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About Thrask the "Wandslinger"

------------------------Citadel Intelligence file-----------------------

>Date of birth: Unknown
>Age: approaching old age from general appearance
>Appearance elderly half orc, tall with green skin, favors "stylish" blue Cyran clothes that fell out of fashion more then three decades ago... Has lesser dragonmark of his House which covers the right side of his neck.
>Occupation: Independent Security Contractor
>Known Employees: Absylon, a psionic mercenary whose origins are unknown
>Area of Expertise: Counter Intelligence, Mercenary Contracting, Diplomacy
>Personality: Laid back, womanizer, erudite, professional, rustic, charming...
>Notable events: Successfully rid Stormreach of the Kobold Cartel, performed critical counter intelligence operation for the Storm Lords that resulted in the destruction of a Sarlona spy ring and settled a brutal feud in Stormreach between House Deneith and House Tharashk over contracting rights
>Favorite foods and drinks: Salted boar jerky, Bacon, Ham, Cheese, Olive Bread, Garlic Bread, Ale, Beer, certain vintages of Red Wine and Malt Whiskey (Thrask is extremely partial to this drink)
>Relationship with House Tharashk: Thrask d'Tharashk only recently joined up with House Tharashk two years ago, he made a bid to climb up the ranks of the House for a while which resulted in him being handed the job of dealing with House Deneith in Stormreach. After successfully bargaining with them he became and has since then stayed a respected and moderately influential member of the House. Thrask however keeps his distance from inter clan rivalry in the House, he prefers to preserve his status as an Independent Security Contractor for the most part and rarely hires in House... Suspected reason(s) for this are many, although the most likely is once again Thrask's preference for independence from the power structure. Do note that while he prefers not to get his agents through House Tharashk, he still does comb through their ranks once in a while for anyone or anything promising. He did after all once hire a Medusa for a particularly difficult contract...

-----------------------------End of File--------------------------------