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Full Name

Solrisa Iome Arabasti


F Half Elf:
HP 126, F18R14W15,Dip+13,Fly+6,HanAnim+8;K(rel)+17, Spllcrft +17,UMD +21


Diamond Lake



About Solrisa Iome Arabasti

Black Iron Wand of CMW (40 36 charges)
Wand of Barkskin (38/50 charges left) Updated: 2/18/2018

Solrisa's Journal.

She wears well-worn but functional scale armor that is not too dissimilar from her sister's. The striking difference is a few flowers woven into the links and leathers here and there, plucked when she has had the time and mind to add them.

A large one or two handed sword is strapped to her back, leaning for a right-handed drawing. A heavy and well-worn wooden shield is slung over her shoulder. She has a bandolier over her left shoulder, a line of 10 darts lining her impossibly perfect chest.

Solrisa stands no more than 5' 9" in height, weighing close to 135lbs. She has blonde braided hair that mostly hides her slightly pointed elf-like ears.

She is prong to smiling, forgiveness, and giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. Some would think this makes her naive, others would notice that she is fearless in her actions and the words that escape her mouth.