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Agreed, CharlesJ!! Thanks for bringing all of us together, GM Rutseg!! I'll keep my eye out for all of you :)

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Ratcatcher's a slightly-in-the-dark paladin. He revels in his trade, lowering the vermin population with gusto. It allows him to meet many, different people of the city without the affectation of holier-than-thou. He's starting to come together quite nicely between my ears.

Depending on the circles to which Aer's Oracle keeps, I can easily see overlap by the divines here.

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Without swaying my fellow Tower folk on their class decisions too much, I'm picturing the ratcatcher as a front-liner, so he'll be neither ranger, nor rogue, at least not to start. Multiclassing is wonderful skeleton for deeper characters, so I'd be looking down this long, long road with the possibility of dipping into other classes for some polish.

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Evening! A tip of the hat to you all as we move forward on both sides of the coin. Really cool to see the creative process in action. Considering the two-week window, it should be really fun to see the discussions unfold!

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I'm gravitating towards a dwarven ratcatcher, and all that implies.

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Afternoon/Evening Black Dow!

As quickly as the announcement was made, arrangements came together quickly, and I think we've hit our max capacity in the Tower for all the planning purposes in the next two weeks.

I love your enthusiasm! I think keeping in touch on both sides of the tables is going to be key to assembling 'the seven'.

It appears that the Tower occupants are: Ictoo, Jamzilla, Lady Ladile, Aer, and Governayle

and the Gate occupants to be: Black Dow, Xunal, Gaming Ranger, CharlesJ, and Hayato Ken.

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I share Lady Ladile's personal goal of spreading my character classes out. I'm flexible as well. I'd like to process the Player's Guide a little more, then chirp about character concepts and possible intertwining backstories. More in a bit :)

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Hello, all! Glad to see several folks already sniffing around. I'm sure we're all eager to create together, so I'll rest my hat on this side of the fence, if you'll have me. One more, eh...?

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What kind of player you are?

Supportive, committed, and easily amused by good roleplay.

What is your favourite campaign setting?

In my younger years, Ravenloft. These days, the world of Golarion keeps me on my toes.

Have you ever played or read partially or completely the Shackled City before?

I learned of PbP gaming when a good friend introduced me to his current campaign. I have not a clue about its contents, other than an understanding that it's a lengthy commitment.

What made you decide to apply?

The thoughtfulness of the GM, the thoroughness of the preparation, and the opportunity to slip outside my comfort zone/current circle of gamers, and make new friends and weave new stories.

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I'm here to show my support on both sides- players and website support staff. I've grown to enjoy PbP over the last couple of years, and have plans for many more, and I hope I can do it here. More and more, I hear friends discussing alternative websites to avoid the downtimes and the blackouts, and find it disheartening. I've got several PbPs up at the moment, and find it an equal nightmare to try and port them off Paizo.

I agree with Euan- for the service of running my games here, I'd happily pay, like I do for Roll20, to use this site, to know that I'm helping Paizo update software/hardware/firmware/underwear more regularly to avoid glitches in the system.

One recent difficulty a chum and I caught was refreshing edited posts that for some showed up, and for others, not. I'm a self-professed grammar nazi, so when I bother someone to fix a broken tag or somesuch, we usually tease each other with edits, to conceal a sloppy post. Nowadays, I'll bother someone unnecessarily, because it appears edited to them, but not to me. Is that a West Coast/Midwest rap war you're attempting to flame?

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Totally looking forward to a recap of this Andi Et Al Chat!!

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This guide will accompany me on my first venture into PbP GMing, and is responsible in large part for my deciding to try it in the first place.

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I'd agree with Ross. Large Irises, to display the depth of color, and easily dilating pupils set within the large iris, for quick plunges into almost darkness.

I'd like to think their color perception delves into the ultraviolets and/or infrareds as well :) Imagine being able to see colors when others can't.

Maybe the tapetum lucidum is prismatic :)