Eberron: Shadows of Breland (Fantasy Noir)

Game Master Elton

This campaign mixes pulp noir, steam, and adventure. The campaign presents a dystopian view of Breland and delves into the question of Sovereignty - both personal and national. The campaign is a dystopian fantasy espionage campaign.

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All of them were similar.

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Oh, is this an edition war thread now?

Othan wrote:
Thrask the "Wandslinger" wrote:
about the only think they got right with 4e was the warlock and that was for flavor reasons... Not mechanical.
mechanically all classes in 4th ed felt very similar.

If they had put one 4e-esk class into a 3.5 game I probably would have liked it. It's taking away all the other classes that turned me off.

...Paizo classes are too similar to each other for my taste, though. Actually a lot of Paizo stuff bothers me for the same reasons 4e did. Fortunately we have both DSP and Interjection Games.

Thrask the "Wandslinger" wrote:
All it is missing is an official warlock class (I admit I have some 3.5 nostalgia for the Warlock).

Try this one.

I'd still be up for a 5e pbp. My main game though is going to stay with 3.5, probably indefinitely.

already have it just waiting for the appropriate game to unleash it upon...

Good for you EltonJ. I'd be curious to know what you like and don't like about the new edition.

M Humanborn

i agree with almost all of the above. i am in a 4e dark sun game, and i just dont really like 4e. i like dark sun though.

not really interested in 5e. PF's got what i need, and a thriving 3PP community.

Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

Well my out of the box impressions are this:

I have two quibbles with D&D 5e basic and they are:

  • No Generic Fighter or an Arcane Wizardly tradition.

  • The Wish spell doesn't work right.

    The reasons why I'm disappointed with Wish is because a lot of Law of Attraction literature proves it's mechanics wrong. A real wish isn't something so grandiose that when you ask for something it takes away something from you in return. You just ask, and it's given ("Ask and it shall be given unto you, knock and it shall be opened unto you," so said the Great Sage). Talk to any Law of Attraction student *points at me* and they'd probably laugh at how the spell is worded. The Wish spell in D&D 5 makes the Universe out to be something like the Rotheschilde banking cartel. Mike Mearls is making the Wish spell out to be a cruel irony in D&D. Maybe it's to emphasize it's power, but it's the wrong way to emphasize it.

    The fighter is the most customizable class in the whole of the D&D (including Pathfinder) game family. And the wizard is missing his Universalist tradition. When I play wizards, I usually play an universalist. And before you give options, people have to know how customizeable the Fighter is -- and a generic fighter you can grow yourself without training is the best option to start with.

    What I like is this:

  • I really, really like how they did feats. D&D 5 feats are much better handled than 3.x/Pathfinder feats. They are like little class features you can get with additional training that offsets giving up a stat increase. There are no *I must have this feat* to be a better Archer, or to be a better Martial Artist.

  • Skills are easier to work with. Every stat, except Constitution, has a few skills associated with it, and I can add or take away skills as necessary. I can add the various Adrenal skills from Rolemaster (Adrenal Strength, Adrenal Speed, etc.) and no one would yell.
  • The race write ups are wonderful. They are pretty much to the point, although a little physical description of the race would go a lot further than to save words with a pic.
  • It doesn't look too hard to create a class, or to adapt one (say, one from the Pathfinder Advanced Guide).

    Besides that, a lot of people already pointed out misgivings, and I won't hunt for more until I play through a game with it or run it as a DM. I'm slowly converting my *homebrew* over to D&D 5th edition.

  • Nice! Thanks!!

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    what does the crew contingent on this ship look like, if any?

    are we responsible for handling our own mooring and whatnot? posting our own ship security?

    Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

    You have 5 other sailors on the ship that are trained as 7th level experts in sailing. They count as henchmen mechanically, unless you get the Leadership feat. They will handle your moorings, sails, and anything else that are needed. They even count as security, although most are not trained in the use of the sword.

    Human Marksman (Shroud/Sniper) 5

    that's good. we can see to their other training a bit later. what, if any, weapons are on the ship? ballistae?

    Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

    Nope. no weapons. Sorry.

    Okay, everyone, I want to be refreshed as to what you want out of the game. Please make your posts. :)

    This is to help me make the game better. :)

    male human lvl 2 (varient multi-class rogue)

    Othan is basically along for the adventure and money. Too much intrigue and concern about being spied on makes him annoyed, and he likes to kill things when annoyed. His methods of questioning are rather blunt (intimidation and pain essentially). He is also interested in growing his power over the mind blade.

    Human Marksman (Shroud/Sniper) 5

    Ebran has his ship so he is happy for the time.

    He's happy to let Xov handle the intrigue and questioning, chiming in when he has an idea or gathering info by spying covertly.

    Male Drow Sorcerer 5

    Xov is in it for the intrigue, primarily.

    Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

    Oh, man, I found Hasphat.

    Meet -- the Collector.

    Male Half-Elf Druid (Storm) 5

    Kirin has no immediate goals. He's here because somebody higher up in his House asked him to be here. I'm guessing he's here to keep an eye on Ebran. It is a nice ship, though, and for right now he can just enjoy flying around on a pretty new piece of hardware.

    While he has no real goals, he is a true believer in his House and if he gets a whiff of something that could benefit him or Lyrandar he'd pursue it. Plus he likes enjoying himself, meeting people, making friends- he's very social and likes to indulge.

    Hahaha on the Collector. That guy is a perfect Eberronian mad scientist/sage/archivist. Nice.

    EltonJ wrote:

    Oh, man, I found Hasphat.

    Meet -- the Collector.


    Falko is looking for purpose at the end of his life, as things he built fell apart and on his nose. Othan and the group seem to provide something for now. He's curious and knows that not doing anything instead is not an option that will lead him anywhere useful. He thinks The Traveler is setting things on his path.

    Secretly, he hopes to redeem himself with his House, but he's realistic.

    One thing is certain: he does not wish to die and be remembered only as a traitor!

    As for me, the player, I'm looking for Eberron flavor and intrigue. I don't care as much for roll-power as for a good intrigue and nice opportunities for character development, through struggles, puzzles, dilemmas and personal projects. Homebrew offers more opportunity for this and to minimize railroading.

    ac 14/12/12, hp 33/33, F 2+, R 6+, W 4+, Per 9+, Init 2+

    The Concordant's goals are Absylon's goals, he does want to be at the top of the food chain in the Concordant however...

    Human Marksman (Shroud/Sniper) 5

    yeah, Ebran's immediate goals have been taken care of, he has a ship.

    as i add levels to him, he will get some cool ship-related powers from Windwright Captain prestige class levels.

    as a player i think it is the turn for us to focus on another PC's goals, since Ebran got his. Ebran is content to fade to the background, something all too easy with his stealth score.

    Male Drow Sorcerer 5

    I'm thinking of having Xov take Leadership at 7th level. He'd probably try to get another Eyes agent for a cohort. He's very much someone who doesn't work alone, so it's the kind of thing he would do.

    Male Drow Sorcerer 5

    This is going to all my games:
    In the next couple weeks, my life will be extremely hectic. My hope is to be able to log in once a day, but it is unlikely I will be able to engage in rapid exchanges throughout a day. And if I disappear for a couple days, it's probably due to busyness.

    Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10


    Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10


    I have been watching Absylon's actions lately. I think I better warn you he's moving towards the same alignment as a petty dictator. This is not a heads up for him to repent, as a call to Repentance is an in game scene event; but DM to Player, I think you should be notified.

    • Everyone feels that Absylon is a wild card.
    • Secondly, trying to bully the information that Hasphat has seems petty to me, especially if it's information he has to keep secret.
    • Thirdly, what the group has been saying about Absylon is making me feel that Absylon is slowly digging his own grave.

    Don't stop playing him, that way, though. I don't want you to make Viluki a saint overnight. Just saying that I'll be watching him carefully and I'll tell you when to change his alignment if necessary.

    ac 14/12/12, hp 33/33, F 2+, R 6+, W 4+, Per 9+, Init 2+

    Absylon is a "what works" individual... If the group's planned course of action works it works, if it doesn't work it doesn't work. Admittedly though Absylon's job is to gather information which he does and he'll deal with just about anyone: Doesn't matter whether your the Keeper of the Flame or a insane worshiper of the Dragon below he'll deal with you.

    By the same token Hasphat doesn't seem to be the path of least resistance which is what Absylon generally prefers taking... As a rule of thumb the less complicated it is to get the information the better, Absylon doesn't put stock in plans of world domination: Too many holes can be put through such a plan.

    As for alignment Absylon will never go "good", to Absylon good and evil are like drugs: Addictive and self destructive. By the same token he won't murder you unless that is the only option available to keep you silent, wipe your mind clean of his very existence that he will do however often and with enthusiasm once has the capability.

    M Humanborn

    Autohypnosis for memory might be the simplest option

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    Hi guys,

    I have to slow down on the RP for a bit longer. Rite Publishing has me laying out one of their books, and it's a full time job. I'll be laid up for a long while. maybe the whole next week. So, posting will be more sporadic than usual.

    Male Drow Sorcerer 5

    All Rite:)
    Which book are you doing layout for?

    Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

    It's a secret.

    I'll be travelling from Wednesday to Monday, so posting will probably be quite unimpressive. Please bot me as needed.

    Male Drow Sorcerer 5


    male human lvl 2 (varient multi-class rogue)

    Aren't we waiting for the GM to explain what happens as we head somewhere?

    Human Marksman (Shroud/Sniper) 5

    i was wondering what Xov had to say, actually.

    Male Drow Sorcerer 5

    And now ya know:)

    Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

    Thats all you have to say, Xov?

    Male Drow Sorcerer 5

    So, I'm considering having Xov take the Leadership feat if we make it to 7th level. I'm bringing this up now, despite 7th level being a long ways off, because of how leadership needs to be worked into the game.

    The main reasons Xov would want a cohort are:
    1. He dislikes working alone. Mainly due to training, and the fact that he was captured whilst working alone (which is how he ended up where he was at the beginning of the campaign).
    2. He prefers to avoid direct combat, and fight through others instead (hence his spell selection). Having one more person in addition to the other PCs is something he would like.
    3. He has a low opinion of mercenaries, unless he already knows them (i.e., Othan, and eventually Falko), and so wouldn't want to just get mercenaries to accomplish (1) or (2).
    4. As he advances with the rest of the party, his status in the Eyes of Aundair is also (presumably?) improving, so it makes sense for him to take less experienced agents of Aundair under his wing.

    The catch is that Xov isn't particularly well known, since our group does jobs which are inherently secret. If there is anyone from whom he has garnered enough respect to gain a cohort and/or followers, it would be other people in the intrigue organizations we've been interacting with.

    So all that considered, I think the most sensible option for a cohort would be a rogue/ninja-esk character (not necessarily the rogue or ninja classes) who is part of the Eyes of Aundair, ranked lower than Xov. I'm less sure about followers.

    Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

    okay. :)

    Male Drow Sorcerer 5

    Also, for Eberron fans, my Sarlona pbp lost a few players, so I'm currently recruiting replacements.

    M Humanborn

    ack, as much as i love eberron, i have had to swear off new recruitments. i am behind the times leveling up many of my characters as-is.

    Xov wrote:

    Also, for Eberron fans, my Sarlona pbp lost a few players, so I'm currently recruiting replacements.

    I've just put an application for a Changeling rogue.

    Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10


    My good friend Keith Baker is reclaiming the copyright for Eberron so he can produce a system neutral version of the setting, in order to keep it alive. He's got a kickstarter up, I believe, so you can donate to the project.

    All I can say is: "finally."

    I couldn't find the project in Kickstarter... Got a link?

    M Humanborn

    Oh yes lemme see that link!

    Male Drow Sorcerer 5

    That's got to be the most exciting game-related new I've heard...ever!

    Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

    I checked out what he actually said.

    Keith is still working with Wizards, but I still think he ought to reclaim the Eberron Template. He's actually involved in two charities: ChariD20 and ExtraLife. Here's the post from his Blog. But it would be cool if he's actually going to reclaim his copyright!. :)


    Over the last few years I’ve been working to support Eberron, between posting my unofficial Q&As and lobbying WotC for some form of official support. It’s my hope that this will come to pass in 2015, and that we will have new Eberron material. However, there’s no easy way for WotC or myself to know just how many people still want new Eberron material. I don’t know how many people find my Q&As to be useful, and if it’s worthwhile for me to continue writing them. So I’m asking you to help me get a sense of how many people actually want to see new Eberron material.

    I’m currently involved in two D&D related charity events. On October 25th I will be playing an artificer in the Extra Life campaign with the WotC D&D team. On November 2nd I will be running an Eberron adventure for ChariD20. Both of these are supporting noble causes – childrens’ hospitals and child literacy – and they are also a chance to show support for Eberron itself. I’m asking you to donate one dollar to one of these causes, and to reach out to anyone you know who would like to see new Eberron material and to ask them to do the same. All I’m asking for is one dollar – just enough to stand up and be counted as someone who would like to see more Eberron in the future (and hey, supporting a good cause in the process).

    Donate to Extra Life

    Donate to ChariD20

    If you’re able to spare more, these are both excellent causes. Furthermore, if you donate at least $10 to ChariD20, you’ll get a copy of the 5E Eberron scenario I’m creating for the event… meanwhile, if you donate to Extra Life, you can help establish details about the character I’ll be playing (currently an Artificer who follows the Silver Flame).

    TO BE CLEAR: This is just an informal show of support. There’s no concrete assurance that it will affect WotC’s decisions. But knowing how many people are willing to throw down a dollar in support of Eberron means a great deal to ME, and helps strengthen my resolve when it comes to lobbying for new content and continuing my unofficial support… and at the end of the day, you’re helping a great charity. So if you’ve enjoyed my Q&As or other work and want to see more of it in the future, please give $1 to one of these causes – and share this message with other Eberron fans that you know.

    M Humanborn

    i'll chip in a buck, but i dont know what the links are.

    i was thinking of doing that Extra Life thing myself, but i dont know a lot of people who would donate

    Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10


    Here's the page with the links. :)

    Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

    Okay this what I jumped to conclusions about. Anything on Facebook is entertaining the idea, not exactly official.


    Image Mirior --> Hi Keith, according to what you wrote, donating is supporting a D&D5 version Eberron. I consider Eberron to be one of the greatest and most original game universe, but I'm not so fond of D&D5.

    Why not offering (even through a Kickstarter for much more than $1) a system-free version of Eberron. It could be a 500 pages book (with a collector issu available) that concentrate, resume, fix and expand all that was published so far. A book not just targeting children, teenagers, or anyone not able to handle a complex, original and sometimes dark setting.

    For Wizards it could be an opportunity to federate players through a campaign setting, that they play any edition of D&D or not. Anyway the big money for Wizards is not really linked to a specific game system (cf. Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, Drizzt saga).
    For you it could be an immediate income and a promise for more in the future.
    For players it'll be the guaranty of a setting that wouldn't become obsolete with the release of D&D6, and that could be fully enjoyed even by those locked back in time with earlier editions.

    Eberron is great, it deserves a great project.

    Keith Baker ---> I would personally love to see a system-neutral version of Eberron, Image Miroir - but as Diana Bell suggests, it's a decision that could only be made by WotC. I was working on a new system-neutral setting a few years back, precisely because there are so many good systems out there. That was back-burnered because I'm now working on an entirely new system of my own, and it's something I will be funding through Kickstarter in 2015. But regardless of that, I'd still like to be able to continue to support Eberron; I love the world and there's still a lot of unexplored corners.


    If you want to see a System Neutral Eberron, let us continue the campaign, and give to the charities that Keith mentioned and say you did.

    Human Marksman (Shroud/Sniper) 5

    how long ago did we gain a level? i just noticed i am behind by one. hopefully i can get to that this weekend

    Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

    You should be level 5.

    Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

    As long as we are talking about Eberron and comic book cities, here's a step by step guide as to size.

    Wroat should be the size of St. Louis Missouri in the late 1800s.

    Sharn can be thought of as Gotham City. Watch "Gotham," and it should give you the proper feeling of Sharn. I was watching it last night, and my sister didn't like it. Also, Bladerunner is a good idea to get Sharn (that's why I linked so many Bladerunner esque videos when I started looking for you). I should make House Cannith South be an Arcology.

    Fairhaven can be Eberron's version of Seattle in the 1860s.

    Go further east, and you get into the cities of Europe.

    Rekkenmark would be analogous to Nuremburg in the early 19th Century.

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