anyone know if they're going to open the gaming tables? Might be fun to have a little flutter - yes?"

GM Rat Sass:
Do I know any of these find upstanding citizens, perhaps by reputation?
Knowledge Local: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14

"The gaming tables will open this evening, Canary. Most of our clients haven't seen this time of day in years."

Tynan turns and peers once again through the shutters, a twinge of worry crossing his brow. He'd best hurry if he's going to get here before Lazare. Wouldn't want to keep him waiting...

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Studiously pouring the khave for the Gnome, the halfling quietly and efficiently serves the new arrival.

Ascaria wrote:
"Pack of dogs!"

A dog's bite can be vicious. And a pack can take down a much larger enemy.

Ascaria wrote:
"Why they're letting just anyone into Lazare's now a days aren't they!"

Apparently so... Nothing but a polite, deferential nod as she serves for the new guest. "Sir."

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Mortimer winces as he bursts through the parlor door, his frame blotting out any light from the street behind him. His fair eyes struggle to adjust to the lighting. He briefly and awkwardly struggles with the closing the door behind him, as though he expected it to weigh far more than it does.

What is it with this guy and his constructs? Let's get this over with then, as soon as possible!

With a raised compromised eyebrow he observes the room and its occupants his eyes resting briefly on Tynan in a flicker of recognition.

Wait... is it...?

He dismisses the notion with a barely perceptible shake of his head, then nods in greeting to no one in particular.

He manages to croak, Hello, I'm Mort.

His gaze comes to a rest on the tray laden with its comestibles. Thinking better of it, he clears his throat and declines the drink offered to him in a very soft spoken tone.

Sol looks over the food with a smile upon her face...and then she takes a plate and dishes up some food.

"Look Rae! Food! I love it!" Sol trills. "Tynan, I can't decide what to eat first. What's good?"


You recognize Tynan easily enough as the parlor's front doorstop, although it's been some time. The only one of the group that has a light recognition is Solrisa, due to the sculpting work she provides to Lazare in the form of dragonchess pieces.

With the warmth of the interior picking up, it becomes noticeable to all eventually that more than wood is burning in the hearth. The aroma of cinnamon and apple takes to the air, distracting from the underlying smoke of the wood.

From the balcony, the sound of a door opening carries, followed by the sound of tapping paw nails, as two rather large mastiffs find the stairs, then the main floor, where they circle the cart, sniffing loudly. Their heads bow quickly as they hear the sound of Dannath's voice cautioning them. Instead, the smaller of the two dogs growls quietly, and both dogs circle and lay down alongside the hearth.

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"I believe there's some finely smoked ham from one of the area farms, Sol. You should definitely give that a try."

Tynan relaxes a bit after the arrival of Mort, but maintains his position near the door. Lazare should be here soon, then I can find out what he wants with this group.

Euan and Karen:

I had to bring up ham, in fond memory of Omm Hamlet.

Guys, I don't want to sound rude, but you're posting gameplay in the Recruitment tab. ;)

Cielo, I messaged the GM and he explained—looks like they're just doing this for a brief "intro" period, mimicking what's been done in the past.

Ok, understood.
Once again, sorry for interrupting, and have fun!

@KoboldCleaver, Adahn-Cielo, off topic:

You are invited to bring the suggestion that we can't/shouldn't RP here in the recruitment thread to my How to GM PbP thread.

I won't comment on whether I think you're right or wrong here because I don't want to further derail this thread. However, the community can/should have a discussion and input on the merits of what you are saying.

It will be good to know if there are rules (written or unwritten) about such things, and that the larger community knows of them.

"HAM!" Sol squeals with delight. "Ham! I love ham! Rae! They have ham." Sol creates a plate of food for her sister and then one for herself.

Sol offers a smile to the newcomer gnome. She plans to introduce herself later, but for now, ham. HAM!

The halfling eyes the circling canines, appreciative of their well-heeled obedience. Once Solrisa finishes mauling the table for her precious ham, she re-tidies and re-arranges the offerings into a proplerly attractive display.

Solrisa Iome Arabasti wrote:

"HAM!" Sol squeals with delight. "Ham! I love ham! Rae! They have ham." Sol creates a plate of food for her sister and then one for herself.

"Shhh! No need to shout about it. Im sure everyone knows they have ham now. " Raella rolls her eyes at her sister's attention seeking antics. Still, she takes the plate and digs into the plate of food while she waits for Lazare to show.

The kahve porter and pourer notes the apparent sturdy and polite bearing of the newest arrival. She returns a very simple nod when acknowledging Mort's soft-spoken response to the offer of refreshments. That Gnome could learn a thing or two from this one called "Mort" about entering an establishment. Or he could if there weren't so much apparent blather between his little ears.

She remains attentive, watching the twins' excitement regarding the ham. Ahh, so this is what they mean when they say "provincial."

The smaller mastiff suddenly raises his head, immediately facing the front door, and letting sound a deep bark. It's enough to rattle the floorboards, as the dog remains in its prostrate position. This, in turn, brings the bigger dog to barking as well, and the empty parlor resounds with ear-punching noise.

Dannath stands from her desk, and presents herself in the doorway, a staff in her hand. She wraps twice, to no avail. Wrapping again, she commands the dogs to heel. The larger dog stops immediately, but can't help itself, joining in a couple of times as the smaller dog continues to acknowledge the front door. Dannath growls a little herself, and shakes her head, returning to her desk.

The front door opens, the cool morning air rushing ahead of the middle aged man. Lazare closes the door quickly, removing his overcoat and tossing it haphazardly over the front counter. He looks around the room, and nods in appreciation.

"Well, it looks like you're all here. I am glad you were able to respond so quickly to my summons. Shortly, I believe I'll be in your debt. Please, take a seat if you're so inclined." Lazare motions to the front card table.

"We are losing precious time. Let us get started."

And with that, we're done with our brief intro on the Recruitment Thread. Gameplay Thread is now active! Thanks for your patience :)

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