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A series of 6 PFS scenarios... starting off in Absalom and ending up, for an extended stay, in the frigid environs of Irrisen, the Linnorm Kingdoms, and the Realm of the Mammoth Lords.

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OK, gameday 5 is on!

Would like to run a series of PFS scenarios and attempt to connect them up... at least by geography and personnel. (thus encouraging RP and griping about the weather!)
All are aimed at putting the players in icy northern climes, in or around Irrisen and the Land of the Linorm Kings (though starting in Absalom)

Of course, there's only 90 days to work with... and I've got 5 scenarios in mind (possibly 6)... so unlikely to make it through them all... but the idea will be to continue on afterwards normally if we need/want to.

So, looking for players who would like to, and can, run through the following 5 (or 6) scenarios (1-5's all)
(The first 2, at the very least for GamedayV)

0.04, The Frozen Fingers of Midnight
3.01, The Frostfur Captives
2.15, Shades of Ice - Part I: Written in Blood
2.17, Shades of Ice - Part II: Exiles of Winter
2.19, Shades of Ice - Part III: Keep of the Huscarl King
And, as a bonus, possibly
6.18, From Under Ice

I realize its a bit much to try to find a full group who've not done any of these... so will remain flexible, but will see how it goes for now.
Please note: as they're all 1-5's... if you plan to stay the course, your PC will probably need to be level 3 or less to start off, so as not to outlevel things.

Would also like folks with reasonably quick post-checking rates... in hopes of as much progress as possible in the time alloted.

I've played in many pbp... so now its time to give back!

Starting August 27th with Frozen Fingers.

Would you accept new players/characters?

Of course! Open to new, old, and everything in between.

Might be my best bet for finding folks who've not already played them. =)

This sounds like a great idea!

Sadly, I've played them all except The Frostfur Captives... If you end up being a player short for that one, I'll gladly join in.

Would you accept a myth-weavers sheet pre-selection? I'm not a fan of alias-bloat. Also, I've only ever made one PFS character, and I'm still waiting to get in on the campaign, so if I make any mistakes let me know.

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I'd like to play with a 2nd level, but I've already played frostfur captives... would love to play the rest if that's okay. I usually post 2+ times per day... usually more, except sept 2-5, as I'll be at Strategicon... can't guarantee more than 2x day during that time.

Maybe you could take SkipperD for frostfur captives, and me for what's left? Seems we are a perfect fit.

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Sign me up! I haven't played any of them, though I've GM'd Shades of Ice Part I.

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This sounds like a blast! I'll submit my human slayer for this as I have not played in any of these scenarios.

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I'd love to sign Nella up for this! I've got to update her profile with some chronicles which should put her at a base 3rd level when we start so doing all 5-6 scenarios shouldn't bump her beyond 5th level :)

*edit* For posting I can generally do 1/day on work days and more on my days off. I give PFS games posting priority when I'm playing in them, too.

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Lukcy me. I haven't played any of these. I'd be happy to play through all of them. Human cleric/1.

I'll post more of my profile later. The paizo website is giving me some trouble.

Jeeze, I posted this super early, just to have more time to find folks able to play them all...

Hour and a half in, and lots of interest already.

@Deko: any format/alias is fine for the recruiting part. No need to create the PFS alias just yet. Though I'm curious, you have 16 PFS characters registered... how have you never made a PFS char? =)

@SkipperD/Wei Tchak: I'll keep the switch out in mind!

If we get a good selection of PC's soon enough, would folks be open to possibly just starting the first one, outside of Gameday, and then doing the 2nd and beyond when gameday comes around, rather than waiting a month. =) Frozen Fingers is season 0 so can go quickly...

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I'm fine with starting sooner.

Silver Crusade

I'm not opposed to starting sooner but I don't have a link to one of the chronicle sheets yet for this character, though the session has been reported. I sent a PM to the GM asking about it but since he's away for the weekend I'm not sure when I'll hear a reply. Would that make a huge difference since the scenario has at least been reported?

@Nella: That's fine. Wouldn't be til after the weekend anyway.

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Okay, thank you! Hopefully I'll have it by the end of the weekend or the beginning of next week :)

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Early works for me too. Looking forward to it.

Technically only Valasha Renoi is a PFS character. All the others I made before learning about the forum alias function... And some of those are animal companions/familiars.

Working on a kitsune mesmerist. Will have it finished tomorrow.

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Looking for a game with a new character level 1 any places available?

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I need to wait for the gameday as my character is already in a game that will be over before gameday starts, so I'll opt for the later start.

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I am OK to start whenever you are!

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I have a 1st level bard if you are still looking.

Scarab Sages


I'm a level 1 arcanist interested in play The Frozen Fingers or The frostfur Captives. I didn't play Shades of Ice series, but I have gm first and second episodes long time ago.

I can post once or twice a day, but I prefer play only in one of the sessions I have just mention.

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Have not play this scenario either.

Well, here is Melshanto, a kitsune vexing devil mesmerist. Should have everything finished, with a few gold left over for last minute purchases.

As for starting times, either is good for me.

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Any starting time is fine, if she is chosen.

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I'd also be interested in 0-04 Frozen Fingers.

Upaynao wrote:
I'd also be interested in 0-04 Frozen Fingers.

Hi, I've never done a PbP before, and would love to give it a try, if you still have room?

I haven't played or GM'd Frozen Fingers. Frostfur was the first PFS game I ever GM'd, but it's been years, so I've forgotten the details. I've never played it. I have played the Shades of Ice trilogy though. I've GM'd but never played From Under Ice.

If accepted, I would probably play a Gnome. Either a Bard or Rogue, possibly eventually multiclassing between the 2. It would be a brand-new PC.

Thanks for your consideration!

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It sounds like this might be full, but if you choose to do a second table or something I would love to play. I am new to PFS but have played with pregens before. So this would be a new character and I would love to run through a connected series of adventures. And I would be available to start right away.


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Dotting in for interest. I'm relatively new to PFS, which means that I have not played any of these scenarios and can bring a level 1 PC to the party. I have either an Elven Witch or Wayang Arcanist pretty much ready to go, but would be happy to build a new PC to suit party balance, which could be helpful for 6 connected scenarios.

I am available to start the first scenario before GameDay if that's how you choose to go.

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I'd like to pull myself from consideration for Frozen Fingers. I wish you all happy gaming! Evilminion, I wish you good luck and thank you for GMing!

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Nella now has her missing chronicle and will be good to start whenever. She's also good to play through all 5 or 6 scenarios; forgot to specify that earlier!

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Phoebee would be ready to play them all as well. The only thing that I will need to change is one of the traits, she was originally built for a PFS AP (the Numeria one) and was not chosen

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I haven't used my boy in a while, I'll apply.

OK, back from a long weekend!

Recruitment for this is closed. Have lots of responses.

Melshanto (Deko)
Wei Tchak
Dead-Eye Jones

Will keep the originally posted start date for now.

Have made a campaign thread (but again, not actually starting until Gameday (the 27th))

Everyone else: will keep a record, in case anyone is unable to go once the start date arrives.

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Awesome... thanks!... really looking forward to this..

Sweet, glad I made it in. Will have the alias up and running before game start.

Ooops, was editing the campaign name and broke the link to it!

New actually-working link to campaign thread.

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Thanks, please do not contact me if others drop out.

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