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Our campaign is set in the world of Golarion, in the country of Cheliax, in the region of the capital city of Egorian. For our mapping purposes, please substitute the Church of St. Cuthbert with the Church of Asmodeus.

Diamond Lake- Population 1023, 800gp limit

Diamond Lake Reference:

1. Emporium- Gaspar, front desk attendant, Zalamandra, owner
2. Lazare's House- Dannath, hostess, Lazare, owner
3. Feral Dog- Sleazy tavern
4. Church of Asmodeus- Father Jierian Wierus, head priest, Hameneezer, acolyte
5. Tidwoad's- Jeweler's shoppe, Tidwoad, owner
6. Sheriff's Office- Sheriff Cubbin, Deputy Jamis, right hand man
7. General Store- Taggin, owner
8. Hungry Gar- Restaurant, Guld Tortikan, head chef
9. Jalek's Flophouse- Jalek, owner, Golot, enforcer
10. Smenk Residence- Balabar Smenk, owner
11. Deepspike Mine- Balabar Smenk, owner
12. Garrison- Captain Tolliver Trask, commander, Valkus Dun, cleric
13. Lakeside Stables - Lance Faraday, owner
14. The Midnight Salute- Purple Prose, owner
15. The Spinning Giant- Garrison-centric tavern
16. The Captain's Blade- Weapons Shoppe, Tyrol Ebberly, owner, 900gp limit
17. Venelle's- Shoppe, Venelle, owner, MW Bows, Arrows, 900gp limit
18. Allustan Residence- Allustan, owner ('Smartest Man in Town')
19. Tilgast Residence- Gelch Tilgast, owner
20. Old Piers- Durskin, ferryman
21. Able Carter Coaching Inn- Travel services to various locations
22. Parrin Residence- Luzane Parrin, owner
23. Greysmere Covenant- Dwarven stronghold local residence, Dulok Blitzhame, lead councilor
24. Gansworth Residence- Chaum Gansworth, owner
25. The Rusty Bucket- Restaurant
26. Moonmeadow Residence- Ellival Moonmeadow, owner
27. Osgood Smithy- Manlin Osgood, owner, MW Armor and goods, 900gp limit
28. Smelting House- Vulgan Durtch, chief smelter, Benazel the Alchemist, potions vendor
29. Diamond Lake Boneyard- Daily visits from acolytes of Pharasma
30. Neff Manor- Governor-Mayor Lanod Neff, owner
31. Dourstone Mine- Ragnolin Dourstone, owner
32. Abandoned Mine
33. Menhirs- Sacred Stone Ring, visited by rangers and druids
34. Old Observatory
35. Dourstone Residence- Ragnolin Dourstone, owner

Map of Diamond Lake
Map of Egorian
Arkaner Estate