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Same, sorry for the delay - had some RL issues (hi, flu!) that sapped all of my energies. Working on a major update now. Kept typing it up earlier this week, but was tired before I got half-way done.

On a somewhat related note, why do I always get the worst flu ever at the end of summer?! It must be all that vitamine D..

I'll post another 'big update' tomorrow. My apologies if it feels that things are going a bit slow, but the opening scenes of this AP are pretty darn hectic! If you got any questions for the NPCs, about the island or whatever really, do ask them - here or in the gameplay thread.

About said tattoo..:
It is a symbol associated with the Red Mantis, the infamous cult of assassins that hail from Mediogalti.

Given time and proper medical attention, the men and women you find on the beach all regain consciousness. The dark-skinned man wakes up first. He blinks a couple of times and then squints his eyes at you - he obviously hasn't seen the sun in quite some time. His voice is coarse when he speaks,"Who .. who are you? Where am I? W-w-..what happened?" This question is repeated four more time as one by one the other individuals wake up. The second person to wake up is the woman with the fire-kissed hair. Her most distinguingish is the tattoo on her back: a stylished pair of mantis arms. She has the body of a person who is trained for combat and the way she instantly shoots up after waking up, ready to defend herself, tells you that she's as fast as they come.

Knowledge local / religion check for the mantis tattoo

The third person to wake up is Ishirou, the man from Tian. His expression is dour, but from what you've seen of Ishirou on the ship you know that that's his standard expression. He has a nasty bruise on his right thigh and keeps on rubbing his right hip: he probably had the misfortune of walking down some stairs when the poison hit him.

The last two wake up simultaneously. The gnome you know as Gelik screams something in a funny sounding language when he opens his eyes. He must've been having a nasty nightmare.

In Gnomish:
"Snakes! Everywhere, snakes!!"

The woman coughs and involuntarily throws her arms around her waist as she rolls onto her side, throwing up a mix of salt water and vomit. She otherwise graciously regains consciousness. Her ears betray her heritage: she's a half-elf. She also doesn't seem quite sober, even after emptying her stomach onto the beach.

Oh, three new NPCs: fire away any and all questions you have at me/them. Five NPCs might be a bit too much to talk to all at once so feel free to focus on one NPC at a time. There will be plenty of time for you to get to know them. Your first main concern should be setting up some sort of camp, finding food and water and well, this is YOUR adventure so I'll shut up now! *winks*

Viorec's first question wrote:
Just a clarification about the "poisoned meal" line: You're referring to our last meal in the captain's chambers that knocked us all out, right? On first read, I wasn't sure if you meant that or that you were fast-forwarding time and telling us that we're now feeling sick from cooking and eating the eurypterids. I'm assuming the former-- this is aftereffects of the poison that knocked us all out.

Yes, you're right - it refers to the last meal. Whatever you had, your stomach doesn't like it.

Viorec's second question wrote:
I couldn't tell from your description: Was I the only one who saw Ienna up and about after everyone else passed out? And, remind me, did I know anything about her before?

Yes, you are the only one who saw her get up since you were the last one to pass out. What you know is that she was a recluse who only joined the captain's table with great reluctancy and even then, she'd keep to herself. She boarded the ship in Magnimar and kept to her books during the whole journey. But the way she looked at you .. those eyes had something un-human to them.

Viorec's attempt at opening Jask's chains wrote:
21 isn't enough.

Try as you might, but the darned lock won't open. You'll either need to take your time to open them or find the key.

John's question wrote:
Does it go all the way up the beach or just part way, like a boat landed and left

A closer inspection tells you that it must've been a rowing boat and whoever landed it on shore, pushed it back into the water again and most likely took off with it. But the most important thing that you discover is that someone dragged you and all the others off of the boat - someone must've saved you and dumped you on the beach.

Desiona's knowledge nature wrote:

In a moment of clarity Desiona realises that the jungle to the south - which most likely covers most, if not all, of the island - can only be sustained by lots and lots of rain. Water should, in theory, not be a problem. The jungle itself 'should' be able to sustain you all with water and food. And then there's the sea.

What do you know about Smuggler's Shiv? wrote:

The Shiv is a notorious island north of Eleder. Most maps don't show it, but it's rightfully feared by captains and sailors. The island is named after its habit of wrecking ships that come close to it and what desperate soul would willingly come close to a place like the Shiv? Exactly, smugglers.

Another reason why the Shiv inspires such fear in sailors is because the story goes that it is haunted by the ghosts and ghouls of those unlucky ones who met their end on the jagged rocks and reefs around the island. Sailors might be a superstitious lot, but the history books tell us that Cheliax has attempted to colonize the island and the colonists ran into trouble with .. yep, indeed, ghosts.

Those same colonists tried to build a lighthouse on the island, but rumors of curses, haunts and cannibalism were used as a reason to abandon the plans of taming the island.

And then there's the story of a Chelish military vessel that stranded on the Shiv some odd 70 years ago during the Thrune invasion of Sargava. Some sailors swear that the survivors of the wreck have degenerated into cannibals and formed their own screwed up tribe on the island.

What is fact and what is fiction? That's up for you to decide.

It's appreciated, but for some reason the site refused to cooperate. Damn technology *shakes fist*

I first had to log in and after doing that, it still wouldn't send me to your map. I'll figure out how to use google docs later today :)

Lightning crackles, but the nimble eurypterid manages to somehow avoid the stroke of lightning as it comes crashing down at it. The nimble thing also manages to avoid Viorec's dagger, its tip dripping with the ichor of his brother from another eurypterid mother. Sadly, the creature doesn't stand a chance against Davy's assault and the archaeologists repeated thrusts eventually find its way through the crustacean's shell, ending its life.

Congratulations! You survived the first encounter of Souls for Smuggler's Shiv! Now for the aftermath of the rude awakening on the sandy beach: every player who has ranks in Knowledge (Geography/History/Local) and feels he or she could know about this place or Profession (Sailor) can make a check to see what they know about the island. Smuggler's Shiv is an island located in the bay of Eleder .. and part of Sargava lore / history / geography.

The adrenaline of having to fight for your life still surges through your system, but the combat has been won: the local wildlife has been defeated, tonight's meal has been secured and the wreckage of the Jenivere surrounds you. Overhead, the sun smiles down upon the shipwrecked and you know that its fiery tendrils will lash at you if you do not make or find a shelter. To the south looms a veritable green wall: the flora on this island has never been tamed and a jungle stares right back at you. The beach itself is located at the end of a tiny bay, the rugged rocky coastal line hugging it on both sides before it runs off to the west and east. Underneath you is sand, the fine sand that graces the beaches of your dreams. Your tummies growl and protest at the food they still have to process, having troubles with what surely must've been a poisoned meal.

But you're not alone on the beach. A collection of individuals lay shattered about on the sand. A deep track tells you that someone must've dragged a rowboat of sorts onto the shore, but the boat itself is nowhere to be seen. Among the individuals are the gnome Gelik, Ishirou the Tian and three others they hadn't met before: two women, a red-head and a brunette, faces they had seen before on the ship, but the third was a Garundi man wearing the ragged remains of prisoner's clothing and manacles that bind his wrists behind his back. All five are unconscious, for now.

If I am ever unclear or you want to know more about this or that, do post. I've only once ran a pbp game before and that was with friends in my native language, Dutch ;)

The woman with the fire-touched hair invokes arcane wrath upon the euryptid through word, gesture and the power of her blood. The hard outer body resists the battering sonic forces, but the creature's innards cannot withstand the violence. The thing drops onto the floor, its claws spastically snapping at the sand until it moves no more.

Fort save: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (11) + 2 = 13

One eurypterid left.

So I downloaded Maptools, but it doesn't function as it should. I run a 64 bit OS, maybe that has something to do with it. What I want to do is add a A-Z and 1-50 on the side and top of the map, then superimpose tokens on top of it. I know that google documents (draw, I think?) lets you do this, but I have no experience setting any of this up.

Do any of you happen to have any experience with setting up combat maps? Because I know it enriches the game when players can tactically approach combat situations. Luckily, the current combat isn't much of a fight at all ;) but that might change in the nearby future.

PC status:
John Smythe: standing, armed
Chimalsi: standing, armed
Desiona: standing, full defense, not armed, threatened by #1
Davy: standing, not armed, threatened by #2
Viorec: standing, armed, killed eurypterid #3
Iomestria: laying, cast spell on #1

Save vs spell: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4
AoO on Desiona: 1d20 ⇒ 17
AoO on Davy: 1d20 ⇒ 1
Claw 1: 1d20 ⇒ 9
Claw 2: 1d20 ⇒ 7
Sting: 1d20 ⇒ 17
Davy fort save: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (19) + 1 = 20

The waves crash down onto the beach, bringing with it wreckage from what used to be the Jenivere, as three - nay, two eurypterids fight for their right to feast on the delicious soft flesh of the shipwrecked individuals. Viorec rammed down the sharp tip of his dagger into the skull of one the creatures, his hand guiding the steel in a perfect arc before it ended the eurypterid's culinary aspirations. A second eurypterid experienced why it is a bad idea to mess with capable individuals as a sonic burst overwhelmed his senses. Dazed and confused he stands next to Desiona, his claws snapping away at thin air. The third eurypterid follows his elusive half-orc prey, an exotic delicacy in these parts, and snaps at him with his claws and stinger. The archaeologist deftly jumps to the right and then to the left, dodging the creature's claws, but then felt a sharp pain spread through his leg: the stinger had managed to connect with his right foot. Luckily for him, the wet sand that caked to his feet somehow soaked up the creature's venom.

Davy takes 1 damage - to speed up this combat, I made the fort save roll for you: in the future, I'll let the players make their saves themselves.

The situation: one sea scorpion is attacking and threatening Davy, a second scorpion was dazed but is now once more threatening Desiona.

Sorry, had a rather (unforeseen!) busy weekend. I readied some combat maps, but can't get google to cooperate with me - I'll have to figure out how to add player tokens that can be manipulated. Luckily, it doesn't matter for this first encounter .. but feel free to enlighten this newbie at how use the google-fu! Without further ado..

The night saw to it that the barrel of rum was no more. Telling stories and weaving tales takes its toll on the tongue and many a tankard was emptied before the light of day crept back into the world. For some the next day was announced by a heavy throbbing in the head and a storm creating waves in the ocean of alcohol inside their tummies, for others it was just another day. A light drizzle harrassed the Jenivere and it wasn't until the late afternoon that the travelers could bask in the warm Garundi sun once again. Two more days went by before the captain invited some of his guests over for dinner again. This time he had a real treat for them: pickled owlbear! The story behind the meat was that of a gnomish entrepeneur who had hoped that pickled exotic meats would be a great niche market. Alas, the market wasn't quite ready for his visionary product.

Captain Kovack, Ieana, Arrasti, sir Aberwhinge and our six intrepid adventurers feasted on the surprisingly taste and succulent delicacy before moving on to yet another night of making merry and honoring Desna by sharing stories of the past and dreams of the future while traveling underneath the stars. Aberwhinge raised his finger to interrupt Arrasti during one of his lectures on the benefits of slavery when something strange happened. The gnome's head tilted to the side as his eyes rode unseen waves, circling around, before the man crashed forward onto the table. Arrasti stood up, his expression one of a flabbergasted man, and Kovack raised himself to see what was going on when Desiona and Iomestria collapsed. Davy let go a surprised gasp, but his tongue refused to cooperate when he tried to ask what was going on. The man's slurred speech followed him as he went down, St. John Smythe and Chimalsi exchanging surprised looks. Vicious claws sank into the soft flesh of their tummies and clawed their way up to their bodies until an unbearable pressure rocked against their temples, knocking the men out cold.

A Varisian gypsy watched it all play out in front of him. Arms and fingers refused to answer the call of his mind and the last thing he remembers are Ieana's eyes focusing on him. The woman seemed awfully clear-headed as she got up from her seat. A hand reached for Kovack and then pushed the man out of his seat, his limp body crashing onto the wooden floor. The world twisted and turned as impossibly deep eyes pulled Viorec's mind into an ocean of emotions that assaulted his senses. "You did not see this" she said in what was almost a hiss and with that, the light in his world died.


What followed was a rude awakening. Your lips are parch dry and everything tastes like salt. A pounding headache is hammering away at what remains of your brain. The sun burns on your body, but it takes a moment before your senses manage to team up and bring you back to reality. Unluckily for some of you, a few hapless creatures have mistaken you for being dead and are picking away at your bodies: they are sea scorpions, small crustaceans with vicious poisonous stingers! Around you lay more people, among them Ishirou and Gelik Aberwhinge.


Desiona's initiative: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5
Iomestria's initiative: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17
Viorec's initiative: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (14) + 3 = 17
Chimalsi's initiative: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 4 = 7
Davy's initiative: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 = 10
John Smythe's initiative: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 2 = 17
Eurypterid's: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18
3d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 3) = 9

The scene: you are wearing what you wore during the last supper. I leave it completely up to you if this means you're wearing a weapon of sorts. Around you lays a rich assortment of debris: you can pick up a 'club' - a piece of sturdy wood - as a move action. On a role of 1 the improvised club breaks, but otherwise it functions as a regular club.

The combat: there are three sea scorpions and currently they're poking Desiona, Viorec and Davy. Their prodding and poking woke these three up, but the screams of pain and perhaps a bit of fear woke up the rest of the players. All players may act now. Remember: standing up provokes an AoO! You can do this while using total defense OR after grabbing a make-shift club to defend yourself with.

A map of the beach the six unlucky travelers find themselves waking up at.

I got an idea on how to deal with that. I can work any knowledge checks into smart flash-backs with an NPC like Kovack telling you about this or that :)

I'm typing up le big post as we speak.

I'll be gone tonight, but tomorrow I'll post a big update. Be sure to have your equipment and all sorted out by then! Also, when PCs talk to NPCs regularly about certain topics it will make related knowledge checks easier or I'll outright give you the info. Example: you currently have a pretty good overview of the religious situation in Eleder. You can simply poke me to give you info you might want or need.

Do note that sometimes NPCs can lie or not have their facts straight *winks*

Dotted - I'm looking into a Galtese cleric of Milani who is part of an international movement dedication to fighting oppression around the globe. Clearly the people of Numeria are in dire need of some Galtese assistance.

Are you using traits?

Dotted. The focus on roleplay over rollplay mixed with the setting is what really got me. I'm plowing through the player's guide right now .. I was thinking some sort of rogue'ish character, definitely human.

"By the colonials? Iomedae is the most important god they worship. The baron, the highest authority in all of Sargava, is a devotee of the Light of the Sword. Aroden used to be popular, but you know how that story goes. Abadar and Shelyn are also held in high regard by the colonials. As for the locals, they worship Gozreh, Desna Abadar, aspects of Gorum and local spirits and powers. Iomedae also has native followers, but expect to see images of a fierce ebony warrior-princess holding a stretched-hide shield instead of the pale sword virgin we think of when we hear Iomedae. You best leave the natives to their own religious practices .. many have tried, many have failed. There are many gruesome stories that can be told about missionaries who came to Sargava with good intentions but ended up dying in ways that would definitely please the wicked Lord of Hell."

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Feel free to veto through in-game explanations any abusive tactics. Is the bad guy smart? He took precautions to prevent scrying and or teleportation. In the end, your game should be about weaving a narrative as a group of players and the interaction they have together and with the DM. When you play D&D or PF 'by the rules' the system will break if you let the players go wild. That's fine if that is your kind of game, but I prefer for everyone at the table to have fun. That means that the players and DM should behave.

On the other hand, smart tactics should not be punished. Are they trying to get closer to the bad guy and use scrying? While his protections might fend off the attempt, they do notice a nearby cave/house/field that isn't protected and might form as a stepping stone to get to his base of operations. Or perhaps they just hear a distorted version of what he's talking about, a great way to drop some clues.

I find that the higher level you are as a player, the more you should treat the game and the scenes you're part of as if it were a movie. A combo'd greater invis, haste and inspire courage on your group's martial makes a mockery of most encounters as written. And that's just one of many examples. I simply customize my encounters and monsters and do it so that the group gets a fun challenge out of it. My intention is never to kill them, but I try to challenge them at least once or twice every session :)

In the end, an understanding of what is and isn't fun should be shared by both players and DM. That's vital to RPGs in general, but it really is the corner stone of high level play.

Kovack raises his fingers as to say 'give me a second' and finishes his tankard. "Sargava you ask. Where to begin? It's a nation of extremes. The common folk, that would be the various Mwangi tribes, live in a way that make most Avistani frown. You won't find any cities like Westcrown here and the closest thing to a big town is Eleder, but even Eleder is .. different. There's the part where the colonials live, safe within the confines of Eleder's walls, and they embrace the old ways. They look down upon the natives and see them as cheap labour. Honestly, I don't think they could do without them, but I've learned to keep my mouth shut, nod as I sip from the cup of tea I'm offered, and agree with whatever the gentleman happens to be saying. They don't take kindly to those who disagree or question their methods. Not that they're bad people, but when you stand upon the walls of Eleder and look out over the fields of ramshackle huts that sprawl out as far as the eye can see, well, you'll understand why they might feel threatened. They've always been the minority and it is only a matter of time before they lose control."
After all that, he feels like he deserved another tankard o' rum and fills her up. The table guests fire away more questions at him as he enjoys the fiery taste, loving how it sets his lungs on fire. "But Eleder is just a tiny spot on the map of Sargava. Outside of Eleder is where the real fun begins. Plantations, oh so many plantations, surround the city. Here you'll find the more industrial colonials. They watch over entire tribes of enslaved Mwangi who work the fields. Having had a tour on one of Sargava's many pineapple plantations, I can tell you I'd rather hang myself than be forced to harvest pineapples. But if you're really lucky, you'll be working one of the gold, diamond or salt mines. At least you won't make it past fourty. With all these products the Sargavan colonials barely manage to pay the Free Captains of the Shackles for their services. For those who don't know, the Captains make sure the Chelish don't get the grand idea of bringing Sargava back into the fold. I don't know the details 'bout the agreement they made all those years ago, but me thinks that the Sargavans are nothing but an easy cash cow for the Captains. Not that it matters to me, my business is all the same: move cargo and people from A to B. If I can give you one tip, avoid any and all politics and if you do get involved, trust no one. There's a lot of bad blood between all kinds of factions in Sargava and many of them are more than willing to draw blood. Now, my apologies for being a downer, let us get merry once more and drink!"

If there are any more/last questions, feel free to ask them now. After that I'll move on to the next scene!

Will have a lengthy post up later with the captain's answer on the question of 'Sargava'. Barring any further questions on the topic, I'll move on to the next scene after that and get the adventure started!

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Oh my, and I picked the 'Bastard of House Medvyed' trait. It was great knowing you, dad! *laughs*

Skip ranged and get a reach weapon. The hunter get loads of teamwork feats, and youre not going to utilize many of them when youre ranged. If you do go ranged, skip eye for talent because youll need every feat you can get.

If you're from Varisia it is a simple DC10 knowledge local/religion check to know who the Empyreal lords are. If you're from Magnimar, you know who they are.

Dotting. Played through book 1 and 2 with a local gaming group, but then RL reared its ugly head.

Gelik seems a little annoyed, but realizes he can't scold the woman for being nice. The conflict is clearly visible on his face as he weighs his words. He sounds quite weary once he speaks, "I'm .. fine, really. Do enjoy your meal, I'll simply watch and observe."

The gnome waves away Iomestria's offer. "No, I want nothing, nothing at all. The sweet serenity of death would be a welcome change of pace to the horrid state of my life right now!" In short, mister Aberwhinge doesn't seem to be in the best of moods, much to the amusement of Arrasti.

Griar Brand wrote:

I'm going to semi-withdraw my submission for this one. I still want to play, if there's room for two paladins.

Probably not.

I didn't mean to step on Grand Moff Vixen's toes, it's just that my character was completely set for this game.
Anyway, I've played with GMV in another game, and I have only respect. I'd prefer to share a game, not compete for a spot.

Also, seems like there's a bit of a GM shortage, I'm thinking about starting a game, maybe I should focus on that. :)

Do it! DMing a pbp game is a whole lot more fun than I'd have thought.

The DM's theme.

Dotted. I'll be submitting a human fighter (swordlord archetype) who represents one of the off-shoots of a minor branch of a minor noble house. Knowing that without actions him and his house are destined to nothingness, he takes his chance at achieving fortune and glory.

Will build him over the next couple of days and post him when he's all ready :)

"Right now I seem to have no control over my misfortune" the gnome replies with dull eyes screaming how tired he is of the journey by ship and perhaps one or two other things.

The cabin door swings open and a haggard looking gnome enters. The sway in his step does not match or counter the soft motions the ship is making on the ocean's waves. The little man sports some impressive dark circles around his eyes, one of many signs that he isn't enjoying this trip whatsoever. Still, the gnome's clothes look fabulous and give him the air of a nobleman.

He takes off his hat, flourishes it with an impressive gesture giving his circumstances and inclines through his knees. "Do I have permission to join you, Captain Kovac?" he asks to which the captain's answer is a firm nod. The gnome secures a stool and sits down next to Iomestria. You notice that the man's pale complexion is turning a milkier shade of white at the sight of the food. He averts his eyes from the table and focuses them on the table guests instead. "My apologies for my current state, but I am soaking up all the bad luck that is targetting this journey so that we all may arrive safe and sound in Eleder. My name, as some of you might know, is Gelik Aberwhinge and yes, I know I'm a very tall gnome."

Pytons and a hammer/sledgehammer. They're typical gear that you leave behind at the entrance/exit so you can fetch them when needed.

Askaya already has four pytons, but I need to work out his gear in detail. I'll get to that right now!

You rang?

Don't let my dirge bard submission keep you from submitting one as well, Johnson. And go you for not dumping int/cha on a barbarian! It's so much more fun having some decent 'unusual' stats at the cost of 2 points in your main .. ^^ !

"I'm but a mortal man. Who am I to question the divine providence of Asmodeus? Only a fool would question a god as powerful as the venerated Lord of Hell. You're traveling to Eleder, but once you leave the safe confines of the city walls, you'll see exactly why the teachings of ASmodeus are a blessing. You'll see.." and with that being said, he hides behind his tankard, apparently being quite busy with sampling the captain's fine rum.

Arrasti chuckles as the others discuss the topic of slavery. "It is divine providence, my dear, that some bear the burden of shackles. That others profit from it might leave a sour taste in the mouthes of some, but that's life. After all, it isn't about how much you agree with the rules, it is how well you know the rules. Now, can I have some rum?"

Dotting! I got an idea for a writer of horror stories who's one of the Teacher's Pets. He'll be a human bard with the Dirge Bard archetype, and admittedly is a bit of a coward. An expert on the matter of undead, he'll be able to support his companion through the power of telling stories, sharing his knowledge and wisdom and with his spells.

Ah, right, both give a trait bonus. I'll change indomitable. Let me find something juicy ^^

The Netherlands (CET)

If you don't think it is too much work. The main workload as a pbp GM is in the preparation. Readying the battle maps, NPCs and all that stuff. I've seen more GMs run multiple instances of the same campaign all at once so it should be doable :)

Wow, I love your avatar, Analise. Why are all the really great avatars on the paizo forums female ones?! It's .. *shakes fist* .. unfair!

Captain Kovack beams a soft smile at his table guests. The two lanterns that light up the room sway along gently with the motions of the ship, adding a dynamic to the event with the focus of the light changing from one part of the room to another every other few seconds. He raises his tankard and welcomes you all with the following words,"Gozreh has smiled upon us so far and we owe Gozreh our gratitude. So before we say our prayers, I want to say a thing or two." Kovack then takes a sip from his tankard before continueing. "With only a week of sailing ahead of us until we reach Eleder, I feel that we must celebrate life. Every sailor knows how fleeting life can be. We avoided the pirate of the Shackles, survived a storm that drifted out of the Eye of Abadengo and shared many a story at this dinner table. Let us feast on the finest meal I have to offer to you and pay tribute to the voyage behind us. To the first of the last seven meals of this journey!"

With that being said, he inclines his head to pay his respects to the woman below and the man above before taking a big swig from his tankard. Arrasti follows suit and Ieana reluctantly raises her glass of red wine. "One more guest should join us soon, the esteemed Gelik Aberwhinge, but our gnomish companion is having troubles keeping whatever goes in, from going out. He did promise however that he'd wrestle himself out of his bed to join us.. alas, let us drink!"

The door to the captain's cabin then croaks as someone steps through. A familiar sight enters the room, hands clutching an oak barrel. It is Ishirou, one of the ship's hired hands who is paying for his voyage through labour. His ragged looks, unkempt hair and the fact he's missing more than one tooth make for a rather unpleasant sight. With a stiff bow he hands over the barrel of rum to the captain. He then quietly leaves the room. "Rum, anyone?"

I'll insert pictures from time to time, but if anyone has troubles seeing the links for whatever reason, let me know! I also like adding music tracks to long descriptive posts and big events if I find that it adds something to it.

"Chosen of the Elements"
1) Ayedan Slipstream, Sylph Rogue
2) Tayvara Flamescorpion, Ifrit Sorcerer
3) Faffnyr, Ifrit Swashbuckler
4) Askaya Farar, Oread Fighter
5) El Ronza, Undine Cleric (not yet submitted, but should be submitted soon *tm*)
6) Michaelane, Oread Summoner (not yet submitted, soon *tm*?)

Dotted. I'll PM you my caster later today! :)

I present to you James Hummingway, Andoran agent of liberty:

James Hummingway
Male Andoran Human Rogue 1
CG medium human (human)
Init +3; Senses Perception +5
AC 16, touch 13, flat-footed 13 (+3 Dex, +3 Armor) CMD 14
HP 10 (1D8 + 2 con bonus)
Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +1
Speed 30 ft.
Melee Short Sword +1, 1D6+1 (19-20 x2), P
Heavy Mace +1, 1D8+1 (20 x2), B
Dagger +1, 1D4+1 (19-20), P or S
Ranged Light Crossbow +4, 1D8 (19-20 x2) P
Dagger +4, 1D4+1 (19-20 x2), P
Modifiers +1 on attack and damage when enemy is within 30 ft.,
+2 damage versus Technic League affiliates.
Str 13, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 8
Base Atk +0; CMB +1; CMD 14 (+0 BAB, +1 Str, +3 Dex)
Feats Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot
Traits Against the Technic League (+2 damage vs those associated with the league), Mathematical Prodigy (+1 knowledge engineering, is a class skill), Trained Medic (+2 trait bonus on heal checks to treat diseases and poison)
Skills Stealth +7, perception +5, disable device +7, acrobatics +7, swim +5, climb +5, escape artist +7, heal +5, knowledge dungeoneering +5, knowledge local +5, knowledge engineering +6
Skill mods +1 perception/disable device vs traps, +2 heal vs disease and poison, +1 knowledge engineering, -1 armor check penalty (studded leather) or -3 acp from medium load
Languages Common, Hallit, Andoran
Combat Gear Light crossbow, bolts, short sword, heavy mace, dagger, studded leather.
Other Gear Cold-weather outfit, belt pouch, backpack, chalk, vials (5)
Special Abilities
Sneak Attack +1D6
Trapfinding ½ level (currently 1) to perception and disable device to
find and disable traps.
Light crossbow (4 lbs), bolts (40, 4 lbs), short sword (2 lbs) , heavy mace (8 lbs), dagger (1 lb), studded leather (20 lbs), cold-weather outfit (7 lbs), empty vials (5, 0 lbs)

Rogue’s kit: a backpack, a bedroll, a belt pouch, caltrops, chalk (10), a flint and steel, a grappling hook, an iron pot, a mess kit, a mirror, pitons (10), rope, soap, thieves' tools, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin (37 lbs)
Money pouch: 1 gp, 8 sp, 20cp
Total weight: 83 lbs
Carrying Capacity:
STR Light Load Medium Load Heavy Load
13 50 lb or less 51-100 lbs 101-150 lbs

Background .. kept it brief as you requested ;):

James hails from Almas, capital of Andoran, the Birthplace of Freedom. He enlisted at the age of 21, after having been a volunteer for roughly 6 years. The civic militia taught him how to handle a crossbow and sword, the drillmasters taught him the difference between training and reality. After some missions along the Chelish border an opportunity presented itself. HQ was looking for volunteers for a dangerous mission somewhere in the north of Avistan. Knowing that these were the missions that would get one into the Eagle Knights, James did not hesitate. He volunteered and was handed a mission that sounded simple enough: travel to Numeria, assess the situation and determine the potential for an operation to bring liberty and freedom to the oppressed.

Simple enough, right?

Personality and appearance:

Determined, driven, dutiful, hardworking, idealistic and nonauthoritarian.
James is blessed with the rugged looks and broad shoulders of his father and the green eyes and auburn-kissed hair of his mother. Sadly he also inherited the gruff demeanour of his father’s side, a family of lumberjacks. Like a good glass of scotch, one has to take his time to get to like James, but the man could care less. After all, freedom and liberty demand duty and labor.

James wears a blue jacket over a studded leather vest and worn traveler’s clothes. A light crossbow hangs on his back, well-maintained and oiled, ever ready to be cocked if danger presents itself. A plain short-sword rests in a simple leather scabbard.
Age 25
Height 1.79 / 5’10
Weigh t 74 kg / 163 pounds
Hair Brown with a hint of auburn
Eyes Green
Special Scar under his right eye and on his neck

Ari Urqual would fit the royal enforcer, treasurer or warden role.

I haven't =)

I imagine Viorec used his magic mouth to convince the second mate Jamesby that he truly did pay for his passage to Eleder. The man has the insight of a fruit fly and the memory of a goldfish. He did run into some trouble with Alton, because Jamesby had troubles recalling whether or not you did pay him, but in the end it all worked out.

If you rather he stayed hidden, that's fine with me!

Modern guns break the game at low levels. Revolvers are absolutely bonkers. Six shots, move action to reload (so free action with Rapid Reload) and it makes touch attacks within 100 ft for 1D8 (20 x4) damage. Seeing as how the DM said he is tired of the min-max attitude on these forums .. well yeah ;)

@GM Viskous, I'm working out my human rogue right now. I'll post him later today!

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