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Well, if Eadie is in the party, then I could bring Brother Desmond (Paladin 9) or Miklos Lebeda (Fighter 4/Rogue 4/Aldori Swordlord 1), both of whom she's met before.

If we seem to be a bit cramped on the front line, I could play Vim the Wise (Oracle 8) for some healing, knowledge and absent-minded blundering, or Muhdzuzi (Kineticist 9) for ranged destruction and naïve misunderstandings.

IIRC I signed up with my paladin, but it looks like we're probably good for frontliners, so here's everything I have in tier(ish):

Miklos Lebeda, Fighter 4/Rogue 4/Aldori Swordlord 1 (face/acrobatic frontliner)
Brother Desmond, Paladin 9 (face/frontliner)
Muhdzuzi, Kineticist 9 (ranged blaster)
Lyan Firesoul, Inquisitor 9 (frontliner, some knowledges)
Hugh Veridian, Rogue 8 (acrobatic frontliner/skillbot/trap finder)
Gromsk Barbarian, 8 (frontliner)
The Restful Spirit, Monk 8 (frontliner [good against incorporeal])
Vim the Wise, Oralce 8 (face/knowledges)

Whaddaya guys want?

1. Player Name: Andreas F

2. Are you new to PBP, Organized Play, or both?: Noooo... I started playing PFS in 2011 and got my first taste of PbP in 2013.

3. What excites you most about playing in this game?: I always find it interesting to play with inexperienced GMs/players. The possibility for seeing out-of-the-box thinking is high, and it keeps me from getting set in my ways :P

4. Tell me a little about yourself! What other games have you played? What are your hobbies?: I'm a Dane in his late twenties currently working towards a lab technician certificate. I've primarily played Pathfinder (and D&D 3.5e before that), but I've dabbled in other systems (7 Seas, GURPS, Exalted, Vampire: The Masquerade, Dark Heresy and probably more). Hobby-wise, it's just RPGs, but I did start playing when I was 9, and it suits me just fine.

5. Are you able to post at least once a day?: I usually check my PbP games at least twice a day, posting when necessary/relevant.

6. In order to keep the game moving along, sometimes I will bot players if a certain amount of time has passed since their last post. Do you give permission for me or the party to 'bot' your character as needed in combat or another situation?: Definitely. I'd hate to hold up the game.

7. Do you promise to tell me about upcoming vacations, busy times at work, conventions or other absences so we can bot you?: Indeed I will.

I'll gladly be the sixth player, if the seat's still open. I have a few characters in tier 1-2. Whaddaya need?

Available characters:
Davorin Tallon, Skald (Urban Skald) 3
Ravitesh Tandar, Psychic 2
Osret, Brawler (Exemplar) 2
Forric Glakrilgun, Warpriest 2
Artur Cojocar, Cavalier (Daring Champion) 1/Spiritualist (Ectoplasmist) 1
Drus Asellio, Slayer 1

Oh, nice! This again. As with the "Baby It's Cold Outside", I have played most of these scenarios, but I can volunteer as a filler/cameo for Scions of the Sky Key Part 2 and Dead Man's Debt. I have a multitude of available characters, even Terril the Everchanging, who made an appearance last time, hasn't progressed out of the 1-5 range.

Of course, if there's a full party for the entire run, I'll graciously bow out.

I have a brand new Slayer 1 I can bring.

A little sharky told me you need a player. I have the following in tier 7-8:

Rogue 8
Barbarian 8
Inquisitor 8
Monk 7

Whaddaya need?

Chronicle: 2
History: #7-21 The Sun Orchid Scheme
Name: Andreas F
AKA: Forric Glakrilgun
Faction: Sovereign Court
PFS: 35574-29
XP: 1
Prestige: 0
Fame: 2
Gold: 23 gp, 4 sp
Day job: None
Spend: None

I can see I signed up with either my summoner 11 or druid 10. They're can both do spellcasting and melee, but I'll delay my final descision until more of the party has settled on their character choices.

Player name: Andreas F
Character name: Davorin Tallon
PFS#: 35574-25
Faction: Dark Archives
Day job roll, if any: Perform (Sing): 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (17) + 10 = 27

Well, I might as well get the ball rolling on my Mummy's Mask game.

DM PatheticWretch has first dibs, of course.

Qstor, JAF0 and I'm Hiding In Your Closet can have a seat, if they still want it.

Whatever seats are left will be first come first served, though I'll give players who didn't get in any of the Emerald Spire tables preference.

The discussion thread is here, and it is a tier 1-2 evergreen module (the sanctioned parts we'll be playing at least).

Count me in as well!

In return, I can run Mummy's Mask or Reign of Winter Part 1 (your choice).

@GM Evil: Yeah, Nadil's an old character. I used an Oread boon way back when to make him.

So to sum up, we have:

Jaysin Deckert , ranged fighter 7
Kleetus Doherni, melee inquisitor 9
Lorelendral Teklet, spellcaster cleric 10
Takkit Shinrou, melee rogue 8
Watts Helm, skill-bot investigator 8

My choice then demtermines the sub-tier:

Nadil or Viincent, tier 10-11 (no adjustment)
Miklos, we get to choose between 7-8 and 10-11
Gromsk or Lyan, tier 7-8

I'm fine with whatever, so what do the rest of you want?

Nadil's a non-unchained Shaitan Binder summoner, though his eidolon isn't as OP as possible (since I'm not much of a power gamer).

Ok, I have a few free characters in this tier:

Nadil al'Gurat: "Classic" Summoner 11 (nothing fancy, some spells and an eidolon)
Miklos Lebeda: Fighter 4/Rogue 4/Aldori Swordlord 1 (melee type and all-round smooth talker)
Viincent: Druid 10 (spellcasting focused, can join melee if needed)
Gromsk: Barbarian 7 (typical barbarian)
Lyan Firesoul: Inquisitor 7 (heavy hitter and decent skills)

Which one do you guys want me to bring?

Judging by the sign-ups, we are missing a trap finder and perhaps a meat shield.

Meat shield-wise I have a Cavalier (Huntmaster) 2 or a suli Bloodrager 2.

Trap finding is not looking good at this level range, with only a brand new Ninja 1 with Disable Device +8 and Perception +5. Ninjas can't disable magical traps, though.

What would you guys prefer?

Name of PC: Sarra Balley
Race/Class: Human Bard 7
Adventure: The Hook Mountain Massacre
Catalyst: Hucker Graul (and overconfidence)

After rescuing the surviving Black Arrows (and flushing out the traitor almost immediately), the party assaulted the Graul Homestead itself. After breezing through the upper floors without finding the rangers' gear, they ventured into the basement where they ran into Mammy Graul's eldest son Hucker. The tight confines of Hucker's workshop chafed at Sarra, and in a fatally overconfident move, she decided to Rapid Shot the ogrekin while in melee with him. The first shot missed and Hucker succeeded on his AoO, nothing to worry about yet. The second AoO (yay for Combat Reflexes) wass a natural 20 followed by another natural 20 on the confirmation roll. Ouch... Power Attack was still in effect from Hucker's last turn so the damage was a total of 3d10+51. The result was 65 damage; a tall order for a already wounded 7th level bard, and the party could only look on in horror as Hucker's ogre hook pierced Sarra skull.

1d2 ⇒ 2
1d2 ⇒ 2
Lucky you...

The Doctor manages to rile the bidders into three separate bidding wars; the Nethys priests against Baketra for the Buff lot, Khammayid Okhenti against Menya the Whip for the Weapon lot and Manaat Heshwah against the Meshhotens for the Osirion lot.

The winning bids are:
- Buff lot: 4515 gp,
- Weapon lot: 1751 gp, 9 sp, 3 cp
- Osirion lot: 2530 gp
Total payout: 8796 gp, 9 sp, 3 cp

In addition to the items you wish to sell, there are also some things to buy. The most interesting items are:
- +2 Posion-Resistant Breastplate made from chitin (6600 gp)
- +1 Magical Beast Bane Composite Shortbow (8375 gp)
- Wand of Remove Curse (25 charges) (5625 gp)
- Minor Burning Metamagic Rod (9000 gp)
- Scholar’s Ring (8700 gp)

With the lots entered into the auction, Dr. Phillip Hoka Dak tries to hear some gossip, but the other attendees disregard the half-orc. No rumors for you.

Who do you wish to convince to buy which lots? Remember that more than one bidder can be influenced to bid on the same lot. Just roll all the rolls at once, and yes, the Orator feat can be used here.

After "the incident", the good Doctor needs to pawn of the valuables that survived to fund future expeditions. With the help from his newfound ally (who is totally not a Pathfinder), he has discerned what will be able to sell at that planned auction at the Canny Jackal (listed prices are standard sell prices):

- 2x Potion of Darkvision (2x 150 gp)
- 2x Vial of Silversheen (2x 125 gp)
- 1x Adamantine Heavy Flail (1657 gp, 5 sp)
- 5x Khol of Uncanny Discernment (5x 750 gp)
- 1x Mummified Guardian (1500 gp)
- 6x Gold Funerary Masks (1x 150 gp, 1x 500 gp, 4x 75 gp)
- Broken Silver Dagger (11 gp)
- Silver Chalice (30 gp)

The items can be split into lots of any size or internal relevance.

Before the auction starts, you can mingle with the guests, both to get a feel of the potential buyers and to try and influence any who might be interested in bidding on your lots. A Diplomacy (Gather Information) check is required to chat and learn rumors.

The attendees able to purchase any of your goods are:

- Baketra One of Wati's richest and most notorious gourmands.
- Basif Iosep A wealthy coffee merchant.
- Djat Masakhet & Intef Karam Representatives of Wati's temple of Nethys.
- The Four Lanterns A cocksure band of Andoren explorers who participated in the necropolis exploration.
- Khammayid Okhenti A young scion of the noble Okhenti family, newly returned from his studies in Oppara.
- Manaat Heshwah The humorless representative of a Sothis trading house.
- Maru Meshhoten & Namaru Meshhoten An aging dowager and her granddaughter.
- Menya the Whip Rail-thin and with an iron handshake, this ambitious young armorsmith is attending the auction to network.

Convincing the attendees to bid on your lots is a Diplomacy or Bluff check. The DC depends on whether or not the items interest them. A bidding war can be started, but with a cumulatively higher DC.

GM Tyranius wrote:

Any GM's out there looking to run a table for Eyes of the Ten retirement Arc?

Seeing if there is any interest out there. If not then I will GM it as I have a couple of characters lvl 12 now. I was just kind of hoping to play it first.

I'm planning on running the whole series in the near future, possibly, at least the first part, as part of the upcoming gameday.

Hillian Vandus here. For some reason I can't dot with my character, so I'll do it like this, and hope it sorts itself out before the 27th.

Signing up for both your 3-7 games here:

Definitely ready:
Viincent - Druid (Sky Druid) 6
Hugh Veridian - Unchained Rogue 6
Vim the Wise - Oracle 4
Hillian Vandus - Magus (Staff Magus) 3

Might be ready by August 27th:
Alexander d'Louison - Witch 3
Lyan Firesoul - Inquisitor 5
Gromsk - Barbarian 6

Signing up for both your 3-7 games here:

Definitely ready:
Viincent - Druid (Sky Druid) 6
Hugh Veridian - Unchained Rogue 6
Vim the Wise - Oracle 4
Hillian Vandus - Magus (Staff Magus) 3

Might be ready by August 27th:
Alexander d'Louison - Witch 3
Lyan Firesoul - Inquisitor 5
Gromsk - Barbarian 6

Count me in as well. I have several characters to choose from, in both sub-tiers, so I'll wait and see what the rest of the party brings.

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I'll throw my hat in the ring as well. Character TBD.

This sounds like a great idea!

Sadly, I've played them all except The Frostfur Captives... If you end up being a player short for that one, I'll gladly join in.

For some reason I can dot with my character, so I'll do it like this for now and hope it sorts it self out.

Lord Arthur Higgenstrom III wrote:
So this is actually of interest to me - who is looking specifically for specials for 5 stars? I'd like to get a list going if at all possible for online planning stuff.

I've already passed the 150 game requirement, but I've only got one special under my belt so far. I am gming in the Year of the Shadowlodge pbp event though, so thanks Shifty!

Player name: Andreas F
Character name: Lyan Firesoul
PFS number: 35574-15
Faction: Liberty's Edge
Day Job: No



Will there be a form to fill out after the game for reporting purposes?

I'm just asking since there's an official event and all.

The gameplay thread is now open. Head on over and dot/introduce your characters.

"The City of Absalom is abuzz with excitement. The streets are full of revelers and feasting, as residents celebrate the city’s independence from tyranny. All seem most eager to witness the evening’s biggest event, the annual Passion of the First Siege of Absalom, where hundreds dress in elaborate costume, don fake armor and weaponry, and crowd the Irorium floor to participate in a mock combat, reenacting the first siege of Absalom. I suggest you do what you need to prepare yourselves and then get to the Irorium to find yourselves some seats."

Go ahead and introduce your characters as you walk towards the Irorium.
Note that the game proper wont start until June 7th, but I thought I'd save som precious time from the start.

Welcome to my table of Year of the Shadow Lodge.

Please post your PFS#, Day Job and whether or not you're on slow progression.

To ensure that we finish in the allotted time (6-ish weeks), I will encourage you all to post at least once per day. Real life can of course get in the way of that, so for the pace's sake, have your stats readily available so I can bot you when necessary.

Otherwise, I look forward to playing with you guys!

Looks like we're short on muscle, so I'll be joining with my barbarian.
@Æroden I'll pm you a link to my character sheet.

I'm interested as well. I have the following characters in this tier:
Druid 6 (spellcaster)
Barbarian 5 (front-liner)
Inquisitor 5 (front-liner/buffer)
Rogue 6 (skillbot)

Shifty wrote:

"...so these Shadow Lodge people eh? Let me tell you about what happened back in the day..."

Seeking expressions of interest for a couple of GM's who may be interested in participating in a multi-table special kicking off in June. Initial planning is around Year of the Shadow Lodge. More to follow.

If you're in need of more GMs, I'll gladly step up to the plate.

Might as well chip in from Europe.

Kongens Lyngby, Denmark.


Thanks for the quick response! I guess I'll be running Bonekeep a couple of times then.


Seeing as a have trudged my way to 100+ games run, I have started to set my eyes on my 5th GM star. However, I have found an ambiguous passage in the guide regarding the requirements:

Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide p. 39 wrote:
First, a potential 5-Star GM must have run a total of 150 Pathfinder Society game sessions, including at least 50 different adventures and 10 or more Specials or Exclusive events over your entire history as a GM.

Does this mean that i need to run 10 different specials, or is that requirement separate from the one immediately before? It might just be me over analyzing the passage, but any clarification would be appreciated.

- Andreas

Baveyo wrote:
Garret C. wrote:

A desnan cleric enters in the Grand Lodge rest cahmbers, despite wearing only a humble tunic he sounds like he were dressed in iron.

Hi rookies, I´ve been told some of you believe to have enough experience to pass their confirmation.

Well, you´ll have your opportunity, just put your name here, as he says that he puts a piece of paper on a table an leaves.

Planning to run The Confirmation starting on monday. If more than 6 people want to play I´ll roll to see who plays

Are you running The Confirmation or Frozen fingers of midnight? On the signup it says Frozen fingers of midnight.

If you're running Frozen Fingers of Midnight, I'm game!

PFS#: 35574-14
Name: Andreas Frederiksen
Character Name: Tomren Tellius
Faction: Dark Archive
Init: +2
Perception: +0
Sense Motive: +0
Day job check: None

Marathon Voter Season 7

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Mike Welham wrote:
Frankto wrote:
How many torcs is too many?
A metorc ton?

And now I have coffee sprayed all over my monitor...

Well done sir. Well done.


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My half-elven cleric of Iomedae doesn't introduce himself... He has a herald for that!

*enter herald*
*unfruling of an ornate scroll*

"I present to you,
Lorion, acolyte of the 7th Temple of Iomedae,
Hero of the Five Kings,
Exemplar of Falcon's Hollow,
Hero of the Fey,
Student of far-away Tian Xia,
Even-handed Investigator,
Spider's Captor,
Slayer of Sloth,
Defender of Nerosyan,
Foiler of Plans,
Accumulator of Armies
and all-round nice guy"

*que entrance*


Hi all,

I seem to be having problems with reporting a scenario i GM'ed last night... As far as I can tell, I can't fill in the date properly. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, how did you fix it?
If all else fails, could someone point me in the right direction to where ever I can get a hold of tech-support?

EDIT: I figured it out myself... Conclusion: I'm an idiot *facepalm*