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Xov Karck




Sorcerer 5








True Neutral, leaning lawful and a little good




Common, Elven, Undercommon

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Strength 12
Dexterity 15
Constitution 13
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 12
Charisma 18

About Xov

Xov (not his birth-name), was abandoned as an infant 120 years ago, in the wilderness of Xen'Drik. Luckily, he was found by a group of Aundairian adventurers, who noticed a peculiar magical aura surrounding the baby drow. One of the party's casters suggested that it may be an early sign of sorcerer powers, and the group decided to bring the child back to serve their king, Wrogar. Xov was trained from childhood to be an agent of the Royal Eyes of Aundair. As a result, he had little contact with "normal" people, and ended up relatively shy.
The capture and training of Xov was partly designed as an experiment. Because recruits Royal Eyes primarily on recruits from the citizenry, it could take a long time before a new recruit could be trusted even to know of the existence of the organization they are working for. Xov was the first part of an experiment to train spies from birth. There was no risk of Xov being a double-agent or having a previous allegiance. There was no chance of Xov missing his life from before joining the Eyes, because he didn't have one. Nor was there the risk that he would put his family or other interests ahead of his duties, since he had no living family.
He assumed it was fitting for him to serve Aundair, since, as he was told by his superiors, it was "only by the will of King Wrogar that he survived." However, he has no way of knowing if this is actually true--the only people to witness his supposed-rescue (aside from himself, which he was too young to remember) were agents of the very organization which wanted to use him. Given the hospitality he received in Aundair, he rarely doubted that the story of his "saving" was true, but he could not be entirely sure...

But soon afterwards, disaster struck. With the destruction of Galifer, the last war began. For many years, he avoided the battlefield, as he was not yet strong enough to do much in a fight. He continued working behind the scenes for the first part of the war.

Once he became powerful enough, he was assigned to an open-ended mission to gather general intelligence about Brelish forces. He would need to return to Fairhaven only occasionally, since his superiors could scry on him (and cast message through their spell or crystal ball) for communication. At the same time, he was given smaller tasks to assist his country in the War.
This mission was not a success. A few months into his stay in Breland, he was transporting scrolls to a battle between the Brelish and Aundairian forces. In the process, he got caught up in the fight. This would not have been an issue, except that Breland won that battle. Xov, along with the artillery-casting squad he was assisting, were captured. He was kept in a Brelish prison for the next 8 years.

Although Xov was the first test-subject of an experiment to raise a "perfect Aundairian spy," Wrogar and his successors never continued the experiment, at least not on any large scale. If any other agents of the Eyes had stories similar to Xov's, then he has no knowledge of them.

Now that he is being released, he can continue his unfinished mission. Brelish intellgience is even more important to Aurala than it was to her predecessors, now that Aundair is engaged in a shadow-war. At the same time, however, he has a growing desire to find another purpose in his life. Perhaps he will find other desires in the process of completing his mission...