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If there's still room, I'd like to offer Iomestria for consideration. ^^
Crunch and fluff are completed, I just need to outfit her with equipment.

I'm closing recruitment tomorrow and then I'll go through the long list of applicants to pick a party :)

OK, Garran is complete. He's starting out as a mix of archery/melee, but I'll be staying to the traditional role as he develops. Boosting the odd numbered score in con, then strength for the rest of the way.

Once I take power attack, a switch will be made to two-handed weapons.

Arie IJzer wrote:
@ Vixen: Ai, I hate having to say it, but no. I myself do not dislike eastern stuff, but the setting is all about 'Europeans and North-Africans venturing down into sub-saharan Africa'. I want to stay true to that sentiment. Tieflings are fine, so are Damphirs.

I dont think Oni are in any way eastern in the PF setting, just a type of creature.

Baring Oni-spawn, are variants of the tiefling all banned?

No, tieflings are allowed, but they might suffer some social stigma. But that's all roleplay.

Oh, yes, but I mean, the other tiefling variants. Since Oni-spawn arent allowed, are the others out as well?

They're allowed :)

Arie IJzer wrote:
No, tieflings are allowed, but they might suffer some social stigma. But that's all roleplay.

And I am quite giddy to find out how Lizardfolk are treated, as well as how he will react to that in turn.(don't tell me now, I don't want my mind pre-blown)

It's late, I have most of the character basics done. Will finish fleshing out gear sometime tomorrow. As well as touch up the rest. But it's enough for consideration after recruitment closes, I think.

Requesting feedback on the use of an oft used kinda cheesy trait: Adopted, in order to get the Halfling racial trait: Helpful.
Given halflings use as slave-labor in Cheliax it fits fluff-wise. The name and intent of it fits my character. And it's boost to my intended feat-tree of Combat Reflexes->Bodyguard fits all of it. Character, crunch, background.
The caveat is that I have him written as being the brainwashed foster-child/body-guard in training of a Human Cheliax noble. And I need DM adjudication to say if his situation fits "You were adopted and raised by someone not of your race, and raised in a society not your own." as a halfling. Seeing the halfling's in his household aren't the actual adopters. Then again, technically neither is the noble seeing it's not adoption but kidnapping followed by unbeknown slavery.

Ow, and when you say 2 traits, does that mean no drawback for an extra trait? Having 2 "free" traits is quite nice, and drawbacks are awesome when not abused for min-maxing.

Dotting, And hoping to get something together before the cutoff!

Runge submitting Tom Selvor, an aasimar nature shaman with a mongoose familiar called Scav.

Thoughts on the build:
As I was building this character, I was incredibly frustrated with the amount of stats I needed to have in the decent numbers to appear relevant, so I went with a race (aasimar) that got 2x +2. I considered Human with the alternate racial trait, but the Augury spell-like ability seemed to fit perfectly with a shaman, so I stuck with the aasimar. I’ve also never played an aasimar, so that weighed a little on the scales as well.

Adding to this, I planned to go Nature from the start, which reduced the MAD slightly, so I think the character should work decently.
In short: A very human-like aasimar because he lost some, and sacrificed some others of his bloodline’s powers over his youth. He’s a daredevil, and his mongoose companion, Scav, is the same. They spent their youth daring each other to do crazy stunts, but never one without a purpose of some sort. He’s from Sandpoint, Varisia orignally, but went to Magnimar for one of their dares. He’s on the Jenivere because the spirits urged him to: Something to do with snake spirits, and Tom having a role to play (need some collaboration with the DM for the particulars).

I’m having some trouble writing in all my details for his background, as it ended up being a bit more of an “advanced” character than I had originally thought I would make, but hey, that’s a luxury problem. I’ll be submitting what I have fleshed out for now, and continue on it over the next 12 hours (need some sleep, don't want the quality to be low).

Hm, because of the forum downtime I'll extend the deadline until tomorrow. So today is the last day to submit characters and backgrounds =)

Phew, thanks for that :)

Right; I've finished outfitting Iomestria's equipment. ^^

Arie, do you require the racial heritage feat for a tiefling to take an alternate heritage? I realized I should have asked that long before.

No :) not required.

Other than everything I have done, are there any other changes you would like me to make for Malthu?

It looks good to me :) I'm going to bed now and I'll go through all the applications tomorrow and make a selection!

Tom Selvor is fleshed out.
I'll be honest: I'm used to working with the DM closely while creating a character, so I've kept a few choices sort of open, and some descriptions loose so the details can be worked out smootly.

I kept his descriptive background small as I had waay too much stuff, and figured the important parts were the development of his personality and skills, as well as how he came to be on the Jenivere and his motivations for being there.

I also included a drawback and an additional trait on his page. I couldn't find an answer if you allowed this, but if it's not allowed, it's easily edited. That was sort of the format I went with. My feat of choice is a story feat, but I havn't included the prerequisite explicitely in the background.

Good luck everyone :)

wow, I thought I had submitted a character, but apparently I didn't. As a last minute entry, I would like to submit this monk for consideration.

He's lvl 3 from a previous group that fizzled, but I can easily drop him to lvl 1.

Thank you.

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 4

Whew! Last minute application here. Hope you like this one:

Davy Dagaroth, human (?) bard (archaelogist)

Have fun looking through the stack of characters!

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Kavakii_Zhen wrote:

wow, I thought I had submitted a character, but apparently I didn't. As a last minute entry, I would like to submit this monk for consideration.

He's lvl 3 from a previous group that fizzled, but I can easily drop him to lvl 1.

Thank you.

Actually, you have submitted one: here. : )

Here's the list I've gathered so far. A total of 37--or 36 not counting the samsaran who hasn't been edited.

Applicant List:

gossamar4: Akvius_Sirthos, male tiefling alchemist (grenadier)
Earl Wheaton/Kenji Elindir: Valarael Shadowsong, female elf alchemist (mindchemist)

Azrael Dukshi: Siri Quinray, female elf barbarian
Waterhammer: Garran Oakthorn, male human barbarian

ginganinja: Carmen Terpsichore, female human bard (dervish dancer)
Samy: Doc Gallivan, female human bard (archaeologist)
Pedro Coelho: Davy Dagaroth, male half-orc bard (archaeologist)

Mr_Shed: Rozzo Capria, male human cavalier (huntmaster)

Helikon: Elektra Stardancer, female aasimar cleric of Desna
Hassan Ahmed: Sun-Dapple Grün, male grippli cleric of the Green Faith

Redblade8: Kherov Blacktail, male half-orc druid (saurian shaman)
Suthuri: Desiona Veleshi, female half-elf druid (menhir savant)
Stalwart: Ferrell Greylocke, male human druid (wolf shaman)

Cutlass: Haloniel, male elf fighter
Trawets71: St. John Reginald Smythe, male human fighter (rondolero duelist)
Raltus: Dendrik Mulari, male human fighter
Escheton: Young Guard (aka Orzek), male lizardfolk fighter (gladiator, shielded fighter)

Grand Moff Vixen: Malthu, male qlippoth-spawn tiefling inquisitor of Sarenrae

YoricksRequiem: Charlotte Greystone, female human investigator

Maguseseses...or something
Tim Woodhams: Xeno, female tiefling magus
Neltji: Variel Nighstorm, male elf magus

gossamar4: Kavakii_Zhen, male human monk (flowing)

Algar Lysandris: Finn Garrety, male samsaran life oracle (dual-cursed (blackened, legalistic)) [NB: samsarans not accepted]

Tassadan: Roark Zemmer, male human ranger (skirmisher)
Airon87: Seferneru, male human ranger (trapper)

Doomguide: Antorin Glimmerkin, male elf rogue (knife master)
Haladir: Viorec Rulasti, male human rogue
Joel VA: Shaladrel, male elf rogue

Runge: Tom Selvor, male aasimar shaman

Jon A: Vazio Tanzer, male halfling sorcerer (void-touched)
Max_Sterling: Melanie, female human sorcerer (sylvan bloodline)
Aebliss: Iomestria, female human sorcerer (serpentine bloodline)

Luke_Parry: Chimalsi Kybwa'ka, male human warpriest

Dark Netwerk: Xabala Kybwa'ka, female half-elf witch (beast-bonded)
Quill the Owl: Fahari, female human witch

Jason Lillis: Cyrioul Fasar, male elf wizard (diviner)
cynarion: Halim, male human wizard (transmuter (shapechange))

Good luck everyone. : )

Liberty's Edge

I don't see Delphine in the list, but she should be in there. Either a half-orc scarred witch or elf one. Possibly shadow themed.

She is a princess who ran away to go adventuring. A bit spoiled, but very bright and social. Should be a fun addition to any party.

Thank you all applying! I only got to pick a handful from dozens of solid characters and I'm sorry that I have to disappoint so many of you. The following players should post in the disussion thread to get things going:

1 Pedro Coelho as Davy Dagaroth.
2 Trawets71 as Saint John Smythe.
3 Luke_Parry as Chimalsi Kybwaka.
4 Aebliss as Iomestria.
5 Haladir as Viorec Rulasti.
6 Suthiri as Desionara Veleshi.

Once again, thank you all for showing such interest. Maybe it will give another DM the push he or she needs to run a Serpent's Skull campaign on the Paizo boards!

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Awesome, have fun everyone. : )

It ain't easy being green...

Best of luck in the Jungle! I hear they have fun and games...

Best of luck!

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