Eberron: Shadows of Breland (Fantasy Noir)

Game Master Elton

This campaign mixes pulp noir, steam, and adventure. The campaign presents a dystopian view of Breland and delves into the question of Sovereignty - both personal and national. The campaign is a dystopian fantasy espionage campaign.

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Silver Crusade

Is everyone ready for the final selection process? Or is there a player I'm missing.


Ebran Asur is complete. I might want to tweak his story a bit, or flesh it out a bit more, but it is fine as it is. I need to do some more thinking to come up with some ways to flesh him out.

As it stands, I would really like that feat, but I think I will stick with the Hero Point (even if it is only one). It will be more Eberron-like to keep the heroic aspect in there.

Updated my character sheet, I may need to tweak it a bit, but I think its pretty good. I'm considering switching stuff to get diplomacy, since we don't have a party-face and I already have a high bluff, but my build is mostly set.

Is everyone ready for the final selection process? Or is there a player I'm missing.

Xov Karck is ready, and I'm excited!

Except for the part where I might get rejected. I'm not excited about that:D

im ready to purify the Blood.

Silver Crusade

Monkeygod wrote:

I need to head to bed, but I'll give you the general idea:

The Heretic is based on being on the run from one religion, possibly joining another. Or just flying in the face of their own.

I'm thinking he might have been kicked out of the Sovereign Host church for having the blasphemous views of those who follow the Nine, Six and One. Aka Sovereign and Dark Six are all basically one big religion, but the Six are the darker, more violent side of nature/humanity.

Beyond that, I'll to work on it, but as he's also a member of the House of Shadow, there's plenty to draw from there as well.

Okay, Monkeygod, its you and Dreaming Warforged I'm missing.

I won't be presenting an application after all. Best of gaming!

Ok- fixed a few errors in Format. Here Goes:
Danir d’Cannith
Strength 13
Dexterity 12
Constitution 13
Intelligence 17 +2 (Human) 19 [+4]
Wisdom 13
Charisma 15
Hero Points: 1

Class: Artificer (Favored Class)
Race: Human (Dragonmarked)
Region: Cyre
Level: 1st
Hit Points:1d8 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4

Fortitude +1
Reflex +1
Will +3

Basic Attack Bonus: +0 (+1 melee/ranged)
Combat Maneuver Bonus: +1
Combat Maneuver Defense: 12
Armor Class: 11 (without armor)
flat-footed- 10
touch- 11

Starting Languages: Common
*Bonus (Int): Draconic, Elven, Giant, Gnome

Dragonmark House: House Cannith
Dragonmark: Least Mark of Making (+2 to all Craft skill checks and Make Whole 1/day)

Dangerously Curious (Growing up in a Cannith Forgehold, he used to sneak into his parents’ labs and ‘tinker’ with their projects- this has left him with a +1 trait bonus to Use Magic Device skill checks.)
Magic Crafter (Due to his background learning the art of Artifice within House Cannith, he gains a +1 trait bonus to Appraise skill checks involving magic items and a +1 to Craft skill checks while making magical items.)

Class Features:
Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: All simple weapons, all light and medium armor and shields (except Tower).
Artificer Knowledge- Can roll d20+5 vs. DC 15 to determine if a held object has a magical aura.
Artisan Bonus- +2 to Use Magic Device skill checks as long as he has the required creation feat to make the item to be used.
Item Creation (3rd level for determining Caster Level needed to create items.)
Trapfinding- +1 to Disable Device rolls to disarm/bypass traps and +1 Perception to detect traps, can find and disarm magical traps.
Can cast 3 1st Level Infusions per day and knows all standard infusions.

Class Bonus Feats:
Scribe Scroll

Standard Feats:
Least Mark of Making (See Above)
Magical Aptitude (+2 to Spellcraft and Use Magic Device skill checks)

Appraise +1(+4)(+3) [+8]
Craft (Alchemy) +1(+4)(+3)(+2) [+10]
Craft (Armor) +1(+4)(+3)(+2) [+10]
Craft (Weapons) +1(+4)(+3)(+2) [+10]
Disable Device +1(+4)(+3) [+8]
Know (Arcana) +1(+4)(+3) [+8]
Perception +1(+1)(+3) [+5]
Spellcraft +1(+4)(+3)(+2) [+10]
Use Magic Device +2(+2)(+3)(+2)(+1)[+10]
*Use Magic Device [+12] with scrolls (currently)
**Appraise [+9] to appraise magi items
***Craft skill checks are +1 when making magical items

Background: Danir d’Cannith grew up a happy and curious child within the walls of the Whitehearth Forgehold in Eston, Cyre. Although raised like all others within the family to always see himself as a citizen of the House more than any one nation, Danir always felt a tie to the land of his birth and this would eventually become his undoing.
Sent out during the Last War as a battlefield engineer for the Warforged of the nation of Cyre, when he was later re-assigned to support the troops of Thrane, he requested to stay where he was already stationed- when this request was refused he then refused, leaving the service of his house and enlisting directly with the armed forces of Cyre. It was as a member of a Cyran infantry unit that he was ambushed by Brelish forces and his unit was taken captive. They were shipped back to Breland for questioning and detainment 6 months prior to the Day of Mourning. It was this twist of fate that would shape Danir’s future- his family lost in the devastation of the Mourning and his House refusing to use their political contacts to have him released from a POW camp, he realized that he was alone in the world and that he would either need to find himself a group of comrades he was capable of trusting or he would have to make himself as powerful as possible so that no one would ever be able to take anything away from him ever again.
After almost two years in a POW camp, Danir’s most pressing thought is to return home- to Eston in the Mournland, to see if he can recover any mementos of his family or information about what caused the Mourning. However, he realizes that he will need to prepare himself for such a trek and so is preparing himself for a life of adventuring, as this will be the quickest way for him to gain the experience, funds, and contacts that he will need to go home. In addition, he has never quite gotten over his dangerous curiosity and the chance to travel and see sights that few will experience has a certain appeal to Danir.

Hmm, I just realized there's another part of Xov's story that I could add. I'll probably type it up tomorrow...

Silver Crusade

Okay. The player characters are:

Kyndril Mieren

Xov Karck

Danir d’Cannith

Ebran Asur

Essar Kalvin


Recruiting is closed.

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